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Symbol of the Covenant Navy
The Supreme Symbol of the Covenant Navy
Covenant Navy
Chronological Information

First Age of Reconciliation (approx. 852 BCE)


Covenant Empire


Council of Deed and Doctrine


Armed Forces


The Covenant Navy is the overall unified military force of the Covenant Empire. Rather than organizing the military into several branches with their own areas of operation like traditional human militaries, the Covenant Navy is divided into numerous fleets, each with administrative and operational command over its subordinate units. Unlike human militaries, all air, ground, and space units report to their fleet.


Chain of Command

As stated previously, the Covenant Navy is divided into numerous fleets, each numbering anywhere from 50,000 to a million personnel. Each fleet consists of a Council of Masters which acts as the administrative command of the fleet. This council consists of the highest-ranking members of the fleet, who make all decisions of the fleet, in addition to three subordinate ministries:

  • Ministry of Resolution, which oversees all conventional military aspects of the fleet, such as space and ground combat
  • Ministry of Fervent Intercession, which oversees all operations involving Forerunner reliquaries
  • Ministry of Preservation, which oversees internal aspects of the fleet such as fleet security and military police, and it is also in charge of administering the fleet's counter-revolutionary forces to put down rebellions within the Covenant

Additionally, the fleet's organizational component consists of three distinct groups, similar to human military branches:

  • Fleet Occupational Forces - akin to the UNSC Army or more so the UNSC Marine Corps, the Fleet Occupational Forces perform ground operations. All members of a fleet are to be qualified for Fleet Occupational Forces operations.
  • Fleet Space Forces - akin to the UNSC Navy, the Fleet Space Forces perform spacial and airborne combat in support of the central fleet. Special qualifications are necessary in order to perform specific roles, although a majority of roles are those for which all personnel are trained.
  • Fleet Special Warfare Group - akin to special forces of UNSC Special Operations Command under their respective branches, the Covenant Special Warfare Group controls all special operations undertaken by the fleet. While technically a component of the Fleet Occupational Forces, the Special Warfare Group is considered a separate branch altogether due to its strong role in shaping Covenant military doctrine.

The central Council of Masters, which is in charge of the fleet, receives orders from the fleet's overseeing Combined Fleet. Combined fleets typically number around thousands of ships and are controlled by the central Council of Ministers, each of which receives its orders directly from the Covenant Council of Deed and Doctrine, the central military command body similar to the UEG Department of Defense.

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