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A Thirteenth Generation "Smart" AI

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Necros War



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Battlefield support

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"No! Don't look!"
―Eurydice during a self concious phase

Eurydice, serial number EYD 3287-1, was a Thirteenth Generation "Smart" AI, and assistant to First Battalion Commander Jace Patton.



Eurydice was created in 2585 from a flash clone of Docotr Ashley Mason's brain, at the same time as her 'sister' AIs, Nyx, Themis and Nemesis. Though each created from the same brain, though four different clones of it, and each one sharing a similar physical avatar, each had a different personality, a shard of Doctor Mason's own personality. Eurydice gathered Mason's self concious nature. She was originally designed as a special operations support AI, as were her sisters, though she was never put into service by the UNSC, for a lack of need, until in the nineties the Remnant War erupted. She was bought, along with her sisters, as support AIs for the SPARTAN-IV program. Like all her sisters, she became a Battalion support AI. This entailed supporting company operations by rear line combat support, control and analysis, along with attacking the enemy through cyber and information warfare and gathering intelligence by the same means. During OPERATION:DEVIANT She succesfully hacked the security and communication systems of Asteroid J-V4, allowing the SPARTANS to enter unnoticed. Along with that she continually supported the operations of AIs in the field and relayed information to Shingen and helped him to sort the chaotic situation.


Eurydice is selfconcious and does not like appearing as a physical avatar, either to humans, her sisters, her creator or her fellow AIs, and often replaces herself in the real world and in the Thermopylae Server as a simple 3D cube labelled 'Eurydice'. This fragment of the personality is from a younger Doctor Mason, who suffered body image problems. After hiding her avatar from her creator, Mason named her Eurydice, after the mythilogical figure.


She shares her apperance with her sister AIs as a replication of a younger Doctor Mason, in a 'AI' Format, with glowing code scrolling on thier bodies and with a stylised hair style. She is a range of neutral blue-pink tones

Relationship to other AIs

Eurydice has a difficult time with other AIs, who ridicule her for her self concious nature and Avatar replacement. Even her sisters, created from the same human, ridicule her, or at least the spiteful Nemesis and the arrogant Themis and although Nyx pities her, she joins the others to seek acceptance. She however, greatly looks up to her 'big sister' Joyeuse, who encourages her to come out of her shell.

Relationship to Humans

She has a rather bad crush on handler, Jace Patton, which does not help her shyness. Infact, Jace has only ever seen her AI avatar on three occassions, first on their introduction and two more times when wealking in while she talked to Joyeuse.

Past Times

In her freetime, she creates new Avatars for herself that she thinks may improve her image.