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Covenant Loyalists
Political information
Type of government

Theocratic Dictatorship

Founding document

Writ of Union

Head of State

Prophet of Intuition

Societal information

Virtuous Enlightenment

Official language

Covenant Language, (various languages spoken by the different races)

State religious body

Worship of Forerunners, belief in Great Journey

Historical information
Formed from


Date of establishment

October 2525

Date of fragmentation

September 2552

Date of reorganization

November 2552

Date of dissolution

December 2552

Date of restoration




After its near destruction at the Ark the Covenant Loyalists retreated far in to the Milky Way Galaxy to recover. Eventually cloning technology was used to rebuild the San'Shyuum population, and three new High Prophets were selected as the leaders of the Covenant: the Prophets of Intuition, Bliss, and Faith.

Intuition took charge of the three Prophets immediately, commissioning new weapons for Covenant troops.

"Faithful members of the Covenant, where is the valor you once boasted of? Why must we direct our hatred towards each other the moment we have been set back? Has the promise of the Journey been nothing more to you than a race, to determine who reaches the Path first? How quickly we forget the Writ of Union, and the promises we had made! We are a Covenant, fighting side by side until the Great Journey calls to us. So let us continue fighting for that Journey, but unleash our rage against those who had destroyed it...the humans, and the Sangheili who had been so treacherous as to side with them!"
Prophet of Intuition, 2553

After the UNSC and the Sangheili Separatists had not only taken out the Prophet of Truth, but also destroyed the Ark and the Loyalists' hopes of activating the Halo array. This had essentially nullified the Covenant's purpose, and it began to break apart as old rivalries began to take hold of them again. The Covenant's species had turned on each other not only in locations where they had previously resided, but had also begun making attacks on each respective species' planets. Only the intervention of the Prophet of Intuition had saved them from annihilating what was left of the Covenant and wiping out at least one of their species; he convinced the most prominent members of each species to maintain the peace with each other and focus their efforts on fighting humanity. Ironically, his goal was to make peace within not only the Covenant, but also with the human race that he saw no reason to fight against any longer. However, Intuition's strategy was a suitable temporary solution to keep the Covenant remnants intact, and as planned, they would spend more than a decade rebuilding their resources that they would not go to war against humanity for a very long time.

Virtuous Enlightenment

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Virtuous Enlightenment is a floating city above the surface of a small planet that was re-purposed as the Loyalist's capital.