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"I just wish the damn thing came with an instruction manual."

The Contumacy is a Forerunner device created as a last resort to force any rampant artificial intelligence under control.


After the Contumacy was created, it was locked inside a storage room aboard the Inheritor's Judgement. When Mendicant Bias defected to the Flood during the Forerunner-Flood War, the Forerunners intended to use the Contumacy on the rampant construct. Unfortunately for the AI's creators, the Inheritor's Judgement was shot down over an unoccupied planet. The ship crash-landed deep into a large cavern and would remain undiscovered for more than 100,000 years.

Human-Covenant War

During the Great War, the Covenant had obtained the key to unlock the Contumacy. Fleet Master Dar 'Akamee led a team of Zealots to the Contumacy's location, but the elites were engaged by the Platinum Team. The SPARTANs killed the elites and took the Contumacy, which was given to Dom-094 to carry. A stray plasma grenade knocked Dom-094 unconscious and caused cave debris to separate the SPARTAN from the battle. As the UNSC was severally outnumbered in orbit, the rest of the Platinum Team was forced to leave Dom-094 behind. Dom remained stranded on Ogygia i for several months, keeping his presence unknown to the Covenant forces that occupied the planet. In August, 2552, all Covenant forces but a battlecruiser left the planet, and following the Great Schism two months later, the elites and brutes turned on each other. The civil war severally dwindled the numbers of both sides, prompting the shipmaster, an elite, to order the ship to leave the planet and prepare for orbital bombardment. Dom was able to sneak onto the battlecruiser before it took off and eventually succeeded in clearing the ship of all occupants but himself, allowing him to pilot the vessel to Earth and deliver the Contumacy to the UNSC.



The Contumacy is in the shape of a regular heptagon, and has a forerunner symbol that gives off turquoise light. The object is about sixty centimeters from side to opposite corner.


The device can only be used by a Forerunner or Reclaimer and grants the user control over any Forerunner AI within a radius of an astronomical unit. The Contumacy is also capable of storing the digital form of Forerunner AI.