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Doomed Penance
Production information

Mobile Battlestation

Technical specifications

130 kilometers

  • 113 kilometers
  • When finished it would be 240 Kilometers
Slipspace Drive

Shard of the Forefathers (Forerunner slipspace drive)

Power plant
  • Reactor power plant
  • Blade of Varulim (Forerunner hardlight weapon)
  • Capitol Ship
  • Base of Operations
  • Construction Begins: 953 BCE
  • Construction Ends: 846 BCE (Not finished)


"This station will lead us to victory, and nothing will get in our way."
―Unknown Prophet

The Doomed Penance, originally christened the Invincible Viceroy, was a legendary Covenant battle station and habitat that originally began construction decades before the War of Beginnings. Formerly constructed to act as a more permanent home for the fleeing San'Shyuum exiles, the Penance would eventually be retooled into a weapon to break through the defensive lines of the Sangheili's core worlds such as their homeworld of Sanghelios itself. Retrofitted with secretive and powerful Forerunner artefacts, the Penance would never participate in the war as extensively as planned, as the conflict ended before it could finish construction.

Brought into the fold as one of the early Covenant's most powerful assets, the Penance would have its operations and building processes ceased over the early Covenant's temporary capital of Sanghelios while the newly-formed High Council argued about what to do with it. In this vulnerable state, the station was attacked by Sangheili loyalists and saboteurs, who managed to force the station to flee into uncharted territory. Disappearing for millennia, the station would fade into legend under the name Doomed Penance, becoming the ultimate prize for treasure hunters and scavengers.

Operational History

Initial Construction

The Doomed Penance, then known as the Invincible Viceroy, had its origins drawn up during the First Age of Abandonment. Banished from their homeworld of Janjor Qom, the San'Shyuum Reformists were forced to combat the challenges of living in space. With their population required to remain small to prevent their dwindling flood supplies from being overstretched, their primary source of manpower came from the Dreadnought's complement of Sentinels and Huragoks. Learning how to make their own imitations throughout the years, the exiles used their inherited creations to mine for large amounts of space minerals, hoping for one day to leave the Dreadnought for a home built by their own hands.

Finally, by 953 BCE, the San'Shyuum's technological skill and material storage, not to mention refinement of the plans for the starbase, allowed them to begin building their habitat. Using a massive modular platform created to service the Dreadnought, the Viceroy had begun construction around the dead world of Ordained Destiny under the careful watch of Darc Punsta, also known as the Architect of Cautious Curiosity. He was donated the primary refinery and almost half of all sentinels created at that point, along with a foundry god-machine to build more. However, Curiosity would consider this assignment an exile from his race, as did the six other executives that assisted. Nevertheless, they would work day and night on the station, hoping to complete to reunite with their brethren on the Dreadnought.

Architect of Cautious Curiosity.png
Placed in charge of the Penance's construction, the complicated design was said to have taken a toll on Curiosity's mind.

Curiosity would commit suicide before even a quarter of the station was completed, with Ort Honcta being chosen to take over. A much more rational realist than the zealous Curiosity, Honcta was an engineering genius who served as one of Curiosity's pupils. It was said that he volunteered to lead the construction on the station, which had been gaining a reputation as an increasingly dangerous affair. He completely revamped its construction schedule; where Curiosity was lax for religious and for 'inspiring art,' Honcta ran it far tighter and harder to meet the deadlines. He routinely exceeded Curiosity's deadlines in half the time, but at the cost it made him enemies with the executives below him. They agreed to begin setting traps and reprogramming drones to attack their overseer. He may have very well been assassinated had the War of Beginnings not began. While he knew that he could probably accelerate its construction further by marketing the station as a trump card, he needed to formulate a plan against his willing opponents.

War of Beginnings

"We cannot win with the Dreadnought alone. The reports say that the Sangheili have proven resourceful on the front lines, and we don't have the population to root them out. But that is not say we are without options, friends! Increase production to my station, and I will destroy them once and for all."
―Ort Honcta, the "Architect of Persistence," appealing for increased material allotment.

Honcta's first stage was producing sufficient fear among his executives to keep them squabbling amongst each other.


Xytan's Expedition

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