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Not long ago, humanity knew of no sentient life aside from itself. Threatened solely by internecine conflict brought about by the challenges of effectively governing across the vastness of interstellar space, we lived in blissful ignorance of the realities of the universe around us.

That all changed in November of 2525.

Harvest, a farming colony home to over three million people, went dark overnight. Inevitably, we sent a fleet to investigate. What we found in Harvest's place was a lifeless orb of melted slag, frozen solid by nuclear winter. Orbiting it was a vessel unlike anything humans had ever laid eyes upon. And this vessel carried with it a message.

"Your destruction is the will of the Gods. And we are Their instrument."

Thus began a genocide on a scale like nothing we had ever dreamt possible.

This alien foe, calling themselves "The Covenant", scoured space for any sign of human life, so that they could scorch it from existence, leaving entire planets nothing more than barren balls of glass. Slowly they encroached upon Earth, and outside of a handful of hollow, costly victories, it seemed mankind would soon be naught but dust and echoes, a mere memory fluttering away in the solar winds of an uncaring galaxy.

Yet, in spite of this grim outlook, a glimmer of hope remained.

Officially, they called us SPARTANs. Child soldiers, kidnapped from ordinary homes and brought up to be superhuman killing machines, we had been meant to put down human insurrections. But the Covenant would come to know us as demons: unstoppable tidal waves of death that carved through their ranks, leaving only bodies and wreckage in our wake. Armed with only the best equipment and training that the human race could offer, we could fight toe-to-toe with our superior alien foes and win.

Naval intelligence propaganda made us out to be beacons of hope; mighty paladins standing between humanity and extinction. But in truth we fought a bitter, thankless fight against a seemingly insurmountable threat, carried onward merely by the hope that if we fought hard enough we could live to fight another day. Fame meant nothing to us.

But even so, it's time we put an end to the lies. Enough of the half-truths, enough of the propaganda. It's time humanity knew the truth.

The true story of the demons who gave humanity hope.




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Track 13 10 Years — Dead In The Water
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Track 15 10 Years — The Autumn Effect
Track 16 Breaking Benjamin — Blow Me Away
Track 17 Breaking Benjamin — Into the Nothing
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Track 19 Martin O'Donnell — Earth City
Track 20 Martin O'Donnell — One Final Effort
Track 21 Martin O'Donnell — Behold, A Pale Horse
Track 22 Kazuma Jinnouchi — 117
Track 23 Daniel Pemberton & Gareth Williams — The Politics & The Life
Track 24 10 Years — 11:00am (Daydreamer)
Track 25 10 Years — The Wicked Ones
Track 26 Seether — Truth
Track 27 Martin O'Donnell — Sacred Icon Suite 2
Track 28 Stephen Rippy — Spirit of Fire
Track 29 Stephen Rippy — Five Long Years
Track 30 Neil Davidge — Haven
Track 31 Neil Davidge (with Claire Tchaikowsky) — Legacy
Track 32 Martin O'Donnell — Impend
Track 33 Stephen Rippy — We're Burning Sunshine
Track 34 Puscifer — The Humbling River
Track 35 Kazuma Jinnouchi — Light is Green
Track 36 Kazuma Jinnouchi — The Trials
Track 37 Breaking Benjamin — Angels Fall
Track 38 Curtis Schweitzer — Reverie
Track 39 Gareth Coker — Set a Fire in Your Heart

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