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Class overview

Gautah-pattern stealth corvette


Secondary Assembly Forges


Covenant symbol 2007-present Covenant Empire
Swords of Sanghelios symbol white Swords of Sanghelios
Covenant Remnant Covenant remnants

Succeeded by

Vigilant-class stealth corvette

General characteristics

Corvette, Attack Ship


485 metres (1,590 ft)


1.49 million metric tons

Additional information
"And off they go, scaling through the starlight, scouring the void with light. And, as humble servants, they do this gladly."
―Excerpt of the Sangheili poem The Voyagers, c. 1847 AD

The Gautah-class stealth corvette, classified as the DAV-class stealth corvette by the United Nations Space Command, is a small stealth ship that was deployed by the now-defunct Covenant Empire.

Table of Contents
  1. Operational History
  2. Role
    1. Weaknesses and Counter-Tactics
  3. Layout
  4. Specifications
  5. Variants
  6. Ships of the Line
  7. Gallery

Operational History

Human-Covenant War


Weaknesses and Counter-Tactics




Ships of the Line


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