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Biographical Information


Eloise Skyla Sharron



  • EPG
  • Shredder

White Wolf

  • Overkill
    • Merc of Death
  • Shadow Blade
  • Four-eyed Demon


3rd March, 2517


Seoba (Biko III)

Physical Information




208.3 centimetres (6 ft 10.0 in) (without armor)


437 kilograms (963 lb)




Dark Hazel


  • Spartan neural interface
  • Wrist Implant
  • Visual augmentations/corrections
  • Hearing augmentations/corrections
Political/Military Information


  • Combat
    • Close Quarters
    • Long Range
  • Tactical
    • Co-ordination
      • Troop Placement
    • Strategic combinations
  • Knowledge
    • Human Anatomy (Complex in most areas)
    • Weapon structure


M392 Designated Marksman Rifle & BR55 Service Rifle


Senior Chief Petty Officer




Spartan-III, Alpha Company




  • Alpha Company
    • Team Scholar
    • Fireteam Oxygène
    • Team Equinox
    • Fireteam Zirconia
  • Headhunter Company
    • Fireteam Zirconium


  • United Nations Space Command
    • Spartan Operations (2552-)
  • Office of Naval Intelligence
    • Beta-Five Division
      • Headhunter Division (2536-)

Chief Petty Officer Eloise-A076, also known as White Wolf, is an ONI intel agent and third generation spartan (Spartan-III) conscripted into the Headhunter program and Alpha Company. Eloise is known for being the 'alpha' of her squad, and completed high difficulty missions for several ONI divisions, most notably the Beta-5 Division. Though her location is currently unknown, she has been speculated to be on the UNSC Infinity.

Eloise is mostly known for her laid-back but strategic and logical mindset, with a deep understanding and passion in her work. Overprotective at times, her will power and courage has been described by many as to be ‘driver to keep moving’. Eloise is also known for being incredibly friendly in normal circumstances and interactions.

She has served many battles, most notably the Battle of Earth, Battle of Installation 00 and Fall of Reach, where she gained the name of White Wolf.


Early Childhood

"Couldn't help but feel sorry for the kid; fought hard to escape and was met with only more problems."
― Mira Ivanovna Volkova
"Run Eloise, run whilst you still can!"
― Ivy Sharron's last words

Eloise Skyla Sharron was born on the 3rd of March, 2517 to former insurrectionist Lucifer and UNSC Colonel Ivy Sharron on the third moon on Biko, Seoba. From a young age, Eloise was exposed to the violence and fear induced by war, but had actually grown accustomed to it. For most people who know her, whilst it is not entirely certain where she resided prior to in 2526, it is known that Eloise left Seoba due to the ice quarry conflict in the midst of Operation: SILENT STORM as it was feared that Biko and all its moons would be glassed; Seoba would not be glassed as there were little signs of life on the moon. Mira Ivanovna Volkova is currently the only one aware of Eloise's early life, also being the one responsible for recruiting Eloise into the Spartan-III program.

Life and Conflict on Seoba

Though roughly only 10,000 people resided on Seoba during Eloise's early life, it was a very homely place to live during Eloise's time there. Despite its cold, perilous conditions that baffled many, those that lived there had grown to live with it, including Eloise whom had liked Seoba's cold temperatures. Being an outer-colony and the moon of a rife insurrectionist-controlled planet, Seoba was often visited by Insurrectionist Forces whom would try to encourage many people to join; but with great difficulty. Eloise and her parents had always said no to this, and as such tried to live their lives out peacefully despite their worsening situation.

By the age of two in 2519, Eloise had an increasing list of diagnoses found and seen by doctors across the moon. Eloise quickly became accustomed to the unfortunate stress of going between hospitals, being treated and staying there for a while, to the point she considered it normal as she grew up. Despite the fact some of the medical conditions on her current files were noted, a few including her high functioning autism would only be picked up later. Her parents would also only speak to her in one language due to a hearing condition that required a remedy to allow for her to hear, so she was nonverbal until the end of 2519.

In 2521, Eloise no longer needed hearing aids due to her diagnosis and was noted to be very chatty. She would start the nursery class in her local school, but things proved a challenge due to her pre-existing medical conditions, which unfortunately meant no matter how hard they tried, the school struggled to meet her needs. Still pushing on unknown to the difficulties, she was one of the brightest children in her class.

After more years of constants but degrading medical care, 2526 came along and for the already unfortunate nine year old, Eloise returned from school to find Seoba being attacked by Task Force Truth. Immediately sprinting to her house, she found the door bound open and headed inside, but was met by the sight of her mother Ivy Sharron fighting Mo'keq 'Lesop. Eloise froze in her tracks as Ivy said her last words, before the Zealot stabbed her in the chest with an energy sword. Eloise quickly sprinted out of the house as the Sangheili followed her, but the Arbiter quickly lost Eloise and thus she escaped.

In tears, she pulled herself together despite the pain of watching her mother die and continued on, knowing there was no way back. After walking at least half a mile, Private Ana Opal found her and pulled her into Bernzing Cross Police Headquarters, where several other survivors including Lucifer Sharron had been placed as evacuation was beginning to fall into place. As the marines including Ana defended, evacuation quickly began as surviving families were hauled off of the planet including both surviving Sharron's using several D-77 Pelicans.

Brooding Years

Lucifer Sharron's Death

COSOPS: Cosmic Operations

Operation: Barkhatnihj

Criminal Activity


Silent Vortex

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