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Colton Bryson
Biographical Information
Full Name

Colton Wyatt Bryson

Service Number



Earth (Montana, URNA)


November 29th, 2504

Physical Description





6 feet 2 inches


196 lbs.

Political and Military Information

UEGSeal Unified Earth Government


UNSC Army Logo White UNSC Army

UNSC Phoenix black text Unified Special Warfare Command

  • Ranger Tab Juliet Team
  • Ranger Tab Kilo Platoon
  • Ranger Tab Bravo Company
  • Regimental Reconnaissance Company logo A Squadron

UNSC O-5 Lieutenant Colonel (O-5)


Special Operations Officer

  • Harvest Campaign
  • Extortion of Eridanus II
  • Battle of Jericho VII
  • Battle of Leonis Minoris
  • Operation: NATURAL ASHES 91
  • Battle for Alluvion
  • Battle of Actium
  • Surveillance of Draco III
  • Parisian Front
    • Cyrus VII Infiltration
    • New Beijing Campaign
    • Siege of Paris IV
  • Fall of Reach
  • Battle of Tribute
  • Mars Sustained Defense Campaign
    • Battle of Mare Erythraeum
    • Defense of New Manila
  • Earth Sustained Defense Campaign
    • Defense of Melbourne
    • Battle of Sydney
    • URNA Southwest Campaign


"Most of the officers we had during the war, they rented the lockers and moved up. No one wanted to go out for too long, it was a death sentence. When Serpico came along, nobody wanted him to rent the locker. He spent six years with the Regiment, going out into the field and coming back with his troops. In all of the leaders I served with, he is the one I always remember."
―Command Sergeant Major Audrey Millerton on her former officer, Colton Bryson.

Colton Bryson is a retired UNSC Army Lieutenant Colonel who served during the Human-Covenant War. Serving as an enlisted soldier and later an officer, Colton was known for being one of the top Special Operation Officers throughout the Unified Special Warfare Command and UNSC Army Rangers. Colton enlisted into the UNSC Army in 2527 and had a goal of becoming a UNSC Army Ranger.

Becoming an Army Ranger, Colton deployed alongside a Reconnaissance Surveillance and Target Acquisition team for nearly six years. Colton rose to the rank of Sergeant and became an officer where he spent nineteen years as an officer. Colton rose as a platoon commander, Company Commander, and then as a Troop Commander for the covert Regimental Reconnaissance Operational Detachment. With an impressive record as a Ranger, Colton joined the Unified Special Warfare Command.

For the remainder of the war, Colton served as a Task Force Operations Officer, Advance Force Operations Officer, Chief of Staff and, Commander of Deployed Operators. Colton's ability to command and execute missions that were vital to the defense of humanity placed him into a commanding position as a senior officer. During the Sustained Defense of Mars and Earth, Colton directed special operation forces and capable troops to defend the two planets. By the end of the Human-Covenant War, Colton was considered one of the top senior Special Operations Officers within the UNSC Defense Force.

Retiring after 25 years of combat service, Colton resides on Sundown where he works with veterans of the special operations forces to have a fluid transition from their retirement to another job. Colton's business has allowed him to stay connected with the military as well as make a difference in those who ask him for help. Colton also serves as a speaker on post-traumatic stress and combat withdrawal for many veteran foundations. Turning down offers from the UNSC Defense Force, Colton refuses to rejoin and claims he had served for long enough.


Early Life

UNSC Army Training

Initial Training


Specialty Training

Advanced Training

UNSC Army Rangers Deployments

Harvest Campaign

Extortion of Eridanus II

Battle of Jericho VII

Battle of Leonis Minoris

The Regiment

Battle for Alluvion

Battle of Actium

Investigation of Draco III

Cyrus VII Infiltration

New Beijing Campaign

Unified Special Warfare Command

Assignment and Focus

After spending two years as a Squadron Officer and Regiment Officer, Colton transferred to the Unified Special Warfare Command where he handled operations and campaigns that the Command was undertaking on the remaining colony worlds which were under siege by the Covenant. Assigned into Operations and Tactics, Colton took command of Unified Special Operation Packages (USOP) that included black special operation forces combined with white special operation forces. Due to Colton's extensive background of leading AFO and SR operations, he began to focus on deploying and managing assets that were operating behind enemy lines for the majority of their deployments.

Colton focused on breaking up Covenant infrastructure that deployed onto planets under siege. Using Army Rangers and Marine Corps ODSTs, Colton built up operations where he was able to engage the enemy on fronts they were not anticipating. Due to his success, Colton worked on conducting Task Force operations behind enemy lines that allowed him to take out Covenant leadership using a variety of assets within the USWC. Displaying a rare ability to play his cards right, Colton showcased that he was able to produce results and gave the UNSC Defense Forces the breathing room they needed in critical times.

Parisian Front

Fall of Reach

Battle of Tribute

Mars Sustained Defense Campaign

Earth Sustained Defense Campaign


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