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Dom-094 Fenrir main

Dom-094 eyes

Birth name:

Dominic Xie


"The Bird"


31 December 2511
Styrling, Ceres II


200 cm (6'7")


113 kg (249 lb)

Armored height:

210 cm (6'11")

Hair color:


Eye color:


Military career


Halo Waypoint - UEG Unified Earth Government


UNSC-Navy-logo1 UNSC Navy

Years of service:

2517 –


Reach - Sergeant Grade 2 Senior Chief Petty Officer

Service number:



SpartanII SPARTAN-II Program

  • Platinum Team
  • Specialty:

  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Designated marksman
  • Battles/wars:

    Human-Covenant War

  • Battle of Liber
  • Battle of Miridem
  • Battle of Reynif
  • Operation: BLUE WOLF
  • Attack on Boralis
  • Battle of Flora
  • Operation: SQUALL
  • Battle of Paradiso
    Battle of Beimeni
    Battle of Brasil


    Legion of Honor
    Colonial Crosses
    Silver Stars
    Purple Hearts

    Cquote1 If I'm not back in thirty minutes, I'm gone. Cquote2

    Dominic "Dom"-094 (born Dominic Xie; December 31, 2511) is one of the last surviving SPARTAN-II super soldiers who served throughout the Human-Covenant War. In late 2551 to early 2552, Dom and the rest of the Platinum Team fought to obtain a Forerunner device called the Contumacy. When the SPARTANs acquired the artifact on the planet Ogygia, inside the crashed Forerunner ship, the Inheritor's Judgement, Dom volunteered to be the one to hold the relic as the SPARTANs made their way out. In the chaos, Dom went missing in action, and due to the overwhelming number of Covenant forces in orbit, his teammates were forced to leave him behind. Dom remained stranded on Ogygia for several months, keeping his presence unknown to the Covenant forces that occupied the planet. During this time, he succeeded in using the Contumacy to force the Inheritor's Judgement's ancilla under his control. In August, 2552, all Covenant forces but a battlecruiser left the planet, and following the Great Schism two months later, the elites and brutes turned on each other. The civil war severally dwindled the numbers of both sides, prompting the shipmaster, an elite, to order the ship to leave the planet and prepare for orbital bombardment. Dom was able to sneak onto the battlecruiser before it took off and eventually succeeded in clearing the ship of all occupants but himself, allowing him to use the Inheritor's Judgement ancilla to help him pilot the vessel to UNSC-occupied space and return to service. Following the Human-Covenant War, Dom participated in the the Post-Covenant War conflicts.



    Dominic "Dom" Xie was born on December 31st, 2511 at Styrling, Ceres II. When Dom was five or six years old, he was identified as one of the one hundred fifty candidates for the SPARTAN-II Program, being physically and mentally superior to almost all children his age. He was abducted and conscripted into the program by Dr. Halsey, with his official name changed to Dominic-094. Like the rest of the Class-I SPARTAN-IIs, Dom was taken to Reach and trained by Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez and AI Déjà. Dom-094 was placed into Green Team, where he met Kurt-051, Rick-077, and Sam-015. As a mild individual, Dom got along with his teammates very well, and with the extended time he spent with them, he began to value them as extremely close friends.

    As with all of the SPARTAN-II children, Dom-094 underwent the excruciatingly painful augmentation procedures. As Dom writhed in agony while adjusting to his artificial bodily enhancements, he bore witness to some of his peers dying horrifically. Dom was initially convinced that he himself would suffer the same fate as those who did not make it, until Sam-015 gave him the confidence to endure the process by telling him that they would pull through together. After Dom recovered, he was grateful that Rick-077, Sam-015, and Kurt-051 survived with no defects.

    Human-Covenant War

    Battle of Liber

    Main article: Battle of Liber

    In the month of February, 2535, ten years into the Human-Covenant War, the Covenant targeted the colonies of Jericho VII and Liber. While the majority of the Spartans were sent to Jericho VII, a few were needed at Liber. These few were Dom-094, Rick-077, Sam-015, and also Annie-003 from Red Team, and were designated the Platinum Team. Upon the Spartans' arrival at the colony, Vice Admiral Darryl Coatney informed them of the situation of the attack. Although the UNSC forces had a slight upper hand on the surface, the space battle did not seem winnable; there was nothing in Liber's orbital defenses that could take out the opposing assault carrier, the Divine Eradication. Having reviewed what had occurred in the Battle of Chi Ceti, Coatney urged the Spartans to board the Divine Eradication just as Blue Team had boarded the Unrelenting. Instead of bringing mere Anvil-II ASMs, however, the Spartans would bring a HAVOK nuke, as the assault carrier was at a safe distance from the UNSC vessels.

    Similar to the events of Chi Ceti, Platinum Team traveled to the Divine Eradication by flying a G95M Gull with many of the UNSC Future Untold and several other UNSC vessels drawing the Covenant's attention. Annie-003 told Sam-015 to bring an M41 SSR MAV/AW, as she believed they would need all the firepower they could get. Several of the UNSC vessels then fired their MACs at the assault carrier, enough to create an opening in the Covenant carrier's narrow section for the Spartans to board. Platinum Team subsequently left their Gull and used their thruster packs to propel themselves into the Divine Eradication.

    Rick-077 and Dom-094 assault carrier
    Rick-077 (left) and Dom-094 (right), aboard the Divine Eradication
    The members of Platinum Team initially faced grunts and jackals and were able to take them out with little difficulty. When the Spartans began facing elite rangers, Annie-003 ordered Sam-015 to make liberal use of her rocket launcher against shielded enemies. Tougher infantry needed to be eliminated quickly as the Spartans could not afford the possibility of getting shot. Once the Spartans had fought their way deep enough into the Divine Eradication, they armed the nuke, putting it on a timer. However, they prepared for remote detonation should the timer malfunction. With the bomb in place, the Spartans proceeded to fight their way out of the Covenant ship. Commander Bella Caseiro contacted the Spartans, informing them that she was waiting for them outside aboard the UNSC Muted Whisper. Minutes after the Muted Whisper had safely recovered the Spartans, the HAVOK detonated, severing the Divine Eradication at its "neck" and also destroying a nearby Covenant battlecruiser.
    Platinum Team Liber
    Platinum Team, searching for survivors on the surface of Liber (From left to right: Sam-015, Dom-094, Annie-003, Rick-077)

    With the greatest naval threat gone, the Liber fleet proceeded to turn the tide of the naval battle. The Spartans were then deployed on the surface to help the UNSC ground forces finish off the Covenant infantry and also search for survivors. In orbit, the surviving UNSC ships were able to force the last two battlecruisers into retreat, ending the battle in favor of the humans. The synergy between the Spartans played a major role in their success at Liber, prompting the establishment of Platinum Team as a permanent Spartan unit under the leadership of Annie-003.

    Battle of Miridem

    Dom-094, upon finding the three brothers
    Platinum Team was sent to Miridem in order to help evacuate its civilians. Among the multiple escort rounds, Dom-094 discovered three children who were orphaned by and hiding from Covenant forces. Dom-094 took the children to the rest of the Platinum Team, and the SPARTANs escorted them to the nearest transport, successfully keeping the children from enemy fire.

    Battle of Reynif

    Dom-094: "Time is short. Take her deeper into the building and don't move until we come to get you."
    Kylie Summers: "Are you crazy?"
    Dom-094: "I'm just trying to save lives."
    — Dom-094 and Summers, moments before the former takes on the approaching team of six zealots

    In the year 2545, Dom-094 was sent to the colony of Reynif to aid the evacuation of civilians. By the time he reached the colony, there was only a single major city remaining, Saeloun Seoul. Towards the end of the evacuation, all nearby transports were shot down, leaving the SPARTAN and a squad of marines stranded in the city. In the process of finding a safer area to hold out in, the marines were killed one by one until only two marines, Sergeant Thomas Prado and Lance Corporal Kylie Summers, remained. Dom-094 and the marines arrived at the city's park and found a young girl named Seung-ah, whose mother was killed by Covenant forces. Dom-094 called for extraction, and they were able to make use of the park's pavilion building as a hiding spot.

    First Zealot down
    First zealot down
    As they waited for transportation, a phantom arrived at the park and deployed six zealots. Dom was confused as to why the Covenant would need to deploy a small advance force when searching for human stragglers, but was nonetheless prepared for a fight he had slim chances of winning. Dom immediately ordered Summers to take Seung-ah deeper into the building, and told her that he and Prado would fight the elites. When the first zealot entered the pavilion, he immediately vaporized Prado with his fuel rod gun and then proceeded to bombard the SPARTAN with several more shots. Dom was able to temporarily find cover, sneak behind the zealot, and break his neck. For each of the next four zealots, Dom lured his enemy to his cover and took advantage of his maneuverability on foot, barely avoiding both shots and swings alike while firing off shots of his own with his M45 until the elite died. Dom successfully used the same strategy on the last zealot, but suffered several burns from the elite's plasma cannon. Soon after, a D77-TC Pelican arrived at the park, picking up Summers, Seung-ah, and the wounded Dom. Saeloun Seoul ultimately fell to the Covenant, and Reynif was subsequently glassed.

    Operation: BLUE WOLF

    Attack on Boralis

    Main article: Attack on Boralis
    Dom-094: "Every time, I have to save your ass."
    Rick-077: "That's because my ass is worth saving."
    ―Dom-094 and Rick-077, just after the latter recovered from his first incapacitation of the battle

    A Covenant power module was taken by a prowler to a top-secret installation on the planet Boralis. The prowler was pursued by a single Covenant stealth corvette. As only elites were being deployed to the installation to capture the power module, a company of ODSTs and Arjun-B414 did not seem to be not enough to hold off the enemies. Rick-077 and Dom-094 were the closest additional SPARTANs to Boralis and were sent by a Paris-class frigate to assist in defending the core. This would be Dom's first battle in the new MJOLNIR Mark V armor. Before the SPARTANs joined the battle, the Covenant forces deployed an anti-aircraft gun to prevent the UNSC from bringing in reinforcements by dropship.

    Reach 25966311 Full
    Dom-094 kills the last enemy.

    The moment the SPARTANs arrived in drop pods, Rick-077 charged into a group of five elites and nearly died from this act. Dom-094 was able kill six elites before suffering a head injury caused by a needle that grazed his helmet. When Rick-077 received appropriate medical attention and returned to combat, he destroyed the anti-aircraft gun, but was (once again) severally wounded in the process. The UNSC frigate eventually destroyed the corvette in space, putting a halt on Covenant ground reinforcements. When Dom-094 returned to the fight, he killed five more Sangheili before being grazed by an energy sword. However, the elite turned his attention to an ODST before he could finish the SPARTAN off, allowing Dom-094 to kill him along with the last elite on Boralis, securing the power module.

    Battle of Flora

    Main article: Battle of Flora
    Dom-094 sticks ghost
    Dom-094 sticks an incoming Ghost.
    Dom-094 and Rick-077 were called to Flora to defend the colony from the Covenant. The two SPARTANs were placed on an orbital defense platform to fight off boarding Covenant infantry. Eventually, Dom-094 and Rick-077 left the station, with the latter flying an OF92 Booster Frame and the former piloting an S-2 Seax. After battling through many Covenant interceptors, Dom-094 and Rick-077 were ordered to land on Flora to defend it on the ground. The two SPARTANs soon met up with Sam-015, who was already on Flora's surface.
    Sam-015 Rick-077 Dom-094 in Gliese 581 g complex
    Sam-015, Rick-077, and Dom-094 fight through the Flora Forerunner complex

    During the battle, ONI had intercepted a Covenant transmission regarding an artifact called the Contumacy. A map on the location of the artifact was hidden within an underground Forerunner structure on Flora. Rick-077, Dom-094, and Sam-015 were sent to the structure and fought through special operations elites. Although the SPARTANs could not reach the map before the Covenant forces did, ONI managed to track the map to the Covenant battlecruiser Unwavering Conviction, which by chance, was hovering a few hundred meters over Covenant-occupied land to refit. A Pelican deployed the three SPARTANs and a squad ODSTs just outside the Covenant territory. The SPARTANs boarded the battlecruiser by using its gravity lift, and immediately faced an attack on all sides. Through teamwork, they cleared the room and moved on, although the majority of the ODSTs were killed in the attack.

    In the Belly of the Beast
    Inside the Unwavering Conviction

    Just as the Unwavering Conviction left Flora's atmosphere, it was ambushed by the UNSC Alexandra and a few other cruisers. This enabled Annie-003 and Ryan-A022, who were originally on the other side of Flora, to board the battlecruiser with a GA-TL1 Longsword. The SPARTANs of both sides joined forces aboard the ship, and then killed the shipmaster and took the map. On their way out of the Unwavering Conviction, however, the SPARTANs discovered that their Longsword was destroyed by the Covenant. Fortunately, a Pelican was able to pick up the SPARTANs at the nearest hangar bay, allowing them to make their escape.

    Operation: SQUALL

    Main article: Operation: SQUALL
    Platinum Team 2551
    Platinum Team, on Ogygia
    The Contumacy was hidden within the crashed Inheritor's Judgement on Ogygia. The Covenant ground forces were led personally by Fleet Master Dar 'Akamee. The SPARTANs arrived just in time to face the zealot strike team over the artifact. Through teamwork, the SPARTANs killed the elites and retrieved the relic. Dom carried the artifact and the Platinum Team rushed out of the structure. As the SPARTANs fought through more Covenant forces, Dom was knocked into a nearby wall by the force of a plasma grenade explosion, which also caused debris to divide his unconscious body from his team. Due to the overwhelming number of Covenant forces in orbit, the rest of the Platinum Team was forced to leave Dom behind.

    Dom remained stranded on Ogygia for several months, keeping his presence unknown to the Covenant forces that occupied the planet. During this time, he encountered the Inheritor's Judgement's ancilla and communicated with it. He decided that he would use the Forerunner AI to aid his eventual escape from the planet and was eventually able to force it under his control using the Contumacy.

    In August, 2552, all Covenant forces but a single battlecruiser left the planet, and following the Great Schism two months later, the elites and brutes turned on each other. The civil war severally dwindled the numbers of both sides, prompting the shipmaster, an elite, to order the ship to leave the planet and prepare for orbital bombardment. Dom was able to sneak onto the battlecruiser before it took off and eventually succeeded in clearing the ship of all occupants but himself. With the help of the Inheritor's Judgement ancilla, Dom piloted the vessel to New Carthage and returned to the UNSC. Dom was disheartened when he discovered that Annie-003 was killed during the Fall of Reach.

    Post Human-Covenant War

    Battle of Paradiso

    Main article: Battle of Paradiso

    The Human-Covenant War left many civilians homeless. Paradiso was one of the newly-discovered habitable planets suitable for refugees. In the year 2556, Dom-094 was sent with the first set of refugees to the planet in order to ensure their safety from potential insurrectionist or Covenant remnant attacks. One month later, the SPARTAN-IIIs Henry-G066, Jim-G067, and Seung-ah-G218 arrived with a second set of refugees.

    Dom-094 armors up
    Dom-094, just after putting on his new armor
    Only three days after the SPARTAN-IIIs' arrival, a small fleet of Covenant Loyalists led by brutes attacked the colony. The combination of the SPARTANs and a greater number of UNSC Army and Marine ground forces annihilated the Covenant ground forces. However, the brutes were able to successfully raid a camp that was not well-guarded, kidnapping Gunnery Sergeant Yoon Hyeon-ki, his surviving men, and the civilians at the camp. The battle in space was also in the UNSC's favor, thanks to the UNSC's greater number of vessels compared to that of the Covenant, forcing the latter's remaining ship, a single battlecruiser, to retreat.
    Dom-094 meets S-IIIs
    Dom-094, meeting up with the SPARTAN-IIIs just after the battle

    The crew aboard the UNSC Frigg was able to track down the Covenant ship and its destination – a world controlled by a relatively small number of Covenant loyalist remnants. Vice Admiral Alexey Surkov ordered the Frigg and the majority of the Paradiso fleet to pursue in order to finish off the loyalist remnants and rescue the missing humans.

    Battle of Beimeni

    Main article: Battle of Beimeni
    "Blast 'im."
    ―Dom-094, ordering Henry-G066 and Jim-G067 to unload their weapons on Tisamenus
    SPARTANs on Beimeni
    The Spartans arrive on the surface of Beimeni. From left to right: Jim-G067, Henry-G066, Dom-094, Seung-ah-G218

    Upon arriving at the planet the Covenant escaped to, Surkov's fleet faced another battlecruiser, with the escaping battlecruiser nowhere to be found. Shortly after the UNSC's arrival, the missing battlecruiser emerged from the planet's atmosphere, indicating that it had likely deployed its prisoners at the planet's surface. Surkov ordered the Spartans and a division of infantry to search for and rescue the captured humans.

    Spartans in Forerunner tower
    The Spartans fight their way to the prisoners.

    The Frigg's AI, Nótt, located the IFF transponders of the captured Marines, and the UNSC ground forces subsequently rushed to the location, which was a Forerunner tower. With the Spartans, led by Dom-094, spearheading the operation, the UNSC forces made their way to the prisoners, killing any enemy that stood in their way. Just before the SPARTANs could reach the prisoners, they arrived at the tower's control room, where Tisamenus, the chieftain leading the Covenant forces, waited for them.

    Dom-094 brute shot
    Dom-094 unloads his entire clip into Tisamenus.
    The chieftain mocked the Spartans by telling them he had already killed one of their kind, even pointing to her armor he had on display in the room. Dom-094, immediately recognizing the armor belonging to Annie-003, coldly ordered Henry-G066 and Jim-G067 to unload their weapons on Tisamenus. Dom-094 and the two other male SPARTANs, equipped with heavy support weapons, obliterated the chieftain long before he could reach them with his hammer. Among the chieftain's charred remains, Jim-G067 recovered his weapon, a Tartarus' Gavel. With their biggest threat eliminated, the Spartans proceeded to free the prisoners. Just before leaving the control room, Dom-094 activated the fail-safe detonation system of Annie-003's armor, demolishing pursuing Covenant forces and honoring his deceased former leader.

    The UNSC forces escorted the civilians to the nearest extraction with Jim-G067 in front, plowing through brutes and jackals with his new weapon. Once all UNSC forces evacuated the planet, Surkov ordered the orbital bombardment of the Covenant bases on the surface.

    Battle Group Frigg

    Battle of Brasil

    Main article: Battle of Brasil
    "Remember, kids: crawlers pounce, but, watchers annoy like no tomorrow."
    ―Dom-094 to the rest of Platinum-Bravo

    Raid on the Antillia Flood research facility

    "No free rides."
    ―Dom-094, before shooting a latching combat form off his pelican

    Personality and traits

    "Don't get hit."
    ―Dom-094's advice in how to be a better soldier.
    Victory Celebration
    Dom-094, showing a sense of humor moments after winning a match of Capture the Flag in the UNSC Frigg's War Games simulations
    Like most SPARTAN-IIs, Dom-094 only speaks when spoken to, and only those who know him well can have a casual conversation with him. Throughout the Human-Covenant War, Dom was known for his cautiousness and preferred to keep his distance from his enemies. However, since rejoining the UNSC after being stranded on the Covenant-occupied Ogygia for nearly a year, the Spartan obtained a newfound aggression on the battlefield along with seemingly nihilistic tendencies. Dom-094 now has no qualms about engaging in close quarters and taking risks that his past self would not have. This does not mean he recklessly places himself in unnecessary danger; unlike the impulsive Rick-077, a lot of cognitive thought still goes into every decision Dom-094 makes.

    Although battle-hardened like any Spartan would be, Dom was not always one to perform under stress. Throughout training, Dom had low self-esteem, believing himself to be inferior to his comrades, and it often took Sam-015 to give him any sort of confidence. Of course, any traces of self-doubt have been mostly washed away by years of combat experience. Despite his usually serious demeanor, Dom does have a sense of humor when conversing with teammates. He is known to nickname certain feats after other Spartans. For example, headshotting more than one elite or brute in quick succession with an anti-materiel rifle is called "having a Linda moment," hitting a target from an incredibly long distance with a rocket is called "doing the Samantha," and just outright surviving overwhelming odds unscathed is called "pulling a 117." Ryan-A022 eventually picked up on Dom's naming of instances, and even came up with his own; falling for a somewhat obvious trap became known as "Classic Rick."

    Dom often fills the role of a marksman because of his above-SPARTAN-II-average firearm accuracy. He has also been called to fill the role of a sniper on many occasions when there was no better sniper available (prime examples of "better snipers" are Linda-058 and Ryan-A022). Although Dom mostly makes use of his marksmanship on the battlefield, what he truly excels in is hand-to-hand combat. His skill in unarmed combat rivals those of Will-043, Kelly-087, and Li-008, making Dom one of the only Spartans Kelly can spar against without having to hold back. Dom is also notorious for having the greatest vertical leaping height of all SPARTAN-IIs, thanks to his relatively lighter build. Perhaps Dom’s greatest flaw is his relative lack of situational awareness, often focusing too much on a single task that he may neglect – sometimes crucial – details around him; this trait is most notably comparable to that of Kat-B320, who lost her right arm and then her life as a result of this weakness. Dom, therefore, generally requires a teammate to "watch his back" should his bane get the better of him.

    Dom is notable for unintentionally inspiring several individuals to become Spartans themselves, all of whom he rescued from Covenant forces – Henry-G066, Jim-G067, Jack-G068, and Seung-ah-G218, who became SPARTAN-IIIs, and Kylie Summers, who became a SPARTAN-IV.


    Rick-077 and Dom-094 Yoink
    Rick-077 and Dom-094, "stealing" each other's kills within a minute of each other
    Dom-094: "Wow, really?"
    Rick-077: "I just wanted to make sure he was extra dead."
    ―Dom-094 and Rick-077, after the latter finished off a Covenant soldier that the former was already in the process of killing
    Rick-077: "No, no, no, no, no, no – aw..."
    Dom-094: "Now we're even."
    ―Rick-077 and Dom-094, during and after the reverse of the previous situation
    Although Dom-094 has been able to get along with most people, there are only a few he can consider his closest friends. Early in training, Dom befriended Rick-077, Sam-015, and Kurt-051, all of whom he met upon joining Green Team, although since the start of the Human-Covenant War, he began seeing Kurt much less to the point where what time they spent together consisted more of distant memories. To this day, Dom is still very close with Rick-077 and Sam-015, and in the case of his relationship with the latter, many believe that the two are romantically involved; both, however, deny any romantic feelings they may have for each other. Since the establishment of Platinum Team, Dom has valued all members who have joined it, forming strong friendships with Annie-003, Ryan-A022, Henry-G066, Jim-G067, and Jack-G068.

    Over the course of his career, Dom has also befriended a few individuals who are not Spartans. At the Battle of Miridem, Dom met Mike Parks, who worked tirelessly to escort civilians and allied troops off planet, and was impressed with the soldier’s bravery. The Spartan would fight alongside Parks in future engagements and would be sure to greet him in his presence. Dom also greatly respects Admiral Gerald De Gaulle and Vice Admiral Alexey Surkov, trusting their judgment based upon the several battles he has fought under their command. Dom's relationship with Surkov, in particular, is analogous to John-117's relationship with Captain Jacob Keyes.

    When Dom was introduced to the SPARTAN-IV Fireteams Mantle and Victoria to work alongside, the SPARTAN-IVs saw themselves as being superior to the Platinum Team, and began a self-declared rivalry against the more-experienced SPARTANs. Although Dom initially treated the SPARTAN-IVs with indifference, he eventually found their petty rivalry to be incredibly irritating, significantly lowering his opinion on the newest generation of SPARTANs as a whole.

    Physical description

    Dom-094 is of Chinese descent and wears his hair close-cropped while keeping his face shaved. He has a scar running across the right side of his head, just above his ear from a wound inflicted by a blamite shard that grazed his helmet in the Attack on Boralis. Like most SPARTAN-IIs, Dom is very pale, having spent much of his life in armor. Standing 200 cm (about 6’7”) in height and weighing 113 kg (249 lb.) without his armor, Dom is relatively small for a SPARTAN-II, being slightly shorter than Kelly-087 and weighing noticeably less than John-117, although he is still larger than most SPARTAN-IIIs and IVs. Dom’s relatively small build is often contrasted with Rick-077’s significantly larger stature, due to the fact that the two are often seen working together.



    Kylie Summers: "Why do you choose to look scary? It's not good for morale."
    Dom-094: "Speak for yourself."
    ―Summers and Dom-094, discussing their respective choices of armor

    Throughout his career, Dom-094 has worn multiple suits of MJOLNIR armor, with each suit being an improvement over his last.


    Dom-094's initial MJOLNIR armor was the standard production model of Mk IV. This would be the armor that Dom would spend the majority of his career in.


    Dom-094 Mk IV CQC
    Dom-094's MJOLNIR Mk IV CQC armor
    Dom-094 began wearing the CQC variant of MJOLNIR Mk IV armor upon its introduction in 2548 in order to complement his less-frequently-utilized specialty of close quarters combat.


    Dom-094's customized MJOLNIR Mk V armor
    When provided with MJOLNIR Mk V armor late in the year 2551, Dom-094 chose to wear a GUNGNIR helmet with a CBRN upgrade, a Collar/Breacher chest accessory, a CQC shoulder pauldron on his left shoulder, a UGPS on his left forearm, and a soft case on his left leg. This would become one of the Spartan's most recognizable suits of armor, despite the fact that he has spent the least time in it out of all of his past suits.


    Dom-094's first set of MJOLNIR GEN2 armor
    When he returned to the UNSC after being missing in action since Operation: SQUALL, Dom-094 was given the option to wear the second generation of MJOLNIR armor (MJOLNIR GEN2). Dom's new armor consisted of an EOD helmet, Pathfinder body armor, Soldier pauldrons, and Contoured leg armor. Dom initially wore XV-27 Shifting forearm armor with the SOLID pattern type, but then changed it to FOTUS forearm armor when the UNSC began reverse-engineering Promethean technology. Dom's first set of GEN2 armor was somewhat notorious for its intimidating appearance, frequently inspiring fear in some of his enemies.

    MJOLNIR GEN2/Reaper

    Dom-094 new armor
    Dom-094, in his newest set of MJOLNIR GEN2 armor
    By far his most advanced suit due to being largely reverse-engineered from Forerunner technology, Dom-094 currently wears the Reaper variant of MJOLNIR GEN2 armor with Mortifican patterning and a Fenrir helmet with Unchained patterning, the latter of which is embedded with a battle management AI.


    Dom-094's trademark sidearm, an M6I/B, which he used until mid-2558
    Dom-094's general preferred weapons are designated marksman rifles. Throughout the Human-Covenant War, Dom-094's most commonly used weapon was the M392, with the BR55 being a close second. Other frequent weapons Dom-094 had used include the M45, the M90, and the SRS99-AM, the former two he would bring for tasks performed in tighter quarters, and the latter he would use when his marksmanship was required. Dom's sidearm of choice was a customized M6I/B, which was rebarreled for 8.3×38mm rounds and fitted with a suppressor, a smart-linked red dot sight, and a tactical light. After decades of war, however, Dom's M6I/B eventually broke down.
    Dom-094's M6I new config
    Dom-094's M6S115

    As of mid-2558, Dom-094 wields either an M395B or a BR85N with a sentinel scope, and loads his rifle with hard light rounds whenever they are available. Dom-094's new sidearm is an M6S115 fitted with a VnSLS/V 6E scope and a tactical light. Dom often loads his M6S115 with M423 HEC rounds, which allow him to support his teammates against heavier infantry such as Promethean knights and hostile elites by disrupting them with repeated concussive fire. He also uses his M6S115 to aid him in one-versus-one encounters against such enemies in close quarters, stunning the opponent before going in with hand-to-hand. Depending on the mission, Dom-094's support weapon of choice alternates between an SRS99-S5 AM Arrow of Time, an ARClight-920, or an M739 loaded with The Answer APHE rounds.


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