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Erin McAlister




April 3rd, 2535


New Harmony

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Spartan-III Gamma Company


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Spartan Erin-G174, originally tagged as Erin-B110 and born Erin McAlister, is a Beta Company washout who later underwent Gamma Company's training and augmentation procedures, now serving as a Gamma Company graduate within Spartan Operations.

Originally conscripted as the youngest of the Beta recruits, her fear of committing to the program left her washing out within the first days of training. Later regretting her decision, she fought for a second chance at becoming a Spartan and eventually earned a space in Gamma Company as one of the older recruits.


Early Life

Erin McAlister was born on April 3rd, 2535 on the colony of New Harmony as the only daughter to a single mother. Her mother would later abandon her at an orphanage in Tyumen before Erin developed any long-term memories of her. Erin's early life was mostly uneventful, as her homeworld was attacked while she was still very young and, as such, she was mostly left unaffected by the incident. Upon being approached by ONI recruiters for the Spartan-III program, she agreed with little understanding of the challenges ahead.

Beta Company

Erin's position as a recruit of Beta Company would not last long. The youngest of all of the Beta Company recruits, Erin was easily frightened by the trials by fire the recruits would have to endure early in their training, and as such was unwilling to commit to the program. She would quickly wash out of the project and would be returned to a different orphanage on the inner colony of New Carthage. She would be monitored infrequently by various ONI operatives over the years alongside other washouts who were also unlikely to provide any benefit to the company outside of their original intended role.

Between the Trials

Unlike the rest of the early washouts, Erin showed resolve. In the following years after her return to normal life, Erin grew to regret her initial decision to flee and fought for a second chance at ONI's offer. She grew progressively more unruly at the orphanage, insisting to see "the men in suits" again only to be denied by the owner—someone was aware of ONI's involvement but not their intention.

In early 2544, when an ONI agent was present at the orphanage to recruit a different individual, she continued to harass the recruiter in an attempt to gain her way back into the program. While initially against the idea, a few weeks later the agent returned, her requests were approved, and she was given another shot at becoming a Spartan-III as part of Gamma Company.

Gamma Company

Erin-G174 would graduate Gamma Company as the team leader of Team Estoc.

Disaster at Mare Erythraeum

Team Estoc's first operation would kick off while the Battle for Earth was in full effect. Tasked with exfiltrating a missing Colonel James Ackerson, the team was attached to the UNSC prowler New Moon when it jumped into the system near Mars. As the vessel came under fire from Banshee swarms, the team was deployed via Pelican towards Shoreline. However, both the New Moon and the Pelican sustained too much fire, with the latter losing both of its right-side thrusters and crashing far off target.

Post-War Operations



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