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Senior Chief Petty Officer David-B199, born David Aarons, is a SPARTAN-III commando of Beta Company. He is part of the Office of Naval Intelligence, attached to Beta-5 Division. David is a member of Echo Team, an elite team of Headhunters formed after the destruction of Beta Company. His callsign is Echo Two.

SPARTAN-B199, with the help of Echo Team, led a successful infiltration into an insurrectionist-turned compound by the name of Vekta-1.


Childhood and early career

David Aarons was born on April 15th, 2530 on the Outer Colony of Jericho VII. He is also the brother of Jeanne-B307, another Spartan-III commando of the UNSC. The two of them witnessed a Sangheili Field Marshal murder their parents and multiple other civilians who were hiding with them during the Battle of Jericho VII. David and his sister were saved by Beta-Red Actual, also known as Claire-S123. After witnessing the death of their parents, David and Jeanne were taken onto the UNSC destroyer-class starship known as UNSC Resolute. Aboard the ship, the two of them would not leave the Spartan-II known as Beta-Red Actual's side until she would confirm that their parents are actually dead. The confirmation of their parents' death, even despite witnessing, caused them major trauma and a strong hatred for the Covenant Empire.

Later career

On December 13th, 2554, David led Echo Team in a suicide mission to destroy an Insurrectionist-controlled compound on the planet known as Ballard. The mission was successful, but with the cost of the SPARTAN-III known as Ryan-B015.

Unable to deal with the death of their comrade, Echo Team was put on recovery until they were needed 3 months later to help in Operation: FOCUS LENS 2555.

Personality and traits

David was a courageous, optimistic and reassuring. He was said to be brave in combat, always telling those under his command that if they work together with no hesitation, they will succeed in combat. He is able to work with the members of other branches within the UNSC.

After the death of Ryan-B015, his comrade and close friend, David became quiet, stern and hyper lethal. He blamed himself for the death of Ryan even though he clearly wasn't at fault for it. Due to the guilt of Ryan's death, David instantly denied the idea of a new addition to Echo Team.

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