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Spartan Deadlock-G088 (birth name is classified), is a Spartan-III Commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command and Spartan Operations. He fought at the end of the Human-Covenant War, Battle of Requiem and Requiem Campaign. His rank before joining the Spartan Branch is unknown. Deadlock's talent as a marksman and melee combatant distinguished him from the rest during said operations.

After his training, he was enlisted to the Headhunters, serving in numerous engagements throughout the Human-Covenant War.

Most of his story, such as his childhood and operations where he fought, is unknown and classified by ONI.

 Personality and Traits


"You probably already know this, Chief. But we are both loners, no matter what they tell us, and it's not because we enjoy solitude. It's because we have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint us... and the loneliest moment in our life is when we are watching our whole world fall apart, and all we can do is stare... blankly."

― Deadlock to John-117

SPARTAN G-088 is described as a very quiet and mysterious man, talking only when he needs to. He has a tendency to "go solo," or, in other words, be a "Lone Wolf" during missions.

He acts mercilessly with his enemies and also handles the loss of teammates by masking his emotions.

A loner by nature, Deadlock competes only with himself. Some people say that he acts like that because of a burden that's too heavy for him. But when asked about his past, he becomes very aggressive and evasive, the truth behind his eager for solitude remains unknown.        

"I saw his face... once. He took off his helmet when we landed at the base. There was something wrong with his eyes, they seemed empty... lifeless. At that moment it was clear for me that he had lost something or was trying to find something very important to him... but he never spoke a word about it."

    ― UNSC Marine to a comrade    


 His marksmanship skills are nothing but exceptional, capable of hitting moving targets hundreds of miles away. It is said that he many times took down an incoming Banshee with one shot to the pilot's head, but those stories were never confirmed. Reports said him to work much better under pressure with his sniper in hands, acting with laser-like focus, while maintaining adaptability and flexibility. He is considered to be one of the recognized masters of the SRS99-AM Sniper Rifle within the UNSC.

Over the course of G-088's career, the SPARTAN gained a high reputation as an efficient lone-wolf assassin, having single-handedly broken entire organizations and killing several high value targets without being noticed due to the active camouflage equipped in his armor.   


 Deadlock wears a MJOLNIR Mark V Commando Helmet and an Assault/Commando chest piece, a Commando shoulder piece for his left shoulder and a Mk. V shoulder piece for his right shoulder.

His helmet, despite being a Mark V [K] variant, is quite unique, with smaller cheek pieces and narrower visor. The reason for this is unknown.

The color of his armor is a gray/black combination, with red details.

His SRS99-AM Sniper Rifle has the name "Artemis" (the greek goddess of hunting) written on the left side. There's also a heavily charred dogtag tied to the scope, due to it's condition, the name written on it cannot be read.

Deadlock G-088 in game. (Halo: Combat Evolved)

Deadlock G-088 Art (by: Thomaswievegg)

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