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Crossed Arms
Protagonist Kyle-B115
Author KingOfYou115
Date Published 13 June 2017
Length 336 words
Previous Story None
Next Story Born Fighters
Story Series Delta's Path

Crossed Arms is the first chronological story in the Delta's Path collection. Written by KingOfYou115, Crossed Arms follows a segment of an argument between Rear Admiral Jazmine Utah and Spartan Kyle-B115 regarding Delta Company and the latter's future position on the project.

Character Cast

We are Spartans. But we were not meant to be. This is our story. The legacy of those unwanted heroes.
We were leftovers. Created for the war last fought. We were without purpose. Without mission.
We fought pointless battles. We did Mankind's dirty work. Then they threw us aside, but we will have our purpose.
We are not the expendable pawns you made us to be. We are our own.
We are Delta.
- Anonymous SPARTAN-III Delta Company Operator

December 2552 (UEG Calendar)

Location: [REDACTED]


"What do you mean, no?"

"Exactly that. No."

"It’s clear that you’ve forgotten who’s in charge here." The woman stood up as she finished the sentence. She looked up at the Spartan, clad in the Responder variant of the now-rarely-used SPI system. The armored figure was motionless in the center of the room, arms crossed, clearly not caring about Utah’s authority. "You’ve worked for us for the last seven years, Kyle. We own you."

"The war is practically over, Admiral. I should not be treated as another one of your pawns anymore."

"You’re officially dead, Kyle. You have no other option."

"I’m listed as missing in action. There is a difference, ma’am." The Spartan continued to stand completely still.

"Directive Nine Three Zero. It doesn’t change the fact that you still need to listen to me." The Rear Admiral began to circle the room, clockwise around the stubborn soldier. The Beta didn’t budge.

"Let's say I agreed to your project. What exactly would I be doing?"

"Classified." The woman was now to the Spartan’s right. The augmented soldier made no attempt to follow her. "Accept your place in the program and find out."

"I'd be like Kurt, wouldn't I?"

"Kurt’s role is not yours alone." She was now directly behind the armored giant. "Two other Spartans have already accepted the position, and we need you to lead them."

"Two other Spartans? Who?"

"Classified." She was now to the Spartan’s left.

"What if I declined? Who would lead them then?"

"You won't decline."

"What if I did?"

The woman stopped walking and remained silent. The Spartan had found a fault in ONI’s plans, a rare sight indeed. She had almost made a complete circle around the office, and was now looking directly at the dull-grey visor of the behemoth.

"You need me, don't you?" Kyle shifted his footing.

"We have other options."

"But none of them are good enough, are they? You asked me for a reason."

Utah sighed. "What will change your mind?"

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