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DYRNWYN is a Full-Body techsuit designed as a load bearing system for heavy equipment and armor systems. It is developed with layers of synthetic muscles, and has it's earliest prototypes developed in 2546. It can be configured with various sections which can secure light armor or storage pouches, and features biofoam injection ports, and can be removed in a modular fashion, to facilitate medical first aid.

The DYRNWYN Suit serves as the base unit for the DURENDAL and VALKYRIE Programs, and is commonly used by ODST and other Special Forces Units with standard infantry armor.


  • Synthetic Muscles: The strength-assisting ability can increase the users strength by a factor of 1.3 to 1.6, and serves to distribute the weight of a soldier's combat load.
  • Non-Powered Exo-Skeletal Frame: The Non-Powered frame provides form to the suit, and assists in the distribution of weight.
  • Biofoam Injection Ports: Sections of the techsuit can be removed in part as a way to apply biofoam to wounds sustained in the field.
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