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Day of Revenge
Production information

CAS-class assault carrier

Technical specifications

5,346 metres (17,540 ft)


2,218 metres (7,280 ft)


746 metres (2,450 ft)

Engine unit(s)

Repulsor engine

Slipspace Drive


Slipspace velocity

Faster than 32 ly/per day



  • Pulse laser turrets
  • Energy projectors
  • Plasma Torpedos
  • Type-28 boarding craft

Several thousand


Several thousand troops

  • Troop Transport
  • Heavy warship
Earliest sighting


Present for battles/events
  • Battle of New Zesty
  • Covenant (Formerly)
  • Swords of Sanghelios

Fleet of Righteous Valor


The Day of Revenge was a CAS-class assault carrier serving in the Fleet of Righteous Valor as a troop transport.

Operational History

Battle of New Zesty

The Day of Revenge was deployed at New Zesty in 2553. The ship was ordered to go to a Corner of the city. The commander of the Day of Revenge was giving orders when out of no where a gun of some sort fired and destroyed a CCS-class battlecruiser right next to the ship. The commander looked at his Holographic map and saw at lease 4 capitol ships above them. The commander of the Day of Revenge saw at least 40 Pelicans go to the Saden Night. Immediately he ordered to open fire on the Pelicans. The commander knew that the Prophet of Revenge was on there, and so did the UNSC. After about three hours after the assault on the Saden Night the Ship master of the Saden Night ordered to Glass the city. But before he could do it at least 20 ships arrived at the city. Immediately they turned tword the Saden Night. The commander of the Dhay of Revenge told the shipmaster and the Prophet to A: Abandon ship, B: Get to cover. Just before he got a answer BOOM! BOOM! It seemed like a barrage of Missiles hit the Saden Night. Before he got a answer KABOOM! The Saden Night got torn in half. No one survived the explosion. The commander realized if the UNSC could blow up the Saden Night then they could blow us up to. The commander called off the attack, and ordered every one to retreat.

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