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Biographical information

Connor P. Lindhover

Spartan Tag



Emerald Cove

Date of birth

August 27, 2531



  • 6'9 (Without armor)
  • 7'1 (In armor)
Hair color


Eye color


Affiliation and military information

Chief Petty Officer




Class II


Chief Petty Officer Connor-161 was a SPARTAN-II Class-II supersoldier who served in the Human-Covenant War. During the war, he was assigned as the leader of Azure Team, a three man team consisting of Jacob-184 and Elijah-243. During the Sol Campaign, he was recruited by the Office of Naval Intelligence to test the new Hayabusa variant of MJOLNIR, which he used with deadly efficiency during the fighting. During the latter stages of the Battle of Earth, as Covenant forces converged in Africa, he and his team were operating on the outskirts of Voi when they were separated after the crash of a Flood-infected CCS-class battlecruiser. The three managed to regroup and evacuated before the Sangheili-controlled Fleet of Retribution sterilized the area. They would spend the remainder of the war clearing Covenant stragglers throughout the system.

After the war, he and Azure Team were assigned to the UNSC Frontier Command, helping to secure abandoned and glassed colony worlds from rebels and Covenant remnant groups alike. Shortly after the Created Crisis began in October, 2558, Connor and Azure were recruited by veteran SPARTAN-II Colin-142 into the Office of Naval Intelligence's newly formed Operational Detachment-Sigma to help stop the rampant AIs and their Forerunner constructs.


Early Life

Born in the town of Holetown, New Barbados, Emerald Cove, on August 27, 2531, into a family of commercial fishermen. Brought up on the beautiful white sand beaches that the planet was famous for, he quickly developed a love of the sea. After partaking in the Outer Colony Vaccination Program, he was positively identified as having the appropriate genetic markers fit for the SPARTAN-II Program's second class. In 2537, while sailing in a lake near his house, he was quietly abducted by ONI agents and replaced with a flash clone.


After his abduction, he and numerous other candidates were relocated to the Inner Colony of New Carthage, the location of the HLIDSKJALF Base which served as the training site of the earlier DEMOPHILUS branch of the original class of the SPARTAN-II Program. After orientations, the new Spartans were broken up into training teams and sent on their first exercises. Connor, having been designated Candidate-161, was paired with Candidates 184 and 243, forming Azure Team. After a short period of poor performance as Jacob and Elijah bickered about which one would become leader, Connor stepped up and took command of the team, pushing himself and his team to their limits and raising their standing in the leaderboards considerably.

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