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Deimos Special Projects Division, abbreviated to DSPD, Deimos SPD or simply known as Deimos, is a subsidised company jointly owned by the Reyes-McLees Corporation and the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). Originally a completely internalised division founded in 2314, Deimos is a starship manufacturer which specialises in the fabrication of highly-advanced electronic warfare vessels such as prowlers. Although these products are built exclusively to government agencies, on occasion stripped-down models could be sold to private investors outside of the corporation.

In addition to government-sponsored vessels, Deimos also has a research and development branch that furthers the advancement of electronic warfare countermeasures. Working closely with prestigious cells within ONI's Section 3, the company's expertise with classified technology means that they are often subcontracted out to adapt new innovations into a form that can be used by the Navy. This close working relationship means that Deimos has become an incredibly-well respected name in the Countermeasures Industry.


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