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Earth riots of 2558


Second Interplanetary War


October 28, 2558




  • Unified Earth Government Victory
    • All major criminals apprehended.
    • Chaotic situations deescalated.
  • UNSC Armed Forces
    • UNSC Marine Corps
      • Nichole Dunn (Commander)
  • Delta-Force

Michael West





Possibly in the thousands

Possibly in the tens of thousands


The Earth riots of 2558 were one of the most deadly riots ever occurred on Earth. It started when one of Cortana's mysterious structures called a Guardian, released a huge wave of EMP that affected machines all over the planet. The EMP was strong enough to take down most of, if not all of Earth's infrastructure and communications. This caused civilians to quit their homes and protest in the streets of many cities such as Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C. This was also viewed by many criminals as a chance to start their villainous schemes, under the cover of normal civilians. With the civilians demanding answers and criminals taking advantage of potential resources, the Unified Earth Government sent in the military and the law enforcement organizations to take the citizens out. This also resulted in some cities being completely evacuated of citizens.


As many of Earth's cities began to loose power, civilians started searching for answers from the government. Although hospitals and other institutions relied on backup generators, it wasn't enough. The massive blackout lasted for days and the civilians began to protest against the Unified Earth Government. The protests eventually turned violent. The UEG's law enforcement branch stepped in to subdue the protesters but failed due to the crowds numbers and resources. Military action was required to bring an end to the violent protesters. Many civilians were injured or killed, while others had retreated to their homes. As the hours lingered on; rebel leaders stole resources for their own survival as well as to further their goals on taking down the Unified Earth Government, while many criminals stole resources to help free more criminals from prisons and mental institutions, and to create chaos throughout the cities they resided in.


New York City

Los Angeles

I wanted to take this opportunity to communicate with this task force that has been set up to find me. Ask yourselves honestly, are you truly up for the job? You people have families, people who depend on you. How will you be able to look out for them? What if you come home from work tonight and they have some—what is the term—assembly required? I always give people a chance to get out of my way. That is why I am advising you to relieve yourselves of present duty. You should take this opportunity to transfer, retire, or, better yet, quit. In fact, if I were you, I would leave Southern California with your families as soon as possible. See, ladies and gentlemen, you think this is about drugs, but it isn't. Why do you think my men are so highly trained, so highly motivated to do whatever needs to be done? I am doing what the cowardly Insurrectionists will not. Piece by piece, inch by inch, gringo by gringo, I am taking and returning California back to its rightful owners, the Mexican people. The revolution has begun. I am formally declaring war on the United Republic of North America.

— Alexander Cortez

Alexander Cortez launched an assault in the heart of California. When police officers responded to multiple riots throughout the city with the help of the Mexican Government and the UNSC the rioters were quickly subdued through fear. Alexander sends a message on the Megasys Corporations television screen to all the rioters, police, and UNSC forces.

Washington D.C.

The Midwest, URNA

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Australia, Oceania



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