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Ellison Suarez/The Porphyrogenita
Biographical Information

Chicago, United Republic of North America, Earth


21st June, 2467

Physical Description





1.8 Metres





Chronological and Political Information

UNSC-AF Senior Master Sergeant Senior Master Sergeant


ORION Project


Ellison Suarez, known to those under her command as 'Ell', was a SPARTAN-I NavSpecWar Operator and and a former member of the UNSC Air Force's Pararescue Unit, who took part in both the war against the Insurrectionists and The Human-Covenant War. Ell was born into a lower-middle class Military family in the suburbs of Chicago on Earth. Both her mother and father had served, her mother was a CMA Naval Officer while her father was a UNSC Marine who had served on various warships during the early-to-mid 2400s. Throughout her childhood and teenage years, Ellison harboured a deep sense of obligation to serve within the UNSC and was supported in this endeavour by her parents who tried to influence her to avoid naval service within the Colonial Military Administration. Immediately upon the completion of High School, Ellison enlisted with the Ground Forces of the UNSC Air Force. This move initially prompted shock from her family who believed she would join the Marines like her father. Ellison was a gifted sharpshooter during trainer but she abandoned further sniper training when she was one of the four from her company selected for Medical Training. Upon completion of her training she was deployed to guard the UNSC Airbase in New Alexandria, Reach. Having spent two years as a member of the Security Personal of the Air Force, she was transferred to the Elite Pararescue mission where she distinguished herself during numerous operations that led her to being prompted to volunteer for the newly revived ORION Project. She garnered a sterling combat record during Operations: CHARLEMAGNE and TREBUCHET. In 2525, she stopped fighting rebels and began fighting the Covenant. In 2549, she was approached by a member of The Syndicate and was offered to lead an autonomous cell; having become disillusioned with the UNSC's efforts in saving civilians she accepted, creating The Komnenoi. The growing reputation of her cell forced her to fake her own death on Reach. By the war's end, she had become a feared matriarch and ruled her cell with a ruthless will.


Early Years

"My folks were already touching fifty when I was born. Da had been running around on warships in the middle half of the century, seen a dozen or so minor bush wars. He used to tell me he never imagined that'd turn into the full blown Insurrection. Ma, on the other hand, was a CMA officer. She spent alotta time out there in the colonies, I think she had a better idea."
―Ellison discussing her early life with fellow ORION, Hector Thornhill.

Ellison was born to military veterans James Suarez, and Isabella Ramierz whom had met while serving on the CMA Illustrious, a destroyer charged with patrolling the Outer Colonies, which by the 2430s had begun to experience serious discontent towards the Unified Earth Government. Ellison's parents married in 2439, but agreed to see out the remainder of their service before settling down and beginning a family. James was transferred away from Isabella and served with distinction. Isabella, too, was able to rise to the rank of Captain and commanded her own ship before retiring in 2464, James retired the following year. The pair settled into an affluent area of Chicago, which had grown into a sprawling metropolis. After two years of trying, Isabella finally fell pregnant and on the 21st of June 2467, Ellison was born. As an infant, Ellison was doted on completely by her parents.

Military Interest

Joining the Air Force

Security Forces

Parasrescue Unit

ONI's Attention

Joining Project: Orion



Fighting the Insurrectionists

Operation: Charlemagne

Operation: Trebuchet

Human-Covenant War

Early Engagements

Fall of Reach

"Time to make your Momma proud."
―Ell's last words to her men.

The Komnenoi

"We will be undeterred in our mission. The disruption of the UNSC's actions is paramount, we must supplant their ideas with our own."
―Suarez's maiden speech to her cell.


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