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Sasha Mitchell
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Post Human-Covenant Wars, Reclaimer wars

Notable Facts

Purple Heart award for being wounded in battle.


United Space Command


Commander Sasha Samuels is the First Officer onboard the UNSC Lexington

Early Life/UNSC Academy

Sasha Samuels was born in the year 2501 on Reach to a Farming family out in the valley, in 2516 at the age of 15 she joined the UNSC to get out of the farming her mother was very understandable but her and her father didn't talk for almost a year after she left. During the Academy she made a lot of new friends and she passed her classes with high honors, in 2521 she graduated top of her Class.

Service Record

Battle of Harvest

In 2526 Ensign Samuels was posted to the UNSC Kingston that was posted to the Colony World Harvest, when a Large Covenant Fleet dropped out of Slipspace the battle for the Colony began. Samuels was apart of the evac dropships to evacuate the Colony while the 5th Fleet is defending the planet from Covenant ships.

Battle of Reach

Sasha held the rank of Lieutenant Commander was the weapons Officer onboard the UNSC Lexington in 2552 the day the Covenant attacked Reach she was devasted that none of her family made it off planet till the ship picked up a evacuation shuttle her sister was able to get onboard one but her mom and dad didn't make it off planet, during the battle the Lexington was struck on its starboard side when a Covenant Plasma torpedo hit the outer hull and Sasha was wounded with second to third degree burns but she quickly recovered from it heart broken that her mom and dad died on Reach and she wasn't there to protect them.

Battle of Earth

On October 20th 2552 while on a return trip to Earth the Lexington comes under attack by a Covenant cruiser they encountered outside of the Sol system and they make a run for it to warn Earth that resulted in the death of 15 crewmembers including Captain William Telfer, but with the help of newly promoted Captain Tyson Commander Mitchell was able to get through the death of such a great Captain and leader. And she was able to assist in the defense against the Covenant Fleet.

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