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Doug-103, in armour.

Doug-103, out of armour.

Biographical information

Douglas Baker

Spartan Tag




Date of birth





7' 8"

Hair color


Eye color


Affiliation and military information

United Nations Space Command, Office of Naval Intelligence, Spartan


Master Chief Petty Officer


Heavy Munitions, Ordinance






Master Chief Petty Officer Douglas Baker-103, also known as simply Doug and known to some as CODENAME: BASTION, is a Class 1 SPARTAN-II. Born to Australians on Earth and later moving to Reach, like all SPARTAN-IIs he was ripped from his family and conscripted into the program. During his training as a young SPARTAN, he discovered he had an affinity for heavier weapons, such as heavy machine guns and was exceptionally adept at sabotaging enemy equipment and vehicles.

When he was deployed, he found himself fighting against the Insurrection before being brought over to fight in the Human-Covenant War. He is one of the few known SPARTAN-IIs to have survived the war. Doug was known to be a sentimental and protective Spartan while at the same time being quite open and frequently cracking jokes, sometimes in the middle of enemy fire. Despite his eccentricities, he again and again shows himself to be one of the best at his profession.

Early History

Douglas lived a rather peaceful life in the colony of Reach when his parents moved there. Originally born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, his family caught a ride to Reach when they could and lived in New Alexandria for several years. Three years after moving, the six-year-old Doug was abducted by Office of Naval Intelligence and brought into the SPARTAN-II program. As stated earlier, he discovered he had a penchant for heavier weaponry. During training, he forged close friendships with fellow Spartans Colin-142, Carris-137, Douglas-042, René-081, and Jorge-052. Doug's tag during his training was 035, as 103 belonged to Ralph. However, since Ralph was washed out, Doug was given Ralph's tag, and Doug was known simply as "103" when he began working with ONI.

Even after his augmentations, Douglas showed a high fortitude. - during augmentations, he not only gained a substantial willpower, but also rather disproportionate growth spurts. By the end of his augmentations, he was extremely muscular and standing at a total of seven feet and eight inches, becoming the tallest SPARTAN-II in the program. As a side effect of the process however, his hormones were never suppressed, and thus keeps sexual drive to this date. Through all this, his mental stature was what shined through, rather than appearances. It was this mental strength that after his deployment, he was explicitly requested by ONI as an enforcer and behind-the-lines saboteur. Once his training had ended and he was officially deployed, he found himself under the Office of Naval Intelligence's wing.


Time with ONI

Doug-103 conducting a raid on an Insurrectionist hideout. At this time, his armor had not received its iconic blue visor and bulky chestplate.

"So. I'm conflicted on whether I should call her Eggbot, or Maddy."
―Doug-103 on Madeline.

Up into the following battle in 2539, Doug-103 would spend his time in ONI's employ for an extended period. His role as a saboteur and enforcer extended to all kinds of missions - going behind enemy lines, escorting high-importance personnel and gathering all sorts of information. In mid-2532, he was given possession of the "smart" AI Madeline. The two would spend the next nine years dismantling most Insurrectionist movements where-ever they could, before the situation with the Covenant started to worsen.

During this gloomy era of Doug's existence, he was assigned often with protection duty and escorted many high-ranking ONI personnel. It was during this time he would earn his status as an expert of a wide variety of weaponry, and the toting of his iconic M247H Heavy Machine Gun into battle, which he frequently modified and adjusted.

Among one of his most successful missions was involvement in the Battle of New Harmony, where he piloted the UNSC Prowler Razor's Edge, with Madeline's assistance and launched a telemetry probe to a retreating Covenant frigate, which lead to the discovery of K7-49, allowing Operation: PROMETHEUS to take place. This feat was the reason for Doug-103 becoming present at the Battle of Kholo and several other conflicts.

Battle of Kholo

Missing in action and out of armor, Doug-103 became increasingly more wizened during his trek on Kholo.

During the Battle of Kholo, Doug-103 was starting to suffer power failures in his armor due to Madeline slipping into rampancy. Originally, Doug planned to get off-world so he could have Madeline decommissioned, so she could no longer feel the pain of rampancy. However, this was sidetracked when a Covenant scouting party destroyed several mining vessels in orbit, halting Doug's original plan. With several other Spartans present at Kholo, they engaged in a ground-level defense.

While the UNSC forces including the SPARTAN-IIs and IIIs managed to hold off the Covenant for an extended period, they were only buying time. The main airbase was soon destroyed and Doug managed to lose his heavy machine gun turret in the middle of a partially collapsed building. During this, he encountered a an "orangey-reddish" armored Sangheili warrior and confronted him in hand-to-hand combat. Before Doug managed to beat him, however, the floor underneath his feet collapsed and he was trapped under rubble under the next few floors.

Doug looks on to the now-desolate Kholo, after being abandoned by the UNSC.

When he was awake again, he knew time was short. Once he found his machine gun again, he quickly managed to get the rest of the civilians off-world, and decided to establish a foothold on Kholo once he realized he would not be coming back. The Covenant succeeded in their mission and razed Kholo - or most of it - to the ground. This time period was when Madeline truly started to feel the effects of rampancy, and this proved to be a problem due to them being away without any UNSC support. For three years, he was sealed on the planet with a miniscule human militia effort dedicated to cleaning up any Covenant forces still left on the half-glassed planet.

For three years he laid upon a barren rock infested with squid lips, enemy midgets and hulking orange beasts with cannons mounted on where a hand should be. Kholo no doubt took a heavy toll on Doug, as he had to put Madeline to rest when was reunited with UNSC forces in early 2543, when a makeshift beacon alerted a passing ship. An ONI agent was informed of Doug-103's survival and sent a rescue team shortly after.

This was when Doug's dislike of the Office of Naval Intelligence started to spark, that they were more concerned about saving their own rather than civilians, soldiers or even Spartans. A brief recording of events plus entries from Doug-103's personal diaries, are found in the short story, Halo: Where Spirits Still Dwell. They provide some insight into Douglas' time on Kholo, and some things that came upon his mind when he worked with a local militia stranded on the planet, and his grief over the death of Madeline.

Conflict on New Zaječar

Doug-103 "driving" a flatbed civilian truck in the wilderness of South Zaječar. Colin-142, his partner, was needless to say, unhappy.

Doug-103's first deployment since the Kholo incident was on the planet of New Zaječar, which saw him moving in a team of other Spartans for the first time - among them was his training buddy Colin-142, both of which rejoiced upon meeting each other again. They worked together with a team of SPARTAN-IIIs during the conflict. Zaječar was known for being an industrial gem, so naturally, it was of utmost urgency that a Spartan team, called Centurion, would be deployed there for protective reasons.

However, something more sinister was going on in the background. The chain of events here take place in the story Halo: Custodia. The Office of Naval Intelligence was in fact performing excavations and power-siphons from a Forerunner city on the planet, underneath the upper hemisphere of the planet. Due to the nature of Forerunner tech, it appears that the city's energy fields had affected the environment around it, causing the biome to be stuck in a permanent state of winter.

Black Operations

Doug once again belonged to ONI and was engaged in several 'black' operations. The Office of Naval Intelligence clearly knew things were getting dire, and they needed to do whatever they could. As a result, Doug became a 'guardian angel' for many high-ranking ONI operatives and even become a solo operator of his own accord.

A snapshot taken from an overflying aircraft of Doug-103. An unknown second figure is with him.

During these operations he tangled with mercenary groups and of note, a particularly infamous mercenary band that had been hampering intelligence on a nearby planet. Doug destroyed them all with impunity and left little traces of his existence, as under ONI's employ, it was required of him to keep his identity - and even his existence - highly secret, or his involvement with ONI would be compromised. In the Against All Odds universe, he fights the Crimson Claws mercenary band over the events of Halo: Lone Commando, but no mention of the Claws appears in any others.

These tasks saw him deployed to a variety of locations, such as the run-down slums of cities, mercenary ships, or otherwise lowly areas populated with all sorts of never-do-wells with connections. Occasionally he was paired up with another Spartan or two, but it was infrequent. His last - and perhaps most notable - incursion was in a run-down undercity in which he managed to kill two highly influential warlords, raze their headquarters to the ground and escape without a single shot fired. The skills learned here saved Douglas' life during the Fall of Reach many years later, as he learned to be more tactically flexible - rather than toting a heavy machine gun turret around all the time. If it weren't for the impeding disaster about to occur on humanity's last line of defense several years later, he would have earned the status of "hyper-lethal vector".

Fall of Reach

Twenty-two years later after the Kholo 'incident', Doug-103 was released from ONI's employ, publicly known to have been Missing in Action for the same amount of years, even to Catherine Halsey's knowledge. The Office of Naval Intelligence knew the stakes were high, but was not expecting an attack on Reach. Reach was struck by a Covenant scouting force, who were making way for a full-scaled invasion to humanity's last bastion of defense before Earth. Unthinkable to people living in present times. They thought that Reach was invincible.

Many Unggoy fear the man in the image, for one day, he comes for them. For Doug, it's just another Tuesday.

Naturally, they were wrong - the Covenant was ruthless in leaving an enormous swath of destruction in their wake, as they had with many colonies before. It was the bloodiest conflict of the war - the UNSC Navy, Armymen, Marines, ODSTs, tons of ships, many ground, air and space assets, admirals, and a handful of Spartans were to stand in the way of an enormous Covenant armada ready to stomp them into oblivion.

Firstly, the Covenant deployed the gigantic carrier Long Night of Solace along with the Fleet of Valiant Prudence, which served as the first-strike teams, who soon disabled the communications array at Visegrád, which cut Reach off from the rest of the UNSC. ONI first mistook the Covenant for the Insurrection, as the Fleet was carefully disguised using stealth pylons that had been soon deployed. However, NOBLE Team was soon sent after the comm relay and discovered the alien scouts, cutting them down while making their way to the relay. There, they were attacked by a squad of Sangheili Zealots, who had obtained vital data about a Forerunner artifact.

Doug-103's involvement in Reach came a week after - the solo operator was deployed as an emergency responder to the city of Fonyód, with the assistance of a Army Fireteam also deployed with him. From there, one of the biggest battles in human history commenced, the one that could determine their fate. Firstly, Doug set up a foothold around the entrance to Fonyód and engaged in a counter-siege versus a Covenant scouting party who flooded the entrance. They were enough to hold, but being a meager scouting party, it was not much more than a probing raid. The Plasma Cannon-equipped cavalry broke their defense with little effort, and Doug plus his assigned fireteam were pushed back, into an urban jungle.

There, he staged a heroic spearhead versus a flanking Sangheili lance, which consisted entirely of energy sword-wielding Ultra Domos. Throughout that skirmish Doug failed to save the life of two different Armymen, who fell to the sizzling blades of the glinting xenophobic warriors. Doug felled them with their own weapons and took the remaining Fireteam deeper into the city, where they held up in the central plaza. For almost a day of continuous fighting, having long run out of ammunition and now using the deceased Covenant soldiers' weaponry, they denied the alien conglomerate's prize of the city.

Of course, this tiring battle would not be the end of Doug's story on Reach just yet. When backup finally arrived they reinforced the city but also relocated Doug to the city of New Alexandria, unaware that it was the city of his brief childhood, but felt a strange connection to it.

He found himself in New Alexandria's plaza when the main Covenant fleet arrived, having glanced up to the Corvette that hovered ominously over the city, and got to work. The city to him was like a jungle - armymen and ODSTs scattered around the place with hapless, terrified civilians and the Covenant running amok. In particular, Doug ran into a column of Jiralhanae led by a Chieftain.

Outgunned and armed only with his fists, the Spartan took on the Brutes and pilfered their weapons, before fighting the Chieftain himself. Armed with twin spike carbines, Doug dueled the Chieftain in single combat, slashing at him with the bayonets and penetrating his armour with volleys of spikes at a time. Once he had fallen, Doug took the Brute's hammer as well, holstering it to his back.

New Alexandria was falling, however. By the fifth day of the Siege of New Alexandria, things were drawing to a close for the UNSC stationed there on Reach. With the falling of a major city and much of the planet having already being glassed, it seemed like it was lost in the long run. Yet, however, there was some hope - Noble Team had a mission to return to Sword Base and retrieve an AI with vital information that could potentially end the war. Doug-103 instead decided he would harass the Covenant and buy the others time, by hijacking a Phantom and taking with him several surviving armymen. Until August 30th, Doug was the last survivor, and managed to land, albeit botching it, inside a retreating cruiser when it was time to pull out.

Reach had fallen, but the Covenant had not found Earth yet. While others began to surrender their hope, Doug remained strong, and pressed onward.

Great Schism

Coming Home

Battle of Venice

Battle of Installation 00


Post-War (DoH)

Demons of Hope timeline diverges here.

Doug-103 in MJOLNIR GEN2 armor. Naturally, he became a Pathfinder specialist Spartan.

Fresh out of the Human-Covenant War, Doug-103's faith in humanity was mended. Though they had lost much and almost all of their colonies, the UNSC began an enormous recovery effort from the staggering body count of the war, and the loss of equipment all over. However, the Covenant was toppled and naught but remnants continued to fight, and the entire United Nations Space Command took the opportunity to escalate the recovery effort.

However, a new enemy emerged in 2558. With Doug's return into action as a part of the new SPARTAN-IV Program, he was eager to combat none other than the Forerunners themselves - Prometheans, who were powerful Forerunner constructions piloted by the sometimes-unwilling decomposed minds of human or Forerunner beings. Following the Didact's seeming death, the UNSC Infinity, a prototype starship used for as a testing ground for the SPARTAN-IVs, were deployed to Requiem, the Shield World in which Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 landed on a year earlier.

While taking part often in ground operations on Requiem, Doug was also one of the chief instructors and players of the War Games simulations. He is credited with creating "Mini-Slayer", a variation of the normal "Slayer" practice mode in which the Spartans' simulated avatars become miniature versions. A popular story aboard the UNSC Infinity is how Doug was messing around with the sims and had accidentally created one-foot-tall versions of the simulated avatars. Seeing an opportunity, Doug put the variant forward as a suggestion and it was accepted. The official excuse is "homing precision", the real reason was for a few giggles.

Post-War (AAO)

Against All Odds timeline diverges here.

Doug-103, even during the Interspecies Union conflicts, modified his MJOLNIR armor constantly. His Mark VII armor looked identical to his Mark V.

Doug-103, after the Human-Covenant War, was relieved of duty for a large period of time and returned to Kholo to pay his respects to the people who died there, including Madeline. He returned to active duty during the mid 2560s, in which he dug up something of value to him - he tracked the location of the Sangheili who he fought on Kholo years ago and hounded on Reach. Stel 'Vadam, now Fleet Master of the Sangheili naval forces.

During the events of Vadam Legacies: Warpath, Doug-103 arrived with a return UNSC group of ships consisting of Marines and ODSTs, specifically being on-board a Marathon-class crusier, and was soon deployed to the Jiralhanae colony of Ferinus. He was the one responsible for discovering Jiralhanae excavations on the planet - a crystal similar to but not unlike that of the crystal that Dr. Halsey discovered in 2552. It appears the Jiralhanae had found a Forerunner repository underneath the planet, indicating the location of an entire Forerunner city that runs under the whole of the planet. Upon meeting back at the central base located within Ferinus' tropical regions, he confronted Marina Morley about the artifact.

Career Service Vitae

Doug103 mjolnirgen2.png
Doug103 mark5.png
Master Chief Petty Officer

FULL NAME: Douglas Baker
SERVICE #: S-103

    Unit: N/A
    Enlistment Date: 6/4/2517
    Location: [REDACTED]

    Gender: M
    Birthplace: Earth
    Birth Date: 26/10/2511
    Blood Type: A-
    Height: 233.7 cm
    Weight: 162.3256 kg

    Although having frequently noted by his peers to be of dry wit and sarcasm, Douglas-103's performance should shine through his flaws. Used by ONI as a top-of-the-line saboteur and enforcer long ago, and one of the few surviving SPARTAN-IIs from Reach. Despite being only a Master Chief Petty Officer, he is nigh-untouchable and is capable of widespread destruction of enemy forces.

    Perhaps of note is during the Battle of Kholo, he was abandoned on the glassed planet and stranded there for three years, establishing a foothold on the planet with the local militia. Being the only abandoned Spartan there, he was a great asset to his friends until an ONI agent discovered his presence on the planet when he had assembled a makeshift beacon, demonstrating the Spartan's ingenuity. He has been attached to several Spartan teams in the past, but occasionally paired with other solo operators.


"Loyalty to petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul."
―A quote by Mark Twain, circumstance unknown.
"You look like a banana."
―Doug, joking to Bailey-132, during Halo: RED FLAG.
"So. Who called for the Holepuncher?"
―In referral to his modified M247H machine gun.
"So, the first time I try to do good, I get three hundred-odd people killed..."
―Upon discovery of the death toll in OPERATION: PROMETHEUS, Doug was not happy.


Doug is wildly regarded as being snide and sarcastic. This is no more apparent when his brazen lack of seriousness and wisecracking in the middle of gunfights kicks in, which usually gets him shouted at when he's working with people who are higher-ranked than himself. His seriousness can come into play if people are harmed or severely injured, even killed. This often reveals a hidden heart of gold underneath his facade of sardonic apathy.

Despite having lived through the entire Human-Covenant War, he shows little sign of stress or strain. However, he harbors a severe guilt complex about himself, about his wetwork for ONI, and about those he has failed to save. In particular, his euthanasia of lifelong companion Madeline was regarded as one of the hardest decisions he ever made, and one that would weigh on his conscience for years to come.




  • Doug's height can not be achieved within the games - the images are there simply to give an idea of how he looks, rather than how tall he actually is.
  • Doug is not to be confused with the canon Spartan Douglas-042.
  • Doug scored a 20 on the Gary Stu test, classifying it as a not-Gary Stu.
  • Doug is four inches taller than Jorge-052. He holds the record of being the strongest and tallest Spartan in the program.
  • Doug-103 is modeled after Hugh Jackman, the Australian actor and producer.


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