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Deliah (AI)

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UNSC, Spartan X Program


Created in 2547, Deliah was the replacement AI for Champion and Eldina. Deliah was a "smart" AI, and took the form of a young woman, but with strange colors. She had a personallity that was young and vigrant, and slightly playful. She was the SPARTAN-Xs last AI (not counting Alvia (AI)) and served them for five years. During that time she struck a close bond with Jake Hammer, often favoring him over the other spartans. A very dangerous thing to be sure. She was brought on both Operation Shadow and Anvil to serve much the same purpose that Cortana did with master cheif on Halo, and was present during all of Operation Anvil. At the tail end of the Operation jake Hammer discovered a cavern with huge data cores in them, which Deliah downloaded. She soon discovered that there was too much data, and her code was coming apart.

Several days later when she emerged in the New Sydney system, she discovered a way to create new AIs, or rather, reincarnate old ones. She quickly placed the formula and samples of her code and the data from the Data Cores in a data crystal, then "died" only seconds later when her code unraveled and her self destruct mechanisms killed her.