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The Dark Covenant
Political information
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Head of State

High Council of the Sangheili

Head of Government

Imperial Admiral

De facto leader
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Former members of the Covenant Empire

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The Dark Covenant was a very powerful covenant. With the completion of the Doomed Penance and construction of hundreds of ships, they were one of the more powerful factions amongst the Covenant Remnants.



During the Great schism, The Minister of Abnegation went on a hunt for the Doomed Penance. He went missing and no one knew where he was. In early 2553, Rtoro 'Vadam came back from being missing, and rejoined with the troops from Khas 'Vadum's Covenant that rebeled. Rtoro had a Carrier called the Delving Pride, and gathered up many Elites and grunts to serve in a new Remnant, The Dark Covenant.

Battle of Eridanus II

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