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Delta's Path
Protagonist Delta Company
Author Distant Tide
Date Published 9 June 2017
Length Anthology Series
Story Series Delta's Path


Below are all of the short stories in the Delta's Path collection, in chronological order:

For a list of all Delta's Path stories in alphabetical order, see the Delta's Path category page.

(Future plans listed under source code.)

Date: September 2552
Plot: Daniele Veracruz is recruited into Delta Company under uncertain circumstances.
Date: Unknown.
Plot: Deryck Baxter is recruited into Delta Company at a personal cost.
Date: December 2552
Plot: RADM Utah attempts to recruit Kyle-B115 for a secret mission.
Date: December 2552
Plot: RADM Utah reflects on Operation: INCOGNITO.
Date: December 2552
Plot: RADM Utah meets with other ONI officers to discuss Delta Company's budget.
Date: February 2553
Plot: Ren-172 is recruited by RADM Utah to train the recruits of Delta Company.
Date: March 2553
Plot: Merlin-D032 and Andra-D054 get into a fight upon meeting.
Date: June 2555
Plot: Team Anion and Team Boson brawl in CQB Training.
Date: November 2555
Plot: Andra-D054 and Shima-D011 are introduced to the Focus Rifle.
Date: November 2557
Plot: Team Boson takes part in a simulation against the Flood parasite.
Date: November 2557
Plot: Deryck suffers a mental breakdown after most of Team Accretion is killed during Operation: DARK DESCENT.
Date: April 2558
Plot: Deryck has an emotional memory recollection scene in a War Games simulator in the form of a reunion with his little brother Jerome.
Date: August 2558
Plot: Merlin-D032 and Andra-D054 participate in a highway pursuit.
Date: October 2558
Plot: Merlin-D032 and Andra-D054 are deployed on a survey mission with BDS commandos.
Date: January 2559
Plot: Daniele-D003 and Jeffery Korn reflect on their shared past on a visit to Camp Ambrose.
Date: Unknown
Plot: Andra-D054 goes up against Sergei-D167 for a final time with grave consequences.

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