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Commonwealth of Jacinto
Political information
Type of government
  • Representative colonial democracy
Founding document
  • Jacinto Colonial Accords of 2370
  • Colonial Charter of 2400 (Revised; original from 2370)
Head of State
  • Colonial Governor
Head of Government
  • Colonial Governor
  • Supreme Commander of Jacintan Armed Forces; only in time of war
Legislative branch
  • Colonial Senate of Jacinto
Judicial branch
  • Supreme Court of the Commonwealth
Societal information
Official language
  • English
  • UN credit
State religious body
  • Secular; no official religion recognized per Colonial Charter of 2400
Historical information
Date of establishment
  • 2370
Date of fragmentation
  • 2551; Government evacuated
Date of reorganization
  • 2553; Governance resumes
Date of restoration
  • 2554; Election cycle resumed, government buildings repaired or rebuilt

The Commonwealth of Jacinto is the semi-autonomous governing body of Jacinto, overseeing human territory in the Hyacinth system. Established in 2370, the Commonwealth is the main lawmaking body and main representative government of Jacinto for Earth. The Commonwealth elects its Senator to the UEG every four years and features its own Senate, a Colonial Governor and a Supreme Court to uphold both Commonwealth and UEG laws.

When the Colonial Administration Authority was dissolved in 2525, the autonomy of the Commonwealth rose exponentially. By 2545, Jacinto was an independent entity in all but name. When the CAA was absorbed by the UNSC, many secessionist parties within the Commonwealth took the opportunity to rouse support and gain seats in the Colonial Senate.


Colonial Accords of 2370

Colonial Charter of 2400

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