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"No one will remember who we were or what we did. ONI will erase us from all records because if the public ever knew about the things we've done, we'd all be executed as war criminals. None of us are heroes. But what we've done will save humanity. Carry that knowledge with you wherever you go."
―Arthur Onegin to members of the Hound Unit

The Hound Unit, officially dubbed Echo Three-Seven and also known as "The Hounds," was a joint special operations unit activated during the Human-Covenant War to conduct covert operations against both Covenant and Insurrectionist targets. Formed in 2545 under the umbrella of ONI's Asymmetrical Action Group and led by the young operative Arthur Onegin, the Hounds were responsible for carrying out some of the war's most secretive black operations,the most dramatic of which being the nuclear destruction of the colonial city of Omelas. Following the destruction of Omelas, Echo Three-Seven was reassigned to an internal affairs role within the Inner Colonies, assisting with VIP protection and security operations. Most of the unit was wiped out by agents of the renegade Project FREELANCER during the final years of the war. Several of the survivors, disillusioned with the infighting and factionalism that had caused the deaths of their comrades, went on to desert the UNSC following the war, lending their services to the Insurrection and various mercenary elements.

Known Members


From left to right: David Kahn, Grace Hart, Redmond Venter, Adam Palmer, Levi Groves, and Jeremi Mizra.

Arthur Onegin

Valerie Sulzer

Redmond Venter

Adam Palmer

Grace Hart

Levi Groves

Jeremi Mizra

David Kahn (BRUTUS operative)

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