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Darçyc War
Hole in one.jpg
The hole caused by the projectile of a shipboard Gauss gun.
Beginning:November, 2578
End:July 23rd, 2579 (Treaty of Fairlawn)
Place:Darçyc system, First Rim
Outcome:Outright UN victory

UND2.png United Nations Directorate

Colonial Libertarian Group




"Not much of a war and barely worth calling a campaign, but it really opened the UNSC's eyes."

The Darçyc System Campaign (known alternatively as the Darçyc War) was a civil conflict that pitted the radical Colonial Libertarian Group against the United Nations Joint Armed Forces Command. Often referred to as a "luke warm" conflict, there was little direct combat between the opposing belligerents; aside from around a dozen notable battles, much of the conflict was composed of street shootouts, orbital hijackings, and other various acts of terrorism.

The largest conflict of the campaign was the Battle of Sienna Valley, which took place during the local winter of June 2579. The battle was took more lives of UN military operators than any other in the war.

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