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|total ships preserved=
|total ships preserved=
|type=[[Cruiser|<span style="color:#ff99ff">Cruiser</span>]]
|type=[[Cruiser|<span style="color:#ff99ff">Cruiser</span>]]
|length=1,000 metres
|length=1,038 metres

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DRP-class Cruiser
Class overview

DRP-class cruiser


Covenant loyalists Covenant Navy
H5Covenant Logo2 Various Covenant remnants

General characteristics



1,038 metres

Engine unit(s)

Repulsor engines (3)

Slipspace Drive


Power plant

Pinch fusion reactors


Nanolaminate hull plating

Additional information
  • Tank

The DRP-class cruiser is a cruiser-class warship utilised by the Covenant Empire during the Human-Covenant War. Introducted in 2129, the cruiser was originally designed as flagship in fight against Kig-Yar pirates and Heretic factions using less resources to build and maintain than other warship of similar size.

Despite being effective, most Sangheili shipmasters avoided those cruisers from being used due to the lack of adequate weaponry, which is considered an unforgivable flaw. This has resulted in the suspension of the widespread deployment of those warships until the dawn of the war against humanity. During the war, the DRP-class cruisers were used to absorb as many hits as possible and alleviate pressure from other ships in their fleets.

Table of Contents
  1. Operational History
  2. Role
    1. Weaknesses and Counter-Tactics
  3. Layout
  4. Specifications
  5. Ships of the Line
  6. Remarks

Operational History Edit

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Weaknesses and Counter-Tactics Edit

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Ships of the Line Edit

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