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Endurance-class heavy carrier
Class overview


United Nations Space Command

Preceded by:

Empress of Mars-class (2160)

Succeeded by:



2163 - 2168

In commission:




General characteristics


Heavy carrier


2,156 meters

Additional information


Interplanetary Era


The Endurance-class were the United Nations Space Command's first purpose-built heavy carriers. Entering service in 2165, the Endurance carriers replaced the worn-down Solar Princess and Empress of Mars converted heavy carriers.

  • UNSC Adversary
  • UNSC Against All Odds
  • UNSC Amber Skies
  • UNSC Ardent
  • UNSC Behemoth
  • UNSC Black Prince
  • UNSC Brilliance
  • UNSC Centaur
  • UNSC Cicero
  • UNSC Chancellor
  • UNSC Commonwealth
  • UNSC Courageous
  • UNSC Dark Blossoms
  • UNSC Destiny's Embrace
  • UNSC Distant Shore
  • UNSC Endurance
  • UNSC Enterprise (2170)
  • UNSC Epiphany's Flame
  • UNSC Forever Autumn
  • UNSC Forward Unto Dawn
  • UNSC Furnace Born
  • UNSC Gallant
  • UNSC Hannibal
  • UNSC History's Ember
  • UNSC Illustrious
  • UNSC King's Ridge
  • UNSC Knight of Malta
  • UNSC Leviathan
  • UNSC Majestic
  • UNSC Mars Victorious (2168)
  • UNSC Promise of Dawn
  • UNSC Terrible
  • UNSC Thunder Child
  • UNSC Winter Wind
  • UNSC Xenophon
  • UNSC Zhukov

UNSC Cicero

The UNSC Cicero was ordered in late 2164, following the crippling of its namesake vessel, the support ship Cicero, at the Battle of the Martian Moons.


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