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A minature reactor onboard a Forsaken destroyer.

Exous-pattern reactors are nuclear fusion reactors that act primarily as a power source for the Forsaken. Operating much like the Covenant pinch fusion reactors, Exous reactors are fed deuterium-tritium energy which is compressed and heated by magnetic fields. The Forsaken has installed Exous reactors of all sizes across their territory in their drones, starships, weapons, equipment and facilities. Forsaken reactors can additionally be powered by helium and other non-essential elements.

Because the lack of a taboo/crime when it comes to researching Forerunner technology, the Terom Group and the Forsaken have made several improvements when it comes to reactor functionality, allowing them to decrease their overall size and to install more.

While Exous reactors normally generate power at a gradual rate, a large enough reactor (cruiser and above) can generate an enormous amount of energy by using the remaining fuel supply and releasing it into a single or several short bursts. This release of energy can greatly improve ship efficiency in and out of combat. One of the downsides of using this feature is that ship and reactor would be heavily damaged and require extensive repairs or salvaging, another is the possibility of reactor meltdown and eventual implosion.

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