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Daniel Contreras
Biographical Information



October 26, 2472

Physical Description





89.3 kilograms (197 lb)





Chronological and Political Information

Master Sergeant (E-8)

Service number


"The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light."

Master Sergeant Daniel Contreras (SN: 44086-24092-DC) is a Human special warfare serviceman that served under the United Nations Space Command (UNSC), and he went on to become a biochemically augmented supersoldier oi the ORION Project, as it was the UNSC's first supersoldier program.

Coming from high school, Daniel Contreras enlisted in the UNSC Marine Corps, where he joined the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command, thanks to his natural talents in combat. Those talents would land him into Project ORION, and would lead to him being recruited into the Office of Naval Intelligence. Contreras decided to resign from ONI and he would serve in the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST). During the war with the Covenant, Daniel was one of the special warfare operatives to join the elite ranks of the Asymmetrical Action Group (AAG), ONI's covert, unconventional warfare group.

Contreras was a well-regarded soldier that served with valor and distinction during the Colonial Insurrection Conflicts, the Human-Covenant War, and the Post-War Period. Known for his intensity and resilience in combat, Contreras was a highly trained Marine that had the ability to handle significant ranges of missions, from reconnaissance to assassinations, and sabotage. Contreras was capable of analyzing intelligence and acting on it without contact from his superiors. Contreras was known for working as a recon scout, capable of operating deep behind enemy lines and acting as an effective and hyper lethal warfighter.

Career Service Vitae (CSV)

CSV DC.png
Daniel Contreras

FULL NAME: Contreras, Daniel
SERVICE #: 44086-24092-DC

    NOD: 113x
    Enlistment Date: May 24, 2488
    Location: CLASSIFIED
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: Earth (Mexico City, URNA)
    Birth Date: 10/26/2474
    Blood Type: A-
    Height: cm
    Weight: 89.3 kg
General Notes

Service History



Early Life

On October 26, 2472, Daniel Leon Contreras was born on Earth, in the sprawling, urban metroplex of Mexico City of the United Republic of North America. Daniel's father, Victor Contreras, was a Naval weapons technician in the UNSC Navy, and his mother, Alessandra, worked for Lethbridge Industrial as a plant worker for a Lethbridge plant in the nearby city of Puebla. Four years after Daniel's birth, the Contreras family would look to start their family life in the industrial, urban metropolis of Chicago, Illinois.

Being raised in the industrial streets of Chicago in his youth, Daniel spent his days playing a variety of sports with other children, spending his allowance at the local video arcades, and would read classic literature from the family collections. During his primary school years, Daniel had performed well enough, in due part of the strict discipline instilled into him by his parents. However, the boy had a reputation for being rowdy in school, getting in fights with other students and overly aggressive in physical education classes. At his parents' insistence, Daniel would focus his aggression through playing in local sports leagues and training at the local boxing gyms. During his secondary education, Daniel would be a student athlete for the school's athletic programs, like Baseball and Basketball, and showed an aptitude for Literature and History in his academic studies. The young man had kept to himself, but he was approachable and sociable when situation called for him to do so.

Between 2475 and 2483, numerous civilian uprisings against the Unified Earth Government had broken out in the Outer Colonies. Victor Contreras, who was a naval warfare officer at the time, was stationed on the Halcyon-class light cruiser known as the UNSC Blue Tiger. In 2484, the cruiser was assigned to a naval battle group that was to be dispatched to the Outer Colonies to assist in the pacification of criminal and insurgent activity within the region. Thus, Alessandra was forced to juggle her managerial job at Lethbridge and caring for her son. She managed her situation well enough on her own, and was even able to teach young Daniel on how to take care of himself when she was not around, such as teaching him how to cook, do laundry, and other basic housekeeping chores. Daniel would learn to be independent and he matured quickly, as the teenager would start to take on responsibilities that were usually reserved for adults.

In 2487, the newly-established People's Occupation and the Secessionist Union submit formal requests on behalf of a dozen worlds, demanding independence from Earth. With tensions rising on both sides, violence had broken out again in the Outer Colonies. Insurrectionists engaged in guerrilla warfare and acts of terrorism in their current campaign for independence. Soon, Insurrectionists began targeting UNSC naval and supply installations, as they would steal weapons, equipment, vehicles, and starships to build up their own militia forces. One of these targets was the UNSC Blue Tiger. The Insurrectionists had taken control of a Refit station and lured the cruiser to station with a false transmission. Despite a valiant stand against the ambush, the crew was overwhelmed by these rebel raiders, and their ship was captured. During the skirmish, Victor was killed defending the bridge from the ambush. Several days later, Daniel and Alessandra were notified of the tragic event.

Chicago, URNA, Earth, circa 2484. The home city of Daniel Contreras.

Both Daniel and Alessandra were grief-ridden over Victor's passing. Daniel's academic work suffered, as he lacked focus, and cared little about his performance. The young man was also distant from his peers, and he developed anti-social tendencies. Daniel would fall back into his old, delinquent habits, as he got back into brawls with other teens in school, and no longer participated in sports, and other social activities in his life. Daniel's relationship with his mother would also degrade rapidly, as the overwhelmed Alessandra struggled to temper her son's grief and anger.

With the relationship between mother and son decaying. Alessandra would grow increasingly neglectful with her son, and Daniel was forced to care for himself and even his mother at times. Soon enough, the relationship would completely break down. Several weeks before his graduation, Alessandra would inexplicably pack up most of her belongings and leave her son behind. She left without giving any explanation as to why she left her son behind in Chicago. Daniel would be placed in foster care until he finished his secondary education. The young man had felt abandoned and alone, and it would affect him on a psychological level. He became a stone, as he never showed any emotion and kept his inner thoughts to himself. Daniel would reject various university scholarships, and would find himself directionless and in financial uncertainty. In essence, Daniel was at a crossroads in his life.

After his graduation in 2490, Daniel would enlist into the United Nations Space Command (UNSC), as he signed up to join the UNSC Marine Corps. Filled with sore emotions over his recent struggles, Daniel had no interests in living a civilian life and wanted to honor his father in the best way he could. However, underneath all that, he also desired retribution against the Insurrectionists that destroyed his family and derailed his life. Soonafter, Contreras, with a batch of fresh-faced recruits, arrived at the Chicago spaceport and boarded a civilian transport destined for Reach to begin his new life in the Marine Corps.

Initial Operational History in the UNSC Armed Forces

Daniel would go through the Marine's basic training course at the Unified Combined Military Boot Camp on Reach and was able to refocus, and regain his peak physical condition during his training. After his graduation from boot camp, Contreras decided to pursue a career in the UNSC Special Forces, more specifically, within the elite ranks of the Naval Special Warfare Command. During the intense special warfare training at the UNSC Special Warfare Center in the Korean city of Seongnam, Daniel would form the core of his skillset, as he was able to hone his elite marksmanship, and had showcased invaluable aptitudes for special reconnaissance and combat tracking during the Assessment and Selection program. By the late months of 2490, Contreras was promoted to Corporal, and he would become an operator for a specialized, reconnaissance platoon of UNSC Marine CSOs, attached to the elite Marine Raiders Regiment.

As the 2490s began, there were hostilities and tensions in the Outer Colonies were rising, as colonists demanded independence from the UEG and the Colonial Administration Authority. The rising tensions would escalate to near critical levels, and it would lead to violent civilian uprisings and protests to rise in the region. In the early weeks of 2491, Insurrection cells mobilized and armed their militias on various colonies. These "Innies" conducted guerrilla warfare against UNSC and CMA troops and installations, and engaged in an terrorism campaign against the local civilian populations that still remained supportive for the UEG, and their policies. In order to counter these threats, Unified Special Warfare Command (SPECWARCOM) decided to deploy several of their special operations forces for counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations in the Outer Colonies. Contreras's Marine Recon platoon was amongst those forces dispatched to the region.

Contreras (Front) and Marine CSOs in action on Madrigal, circa 2491

In his first set of combat engagements, Contreras and his Marine Raider unit were dispatched to the various colonies in the region, in which they conducted direct action and special reconnaissance operations against the Insurrectionists. The recon platoon also provided support for several counter-terrorism operations. For Contreras, these first tastes of combat would prove to be valuable in the development of his combat skills in the field. Contreras became one of the platoon's best marksman, and he developed an expertise in several fields, such as demolition, weapons tactics, and deep surveillance during his first year of duty.

During 2492, Naval Intelligence discovered that the Secessionist Union rebels had established an supply depot in an abandoned Lethbridge refinery plant, on the colony of Madrigal, hidden deep in the rural and forested region of Castra. It was believed, due to the large size of the facility and the unusually strong troop presence, that the plant was housing materials that was vital to Secessionists militias on Madrigal. Thus, SPECWARCOM would form and deploy a strike force of Force Recon Marines to neutralize the depot, and to recover any material and intelligence. Contreras and the Marine Raiders would attached to this operation, providing reconnaissance and supporting the main assault.

Contreras and the Marine Raiders entered into the forests of Castra, via D75-TC Pelicans, and the Marine CSOs pushed their way through the forests and the rural settlements towards the supply depot, eliminating and evading enemy patrols and observation posts in the process. Once the location of the supply depot was found, the Marine CSOs designated aerial strikes on the base to soften up the defenses. Once the strikes were done, Force Recon Marines launched their assault on the plant. Contreras and the Marine Raiders moved into the depot, neutralizing any resistance. Contreras and his fellow Marine Raiders were able to secure the smokestack and center platform, which helped Force Recon Marines with their efforts to secure the refinery. Within minutes, the bulk of the refinery was under the Marines' control. However, this operation would quickly transition from being an successful mission to a disastrous tragedy.

Once Contreras, with a fireteam of Marines Raiders, had cleared and secured the refinery's shipping warehouses and loading zones, they discovered a munitions depot, which housed stolen HAVOK warheads, and containers of VX-7 Nerve Gas. Upon this discovery, Command made the call to extract the materials, as the Marines decided to commandeer the transport vehicles in the depot to carry and extract the hazardous materials. However, once they exited the factory, the Marine convoy was ambushed by Insurrectionist reinforcements, as the Union were alerted to an impending UNSC operation in the Castra region. The Marines were overwhelmed by superior numbers and weapons fire, as the task force suffered heavy casualties. In the chaos, the Insurrectionists were able to recover their material and retreated back to their havens. The Marines suffered immense casualties, as only four Marines from the 60-man strike force would survive. Contreras was amongst those survivors, and he was the only survivor from his platoon.

The surviving Marines were quickly extracted, before the Insurrectionists could return to capture them, or execute them. Daniel had suffered various injuries in the battle, such as fractured ribs, a series of shrapnel wounds, and a concussion. He was placed in a local military field hospital on Madrigal to recover. While Contreras would make a full recovery, the bloody battle would leave him with unseen scars. Contreras would develop Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from the engagement.

ORION Project

Induction and Augmentations

In early 2491, the Colonial Military Administration would relaunch the ORION Project , with Section III of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) providing data and resources to support the program. With the success of the initial 65 test subjects in their training and augmentations, ONI sought out more volunteers for the program. In late 2492, in the aftermath of the operation on Madrigal, ONI officers approached a recovering Contreras at the field hospital to offer him a spot in the ORION supersoldier program. With little thought, Daniel accepted their offer.

Patch for the ORION Program Operators, circa 2498.

Daniel and the other ORION volunteers were placed under the specialized training course for rigorous combat testing. ORION testing in CQC and advanced combat skills challenged Daniel unlike any challenge he had ever experienced during his initial military career. Starting off as one of the lower-tier operatives in the program, Contreras would have to work his way up through the ranks, where he further developed his combat skillset. The young Marine was noted by his trainers for his development in his marksmanship skills and how he was able to handle volatile scenarios on his own during the intense combat training, even when the outcome ended up in failure. In the months of combat testing, Contreras would try to close the large skill gap with his more gifted peers, and was able to prove himself as an ORION operator that showed immense promise. For Contreras, he felt that he finally found his purpose in life, and he was eager for a chance to get back into action.

The ORION program did not just help make Daniel into a better soldier, it also helped in making connections with people again. During his training tenure, Daniel developed closer bonds with his fellow ORION operatives, as the young soldier came to view them as his surrogate family. Contreras developed close friendships with a few of the operatives, with one of them being Javier Morel. These two became quick friends, as they both bonded over their similar upbringings and early military experiences. Contreras would also form close bonds with Riley Franklin and Karina Liberatore, a couple of ambitious, but, well-meaning ORION operators. These four individuals would come together in their training, pushing each other to their absolute limits, and helping each other with overcoming their shortcomings as individuals. For Daniel, the young man felt that he was finally whole again.

One of ORION's principle goals was to implant their volunteers with an series of augmentations that would make them into the UNSC's first breed of "supersoldiers". Along with his fellow volunteers, Daniel spent several months recovering from the procedures and growing accustomed to his improved strength and reflexes before being able to rejoin his fellow ORION operators. After recovery, Contreras was assigned to an ORION fireteam with his close friends, as ORION was prepping and being briefed for their first combat operation.


In June 2494, Colonel Robert Watts, a UNSC Marine officer, had defected and joined the Secessionist Union, and rallied the Insurrectionists on the colony of Eridanus II for an uprising against the planetary government. Equipped and reinforced by rebel sympathizers hidden in the Colonial Military Administration's ranks, along with support by criminals and arms dealers, Watts had orchestrated a methodical and thorough series of attacks involving terrorist bombings, political assassinations, and kidnappings that impacted Eridanus's shipping routes. With the help from CMA defectors and smugglers, Watts and the Insurrectionists were able to gather a sizable flotilla of starships, to blockade the planet. The Eridanus Government had officially requested aid from the Unified Earth Government in December of 2494. However, by January 2495, Colonel Watts and his militia forces had established control of the colony.

Contreras (Left) and ORION operators in action on Eridanus II during CHARLEMAGNE, January 2496.

On January 12, 2496, Operation: CHARLEMAGNE was launched, with the UNSC deploying a large battle group of the Navy ships to Eridanus II. Meanwhile, the ORION operatives were quietly deployed for the first time during CHARLEMAGNE, as they engaged Insurrectionist forces on the rural surface of Eridanus II, quietly and discreetly. During the operation, Contreras and his ORION fireteam were tasked with raids on Insurrectionist strongholds and supply bases on the ground. While Daniel proved himself as an effective sharpshooter in the operation, it would be his work in deep reconnaissance and sabotage missions that would earn him his first commendations. Daniel was effective in tracking the movements of enemy patrols and troop movements.

Contreras would play a vital role in the gathering of military intelligence, as his fireteam were able obtain vital hard drives and digital data in their raids on rebel compounds. Contreras also helped in the locating and neutralizing of hidden rebel garrisons, and assisted in the rescues of captured CMA and CAA officials that were held by the rebel insurgents. Contreras and his team would also track and hunt down fleeing insurgents, as to maintain a degree of stealth during the operation. Daniel and his ORION team also played a significant role in the destruction of a vital Insurrectionist military base, which had served as the base of operations for Insurrectionists on Eridanus II. Once the bulk of the rebel forces and fortifications were decimated, the ORION operators were promptly extracted from Eridanus II without being spotted, and the UNSC Marines were dispatched to mop up what was left on the planet. CHARLEMAGNE was an major success for the UNSC and the ORION program, as their operatives successfully engaged the Insurrectionists in a rapid and silent offensive operation, with only one casualty amongst the ORION operatives and several crippling losses for the rebels.

As a result of CHARLEMAGNE, the UNSC had succeeded in regaining control of Eridanus II from the insurgents. However, Colonel Watts and several of his rebel soldiers were successful in escaping to Eridanus's asteroid belt, where they escaped capture and continued to operate against the UNSC. Meanwhile, the ORION Project, having completed both insertion and extraction during the operation without being seen by any survivors, fueled a range of conspiracy theories and media speculation. As the legend of these supersoldiers grew, it proved very helpful to the Office of Naval Intelligence's propaganda efforts in the following decades. For Contreras and his team, due to their exploits, the unit was converted into a combat tracker team. Daniel and his unit would prove to be a valuable asset in counter-insurgency, intelligence gathering, direct action, deep reconnaissance, and other unconventional warfare operations. This specialized unit came to be known as Fireteam Delta.

Service within ORION Operations

After the success of Operation: CHARLEMAGNE in 2496, ORION operatives were found to be an effective tool in combating the Insurrection. Consequently, during the remainder of that year and in the subsequent years, ORION operatives were assigned to numerous other classified missions. Delta were dispatched to such operations. After their defeat on Eridanus II, Insurrectionist groups had organized themselves as a guerrilla force, willing to conduct terror tactics (terror bombings, kidnappings, assassinations, etc.). Several rebel militias had holed themselves up inside hidden urban hideouts, abandoned/captured military installations, space stations, and tunnel networks and cells throughout the Outer colonies. By early 2498, to subdue these threats, several fireteams of the elite ORION operators were deployed throughout the Outer Colonies to combat and neutralize Insurrectionist activity, with the support of Marine and Naval task forces in the region.

For several years, Daniel Contreras and his fireteam had conducted numerous covert, special warfare operations in the region, against the Secessionist Union and other Insurrectionist factions. Fireteam Delta's exploits included raiding of rebel compounds and outposts, recapturing or destroying rebel-controlled space stations and starships, the retrieval of vital digital data and intel, and conducting successful counter-terrorism response missions. Daniel and the fireteam also operated as recon scouts, as the ORION unit obtained and shared vital combat and military intelligence on the rebel forces to support combat operations in the region. Contreras's unit would work alongside other ORION operatives and other UNSC forces on the ground against the Insurrectionist forces, from Eridanus II to Charybdis IX. The unit's exploits and accomplishments in this time would earn them the praise and recognition from their peers and superiors in ORION and other UNSC special warfare units, and grabbing the attention of the Office of Naval Intelligence.

During those years from 2498 to 2502, Daniel would put his abilities on display and evolve into an elite warfighter. Contreras would display his marksmanship skills, as he racked up significant kill counts in his missions. Contreras showed himself as a capable solo operative, as he was able to perform well under pressure, and without any form of support. Daniel was able to survive various difficult situations, where he found himself cut off from his team and even accomplished some of those mission objectives on his own. Daniel was seen by his peers and his superiors as a reliable soldier, and he was often requested for by other ORION operatives, for their own missions to provide support. For Contreras, he had found fulfillment and purpose in his service, and had found himself in a new family of soldiers. For the first time in a long time, Daniel found happiness and peace within himself.


In 2502, the UNSC had decided to change its tactics when it came to combating the Insurrection. Instead of using great amounts of resources fighting the rebels in large-scale theaters of combat, a new emphasis was focused on assassinating key figures in the Insurrection movement. With the success of Operation: VERITAS, they were able to conduct such an operation, under the codename KALEIDOSCOPE. Contreras's fireteam was split into pairs for this operation, with Contreras and Liberatore being paired for their missions.

Contreras in action on Arcadia during KALEIDOSCOPE, circa 2503.

Contreras and Liberatore were tasked with the neutralization of high-valued targets within the Insurrection movement on colony worlds of Arcadia and Eridanus II. These targets were considered essential to the functions of the Secessionist Union and the other rebel factions within the region. For two years, numerous reports of individuals with Insurrectionist connections being found dead or going missing in the Arcadia and Eridanus II systems exploded in the local media. There were incidents of sniper attacks in civilian populations and the rural zones, convoys ambushed by explosive ordnance, and hidden rebel outposts were found in disarray and rebel corpses scattered around. Several Insurrectionist leaders and operatives were found dead in these attacks. Contreras and Liberatore were able to cause havoc within the higher ranks of the rebel insurgency, as they created an atmosphere of fear and paranoia for the Insurrectionists. This would only make their missions much easier, as both were able to isolate and eliminate rebel officials with little to no difficulties. Despite some philosophical differences.Contreras and Liberatore both developed a camaraderie during this operation, as both put themselves in harm's way for each other, and had mutual respect for their combat abilities.

KALEIDOSCOPE proved to successful operation for the UNSC, as rebel factions had collapsed and dissolved in droves. This included the Secessionist Union, as their leader, Jerald Ander, and the their vital military officers had been killed or disappeared. The actions of Contreras and Liberatore played a significant role in KALEIDOSCOPE, and were recognized for their efforts by Naval Intelligence. In fact, Thomas Gould, one of Naval Intelligence's top, rising officers, would approach Delta team with an enticing offer to operate under the umbrella of ONI. While both Liberatore and Franklin would accept, Contreras and Morel declined the offer and chose to continue their service with the ORION program.


Deactivation of ORION Program

In the aftermath, TANGLEWOOD was considered a Pyrrhic victory by Naval Special Warfare Command, and this operation would trigger a massive evaluation on ORION's effectiveness. Some of the older ORION soldiers were beginning to develop several side effects from their augmentations, that ranged from physical to mental illnesses, such as PTSD. Performance was also continuing to decline in addition to the ineffective strategies the UNSC and ORION were using in field. Thus, ORION project was quietly deactivated in 2506 and the 165 surviving members were reassigned to other special operations units in the field or retired/discharged.

Service in Office of Naval Intelligence

Recruitment and Induction

Contreras was at a crossroads, as he was given two options on how to proceed. Daniel was given the choices to retire from service or rejoin the ranks of Naval Special Warfare Command. However, a third option would emerge. Once again, Contreras was approached by Thomas Gould, with another offer to join Naval Intelligence, where he would conduct covert combat operations for Section III. Morel, who had rejected the offer and was going to rejoin the Marines, advised Daniel to not take the oppurtunity, fearing that his friend would lose a piece of himself in the dark and brutal life of a ONI operator. However, Gould used Daniel's past as a means to convince him to join the ranks of ONI.

In late 2506, Daniel Contreras was inducted as an operations officer for Section III of Naval Intelligence, assigned to the Beta-5 Division. Contreras would undertake some degree of specialized warfare training, as he trained with the new, experimental weaponry and military equipment that was to be made available for him in the fields. Daniel also underwent intense resistance to interrogation (RTI) training, where his mental fortitude was tested for weeks. Contreras realized that he would be subjected to physically and mentally uncomfortable scenarios in the field, but, he was willing to pay that price if it meant the decimation of the Insurrection and did not want to pass up a chance to achieve retribution that he has longed for since his teenage years.

Missions in the Outer Colonies

In 2507, Daniel Contreras would begin his service as Beta-5 operative in Naval Intelligence, as he was to conduct black operations in the Outer Colonies. Contreras's first operations included the sabotage of covert Insurrectionist operations, and the elimination of rebel leadership in the region. These missions were to be under the supervision and the guidance of Thomas Gould. Contreras's operations would range from counter-terrorism and wetworks, to any deep surveillance and intelligence gathering tasks. Soon enough, Daniel found himself in covert, under-cover operations to infiltrate Insurrection networks and cells throughout the colonies.

Contreras providing overwatch for ONI operatives in a covert mission on Levosia, circa 2508.

For the next three years inside ONI, Contreras would be assigned to a variety of covert operations, ranging from unstable colonies like Levosia to Paradise Falls. Contreras would join Beta-5 covert task forces in their counter-terrorism, and counter-insurgency operations. Contreras would prove himself to be a reliable Beta-5 operative, and found himself into the darker echelons of Naval Intelligence operations, as ONI and UNSC brass was becoming more desperate in their attempts to quell colonial rebellion.

Soon enough, Gould would deploy Contreras on far more dangerous and morally-questionable covert operations within the Outer Colonies. Contreras had been tasked with the eliminations of various key figures within the large Insurrectionist movement, and the gathering of intelligence on their activities. Contreras had neutralized a variety of targets, ranging from local Militia commanders and Colonial politicians, to colonial law enforcement officials and CAA and UEG officials and envoys. Contreras was also deployed on covert raids with ONI operatives, and UNSC Army and Marine CSOs that would often end in Pyrrhic victories, as the objectives were completed, at the cost of high casualties.

The psychological and physical tolls were weighing heavily on Contreras. The symptoms of his PTSD were being exacerbated, and he struggled to come to grips with his actions as an ONI operative. Daniel had suffered various injuries in his missions, and barely survived some of his operations. Contreras and Gould's relationship had also soured, as Daniel distrusted Gould's guidance and suspected that his handler had an ulterior agenda. Contreras felt that he was approaching a breaking point. However, Daniel also believed that the Insurrectionists still posed a significant threat, and chose to stay with ONI until the movement was eradicated. He was not going to quit on his path, not until the rebels had paid their debt to him and his family.


Operation: HASTINGS

Resignation from Naval Intelligence

After the disaster of HASTINGS, and Contreras beating Agent Gould to a pulp on the prowler during their debrief, Contreras would immediately draw up his resignation papers from ONI, and he turned those in within a few days. Karina was upset with Daniel, feeling that he had lost focus of his duties, and she felt betrayed by his decision to leave and his behavior. However, Riley was sympathetic to Daniel's anger, and believed that his resignation was the best decision for him. Daniel questioned whether he was fighting for the right reasons. Daniel wondered if his sacrifices were meaningless, or, in the service of some sinister motives. Contreras contemplated retirement, and starting all over again with his life.

Continued Service in the UNSC Armed Forces

Induction into Orbital Drop Shock Troopers

Counter-Insurgency Operations in Arcadia

Operation: TREBUCHET

Early Years of the Human-Covenant War

Harvest Liberation Campaign

First Battle of Arcadia

Mission to Cote d'Azure

Siege of Madrigal

Service in the Asymmetrical Action Group

Recruitment and Induction


Battle of Carcosa

Operation: MANTICORE

Battle of New Constantinople

Operation: VANGUARD

Final Years of the Human-Covenant War

Battle of Jericho VII

Siege of Paris IV

Battle of Reach

Earth Sustained Defense Campaign

Post-War Era

Rebuild and Recovery

Personality and Traits

Mental and Physical Overview

Daniel Contreras is known for being a reserved, resilient individual, driven by the ideals of duty and righteousness in his life. Daniel was raised on the basis of a utilitarian moral framework by his parents, and he would carry those beliefs into his adult years. Daniel was often quiet and reticent, but was still approachable in social situations. The tutelage of his parents and ORION instructors made him disciplined, and applied those lessons in every aspect of his life. Daniel was hardened by years of war, to the point that he did not hesitate to commit "morally questionable acts" when necessary. However, Contreras has shown to still feel some degrees of remorse and regret over these actions as time passed. Contreras showed several symptoms of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and have to endure bouts of depression throughout his life. Contreras was able to overcome these issues with therapy, and support from his peers. Daniel would come to value his own "humanity", and vowed to never compromise his own morality during conflicts. Contreras would place the wellness of his fellow soldiers and civilians over the operation objectives in most instances, which earned him the respect of his peers and disdain from his superiors.

Daniel was well regarded as committed, steady and practical as a soldier. Contreras was described as "one of the most capable operators within the UNSC Armed Forces", with the ability to handle a wide range of missions, such as reconnaissance, wetwork, and direct action. Contreras would function as a recon scout in the field, as he could operate efficiently and effectively deep behind enemy lines. Contreras was trained to obtain, distribute, and share vital combat and battlefield information on the enemy and on combat circumstances and environmental conditions Contreras was also an excellent sharpshooter, scoring well in marksmanship training, and he was a crack shot in action. Contreras would also train in counter-terrorism tactics, heavy ordnance weaponry, and demolitions. Daniel was also an adept survivalist and tracker, thanks to his training in ORION, and the lessons of independence in his youth. He was able to survive with the bare essentials, and he knew how to navigate in any form of terrain. Daniel would be known as one of ORION's resilient and efficient warfighters.

Daniel Contreras, circa 2548.

Contreras's physical profile is generally described as being an individual of short stature and being in peak physical condition. Daniel is a male with brown hair, brown eyes and light skin. He cares for his body, and follows a strict diet and workout plan to maintain his health. Daniel developed an athletic build, as he is noted for quick hands and reflexes. Contreras is measured at 170 cm (5'7), which is bellow male average height, and weighs at about 89.3 kilograms (197 lb). Due to his smaller frame and athletic build, this makes Daniel a nimble individual, which has made him an ideal deep reconnaissance operative. Contreras was able to move through enemy lines efficiently, and he could sustain immense punishment to his body. Even when he his at peak condition, Contreras still has physical limitations. Daniel's short stature puts a cap on his strength, which forces to him to be reliant on his speed and agility. The biological augmentation would help enhance Contreras's physical talents, and it would strengthen his weaknesses.

Skills and Abilities

Daniel Contreras in Action in his ODST BDU, circa late 2550, on an unknown, war-torn colony.

  • Augmented Physique: Daniel had underwent ORION physical augmentations, which significantly improved his strength, speed, stamina, and endurance. These traits enhanced physical abilites would enable Contreras to overcome and endure harsh combat environments and increased the scope of his capabilities as a solder. Even with some of the mental and physical side effects that became more prominent with time, these augmentations would help maintain Contreras's durability and sustain a long military career.
  • Reconnaissance Specialist: Daniel would come to specialize in almost all fields of reconnaissance. During special warfare training in Songnam, Contreras would learn to obtain, distribute, and share vital combat and battlefield information on the enemy and on combat circumstances and environmental conditions. Contreras was capable of moving deep behind enemy on his own, and underwent training on directing air and missile attacks, in areas deep behind enemy lines. He also learned the placement of remote monitored sensors and to provide preparations for other units in the area.
  • Combat Tracker: Due to his special forces and ORION training, Contreras knew how to reestablish contact with the elusive enemy forces; reconnaissance of an area for possible enemy activities; and located the lost or missing friendly personnel in hazardous, vast, and dense environments. Contreras was often placed with Hunter-Killer teams that tracked enemy fighters and bases hidden within the the areas of operations.
  • Pathfinder/Orbital Drops: Contreras was also trained to to set up and operate drop zones, pickup zones, and the landing sites for airborne operations, air resupply operations, or other air operations in support of the ground units. Contreras would conduct pathfinding operations during the Human-Covenant War and the Post-War Era. Daniel was often acting as a solo operative during these missions. When Contreras was an ODST, he was often placed with an advanced recon team to conduct orbital drops and provide pathfinding support for incoming ODSTs during his respective orbital drop operations.
  • Survivalist:


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