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Class overview

Mjern-pattern support ship


Primary Assembly Forges


Covenant Empire

General characteristics

Auxiliary support ship, Procurator


1,550 metres (5,100 ft)


82 million metric tonnes

Engine unit(s)

2 Repulsor engines

Slipspace Drive


Power plant

Pinch fusion reactor


dispersal field generator


1.5 metres of nanolaminate hull plating

Other systems
Additional information
  • Communications support
  • Food production
  • Seminary
  • Supply transport

The Mjern-pattern support ship, designated the DSC-class agricultural support ship, is the primary model of auxiliary support ship that was manufactured and deployed by the Covenant Empire.

Constructed with a unique webbed, flat hull design, the Mjern-pattern is an anomaly within the Covenant fleet. It is dedicated support vessel with little in the way of combat capabilities, relying on their embarked strikecraft squadrons and escort fleet for protection. In exchange, they use their two large agricultural domes, and an assortment of tertiary assembly forges to provide a wide range of supplies to the personnel of the fleet. In battle, a sophisticated array of proselytziation relays can overcome any localised jamming source, maintaining fleet cohesion so long as the flagship is intact.

The Mjern-pattern support ship has been in use since the Fourth Age of Reclamation, and has persisted through the centuries thanks to its modular functionality. Like all logistical craft, they were maintained by the Ministries of Abnegation, Etiology, and Preparation; government departments that do not operate within the normal Sangheili chain of command. Participating in every conflict the Covenant was involved with, although the entire class disappeared following the exile of the San'Shyuum.

Table of Contents
  1. Operational History
  2. Role
    1. Weaknesses and Counter-Tactics
  3. Specifications
  4. Variants
  5. Ships of the Line
  6. Gallery

Operational History


Weaknesses and Counter-Tactics



Ships of the Line

Name Pattern Commissioned Destroyed Notes
Infinite Succor Mjern 2371 September 2552 Commanded by the Etiology, destroyed during the Battle of Alpha Halo after being hijacked by the Flood.


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