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Colonial Revolutionary Front
Political information
Type of government

Union of Rebel Factions (Confederacy)

De facto leader


  • Arthur Banks (Falaknuman Rebels)
  • Rusty Coburn (Mamore Revolutionary Force)
  • Darren Morse (United Liberation Coalition)
  • Alyce Cartwright (United Liberation Coalition)
  • Andy O'Kane (Freeguard)
  • Joseph Ryder (Crest's Voice)
Societal information


  • CRF Liberator (Falaknuman Rebels)
  • Libery Hall, Mamore (Mamore Revolutionary Force and the United Liberation Coalition)
  • New Corsica (Crest's Voice)
Official language

Various, primarily English


Various, primarily Credits (cR)

Historical information
Date of establishment


Date of fragmentation



The Colonial Revolutionary Front (often abbreviated as the CRF) is a union of smaller rebel factions created in an attempt to unite against the UEG and UNSC. Founded in 2553, the CRF was formed to unite four factions under one command structure: the Falaknuman Rebels, the Mamore Revolutionary Force, the United Liberation Coalition, and the Freeguard. Although mostly a military faction, the CRF is not just a fighting force. Non-violent factions, such as Crest's Voice, also joined after its creation.



First Engagement

CRF Liberator

Banks's Change of Plans

Inner Rivalries

Team Hadron

Assassination of Banks

CRF Civil War

Battle of Mamore

Siege of Falaknuma

Freeguard Steps In

Total Collapse

Battles of the CRF Civil War [Source]
2562 Battle of Mamore (MRF v ULC)Capture of MRF Destined for Greatness (FR v MRF)Siege of Falaknuma (MRF v UNSC)
2563 Destruction of ULC Forgotten Prayer (FG v ULC)Capture of FG Venture (ULC v FG)Raid on FR Liberator (ULC v FR)


Below is a list of smaller factions in the CRF:

  • Falaknuman Rebels (Original faction, lead by Arthur Banks)
  • Mamore Revolutionary Force (Original faction, lead by Rusty Coburn)
    • Freedom and Liberation Party (Joined in 2555)[Note 1]
  • United Liberation Coalition (Original faction, lead by Darren Morse and Alyce Cartwright)
  • Freeguard (Original faction, lead by Andy O'Kane)
  • Crest's Voice (Joined in 2554, lead by Joseph Ryder, non-violent)


United Rebel Front

New Colonial Alliance




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