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Duta 'Vaham
Biographical information
Date of birth

November 13th, 2498

Date of death

January 5th, 2553

Physical description





232.3 centimetres (7ft 9in)

Eye color


Chronological and political information

"Pathetic human you think you can win when you have nothing? You are like the rest of your race, fighting for nothing"
Duta 'Vaham to Axton-A428

Duta 'Vaham was born on sanghelios. He was a very aggressive fighter. He joined the covenant in search for fighting. He got what he wanted. When the covenant fell Duta went to join Khas 'Vadum's Covenant.

Operational History

Battle on a CRS-class frigate

Duta was inspecting some weapons and some commanders when the ship was attacked by Axton-A428, Duta sent his guard to fight him. Axton saw this as no problem. He put three rounds in Duta's Guard and ran straight for Duta. Duta ignited his energy sword and swinged at Axton. Duta missed but punched Axton in the chest. Pathetic human you think you can win when you have nothing? You are like the rest of your race, fighting for nothing. Duta threw a punch at Axton, Duta missed and got a swift punch to the stomach, Axton grabbed his knife and tried to stab Duta. Duta grabbed Axton's wrist and grabbed his energy sword trying to slice Axton. Axton reach for his knife with his other hand and stabbed Duta in his leg, ripping it out and stabbing Duta in the shoulder, knocking him down Axton grabbed his knife and let Duta live. Axton realizing he was a valuable aspect set the ships route to a UNSC shipyard. Just as they were about to leave, the Fleet of Obsolete Vengeance and Khas 'Vadum arrived to stop the ship, and destroy it if necessary. But they were too late Axton activated the slipspace drive and they escaped to the UNSC planet.

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