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This article, Common Denominator (comic), was made before Halo 3, Evolutions, Forerunner trilogy, etc. and might contradict the new canon. It does not require a Not Canon Friendly template, unless it contradicts earlier established canon. However, it would be appreciated if canonical issues caused by Halo 3, Evolutions, Forerunner trilogy, etc. be fixed, if at all possible.

Due to red ring of death, this comic is in an indefinite hiatus.
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Common Denominator is a comic based on the machinima project of the same name. Though produced by Dragonclaws, it uses material created by RelentlessRecusant and Rotaretilbo. It is not a direct adaptation of the script, however, and should be considered a spin-off. Note that because this is based on an old project, it won’t entirely fit into canon. There won’t be anything vastly contradictory like Master Chief secretly being a girl (that won’t be until the next project), but there are a few differences here and there.


"de·nom·i·na·tor [dih-nom-uh-ney-ter]
  1. Arithmetic. that term of a fraction, usually written under the line, that indicates the number of equal parts into which the unit is divided; divisor.
  2. something shared or held in common; standard."

Six years after the Great War, humanity maintains a shaky peace with the Sangheili. In order to help strengthen the relationship, humans have begun to travel to the Sangheili homeworld of Sanghelios. First it was military to help support the Sangheili government against insurgent groups who still uphold values of the Covenant, but soon civilians came as well. Scientists and their families regularly move to small complexes around the planet. The Sangheili people, however, still seethe with hatred against the humans, making the peace difficult to maintain. A new powerful Sangheili terrorist organization makes this all the more challenging. And what’s that rumbling under the surface? Why is Sanghelios suddenly exhibiting tremors after ages of geological inactivity? I’m sure it’s nothing notable.


Book 1: Ackerson’s Legacy