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Class overview

SinoViet Heavy Machinery



Succeeded by

Asphodel-class heavy carrier


Murmansk-class battlecruiser


2517 - 2558

In service

June 3, 2522 - present

General characteristics



2,563 meters


844 meters


736 meters


35 million metric tons


2554 Refit

  • 1,550 crew
  • 880 flight crew
Additional information
  • Flagship
  • Fleet carrier
  • Force projection
  • Planetary assault (Noryang-class)
  • Anti-ship (Murmansk-class)
"Saw one of these beauties swivel its coilguns right at a Covie destroyer trying to ram her. Those guns tore right into that bastard's hull and finished it off with a B-missile. Never seen anything like it... Shame we lost so many of her during the war."
―Navy crewman recalling her time witnessing the Epoch-class in action

The Epoch-class heavy carrier (hull classification symbol: CV) is a purpose-built fleet carrier designed to project power throughout human space without the need of extensive battle groups. The Epoch arose primarily out of the Navy's need to modernize their carrier groups where some had entered service as early as the Inner Colony Wars.

The first carriers of the class were launched in 2522, being put to the test in policing the more unruly and dangerous regions of Insurrectionist-held systems. The Epoch-class and its "sister line", the Noryang-class came at a fortunate time for the Navy, as the outbreak of the Human-Covenant War put the carriers through the wringer. In 2530, the class received a number of revisions to its design, giving the class a major face-lift in combat effectiveness. Together with its new armament and thick armored hull, the Epoch-class became a formidable foe against Covenant vessels, a rare sight at the time. Unfortunately, the carriers became a major target for the alien hegemony, with the Navy losing all but two by the end of the war.

As the prospect of peace began to settle in the minds of humanity, military analysts studied the effectiveness of the Epoch-class during the war, and recommended that the Navy extend its service life. In 2554, the Epoch-class underwent another revision, upgrading its design and specification to meet the needs of the post-War Navy. As per the Naval Procurement Acts, ten new carriers have been ordered by the UNSC Navy.

Operational History



Noryang-class heavy carrier

Murmansk-class battlecruiser


2530 Refit

2554 Refit

Ships of the Line

Name Hull Classification Symbol Commissioned Destroyed Notes
UNSC Epoch CV-221 June 3, 2522 2548 Lead ship of the class; destroyed during the Siege of Meridian.
UNSC Churchill CV-223 December 18, 2522 Unknown Status currently unknown.
UNSC Bonhomme Richard CV-231 2525 2552 Destroyed during the Fall of Reach.
UNSC Akagi CV-233 2528 2549 Participated in the Hades Raids; destroyed during the Siege of Paris IV.
UNSC Herodotus CV-240 2534 2543 Participated in the Hades Raids; destroyed in same campaign.
UNSC Hades Anthem CV-244 2540 October 2552 Commanded by Allison Spurgeon. Flagship of the Sixth Fleet; destroyed during the Battle for Earth.
UNSC Akimasa CV-245 2540 November 3, 2544 Participated in the Hades Raids; destroyed during the Battle of 19 Caelum.
UNSC Randolph CV-248 2541 Unknown Deployed Gold Team during the Battle of Bastion, 2542, status currently unknown.
UNSC Nairana CV-250 2545 2546 Last of the class to be commisioned until 2554; destroyed during the Battle of New Llanelli.
UNSC Noryang CV-291 2524 Lead ship of the class.
UNSC Atlas CV-293 2524 Conducted Project ASTER.
UNSC Murmansk CC-501 2540 2542 Lead ship of the class; destroyed during the Battle for Alluvion.
UNSC Novorossiysk CC-502 Never commissioned; remains in dry dock over Titan.
UNSC Arkhangelsk CC-503 Never commissioned; remains in dry dock over Titan.


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