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"Sir, those ‘little monsters’ have every right to fight."
―Darren Cohen

Darren Cohen
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Rear AdmiralDarren Cohen (AKA Darren-072) was the director of the Diamond Initiative, and a former SPARTAN-II conscript. Cohen was dropped from the Spartan program after he nearly lost his life during Project: ASTER, the SPARTAN-II biological augmentation, and was soon there after made an ONI Officer.

Cohen would work on several projects with ONI, but his largest contribution would be in the experimental combined arms Diamond Initiative, where he would be the CO of a Joint ONI-NAVSPECWEAP special operators team, known as Diamond Team (Delta-Two) that focused on the capture of highly classified, and highly desired Xenotechnology.


Early Life

Unnamed by his birth parents, infant Cohen was adopted at by Blake and Valerie Chandler. Reflectively, Cohen would have little negative to say of the Chandlers, as they were, in his mind, his true parents.

After being kidnapped and conscripted to the SPARTAN-II program, Cohen was given the Spartan designation "Darren-072", and would soon after be grouped with Purple Team. Part of his indoctrination process also revealed that his adoptive parents hadn't revealed his true background, which did succeed in him becoming less emotionally attached to most people from his prior life, and seeing personal connections as superficial. This trait would stay with him into adulthood.

Cohen's training was as standard for a Spartan as it could be called for Spartans. He was neither the strongest, fastest, or brave of the Spartans, but he was incredibly smart and tactful, and became and incredibly skilled unarmed combatant, becoming the sparring partner of many Spartans willing to share a ring with him.


Unfortunately for Cohen, one of the major steps in becoming a Spartan was body augmentation. Cohen, and many other potential Spartans, would either washout from failed augmentation, or die in the augmentation process.

In the case of Cohen's procedure, the chemicals which were to used increase muscle-mass and density reacted poorly to his body. Cohen would "die" on the operating table several times before he was stabilized, and was kept on ventilation for months as he couldn't breath unassisted. The chemical had had the opposite affect on both his right leg and diaphragm, reducing muscle to the point of being as delicate as paper, or as dense as Styrofoam. Through immense gene and physical therapy Cohen was able to regain some strength in his legs, but would continue to use a cane for walking support.

Due to the extensive deterioration of his diaphragm muscles, Cohen would be forced to utilize an internal mechanical pump to inflate and deflate his lungs, and when not in a pure oxygen environment he would wear a full-facial medical mask. And, although not a physical hindrance, the chemicals which attacked his muscles also had changed the pigmentation of his hair from red to white, his eyes from brown to blue, and his skin a more pale shade as well. All these things combined to made some believe Cohen was much older than he was.

Some of Cohen's other augmentations did take and, like the botched ones, were undone for his safety. His bones would be de-ossified in an incredibly painful procedure which has since been done only a handful of times in the history of the Spartan program. He would, however, keep able to keep the chemical augmentations which would benefit him with an augmented metabolism and thought process.

ONI Career

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Mere years into his tenure, ONI saw fit to continually promote Cohen until in 2529 he reached Rear Admiral, making him a leading element in ONI Section Three at only the age of 19. At least in his early ONI career, his "Golden Boy" status him a bit of a pariah, and he found his projects were often hindered by those older than him including his subordinates. This quickly changed as he ascended the ranks within ONI, carrying a reputation of calculated ruthlessness, and unrelenting efficiency.

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