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EABT Military Headquarters
Production information

Space Station

Technical specifications



10 Point Defense 50mm cannons


200 Marines


800 Technicians, 500 Maintence, 300 Command Officers


UNSC Covenant War


Training Base/HQ




The EABT Military Headquarters is a large spacestation that was used during the human covenant war to train Extra Atmospheric Boarding Troops, as well as serve as the primary HQ for all operations concerning EABTs. It is divided into two sections, the upper pyramid, where the command staff and HQ crews live and work, and the lower pyramid, where the training of EABTs goes on. The upper half contains the primary planning, dispersal, and control groupens of EABT command, as well as serving as the livng quarters for all personell aboard except the EABT trainees. The lower half is noted for having hundreds of classrooms, gyms, and two dozen "skirmish rooms", small square rooms where there is no gravity, and where troops fight with suits known as IDS suits, commonly called "boxes", which the trainees use. When in the skirmish room, troops use infared targeting lasers which "freeze" opponents suits when the firer hits them with a tight link laser beam. Mock wars are staged day after day as armies of up too 120 clash in rooms up to twice the size of football fields, which are often cluttered with monkey bar like lattice grids, floating boxes known as "stars" and occasionally mines which will freeze suits. Sometimes, one team takes turns defending a base, while another attacks. However, the goal is often to enter the enemie's gate, which is done by destroying all enemies and then going through it. All EABT students are put into heavy mathmatics and tactics, and classes are harsh and brutal.

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