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USR Special Warfare Group, Extra Vehicular Assault Operations
Unit Background
  • EVA offensive combat and recon
Current Commander

Field Master Jili 'Jansa

Current Status



"Glory and honour guide our ascension."
―Sangheili Rangers' mantra

The Extra Vehicular Assault Operations are experienced warriors who are trained to fight in zero gravity conditions outside warships, or in extremely cramped urban conditions, or other hazardous environments. Better known as the Rangers, the EVAO are recruited from Fleet Security, making them an element of the Navy, usually loaned to the Army in times of need. The Rangers are used for wide variety of missions, including defending the exterior of warships against threats, attacking enemy warships and stations in zero gravity, preforming support operations in built up urban or mountainous regions and preforming operations in water against submerged or close to shore enemy positions. They are made up of volunteers, due to the low survival rate of their missions, but receive some of the best training and equipment for their missions.

The Rangers are clad in their own Harness variant, the Ranger Harness, which protects them against environmental hazards, provides a long supply of air and doesn't obscure mobility or visibility. In order to get around, the Rangers use Hippogriffs Anti-Gravity packs. In combat, they often make use of ranged weapons so as to avoid getting in close where their vulnerable armour may be damaged and to make best use of the ability to find distant and high perches, though they may, at times, make use of plasma rifles and repeaters when in close, often in urban operations. They are also equipped with a variety of demolition charges and limpet mines for breaching operations.

The Rangers have intensive training, often washing out the unworthy, but those that are left are known for their precision fire, even when using their jump packs. They are expected to deploy in deep space, often from dropships or warships, and may preform in atmosphere drops from them.

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