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DDC-245 Drake
Drake-class Corvette
Production information

Mars Spacecraft Assembly Inc.; Solaris Shipworks





Technical specifications

156 meters


36 meters


63 meters


25,250 tons

Engine unit(s)
  • Fusion Drives (2)
  • Auxiliary Fusion Drives (2)
  • Ullage Monopropellent Thrusters (4)
  • Strategically-placed Vernier chemical thrusters (11)
  • Monopropellent Reaction Control Systems
Slipspace Drive

Series IV CODEN Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine (1)

Power plant
  • V3/L Deuterium Fusion Reactor (1)
  • Mk14 Mod2 Deuterium Fusion Reactors (2)
  • R2/XS Auxiliary Fission Reactor (1)
  • 12 centimeters Titanium-A battleplate
  • Underlying layer of lead foil
  • Electronic Countermeasures
  • Stealth Ablative paint
  • Emergency explosive-chemical thrusters
  • 1 Mark VII Light Magnetic Accelerator Cannon
    • 26 Mark IV Kinetic Projectile, Fragmentation
  • M502 recessed 50mm point-defense railgun network (8)
  • RSGM-16 Archer Missile pods (24 pods, 672 missiles)
  • RSM-19 Shiva (1 tube, 2 missiles)
  • 1 Marine Detachment
    • ~32 Marines
  • 1 Marine Air Detachment
    • 2 Pelicans
  • Small arms

96 Crew (full deployment complement)

Minimum crew
  • 8 crew or
  • 1 UNSC Military AI
  • Four months consumables
  • Patrol craft
  • Warship
  • Interdiction



The Drake-class corvette was a light UNSC patrol warship, that entered service during the later stages of the Human-Covenant war, and continued service post-war.

The Drake-class corvette was notable for having the swiftest combat vessels in the UNSC Navy, largely due to its low mass, modestly-sized reactor, and powerful engines.


The origins of the Drake-class Corvette occurred when the UNSC Navy published a requirement within the Defense Contractor circles, identifying a need for a durable light warship capable of quick flight with a low mass. Many of the more prominent shipbuilding contractors gave the requirement a miss, due to outstanding commitments to producing frigates and destroyers en mass, leaving a few smaller firms and Misriah's spacecraft subsidiary, Mars Spacecraft Assembly, Incorporated to compete for it. The schematics were drawn up on 17 June, 2542, and was selected as the winner of the contract in early July.

Ships of the line

 Name   Hull Classification Symbol   Commissioned   Notes 
The following vessels were ordered under the UNSC Navy's 2542 order of 850 Drake-class corvettes, and were commissioned between 2543 and 2552.
UNSC Drake DDC-1405 7 January, 2543 Fought and was heavily damaged immediately prior to randomized slipspace transition following the Battle of Reach, presumed lost.
UNSC Magus DDC-1489 30 November, 2543
UNSC Archmagus DDC-1490 29 November, 2543
UNSC Augur DDC-1584 22 June, 2544 Destroyed whilst exfiltrating Covenant-occupied territory, ferrying special operations forces.
UNSC Warlock DDC-1664 3 June, 2544
UNSC Chamberlain DDC-1710 9 January, 2545
UNSC Zecora DDC-1756 9 May, 2545
UNSC Jutland DDC-2097 14 October, 2550 Suffered a catastrophic auxiliary fission reactor meltdown and subsequently lost with all hands in combat during the Battle of Reach.
UNSC Maginot DDC-2110 24 December, 2550
UNSC Daring DDC-2194 11 May, 2551 Sustained moderate damage during the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, repaired and returned to active service, and later heavily damaged evacuating civilians during the Battle of Tribute; adequately repaired to return to active service in order to participate in the Battle of Reach.
UNSC Dash DDC-2247 16 February, 2552
UNSC Pony Express DDC-2255 29 April, 2552 Lightly damaged during the Battle of Reach; overhauled with an experimental slipspace drive to become the quickest vessel in the UNSC Navy and was returned to active service. Later crippled and abandoned during the Battle of Earth, and disintegrated upon rentry of Earth's atmosphere.