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Biographical Information
Full Name

Cody James Owens

Spartan Tag





April 6th, 2533

Physical Description

Human (Augmented)




6’3 Ft (unarmoured)


Dark Brown (Later Grey)



Political and Military Information
  • UNSC-N Petty Officer Second Class.png

Petty Officer Second Class (2545-2557)

  • Spartan (2557-)
  • SO (Special Warfare Operator)



"Be careful when fighting the monsters, lest you become one."
―Friedrich Nietzsche

Cody-B042 otherwise known as Codename: SOLACE and The Doram Demon was a member of SPARTAN-III Beta Company who served through the Human-Covenant War until the end of the Created uprising. B042 began as little more than an average SPARTAN-III, however in time he grew into one of the more dangerous close quarters specialists out of any SPARTAN generation or class with a penchant for both dealing out and taking unheard of amounts of punishment.

The majority of B042's service was marked by tragedy, with him often becoming the sole survivor of whatever unit he was placed within. This suffering molded him into an effective, albeit dangerously unstable weapon for use by the Office of Naval Intelligence among others. The rage and anger born of his suffering was something Cody struggled with and at times fully embraced throughout his life, and without the events of the Created Uprising it likely would have been the death of him. Instead, B042 would find some measure of solace amidst all his life's tragedies.

Career Service Vitae



    UNIT: Fireteam Stallion
    ENLISTMENT DATE: 19 October 2538

    GENDER: Male
    BIRTHPLACE: Haderville, Eirene
    BIRTH DATE: 06 April 2533
    HEIGHT: 190.5 cm (6 ft 3 in)
    WEIGHT: 127 kg (280 lbs)

General Notes

To be frank, this Spartan should not be alive. Cody Owens, or Cody-B042, is an orphan of the Fall of Eirene, and a SPARTAN-III Commando, formerly a member Beta Company, SPECWARCOM FEUDAL Team, Headhunter Team Hotel-II, Fireteam Anubis, ONI Special Activities Division, and current lead of Fireteam Stallion. Cody’s reputation stems from the sheer number of near-death experiences he has survived despite his either better equipped and or more skilled comrade’s deaths, as well as his penchant for brutality. Over the years Cody has grown into a notably skilled close quarters combatant among other things, but the trauma he has undergone has had seemingly deep psychological effects. Cody is excessively brutal when dealing with all enemies, but especially so towards former Covenant species to the point where fielding him alongside allied non-humans is heavily discouraged. The investigations into his actions during operations HOKUM and PRECIOUS DAY are still pending, and should he be found guilty on the charges retirement to the Midnight Facility is recommended. However, this is unlikely to occur as Stallion’s performance is among the best in Spartan Operations, rendering B042 an indispensable asset for the time being.

Service History


  • B042 has refused to adopt his surname following integration into Spartan Operations, opting to continue to use his service tag in place of it.
  • During the Human-Covenant War, B042 was passed up for CAT2 qualification based on his performance in training wherein he only qualified as CAT1, and was refused MJOLNIR throughout the conflict due to a perceived waste of resources.
  • B042’s actions during two operations are under investigation, he is accused of intentionally failing to stop the bombing of a Sangheili diplomat’s compound, and personally leading an attack where his direct involvement could have led to the operation being compromised. Given his skill and his team’s performance, these are likely being kept on hold by ‘someone’.
  • B042’s placement in the same Fireteam as his own biological brother has oddly not caused any major emotional reaction.
  • Psych reports for B042 from 2552 onwards are missing on all records.
  • There are a total of 139 different scars across B042’s body.




Early Life

Prior to the Covenant attack in 2537, Cody lived a normal life on the outer colony Eirene. Born to farmers the boy was the only child for most of his normal life, with his younger brother being born mere months before the Covenant invasion. As a child he was unremarkable, preforming no feats that truly set him apart from his peers aside from historical knowledge.

In every aspect, the young Cody Owens was seemingly anything but Spartan material. In addition to not setting himself apart, he also had difficulty with social situations, not for lack of trying, but rather for the fact other children largely found his demeanor annoying or awkward. However, the child remained kindhearted and tried with all the effort he could muster to be a good friend and son. Though none of this would matter as in mid-2537 the Covenant located and attacked Eirene.

Cody (seen bottom right), with other children playing King of the Hill on Eirene.

Like many children across human colonies, when the aliens came, he lost everything. His father was cut down by a swathe of plasma fired by an Elite, and his mother followed soon after with needler fire raking her back and then detonating in grisly fashion. Too stunned to form the most basic of sentences, Cody was pushed aboard an evacuation vessel with his infant brother in his arms, watching in shock as plasma tore through another transport attempting to get civilians off world. In that moment, the boy was sure he was going to die, and even as the craft he was aboard jumped into slipspace, he was sure that death was near. But it never came.

Eventually, after nearly two weeks of travelling, the boy ended up in an orphanage on New Constantinople. Almost instantly his brother was taken away, adopted by another refugee who had lost her children in the attack and had nursed the infant for the weeks that followed. Despite his sadness, Cody did not argue, nor did he truly express any sort of emotion, he was simply silent. Around the orphanage Cody was met with equal parts disdain and acceptance, the former coming from orphanage staff who saw him and the other children as little more than more mouths to feed, and the latter from his fellow traumatized orphans whom he developed a reputation for selflessness. He often would give up bits of his own meals to children whom were sick, and spent most of his time trying to help the other children without any regard for himself.

For all his remarkable traits, one thing about the four year old was special in the eyes of some, the Office of Naval Intelligence specifically, his genes. With the loosened parameters of the SPARTAN-III program, Owens was an ideal candidate for the second company of expendable Spartans. Approached by an ONI recruiter several months after arriving in the orphanage, the boy was offered a chance at revenge against the Covenant. Without so much as a moment’s hesitation the boy accepted the man’s offer. In spite of his compassion and selflessness towards the other children the boy still wanted revenge more than anything, though at the time he would claim it was to protect others, which at the time it may have been, though in the end it would boil down to simple desire for revenge.


"You either do it or you don't son, there is no goddamn maybe."
― Chief Petty Officer Mendez to B042 on his feelings of uncertainty in regards to graduating and becoming a Spartan

Whisked away from the orphanage and into a cryotube, Cody awoke from the cold sleep surrounded by hundreds of other children, all of them packed onto Pelican dropships and flown down to the planet known as Onyx. After they were all gathered together, a man, identifying himself as Lieutenant Commander Ambrose, came before them and gave them a speech about how they had volunteered to fight the Covenant, offered them a chance to leave, and then promptly began the first of many tests to come over the following years.

Loaded back into the dropships, each of the children were given an oddly bulky backpack, which they were then strapped into and told the nature of. They were parachutes, and if the children wished to stay and have the chance to fight back against the Covenant, they were going to have to jump. Many were hesitant, Cody was not. They boy, now being referred to by the large bellowing men as Trainee B042, had dreamed of joining the infamous ODSTs before his home was glassed, he aspired to be like those heroes, and that wouldn’t be possible with a fear of heights. In one of the few times he would stand out in early training, Cody jumped first into the cold Onyx night.

After landing, B042 and all others who found the courage to jump were given a meal and sent to the barracks of the massive training facility. The children mingled amongst themselves, exchanging names, and their stories of how they’d ended up here, and who they had lost to the alien scourge. As the children discovered, all of their stories were more or less the same, and they were all here for the same reason; revenge. Over the next few days the children were began the grueling training regimen that they would endure for the next six years, and Cody found himself either dragging behind or somewhere in the middle of his peers in terms of his ability to keep up. As time went on this would change, with B042 working his way into the middle of the pack in PT, however not without consequences.

From the very day after training began, B042 attracted the ire of one Abraham-B138. Abraham was a massive child with an ego, both fast, strong, smart, and incredibly arrogant. When Cody fell behind during one of the runs on the first day, B138 singled him out as a target. Throughout the next several years, B042 was routinely beaten, humiliated, and teased by the larger child whom met all B042’s attempts to stand up to him with brutal retaliation. However, once teams were assigned this lessened, but it was not halted completely by any means.

Fireteam Bravo on their first night together as a team. From left to right (in the foreground): Cody, Abdul, Deiter, and Marcella

B042 was assigned to Fireteam Bravo, which consisted of three other children: Deiter-B204, Marcella-B029, and Abdul-B213. Instantly Cody became the black sheep, not due to dislike of him, but rather his tendency to mess up seemingly menial tasks, despite this the team never once retaliated against him in anything other than verbal reprimanding and even that was a rare occurrence.

As the Spartan trainees progressed, their training began to incorporate more and more combat exercises. As predicted by Ambrose and the head DI Franklin Mendez, B042 lagged behind his team, dragging them down in the rankings. Cody was perhaps harder on himself than any of the Drill Instructors or other trainees, and was on the edge of giving up until the day the children began training for close quarters. It began when Deiter, whom had rose to become Bravo’s de facto leader, pushed Cody to try the close quarters exercise they were participating in one final time. Urged by his leader to try push on and reassured by his team, B042 proceeded to best the next two opponents he would face before finally being beaten.

As hand-to-hand combat exercises became more intense and close-quarters drills became more frequent, for once in his short life Cody began to show promise. However, all was not well. Abraham, who had only become more menacing over the years also showed remarkable talent in close quarters, had renewed his efforts against the smaller boy. Once again B138 began to humiliate and harass Cody in full force. While Abraham and most other trainees adopted more graceful and acrobatic fighting styles, B042 would come to adopt a more brutal approach that oddly worked well for him in spite of his more frail build, as against B138 any attempts to match him in his own fighting style ended disastrously. But with each defeat, Cody only learned more.

Thanks to the discovery of his “hidden” talent, Cody finally filled a niche within Bravo. Like all of the teams, each member of Bravo filled a certain role: Deiter lead and was their rifleman, Marcella became the expert on explosives and guerilla warfare, Abdul found a gift for long range warfare, and Cody filled the gap with close quarters. Despite the good fortune of the boy becoming competent, there were unintended consequences. Cody gained an unsavory reputation among most of Beta, mostly kept in hushed whispers after his brutal beating of Danica-B263. B263, a close friend of Abraham as well as harboring a crush on him, became the first, and by far most brutalized individual in Cody’s vendetta against B138.

When in a routine sparring match, B042 bested B263, but instead of halting his attack, persisted with greater ferocity, eventually having to be pried off of the girl. While B042 was disciplined, the incident was largely disregarded as it was well known Danica routinely had tormented B042 to impress B138, but it was quite clear the assault and numerous other beatings and cruel pranks were orchestrated by Cody to hurt those close to B138, since Cody could not beat him, yet.

Fireteam Bravo following a failed training exercise.

In 2545, after years of training, Beta Company was finally underwent augmentations, and arose from the procedures as Spartans. Bravo, along with the rest of the company were given time to acclimate to their now enhanced bodies before being put into a series of competitions prior to their deployment. In team based combat exercises, Bravo faired averagely as usual, losing to Fireteam Yankee after the latter executed a brilliant ambush. Surprisingly Bravo as a whole fared extremely well during the hand-to-hand competitions, most surprising of all was B042’s performance.

Despite taking a beating Cody managed to win several rounds against the other Beta’s however he eventually came up against Abraham-B138 to settle the two’s long overdue grudge match. The fight began with Abraham taking the upper hand, relentlessly striking the other Spartan and evading his strikes with ease all whilst verbally harassing B042. However, as B138 became cocky, he became more brutal in his attacks, and sloppier.

In doing so he made two errors which B042 would exploit fully, for one his sloppiness allowed B042 plenty of opportunities to finally land several hits, but more importantly, he began to fight Cody in B042’s own, more brutal style, which the target of B138’s harassment had far more experience. Batting away a lazy uppercut, Cody retaliated with a brutality only years of pent up anger could produce. Quickly B042 drove Abraham to the mat and proceeded to beat the other soldier unconscious and was stopped just short of causing serious injury by Chief Mendez himself.

The entire company was still taken aback at Cody’s display of brutality, Bravo included, and though he was shortly eliminated by one SPARTAN-B312 the following round, he had distinguished himself as the stronger Spartan, and completed the vendetta he’d harbored for so long. Days later, Beta would ship out from Onyx to engage in whatever operations ONI deemed necessary of them.

Operation: CARTWHEEL

"We've earned this moment Bravo, don't waste it."
―Deiter-B204 to the rest of Fireteam Bravo, moments after emerging from their drop-pods

Briefly after the completion of the completion, Beta Company was assembled to raid a Covenant facility on a remote moon. Eager for their first taste of combat, all of Beta, Cody included were on edge. The soldiers could see the parallels to the fateful mission of their predecessors, and were determined to not the same mistakes.

Bravo prior to the operation.

Deploying via SOIEV, Beta Company would catch the Covenant by surprise. Cody himself landed slightly off course, placing him a kilometer away from the rest of his team. Armed with an MA5K and a M90 CAWS the SPARTAN made his way towards his comrades, clinging to the foliage and keeping himself focused on moving forward rather than butchering the grunt and jackal patrols. Upon reaching his team, they were remarkably surprised their friend had stayed his hand and Deiter commended him for doing so. Moving with his team they made their way to one of the many Covenant communication relays around the central depot. The majority of Beta would storm the depot, while several fireteams including Bravo were assigned to strike the Covenant’s communications and sever their ability to call for help. As the moon's depot was crucial to the Covenant war effort, the Spartans knew that even with the ability to call for help taken away, their alien foes would take notice of their base suddenly going silent, and as such they would need to move quickly with a single well-coordinated attack.

With the importance of the task at hand weighing down on him, Cody was notably stressed, but maintained his composure. When the time came and the signal was given, Bravo launched their strike. Abdul cut down the snipers that would’ve halted their advance, Marcella moved to and destroyed the ghosts and revenant which offered means of escape, Deiter ran as a distraction to draw out the majority of the defense garrison, and as the garrison moved to strike the Spartan, B042 would retreat.

Opening up with a barrage from his carbine the Spartan III made short work of the grunt infantry and an Elite Minor before being forced into cover as the garrison shifted its attention towards him, only for Abdul and Deiter to utilize the diversion to tear into the aliens. Quickly storming the entrance of the structure alongside Marcella, Cody and his teammate laid into the remainder of the defensive force. B042, after running out of ammunition for his carbine and despite Deiter’s commands, drew his M90 and began to advance further. Blowing chunks of alien across the interior of the facility, B042 began to indulge his anger, and subsequently was hit by plasma rifle fire from one of four Elites who happened to be inspecting the outpost at the time of their attack. Dragged into cover and berated by his team, Cody was consumed with shame and was hampered by his humiliation. As the firefight prolonged due to the skill of the Ultra leading the Sangheili’s tactical prowess, a blast of plasma destroyed Cody’s shotgun, and a grenade wounded Abdul and Marcella.

Now panicking, Cody made a gamble, and rushed the aliens, collecting Abdul's combat knife before drawing his own in addition to his sidearm. Charging a minor first, B042 blasted away its shields with his M6 before tossing the weapon aside and quickly evading a swipe at his head, then proceeded to fatally use it to shield against the blasts of a major whom he then rushed into. Tossing aside the corpse and ramming the Elite, the Spartan yanked the warrior into the path of another’s energy dagger which killed the former instantly, with the latter falling seconds later with a blade in its eye.

Finally in the field, Cody began to fully come into his own as a warrior.

Preying on the ultra’s honor, Cody made to engage the veteran in single combat, drawing out the fight long enough for Deiter to get off a killing shot with Abdul's rifle. Though not before the elite succeeded in cutting a deep gash across B042's chest.

Despite the risk of such an impulsive move which Deiter relentlessly reprimanded him for, Bravo commended their formerly weak link for his skill. In the aftermath of the operation, the story of his actions would be one of the more popular ones passed around the young Spartans.

The praise brought validation and seeming acceptance from most all of Beta Company, which B042 had craved more than anything since he could remember. While being treated for his injuries, he was surprised that Deiter made a point of visiting him as well as Abdul and Marcella, not sleeping while they were being treated, and sleeping on the floor near their cots once the team was placed together. He refused to abandon Bravo in its entirety, something which B042 had convinced himself would not be true for him personally out of insecurity. Genuinely surprised, and for the first time he could remember since the loss of his home, happy, Cody’s will to preserve the team was amplified tenfold. Finally, he felt he wasn’t an outsider.

Operation: TORPEDO

"Omega three. Execute now! NOW!"
― The end begins

Later on in 2545, Cody and all others of his company were called together and briefed on their next assignment, a daring raid on the Covenant refineries on Pegasi Delta. The mission was to overload the reactors and destroy the shipyards. As the company split off for their individual fire team assignments, Bravo found themselves as one of the several teams tasked with placing the EMP charges on the reactor. B042 was well aware the assignment was one of the most dangerous in the mission, and that casualties were expected.

Aboard the All Under Heaven Cody and Bravo would spend their time going over their objectives, and do their best to reassure one another. Deiter would do his best to rouse the team, and would largely succeed, though B042 harbored doubts about his capability to do his part.

When deployment time came, the company would load into their pods without incident. For the six hours following, Bravo and the rest of the company would be confined to the pod with nothing but their own thoughts as they neared their target. As they exited the slipspace rupture and entered the atmosphere the Covenant opened up with anti-aircraft fire.

Beta Company would fight fiercely in spite of mounting casualties as more and more Covenant forces arrived

Upon landing conflict instantly found B042, who was barely able to blow the door on his pod before coming under fire. Taking cover, Cody would utilize the Semi-Powered Infiltration armor’s camouflage systems to flank the patrol of jackals and grunts then tear into them with a barrage of gunfire. Rallying up with Bravo and the rest of Beta Company, Cody charged the facility. When Seraph fighters screamed overhead, Cody watched helplessly as dozens of his brethren were annihilated in an instant, but there was no time to process the loss as the tide of Spartans slammed into the facility. Bravo quickly took up position alongside Fireteam Kilo. For several minutes the Spartan exchanged fire with the Covenant forces, spraying wildly at the aliens and felling several. The battle was heavily in Beta's favor until multiple Covenant warships uncloaked.

Within seconds the Omega Three order followed, and retreat was ordered. With the enemy surrounding them, choices were made. Bravo, Foxtrot, and Golf entered the facility to destroy the generators. As the teams rushed in, Cody would watch three members of Kilo be gunned down within seconds.

With the teams splitting up Bravo neared their target alone, Cody tearing through several Sangheili and numerous other Covenant soldiers who attempted to intercept the team within the narrow confines of the facility. Arriving at the generator, Marcella would attempt to plant the EMP charge, only for her arms to be incinerated, and her torso scorched as they were bathed in plasma as a stupidly brazen grunt fired a fuel rod cannon within the generator area. As Deiter scrambled towards his subordinate a volley of plasma would tear through the screaming Marcella, silencing the young soldier.

Suddenly a trio of Elites were converging on the team, and an enraged Cody sprinted towards them with Abdul in tow whilst Deiter moved to reactivate the charge, firing off round after round from his sniper rifle which the Elites seemed to evade with ease, and as the gap between the two groups closed, Cody engaged his foes.

Instead of blowing through the trio as he was used to, B042 would find himself incredibly outmatched, barely landing a blow as an energy sword cleaved through his chestplate and he was tossed aside and Abdul was beheaded after a short scuffle.

Further angered, B042 tackled one of the three as they neared Deiter, each attempting to mimic a human smile as the closed in on what they perceived to be the last of their prey. As he took the one to the ground, Cody managed to bury his knife in its throat, only to be hurled off of the Elite once again. Quickly scooping up Abdul's fallen combat knife B042 charged again, bounding over the fallen enemy and rushing to aid Deiter who was futily trying to hold his own against the duo of experienced warriors.

Joining his leader in the vicious melee, a signal indicated that Foxtrot had successfully planted their charge, which prompted B204 to shove Cody out of the fight and urge him to flee. Defiant as ever, Cody refused and made to rejoin Deiter in the last brawl of Bravo, but as Deiter was impaled he would freeze up.

With all his comrades dead, Cody felt the same since of dread he'd felt as a child on Eirene, and in his fear, turned and ran as ordered, tearfully cursing to himself as Deiter was beheaded.

Rushing towards the sea, plasma bolt after plasma bolt struck B042 in the back, the intensive pain nothing compared to the fear propelling him forward. Reaching the cliff over the ocean, B042 diveded into the sea, the immense blast washing over the surface as the mangled Spartan made his escape.

Desperately shedding his armor and swimming towards the extraction point, the pain of his extensive injuries finally hit him as he dragged himself onto the sandy beach, Abdul's knife still in hand. B042 ended up collapsing from the exhaustion and trauma, and had Kyle-B115 not found him, he likely would have died along with the others.

B115 moved Cody onto a nearby CALYPSO along with several other survivors, and shortly thereafter B042 slipped into unconsciousness.

Biography: Back to Top

Rehabilitation, Reassignment, Rearmament

"Your team is dead, your company is gone, but you can still make a difference."
―Codename: MAGICIAN to B042

Awakening onboard the ONI Cruiser I Am Your Father B042 was almost immediately subjected to a detailed debriefing and a psychological assessment. Throughout the assessment Cody remained silent and void of emotion, fearing that like Lucy-B091 he was to traumatized to speak, and ONI prepared to take similar action. Only then would Cody speak, first agreeing to work as a field agent, then questioning the whereabouts of his team, and the rest of Beta. The man assessing him, Codename: MAGICIAN would promptly inform him of their fates and use the pain of the event to further kindle B042's rage and devotion to fighting the Covenant.

Three weeks of physical rehabilitation later, Cody was lead off to Reach and run through an intensive training program over the span of three months. The program would acclimate B042 to life as a lone operator and promoted self-sufficiency over team based tactics. For the better half of the first month B042 was battered bruised, and beaten by instructors, constantly caught off guard as he was used to a teammate having his back. However this all changed when one DI, formerly of the SPARTAN-II program attempted to beat Cody with a shock baton. The man had made the grave error of thinking Cody was still a harmless child, and failed to note that the S-III held rank on him. In the ensuing scuffle, B042 killed the instructor and plead self-defense and cited the man’s crime of assaulting a superior.

After the incident Cody began to improve as what could be speculated as being paranoia set in. For two months his skills grew and grew until ONI deemed him ready for action. At this stage, he and two other Beta Company SIIIs were cast into the forests of Reach and ordered to hunt down and subdue each other. Outfitted with a new set of SPI, the IIIs descended upon each other. For nearly three days B042 wandered alone while unbeknownst to him the two other trainees dueled it out. Eventually he would stumble upon an exhausted SPARTAN-B170 and watch as TTR splattered across the SIII's helmet. Rushing to cover Cody managed to hold out against his assailant long enough for the SPARTAN's ammunition to run out. When he attempted to flank, his attacker, none other than SPARTAN-B312 managed to get the drop on him.

Being quickly disarmed, Cody once again engaged in brutal hand to hand with the operator who'd so swiftly dispatched him once before. Capitalizing on the other Spartan's exhaustion, B042 managed to draw out the fight with his far superior opponent for nearly twelve minutes. B312 ended the fight when they managed to snag Cody's fallen MA5K and take him out with the last shot in the magazine. Knocked out by the force behind a point blank shot to the head, Cody would awaken later that day and be assigned to Section III Beta-5 Asymmetrical Warfare Division.


As the Covenant menace pushed further and further into UNSC territory, the colony of New Llanelli came under siege. Of little importance the agricultural world receive little in terms of support aside from a series of almost completely botched evacuation attempts at evacuation. However Section III had a vested interest in the world.

On the planet an officer known simply as Codename: PAULSON had taken up residence with his family. A decorated veteran of Section III who’d put off returning to service due to extremely old age cut a deal with the office that he would return to service if him and his family were safely evacuated. Cody, under the moniker Codename: SOLACE was deployed to rescue them. Coming in aboard a D77, B042 set down several kilometers away from the large farming estate in which PAULSON had made into his family’s home. Making radio contact with the old officer, Cody managed to coordinate the movement of JOTUN drones to largely hide his advance from the Covenant forces which surrounded the estate.

Utilizing his photo-reactive panel camouflage system, B042 covered the distance from the fields to the walls of the estate in silence. Once inside, the SPARTAN met all forty six of his charges, which consisted of not only the officer’s wife children, and relatives, but their families, and their children’s families. Before Cody could do the math to figure out of if he could possibly take them all, more trouble arose.

Being former ONI, PAULSON had taken large steps to ensure the estates security, including installing several auto-turrets which had scratched several small Covenant squads and in doing so had brought attention to the area. As a team of Brutes smashed through the gate Cody directed the family out the rear of the facility where the still operating turrets would provide protection while he engaged the simian hostiles.

B042 confronts the brutes within PAULSON's compound.

Attacking the brutes with a combination of flashbangs, explosives, and assault weapons fire, Cody managed to take down three of the five aggressors. However his luck ran out there. As the last minor engaged Cody, he found himself caught off guard by the unpredictable nature enraged enemy. Living true to their name, the following assault was wildly brutal, with Cody being smashed through several windows and stabbed with a spiker. Falling back on basic instinct, the SIII retaliated in kind. Smashing a concrete slab over the beast’s head, B042 managed to phase it long enough for him to bury his knife in its stomach and dragging it down, savagely tearing out it’s innards.

Now painted in alien blood Cody ferociously engaged the group’s captain, dodging the beast’s strikes with an oddly primitive looking melee weapon. Rolling under a strike, Cody slashed through the ligaments in the brute’s left leg, dropping it to its knee and slitting his throat.

Battered and bruised Cody rushed out of the estate to rendezvous with the family. Leading them to the Pelican. Once they arrived, brutes were hot on their tail and there was nowhere near enough room in the Pelican for the entire group. Knowing ONI would abandon them all if he remained behind, and knowing the excruciating pain any who stayed behind would suffer, PAULSON swiftly executed his siblings, and upon their urging, his own children, nieces, and nephews so that their children might survive.

Even as a SPARTAN, Cody was taken aback by the action and utterly horrified. Hiding himself away from his family, PAULSON' left B042 in the craft’s ‘blood tray’ among the rest of the family. The youngest of the children, unable to comprehend what had happened were fascinated with the blood-covered supersoldier after he removed his helmet.

Besides the children, a traumatized girl named Kate no younger than Cody would take an interest in the mysterious boy-soldier. Trying to assure her he was simply plagued with a bad case of being baby-faced, and dodging questions as best he could, he was unable to shake her suspicion about the Spartan’s true nature.

Once aboard the Prowler which deployed him, he slipped away from the girl hoping he’d never have to face her again. After a debriefing, Cody was returned to Onyx at the request of Ambrose himself alarmingly, and prepared for a less combat intensive assignment.


Returning ‘home’ to Onyx, Cody would be greeted by Lieutenant Commander Ambrose, who had dug through several layers of classification to discover his survival. Before telling him the details, Kurt urged Cody to take several days to rest and see Gamma Company train as well as meet several members.

During his time back on the world he’d been trained, he did his best to reconnect with the other members of Beta Company on Onyx, trying to reconnect with the others who had managed to escape the massacre. Brushing off the fact ONI had informed him he was the only survivor as typical of the organization, Cody attempted to find some peace.

Reconciling with his fellow TORPEDO survivors on world, Tom and Lucy, the Spartan would at least somewhat ease his mind's troubles. Both B292 and B091 were relieved to see another survivor and the trio were quick to catch up.

Cody was also greeted by another familiar face, Aspen-B145, who had opted out of augmentations and taken up a position instructing the future medics among Gamma Company.

For a short period he would help Tom and Lucy in training Gamma, instructing many trainees including his younger brother, though both were oblivious to their relation. Cody provided valuable insight into solo operations and how to adapt after so long in a team-oriented environment.

Returning to Onyx was bittersweet at best, but overall beneficial to B042.

After one week’s time, Section III was eager to have their operative returned to them. Knowing they would have Cody back out in the field within days and away from the safety of Onyx, Ambrose finally made his request to B042.

Ambrose planned to add compound 009762-OO, which would alter augmentee’s brains in the frontal lobe, increasing their injury tolerance, strength, endurance, and most importantly aggression within the SPARTANs. But the substance was illegal, and Kurt was unsure about using the drug without already having tested it on SPARTANs.

Before the SPARTAN-II could finish explaining Cody volunteered to undergo the procedure, returning once again to the UNSC Hopeful above Onyx. With none other than Aspen-B145 at the head of the procedure Cody was injected with the experimental drugs by a fellow Beta. In the aftermath B042 would run through a series of tests under Aspen’s supervision which all had nominal results and Cody assured both Kurt and B145 that he would routinely have them updated on his condition.

Saying his goodbyes to the only family he had left, Cody departed the birthplace of the SPARTAN-III program and returned to his Section III handlers, ready to once again to join the fray and bring death to the Covenant.

Operation: LYNCH MOB

Operation: LYNCH MOB marked the beginning of a new chapter in Cody’s life. With the formation of numerous SpecWarCom SPARTAN teams Section III began to take interest in the teams activities. Cody was attached to one such team, FEUDAL, as an ONI liaison.

Joining the team en route to their next mission, the Section III operative did his best to integrate into the team with little luck. With the exception of Hastings-B206, whom Cody had befriended in training, FEUDAL regarded the ONI attaché with disdain, feeling he was present to see if they were up to par and therefore insinuating they were not at present.

The operation they were to undertake was to be Cody’s first counter-insurgency operation, the likes of which the rest of FEUDAL had been carrying out for the entirety of their careers. Frustrated with their unwelcome newcomer’s lack of experience in the field, FEUDAL 1, Dan-A010 would begrudgingly attempt to explain how operations like this required a more delicate approach than the missions he’d been supposedly tasked with prior.

The raid marked the end of Mamore's most recent insurrection.

Heading towards the Insurrectionist hub of Mamore the team would finish what Alpha Company had started nearly a decade prior, and finish off the crippled rebel movement on the world. Deployed by a stolen freighter, the team were all clad in SPI due to the nature of the mission rather than their MJOLNIR Mark IV, Cody excluded as he was not issued anything other than the semi-powered armor.

The second dock workers opened up the hold of the vessel, Cody moved to incapacitate them only to see them cut down by his new teammates. Angered by the taking of innocent lives, Hastings explained to Cody that if word got out of a UNSC Special Forces presence on the planet during the UNSC’s relief effort, the outrage could potentially spark more conflict. Though upset by the idea, Cody understood.

Moving through the shipyard the team made quick work of any who crossed their path as they worked their way to the offices of port. In a blur of speed and lethality FEUDAL tore through the building’s armed defenders which included several child soldiers, one of whom was Cody’s first human kill and would have a deep impact on the young SPARTAN.

As they cleared the building’s first floor, one insurrectionist managed to get the drop on the team and made to sound the alarm and potentially doom the team, but an astoundingly quick reaction accomplished thanks to additional augmentation by Cody eliminated the threat. At this point, FEUDAL became open to the idea of Cody not being a completely bad person to have on the team.

Proceeding through the base, the team eliminated the rebel presence entirely after acquiring the location of the surviving leadership elements of the now splintered rebel groups on the world. With Eric-B298 providing a scapegoat in the form of a borderline artistic use of explosives, the team pushed the already high tensions between the surviving rebel groups over the edge.

In the massive infighting that occurred in the wake, ONI marked off the world, considering its rebel presence destroyed and the image of the insurrectionist on world destroyed due to the brutal results of said infighting. ONI was wrong, but this would not be seen until the days and months after the end of the devastating Human-Covenant war.

Cody, though still on the outside looking in with FEUDAL, was no longer actively disliked by the team who began to take what he said with some measure of belief, accepting that he was not with them for any reason regarding their skill. However in the weeks that followed, his skills would become crucial to the team’s success as the Beta Company SPARTANs of the team would finally be granted what they’d longed so deeply for, action against the Covenant, and vengeance.

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Paris IV

In 2549 the UNSC fortress world Paris IV was besieged by the Covenant. Numerous SPARTAN assets were deployed to the world, ranging from SpecWarCom SPARTAN teams to legendary SPARTAN-II teams, one such instance of the former was FEUDAL team. Given a quick briefing, the team was assigned to defend one of the planet’s many UNSC bases, Fort Patton. Though the team was supposed to report to an ONI operative to receive information packets to refresh the team on fighting the Covenant after years of counter-insurgent, however the team failed to show, they’d been preparing for this moment for a long time with the exception of Dan, Tanya, and Cody.

Gearing up within the armory of the Athens-Class Carrier Hornet, Cody along with the others prepared for war. Even A010, A116, and B042 had only seen action against the Covenant in a special operations role, this would be the first time any of them had been in a total-war scenario. Cody equipped himself with a notably heavier armament than prior deployments, taking a MA5B assault rifle with an under-slung grenade launcher, an M45 tactical shotgun, a pair of M7 SMGs, and for the first time equipped himself with a combat machete that he would make use of for the rest of the war.

Once armed and ready the supersoldiers boarded a pelican and launched alongside the rest of the carriers dropship squadron. Inside the ‘blood tray’ of the dropship Cody and the rest of FEUDAL went over their mission in an attempt to distract themselves from the chaos outside the vessel. As their pelican and the other craft in the unit rushed towards the surface, two squadrons of Covenant fighters moved to intercept them.

In a matter of seconds the Seraphs and Banshees were on the group, tearing through the transports downing five in their first pass. In the wake of the destruction the pilot of their pelican, ensign James Fitzpatrick made a dangerous move; as the hostiles came around for another pass the rookie pilot broke formation.

Rolling out of the flight group and narrowly avoiding a collision with a banshee, the transport sped towards the surface as the remainder of the flight was cut to shreds. Breaking through the atmosphere the pilot’s quick thinking had saved them from death. Landing at Patton the SPARTANs reported to Major Thomas Wright who held command over the Army forces stationed there.

With Dan quickly being filled in on the situation the team leader dived his forces, with himself, Eric, and Tanya taking up positions at the front gate, Hastings guarding Tomas as he got the perimeter defense turrets online, and Cody escorting Abigail as she laid into the Covenant from long range.

With Cody taking point the two SPARTANs moved to high ground roughly half a kilometer from the base and set up a position. While B400 readied the SRS-99AM that she’d taken in addition to her usual loadout, Cody established a perimeter.

For over an hour all was quiet, and command was on the verge of reassigning FEUDAL when a full lance began their assault on Patton. Suddenly swarmed by Covenant forces Abigail did her best to prioritize targets, but the weight of the moment, finally being able to exact revenge, sent the Beta on a killing spree where she began killing the aliens without distinction and in process signaled her location to the Covenant.

The lance’s commander deployed several jackal snipers who would suppress the SIII while the Sangheili ultra personally led a team to eliminate the demon. However, the Covenant warrior was not aware of B042’s presence. As the alien squad rose up towards Abigail’s position an explosive was shot into the center of the formation, blowing apart the weaker members of the contingent. With the help of his armor’s active camouflage systems Cody had successfully flanked the attack group and now laid into them with his MA5B.

Butchering the aliens with a hail of automatic gunfire Cody killed off all but the ultra, who rushed towards Cody with energy sword drawn. With his assault rifle empty B042 tossed aside the rifle momentarily and attempted to cut down the Elite with an SMG, but the warrior had already closed the gap.

Forced into hand-to-hand combat Cody and the ultra duked it out for far longer than even the zealots he’d encountered during TORPEDO had. The difference between the crimson armored aliens and the white one he faced now was that the latter had fought a demon before. Exchanging blows the experienced Sangheili and SPARTAN fought relentlessly, however the odds were clearly tipped in the Elite’s favor.

B042 inside the base

A quick jab of an energy dagger to the abdomen gave the alien an advantage to press, and press it he did. Slashing Cody across the torso with his sword the Elite forced the boy onto his back and moved in for the kill. However, once again the increased reflexes from his additional augmentations saved Cody, allowing him to draw the M45 from his back and pump a shell into the ultra’s now unshielded abdomen. As the warrior staggered back, Abigail finished it off with a shot to the head, and the two SPARTANs fell into retreat.

With FEUDAL regrouping at the main entrance, Abigail and B042 quickly joined the others in holding the line. For the next four hours, the SPARTAN team held the area alone. At nearly ten o’clock in the evening the assault finally ended and the SPARTAN team was allowed to rest, or in Cody’s case, receive medical intensive treatment.

Over the next week FEUDAL would participate in a variety of small skirmishes and large battles, notably spearheading the failed UNSC assault on the Covenant landing site, but inflicting massive casualties on the alien forces. Cody personally would develop an affinity for dual wielding larger weapons, notably his MA5B with a plasma repeater, putting the gifts of each to great use.


It was only on their seventh day of fighting the team received an official new assignment in the form of Operation: SCREAMING EAGLE, a nighttime drop behind Covenant lines with the goal of cutting the enemy’s supply lines. Paired with Army Airborne units the SIIIs equipped themselves with the already familiar drop gear, and deployed under the cover of night.

Landing under fire alongside several paratroopers B042 was directly engaged by a pair of mgalekgolo. Despite his effort B042 was unable to dispatch the hunters before they had killed four of the Army Special Forces operators, all but one of whom had been to busy trying to get out of their parachutes to fight back. After killing the titanic aliens Cody joined up with the nearby Tanya-A116 the two SPARTANs set up a rendezvous point and awaited the arrival of the rest if FEUDAL. While they waited it became evident that unlike the rest of FEUDAL was still not accepting of Cody’s presence, and still saw him as nothing more than an ONI spook.

Despite the hostile attitude from A116 and B042’s response in the form of biting sarcasm, the two worked extremely well together as they mowed down Covenant forces who attempted to storm them as the rest of the team joined them. Once rallied, Daniel took command of the SPARTANs and led them towards the Covenant supply line. Periodically dispatching members of the team to separate from the main group and rally with squads of Army Airborne, then bringing them back, A010 increased his numbers from seven to roughly thirty five.


With the now bolstered force the soldiers launched a guerrilla assault on the supply lines. Ambushing convoys and lacing the path with explosives the UNSC troops inflicted massive damage despite the fact that out of the 1000 Army Airborne troops deployed, only twenty eight survived the first night due to poor planning of the drop. Eventually however their dwindling numbers caught up to them as a series of Covenant counter-strikes cut down the Army operators, eventually claiming the lives of all of them without exception. With only themselves remaining, FEUDAL was recalled by command and were evacuated via UH-144 ‘Falcon’ and returned to the UNSC’s staging ground.

Before the SPARTANs could rest they were once again thrown into the fray, tasked with defending the staging area while command elements intermixed with the wounded evacuated (with the exception of some officers who refused to leave until the mainline troops had as well). Engaging in grueling combat the team and all other defenders were forced into close quarters. B042 and B206 cut a bloody swathe through the alien horde, preforming astoundingly well as a pair as they fought until their weapons and those scavenged from the Covenant ran out of ammunition before relying solely on their blades.

Despite the both of them sustaining serious injuries, both Cody and Hastings survived the three hours of continuous combat even as exhausted army troopers began to break down. On Daniel's command FEUDAL made their retreat, covering the defense force's rear as they all boarded evacuation transports and fled the now burning world after a nearly month long siege. At long last the Beta's of FEUDAL who'd craved Covenant blood had gotten it, as well as numerous injuries, as had the rest of the team. Cody personally would suffer four broken ribs, seven first degree burns, a broken ankle, a broken wrist, and innumerable sprains, pulled muscles and lacerations.

Gamma Pavonis VII

Daniel-A010: " But you, Cody, all that hate is gonna get you killed. It's gonna burn you up."
Cody-B042: "It keeps me warm."
―Daniel to Cody after his second injury.

In late 2549 the colony of Gamma Pavonis VII became the site of FEUDAL’s next deployment. For the six base members of the team, Pavonis would be a testing ground as all members were outfitted with early MJOLNIR Mark V, however Cody, who was not an exact match of Halsey’s parameters was not given such a suit, and was left in only his SPI. While the battle above the colony raged, with future heroes such as Miranda Keyes coming into the spotlight, below the colony burned in the wake of a rapid Covenant attack.

Deployed via HEV, the NavSpecWar team was tasked with destruction of the data banks of the planet’s capital city in accordance with the Cole Protocol, the only issue was that the Covenant had an iron grip on the area. Tasked with a simple torch and burn op, FEUDAL packed light on weaponry, taking only small sidearms. They would regret this decision mere seconds after deployment.

Upon landing Cody found himself in the middle of an intersection and came under heavy fire. Unwisely, Cody continued to fight conventionally against the Covenant, despite the innumerable injuries he had sustained in the past. Killing several with his MA5K, Cody was heavily injured when a jackal sniper shot him through the abdomen with a beam rifle. Collapsing in the street, B042 fought in vain to hold off Covenant forces, downing several more of the hegemony’s troops before they closed in on him.

However, the timely intervention of an assorted group of UNSC personnel who’d been left behind saved Cody’s life, the soldiers mowing down the aliens while they were distracted by the injured demon. Remaining silent as the other humans crowded around, Cody treated his injury with biofoam to the best of his abilities and made contact with Daniel and provided his location and current condition.

Despite some brief berating, Daniel and the rest of FEUDAL moved to Cody’s position. Recovering their teammate and the miscellaneous troops, Daniel sidelined Cody for the remainder of the mission. Left in a relatively undamaged building along with Abigail and the troops, B042 would sit in silence as he reevaluated his combat strategy.

For an hour he remained in the building as with the others, however the mission clock hit an hour and thirty minutes, Daniel requested back up from Abigail, and despite her insistence to the contrary, Cody too came. Progressing through the Covenant-infested streets, Cody took a different approach. Hiding, striking, and re-positioning, the young SPARTAN utilized his knack for guerrilla warfare and ambushes.

Twenty minutes after being called, the two Beta Spartans arrived at the rest of the team’s location. Fading into invisibility with the help of the photo-reactive panels of his armor, Cody and Abigail launched their attack on the Covenant forces who were pinning the rest of their team in the data storage facility.

In the ensuing conflict Cody racked up numerous Covenant kills, however in the closing stages, a combination of his additional chemical augments paired with his own blind rage against the Covenant resulted in another injury, this time the form of an energy dagger, several inches into his ribs, and millimeters from his heart.

As his body caught up to him and the adrenaline faded, Cody did what any SPARTAN would do; he pulled the dagger out, filled the wound with foam, and kept going. After destroying the data, FEUDAL was extracted from the city.

Once out of system, Cody and Tomas began to modify B042’s SPI armor, the first order of business being the addition of several systems, seals, oxygen supplies, and an environmental suite to allow for EVA activity.


Phase One

In early 2550 as the Covenant poured into the middle and inner colonies the infamous Prowler Corps discovered choke point in the Covenant supply lines. Within the now destroyed outer colonies lay a gas giant known simply as GB-348 which had been simply passed over in humanity's rapid expansion, however the Covenant found 348 to be the perfect location for a supply junction. Seventy-five percent on the Covenant war machine's supplies passed through this junction, to cripple it would strike a blow against the Covenant the likes of which hadn't been seen since TORPEDO.

As fate would have it, one of the three Spartan teams selected for the operation was FEUDAL. Having deployed several more times since Gamma Pavonis alongside the team, Cody had become fully integrated into the team dynamic, and as such, the thought of losing them all to another suicide mission caused B042 massive amounts of stress.

Put on board a Prowler, FEUDAL and the three other teams shipped out to Minab with the objective of commandeering a Covenant vessel. However, upon boarding their assigned targets, Covenant 'Demon Hunters' revealed themselves to be lying in wait aboard the vessel. Outnumbered and caught in a trap, each SPARTAN team dug in and prepared for a fight.

FEUDAL closes in on their target

Fighting intensely in close quarters, FEUDAL managed to fend off their ambushers. Both Cody and Hastings took full advantage of the tight halls to dispatch their supposed matches in close quarters, working in near perfect sync. With their respective ships taken, and the initial ambush foiled, the SPARTAN teams were met with the second face of the Covenant ambush.

Almost instantly, the ships housing FEUDAL team, and the three man unit under Nathaniel-A143 came under fire, the third ship however was not fired upon. Thanks to a miscommunication between the Covenant forces, the third team was assumed dead and the ship was not fired upon. This presented the team with one, small chance to escape annihilation and continue the mission, a chance they took.

Boarding the corvette housing the now three strong team who identified themselves as "Sage Team", the SPARTANs then made the jump towards Covenant space, the UNSC Pale Horse in tow. Once the jump was made, Cody made an effort to familiarize himself with the battered team, being all too familiar with the feeling of loss. The leader, who identified as Orson-426, appeared drastically younger, even younger than the SIIIs when they'd entered the field, and were in fact clad in ODST garb rather than SPI.

Fascinated and sympathetic, Cody was rebuffed as Orson put up a figurative wall; refusing to shed light on his origin. In fact he found out shockingly little aside from his name. The boy was disturbingly collected in B042's opinion who saw the lack of grief inhuman.

Phase Two

As the teams reached their destination, it became quite clear to all involved, including B042 that they were pushing their luck if an attempt was made to simply board and clear the station themselves. Conspiring with Nathaniel-A143, leader of Victor-Four, the two SPARTANs came up with a plan. Utilizing the AI Bradley to fool the Covenant and be granted permission to dock, the ship entered position and as it neared its docking point, opened fire and accelerated into the station.

In the ensuing chaos, FEUDAL and the other teams entered the station via phantom. Dividing up once again, Sage and Victor-Four took the HAVOK nuclear device, while FEUDAL held off the brunt of the Covenant force.

Bounding forward, once again B042 and B206 engaged the Covenant in brutal close quarters combat. Utilizing the SPI armor’s chameleon systems, B042 managed to get far closer to Covenant forces while Hastings kept them at bay. Once close, Cody made heavy use of his M45 tactical shotgun and blades.

All progressed well up until a pair of Hunter’s entered the fray. After Erik-B298’s shield’s failed due to a fault in the prototype Mark V, a fuel rod blast detonated meters away, incinerating his right leg to the knee. Then, as Tomas moved to assist, providing cover by activating his prototype “drop shield” to provide cover. However the device failed, and merely dispersed the blast so that instead of suffering a direct hit, plasma instead washed over all of his body, causing severe burns in some areas.

Acting quickly, Cody bolted forward, evading a strike from one of the hunter’s shields before sliding underneath it and cramming a grenade into its back. As it exploded its partner swung at B042, who ducked under the strike as a hail of bullets from an enraged Abigail’s battle rifle carved through the beasts back until it collapsed.

B042's combat style was ideal for the cramped corridors.

Darting back towards his team, Cody bounded cover to cover, suppressing the oncoming Covenant forces with his MA5K. Despite several close calls the Spartan avoided injury as he rushed to regroup with his team. As Dan opened up a line to Victor-Four, he was met with the grisly news that Sage team, with the exception of Orson had fallen, and that Sierra 426 was remaining behind to detonate the nuke.

As FEUDAL hauled back their wounded towards the hanger, they were intercepted by a team of zealots who cornered the Spartans. Attacking the crimson armored warriors with ferocity, Cody’s secondary augmentations kicked in providing the less armored III with the ability to hold his own against the Covenant’s best.

During the ensuing brawl, Cody tackled a zealot to the ground after its shields were shattered with an overcharged burst from a plasma pistol courtesy of A010, and proceeded to stab it to death. However, not before the zealot sliced the B042’s supply of anti-psychotics, dubbed “smoothers” by the young Spartan. While at the present time, it was of little consequence as he bounded forward and continued battling the oncoming Covenant, during the trip back to UNSC space and the classified nature of his additional augmentations, it posed an issue.

Continuing to fight with ferocity, Cody and Dan held back the Covenant forces as they and Victor-Four boarded a Phantom and rushed towards the prowler lying in wait for them. As the station exploded into a ball of fire behind them, FEUDAL finally was allowed to relax. However B042 was very much still on edge, secluding himself from the others, B042 instantly rushed for the cryo pods without warning and arousing suspicion from all involved.

However, en route back to UNSC controlled space, B042 was woken and dosed with anti-psychotics by an unknown ONI agent, debriefed, and resupplied. Cody would remain out of cryo for the remainder of the trip, knowing full and well his actions at the close of the mention would certainly raise questions.

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"We told ‘em we couldn’t do it without you."
―Dan to Cody upon meeting him during the Battle of Viery


Battle at Szurdok Ridge

Following his arrival in system, Cody was quickly sent to the surface of Reach to partake in defense efforts. Assigned to an element of the 19th Armored Division's 2nd Battalion, the Spartan Commando would join the unit as they mobilized to confront the Covenant invasion.

As the engagement began the 2nd Battalion found themselves clashing with heavily entrenched Covenant infantry in addition to several Scarabs. B042 assisted the unit by entering and clearing out entrenched Covenant positions in close quarters combat, but as time went on the UNSC forces began to crumble as the marine element assigned to removing Covenant anti-aircraft positions was encountering stiff resistance which left the 2nd without air support.

B042 en route to the battle.

Eventually Cody managed to board and destroy several Scarabs, but another pinned the Spartan down as the Covenant forces began to finish off the human infantry and vehicles. Soon Cody was surrounded and without a method of retreat, but unbeknownst to him the marine element had managed to eliminate the AA and reinforcements were speeding towards the 2nd.

Seconds before the Scarab blasted Cody into nothing having finally knocked him out into the open, another Spartan intervened and deployed a drop shield to protect the two of them. Much to his surprise it was Hastings-B206 who informed Cody that after pulling some strings he was once again assigned to FEUDAL. Together with the rest of the team the Scarabs and Covenant infantry were quickly decimated and the 2nd avoided destruction.

The arrival of the Covenant supercarrier turned a decisive victory Pyrrhic.

With little time for reunions, the team quickly were directed to eliminate one of the many Covenant Spires in the area. Taking the 2nd along with them FEUDAL made its way to the targeted Spire and began their assault. Seven Spartans along with the troops of the 2nd Battalion fought brutally through the defenders of the spire and destroyed the structure with high explosives rigged by a recovered Erik. However the victory was short lived, as a Covenant supercarrier uncloaked and in addition to destroying the UNSC Grafton, the vessel also managed to force the UNSC forces back despite the Covenant infantry being repelled.

FEUDAL and the 2nd managed to retreat amidst a slew of air strikes and the utter chaos and return to UNSC controlled territory, despite the 2nd taking even more casualties in the process in the lengthy journey. Upon arriving back in friendly territory shortly after 0100 hours on August 14th, FEUDAL was assigned to another operation intended to destroy the Covenant ship mere hours later.

Operation: UPPER CUT

The brainchild of a fellow SPARTAN-III, Operation UPPER CUT saw FEUDAL Team split into three separate groups, one of three dubbed FEUDAL 1-1, and two of two, dubbed FEUDAL 1-2 and 1-3. Each was tasked with escorting pilots affiliated the highly classified Sabre Program to their respective launch sites.

Cody was placed in FEUDAL 1-3 and deployed alongside Erik to Launch Site 4. Finding the site already under siege as they had suspected, the Spartans quickly sprung into action and began clearing a path up the shore for the pilot.

Met with heavy resistance in the form of Covenant Drop troops, Seraph strafing runs, and additional troops being ferried in via Spirit Dropship. Utilizing explosives and suppressing fire from Erik to cut down the bulk of the alien infantry, Cody was able to acquire a flanking position and systematically eliminate the Covenant field commanders and any stragglers. In a span of about 10 minutes B042 and B298 brought down roughly two platoons of Covenant troops, and a Seraph fighter, providing the site's defenders with much needed relief.

Erik-B298 in the bowls of the facility.

Once it was reported that some Covenant Elites had managed to breach the facility and were picking off troops one by one, the Spartans prepared to move in and flush out the warriors. However, several more Spirit dropships arrived, deploying troops and a Wraith. When B298 attempted to dispose of the tank with his M41, the weapon malfunctioned and was unable to fire. Acting on instinct, Cody jumped into action and managed to board the vehicle, killing the gunner and driver in short order, only to become embroiled an intense firefight with the counter-attacking Covenant troops. After some debate, Erik relented to B042's demands that he finish the mission and escort the pilot into the facility and kill any Sangheili who remained inside while he and the site's defense compliment held off the Covenant attack.

As the Covenant forces continued to assault the site, the number of defenders began to dwindle while the Sabre continued to undergo the final preparations for launch. Using the SPI's stealth systems Cody kept the tide of enemies at bay, drawing them into the sights of the defending trooper's and their heavy ordinance, but despite the rising Covenant body count the alien menace continued its assault and killed more of the troopers with each successive wave.

Just as the Sabre had launched, Covenant Seraphs launched a devastating bombing run, destroying the site's launch capabilities seconds too late to prevent the fighter's ascent. They did however, manage to cause significant casualties. As Erik lead survivors out of the now smoldering facility, Cody lead the push back down the beach to extraction, making full use of his Spartan abilities to eliminate several Jackal sniper teams in quick succession, killing one group in close quarters, then using their precision weaponry to kill the remaining unit.

Cody making his push back down the beachhead.

Eventually B042 would make a stand near the extraction, fighting tooth and nail to prevent to Covenant from inflicting any more losses. Despite his efforts, the arrival of an additional Spirit's troop compliment nearly on top of B042's position would lead to the loss of several of the site's personnel, which Cody took exceptionally hard despite his ensuing brutal elimination of the unit exclusively with his knife and machete.

Joined by Erik with the wounded that were able to be saved, FEUDAL 1-3 and the survivors were extracted from the launch site. Shortly thereafter, where in spite of the operation's success an entire Covenant fleet arrived, FEUDAL was mobilized for asset denial torch and burn operations, with the targets being a combination of civilian and military laboratories and data centers.


Following the conclusion of UPPER CUT, FEUDAL regrouped and under orders from HIGHCOM were sent into Quezon in order to destroy several civilian research facilities which had been abandoned during the first attacks on the city. The research, containing the likes of navigational data as well as information of Forerunner sites had the potential to grant the Covenant a swift and brutal victory over humanity as a whole, a fact which all of FEUDAL was aware.

Despite being exhausted from days of constant fighting, the Spartans inserted without incident under the cover of night with the team again divided into groups. Dan, Tomas, Tanya, and Cody himself took on the duty of leveling Gerion Industrial's facility, which as it turned out had been turned into a small Yanme'e hive.

With the facility literally crawling with hostiles, the group were forced to move with caution and utter silence in fear of disturbing the hive. In the tight halls, B042's SPI and blade work were indispensable, serving as the most effective method of eliminating any wandering sentries without raising alarm.

FEUDAL's Falcon above a besieged Quezon.

After nearly an hour of agonizingly slow infiltration, and numerous close calls, the Spartans managed to reach the facility's databanks, where Tomas promptly corrupted them with a virus of his own design. Unfortunately, doing so set off the building's security alarms, stirring the entire hive.

Now caught in a frantic rush to escape, A010 maintained cohesion among the team and lead them through the swarm, personally shielding B042 with his own body to compensate for FEUDAL 7's inferior armor until the group managed to reach the 54th floor. From there, both Tanya and Cody provided covering fire whilst Tomas redirected a flight of F99's and Dan secured the team an extraction.

Blowing out the window and jumping under fire to a waiting Falcon, the contingent of FEUDAL made a daring escape from Gerion's labs, getting clear of the building mere seconds before the Wombat drones reduced it to rubble. Even as they flew away, several drones attempted to board the Falcon, attempting to throw B042 among other to his death, however the close quarters expert made short work of the insectoids who managed to avoid the craft's machine guns.

Operation: SWORD 52

"S’up to you now, you’re the last knight."
―Hastings-B206’s final transmission

Quickly after SAVONAROLA, FEUDAL was re-tasked to assist with civilian evacuation in Quezon as most other teams on planet by that time. Deployed into the heart of the city, FEUDAL partook in vicious urban warfare over the course of five days. On the third day, B042 found himself cut off from the rest of the team and all other UNSC personnel inside the lobby of a skyscraper, along with a number of civilians.

With the rest of FEUDAL either unable to leave their own position, or repelled when they attempted to reach Cody, FEUDAL 7 was forced to hold the building alone. Employing his guerilla warfare expertise, the Spartan fashioned a number of IED’s to compliment his dwindling supply of explosives and set a myriad of traps as well as making use of the tight spaces of the building for his brutal close quarters fighting style.

One of the many transports FEUDAL saw off.

For several hours the building went unnoticed, however eventually a group of Kig-Yar would stumble onto the building while looking for a place to make camp and fell victim to one of Cody’s IEDs. The now alerted Covenant forces would attempt to storm the building, closing in on the panicked cries of the civilians.

Instead of easy prey, the aliens found slaughter at the Spartan’s hand. For the next two hours B042 managed to fend off multiple incursions by groups of Jackals and Unggoy, slowly beginning to draw more and more unwanted attention to himself as the body count climbed higher.

Thankfully, just as the Covenant began to mobilize armor to annihilate the building, Abigail and Tanya managed to break through the enemy ranks and evacuate the exhausted Spartan and terrified civilians. Even A116, who maintained a distaste for B042 despite the amount of time the Spartan had been with the team, was notably impressed that Cody managed to keep losses to a minimum.

Two days afterwards, as the evacuation of non-combatants had mostly concluded and the beginning of military evacuation began, things took a sharp turn for the worst. Massive numbers of Covenant reinforcements arrived in Quezon, led by a vicious and skilled commander who began to systematically dismantle the UNSC’s defenses which had held fast over the past few days.

FEUDAL collided directly with this commander, a Sangheili Field Marshal, at a major bridge leading directly to the primary evacuation sites. Despite the Spartan’s best efforts to hold the line, the Covenant forces quickly began to overtake them.

In a desperate attempt to halt their advance, an injured Tomas-B400 broke ranks and attempted to detonate previously placed C12 charges for which remote detonation had proved impossible following Erik being injured and a large amount of his equipment being damaged.

Despite his efforts, Tomas was only able to successfully detonate three of the charges before to the horror of FEUDAL, his sister Abigail in particular, he was killed by the Elite commander. The team, stifling their grief as best as they could, the Spartans continued to fight.

In a horrifying display of skill and tactical genius, the Field Marshal was able to break through the UNSC line once again, personally ambushing Abigail and the injured Erik, killing both B401 and B298 while the rest of FEUDAL could only look on in horror.

Soon after, as the UNSC line began to collapse, the Field Marshal and his entourage of Zealots fell upon Tanya-A116, and despite a fierce fight which claimed two of the Zealots, also fell to the blade of the Marshal.

Increasingly distraught and enraged, Cody tore into whatever Covenant forces he could with unflinching brutality with Hastings close by his side. In spite of their pleas to go after the Elite, Daniel refused, ordering the Spartans to continue covering the retreat of the remainder of the UNSC forces to their transports.

Begrudgingly the two followed their orders, the three Spartans holding out against the Covenant for a half hour before once again, the Field Marshal struck. Cornering Dan, A010 made his final order to his surviving subordinates, commanding them to fall back despite their defiance. This time however, the two refused to comply.

As Daniel was promptly executed by the Field Marshal, the surviving two Spartans viciously engaged the Elites. Fueled by rage and grief, Cody managed to keep pace with Hastings in spite of his inferior armor, the experimental augmentations to his brain taking effect as B042 was repeatedly injured only for him to strike back harder.

Practically tearing apart the remainder of the Zealot cadre, the two Spartans engaged the Field Marshal alone. Despite their numerical advantage, the two supersoldiers would find themselves on the losing end of the engagement. After Hastings managed to remove one of the Elite’s mandibles, it managed to kick away the Spartan and pounce onto B042, slashing deep into the Spartan from his stomach to his face.

While not killed by the injury, even the additional augmentations struggled to keep Cody in the fight. Unwilling to see another one of his comrades die, Hastings shoved B042 into the streets below, knowing B042 would survive the drop and at least have a chance at survival.

Seconds later, B206 would be killed by the Marshal as well, marking the death of FEUDAL Team’s last official member. In addition, Cody and Hasting’s refusal to comply with Daniel’s final orders would see the last of the UNSC personnel at the evacuation site to be slaughtered by Covenant forces.

Hours would pass, and in spite of the efforts of the Field Marshal’s forces, they were unable to locate Cody in the decimated streets, leaving with the assumption that the ‘demon’ had simply crawled away to die.

Kilo 7-1, MAGICIAN's recovery team, searching for B042 in the streets.

In actuality, B042 had simply been able to avoid the searchers, a level of fear he had not felt since TORPEDO driving him forward. With his grievous injuries, and the absence of all UNSC forces, Cody accepted that Quezon would be his grave, along with the rest of his comrades.

He took this with a sense of near-relief, with the idea of being forced to live on without FEUDAL as he had been with Bravo mortified him far more than death. Struggling towards the wreckage of a Pelican where he could sit comfortable and look out over Quezon’s bay, the Spartan slipped into unconsciousness as he waited for the end to come.

To his anguish however, Codename: MAGICIAN had no intent of losing his Spartan asset once again and dispatched one of his recovery teams to rescue the dying B042. Making their way to Cody, the team of highly skilled operators stabilized and evacuated Cody without raising any attention from the Covenant and successfully evacuated him and themselves shortly before the glassing of Quezon began.

In spite of all the odds, Cody was the lone survivor of those he had come to see as family once again. For the next month, SPARTAN-B042 would be kept in a medically induced coma while undergoing intensive treatment, awakening weeks before the Covenant would arrive on Earth, far angrier than ever.

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Operation: BASTION

B042 was awakened from his coma as the Covenant was descending onto humanity’s homeworld. Following a quick debrief, Codename: MAGICIAN saw to it that Cody was put in command of a small team of SPARTANs and sent to the URNA to defend against the Covenant onslaught. En route B042 made a notable aesthetic alterations to his armor, etching the jaws of a beast onto his helmet.

Arriving in the Greater Chicago Industrial Zone, Cody would be introduced to the young SPARTANS under his command. They wore ODST battle armor, had strangely high service tags, and even the oldest was several years his junior, he immediately pegged them as the same kind of Spartans that had made up Sage Team during DYNAMO.

The new markings on Cody's helmet signaled his slippage into utter savagery.

Well aware of the poor survival odds of these soldiers compared to the MJOLNIR clad FEUDAL, who had died in spite of their skill and equipment, Cody was furious. In his eyes, he felt that ONI was setting him up for failure and loss by saddling him with responsibility for the young Spartans. Before anything could come of this frustration the Covenant’s assault began and forcing the group, which simply continued to operate under the designation of ‘Khaki Team’, into action.

Khaki’s first task in the defense of the massive population center was to assist in halting the Covenant’s advance into the Industrial Zone. The Covenant had first eradicated most resistance, and civilians, with drop troops at their landing site on the outskirts of the zone. Following that, heavy armor including four Protos Scarabs began the alien’s assault of the area.

Khaki’s primary objective was the elimination of two Scarabs whilst the available UNSC armor engaged the other two, as taking them down from the air posed to great a risk to any surviving civilians. The team were inserted a few kilometers ahead of the Covenant’s spearhead, then went about preparing an ambush.

A single Protos was dangerous, five would be nearly unstoppable, at least that was the assumption.

Cody ensured that they evaded the Covenant’s forward reconnaissance, keeping the team hidden even at the cost of allowing several fleeing civilians to be slaughtered. Though this caused a great deal of tension between B042 and Khaki’s Bashir-501, it in the end allowed them to successfully attack the first of the Scarabs.

Boarding from above, Khaki wiped out the defenders of the massive machine. Cody in particular let loose with a violence that grew close to excessive, but maintained its efficiency. The group then utilized the walker to destroy the group of Wraiths ahead of the Protos’, and the duo of Locusts escorting the larger walker before destroying it as well.

Immediately Khaki was picked up and ferried into the path of their next target, however in response to the loss of one Protos to Khaki and another to UNSC armor, the Covenant forces were on high alert and shot down the Pelican carrying the Spartan team.

While Khaki survived the ensuing crash, they were were forced to quickly adapt. Hostile infantry quickly converged on the crash site with the hopes of killing a demon, only for the dropship to violently explode thanks Riley-434’s quick thinking. In retaliation, the Scarab and its escorts began firing randomly into the area near the crash bringing down numerous skyscrapers and kicking up a thick dust.

Amidst the chaos, Khaki picked apart the Covenant forces. In the span of a fifteen minutes, all but the Protos itself and one of its escort Locusts were destroyed. Bewildered, the Covenant forces opted to retreat, likely with the intent of bombarding the area from the air to clear their path. Khaki refused to allow this to happen, utilizing the wreckage of the buildings to gain the altitude needed to board the Scarab.

However, given that the Locust would prevent the team from boarding, B042 ordered the group to divide and conquer. Bashir-501 and Jamal-430 were tasked with the Locust, while Riley joined Cody in assaulting the larger walker.

Descending onto the Protos, the two Spartans CQC specialists reduced most of the defenders to lifeless bodies in moments. That said, the commander of the Protos managed to protect the control room from the two Spartan’s for several minutes alone, keeping them at bay in hopes of continuing his mission. Eventually, the Elite General fell to the Spartans, and soon after the remainder of the crew perished as well.Rigging the walker to explode, Riley and Cody rejoined the rest of Khaki on the streets. Following a quick scuffle with the surviving Covenant personnel the team quickly moved to regroup with UNSC forces.

While the efforts of Khaki were crucial to BASTION's success, it was the sacrifice of the 19th Armored Division that would be remembered.

BASTION was a resounding success, with the Scarab assault halted the Covenant were kept at bay a while longer, allowing for further evacuation of civilians to secure sites. After being dealt such a harsh defeat, the Covenant forces opted to refocus their efforts on more significant and less heavily defended areas, leaving Chicago untouched for the most part for the duration of the conflict. Less than a day later, Khaki would quickly be assigned to their next set of operations across, which would take them out of the URNA and into Europe.

Operation: SANCTUM and the War’s Close

"I’ll find you! No matter where you fucking go I’ll find you!"
―Cody’s screams to Teka Doramee

Quickly re-tasked following their success in Chicago, Khaki was redirected to the Swiss Alps in order to ensure the destruction of ONI Shadow Base, a black site that was under siege by Covenant forces. Given the site’s remote location far away from any significant human settlement, the oddly intense focus of the Covenant’s forces on the site lead to it being theorized that they had an interest in something inside the facility. Unsure of what this was, but unwilling to risk whatever it was falling into enemy hands, Khaki was tasked by HIGHCOM itself to destroy the facility, and to evacuate any personnel left standing if possible.

Deploying alone via HALO jump, the Spartans arrived to find Shadow’s defenses all but overrun, and its defenders mostly dead. After establishing contact with the facility’s commanding officer, they were tasked with bolstering the defenses of the site while non-security personnel worked to wipe all on site databanks before proceeding to destroy several on site material caches.

Shadow Base, one of several ONI sites on Earth.

All in all the Spartans were told they would need to hold off the Covenant assault for somewhere around an hour. Thankfully, given the site’s location Covenant armor was not able to deploy anything more than a small detachment of Wraith tanks which were all but destroyed by the site’s defenders prior to the arrival of Khaki, leaving them with only infantry and air support to deal with.

Taking up positions alongside the defenders, Cody lead the team to victory against wave after wave of Covenant forces, and despite the remaining security personnel’s numbers steadily whittling away, Khaki managed to avoid sustaining even slight injuries. The team successfully held off the assault long enough for the site’s databanks, and for all but one of the material caches stored in Shadow to be destroyed. However, their communications with the site’s commander went dead shortly after she broadcasted that Sangheili special forces had somehow breached the facility.

Despite Bashir’s urging, Cody forced the team to assume the worst and take up the responsibility of destroying the final cache themselves. Leaving the base’s defense to the remaining security forces, the Spartans entered into the bowels of the facility only to encounter the Elite’s that had no doubt wiped out any other humans that had been inside of the base. While B042 should have simply avoided the team and lead Khaki around them so that they could complete their objective, however at the head of the team was an Elite Zealot, one Cody recognized. It was the same Sangheili who had single handedly butchered FEUDAL Team on Reach.

Cody, in spite of Khaki’s protests, ordered the team to continue without him and complete their objective. After they relented, B042 engaged the unit alone. Tearing through a number of the Zealot’s troops, the two finally came face to face after the alien opted to challenge the Spartan in single combat.

B042 engages the Sangheili team.

Having secretly concocted a dosage of combat enhancing drugs solely for the possibility he ever encountered the Zealot again, Cody drugged himself and the two warriors engaged in a pitched duel. While the Zealot had been able to take down an entire Spartan team one by one on Reach, doing so had left him with some injuries, which combined with Cody’s drugged stated and unmatched fury made what would have once been a one sided beatdown into a savage brawl.

Despite sustaining injury after injury, B042 continued to fight the Zealot, with the additional chemical augmentations to his brain coming into play as he became hurt. The dumping of adrenaline into his system paired with the rumbledrugs already in play made Cody become all the more dangerous the more wounds he sustained. Throughout the course of the fight Cody removed one of the Zealot’s mandibles, severed several ligaments in its legs, taken an eye, and slashed its stomach to ribbons, but in the end he was bested. The Zealot impaled B042 on his family’s ancestral energy sword and would have killed him if it were not for the intervention of Jamal-430.

The Spartan, clad in MJOLNIR Mark IV that had apparently been a part of the material cache Khaki had been tasked with destroying, engaged the Zealot while Riley and Bashir extracted the heavily wounded SPARTAN-III. Cody pleaded with them to leave him behind and go, but to no avail. In spite of its injured state, the Zealot would best the inexperienced Jamal after several of its underlings rushed to its aid.

Moments after exiting the facility, Jamal initiated the armors fail-safe detonation system, killing most of the Elite team and himself. Cody hoped in vain that the Zealot had perished in the blast, but unfortunately it had not. After getting clear of the site, Shadow was obliterated by an air strike, but due to a communication failure and irreparable damage to the equipment possessed by the Spartans, Khaki’s remnants were not extracted and thought dead.

For the remainder of the Battle for Earth, Khaki desperately attempted to survive, and to keep Cody from succumbing to his wounds as they descended from the mountains. The group would briefly be engaged by a small group of Jiralhanae but other than that did not encounter any hostile forces. Once they finally were able to establish contact with the UNSC, the three were extracted and debriefed on the events that had taken place in their absence. Including the Great Schism, the Sangheili-human alliance, and the defeat of the Covenant. While Bashir and Riley expressed joy that the war had been won, Cody was consumed by a sense of betrayal thanks to the alliance with the hinge-headed aliens he hated so much.

Shortly thereafter, Rile and Bashir parted ways with Cody, as ONI had different plans for both him and the set of SPARTAN-II Class IV’s. Due to the extreme extent of his injuries, B042 would spend several months in recovery before he was informed of his assignment to the Headhunters, and introduced to his partner, Jamison-G144.

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"Going to even the score, Hotel One out."
―Cody prior to engaging BDS mercenaries massacring a town

Cody, now assigned to the BINARY Headhunter Team Hotel-II alongside the younger Jamison-G144 was deployed on a covert mission to the Gilgamesh Free State. Tasked with a variety of objectives, the most clearly defined was for the two Spartans to wreak absolute havoc among the anti-UEG settlements armed forces. Also assigned to the operation was the ONI agent Zachary Rayne, Aleksandra Zaytseva, Daniel Funderburg, and small team of SABER operatives from Combined Task Force Dragon Spear under the callsign ‘Valor’. This grab bag of special forces operators were all that Cody and Jamison had in terms of support spare a few undercover operatives here and there.

Not long after their deployment Zaytseva, who was meant to be their ferrier of supplies, was shot down by the Gilgameshi Air Force, and kicked off a series of events that sent the operation into jeopardy. Valor, in addition to rescuing Aleksandra, also eliminated an officer of the Gilgameshi Army and captured a low ranking enlisted by the name of Popov. Popov, a young private, was fiercely resistant to Rayne’s interrogation, which required Cody’s intervention via torture to coax him into talking. Unfortunately for them, Gilgameshi forces were in the area and for reasons unknown opted to begin searching house to house, leading to a pitched firefight.

Promptly executing Popov, B042 and G144 shepherded Aleksandra and Rayne out of the safehouse before the group was attacked by Jonathan Ulan an insurrectionist supersoldier. In the ensuing brawl, B042 and Ulan clashed blow for blow, and Ulan managed to kill Valor 1-1 before his duel with Cody was brought to a close by his retreat and the arrival of Baal Defense Solutions contractors. Fleeing the small town, the group would continue to carry out a series of small operations, including assisting in Aleksandra’s rescue following her brief capture. Over the weeks, tension between Cody and Jamison began to rise, with the letter objecting to the former’s amoral and sometimes outright cruel treatment of the enemy, and due to Cody’s unwillingness to treat his partner as an equal.

Valor 1-2, 1-3, and 1-4, elite operators who would prove indispensable throughout the deployment.

This came to a head with a heated argument inside Funderburg’s safehouse, wherein both Spartans unwittingly came to a better understanding of one another. Jamison learned through Cody’s ranting of the staggering amount of losses he had suffered throughout the war, and concluded his treatment of Jamison as something of a child was born out of begrudging concern. Cody on the other hand, learned that G144 was not as naive as he’d believed, and was in fact struggling with guilt over the deaths of the majority of his team on Earth, something B042 had not realized given G144’s sociable nature.

The argument itself did not resolve tensions, and instead lead to Cody leaving the safehouse in order to destroy one of Rayne’s safehouses which was in danger of being compromised. Following this, Cody learned the danger of compromise came from the fact that BDS contractors were destroying a nearby settlement suspected of harboring UNSC sympathies and executing the populous.

Against orders Cody entered the town and engaged the platoon of contractors with some small support from Valor. When the smoke cleared, the BDS mercenaries had been utterly eliminated, with several having been disemboweled by the Spartan in a fit of anger. Rather than take Cody at face value when he claimed that he’d simply been killing the enemy, Jamison pressed B042 until the elder Spartan relented. Cody had intervened because he couldn’t stomach the idea of letting the atrocity simply take place, and had been disgusted with the contractors.

Augmentees from Project APOLLYON, one of which would engage Hotel-II

After this, the two Spartans began to work together smoothly and Cody assumed the role of mentor to the younger Spartan. The two would spend the rest of their time largely separate from the rest of the operators, ambushing Gilgameshi military forces on numerous occasions. The operation would come to an end not long after they were counter-ambushed by a member of BDS’ Project APOLLYON who engaged an unarmored Cody in hand to hand combat and being augmented and clad in power armor, nearly killed B042. Luckily, Jamison was able to intervene at the last second and kill the corporate super soldier.

Heavily injured from the affair, Hotel-II joined the rest of the team in evacuating, have successfully disrupted numerous operations and put the world in the sights of the UNSC for future invasion.

The Billides Conflict

"Your objective is simple Spartans, do what you were trained to do, make war."
―Codename: MAGICIAN upon presenting Hotel-II with their sets of MJOLNIR

After some time recovering, Cody and Jamison would immediately be dispatched to the frontier of known space under the orders of Codename: MAGICIAN, Cody’s longtime handler who now had command over Hotel-II. The world they arrived at was small colony known as Billides, the planet was split between two distinct biomes, a temperate region, and dense jungle the former of which held the planets government and large settlements while the latter and the mining operations within it brought the planet its income.

The population of Billides had officially declared their independence in 2545 whilst the UNSC was too preoccupied with the survival of the species to deal with them. Now in January of 2554, the colony not only was still refusing UNSC rule, but was harboring and funding insurrectionist activity including the Second Mamore Insurrection. Unwilling to turn a blind eye but equally unwilling to invade unprovoked following a massive amount of negative press revolving around the UNSC’s recent responses to independence movements, Hotel was dispatched to Billides with a simple objective.

They were to start a war.

Section I agents had already been on world for some time sowing the seeds of aggression, but Hotel was deployed alongside a small contingent of Special Forces under the guise of being a humanitarian aid force for the sole pro-UEG settlement on the world.

In addition to being given free reign to do whatever they deemed necessary to ensure that the multiple HVT’s they were tasked with eliminating were indeed eliminated, the Spartans of Hotel-II were also presented with their very one sets of MJOLNIR GEN2 Powered Assault Armor. The acquisition of the armor was something of an important moment to B042, throughout the previous war he had not been equipped with the armor because of his genetic makeup and ONI’s belief that it was likely he would not survive whatever his next assignment was. Though the armor was now given to him because of decreased price and increased availability, it was still important to him.

Being outfitted with MJOLNIR finally signalled to B042 that he had more value to ONI than he once thought.

Dropped onto the planet, Hotel quickly began their work, quietly assassinating key personnel in Billides’ defense force and rigging the generators for the planet's orbital defenses with EMP devices for when the invasion began all whilst the planetary government was manipulated along the war path. After weeks of prodding, the planetary government snapped and attacked the lone UEG settlement. In addition to having scores of its inexperienced defense force be slaughtered and defeated by the drastically smaller contingent of ODSTs and Force Recon who had been tasked with defending the settlement, the UNSC quickly arrived with an invasion force. With their orbital defenses utterly crippled, and their troops being quickly crushed, the government quickly ordered its forces and loyalists into the jungles and called for help.

Shortly thereafter, Hotel and bulk of the UNSC’s forces followed them in. However, as the history of war suggests, this did not go as planned. Rather than finishing off the remaining hostiles, the UNSC found itself bogged down fighting the defenders in terrain only they knew in addition to facing reinforcement in the form of hardened insurrectionists and even ex-Covenant mercenaries.

Quickly what was meant to be an operation lasting a few weeks at most began to drag on for months. Cody and Jamison, being the only Spartans on world, spearheaded the UNSC’s efforts often venturing deep into enemy territory to remove deeply entrenched enemies. While insurrectionist forces often posed little individual threat to the MJOLNIR-clad Spartans, on several occasions attempts were made to ambush Hotel, one of which nearly succeeded in getting the drop on the Spartans.

B042 and G144 en route to yet another raid.

The only individual battle that proved to be a challenge was an ambush of Hotel and a platoon of Force Reconnaissance marines by some of the Covenant mercenaries backed by some insurrectionist veterans. Pinned down and assaulted by Sangheili and Jiralhanae while Kig-Yar and human sharpshooters picked off marines, Jamison was injured after one of the Sangheili bested him in close quarters and managed to remove G144’s hand at the wrist.

Rather than recoil in agony, Cody watched in surprise as G144, mimicking Cody’s style proceeded to kill the Elite with only his knife before killing two more in a similar fashion. For once, B042 was able to observe the effects of the additional augmentations he’d tested on behalf of Gamma from a perspective other than his own. After clearing the ambush, Cody forced G144 to medivac in order to seek treatment while he continued on.

In the day it took Jamison to receive a proper replacement in the form of a flash-cloned hand, Cody lead a squad of Hellbringers on a raid which would become known as the “March Massacre” among media circles. After a fierce fight and heavy losses, the UNSC pushed the rebels back into the cave system they’d been using as a holdout. Following the refusal of surrender, B042 ordered the Hellbringers to ignite a blaze and burn out the rebels.

They did so, only to discover that after the flames died down that there had been a host of non-combatants alongside the rebel fighters, including young children. Later that night one of the surviving marines took her own life, and a rebel who had observed and recorded the event from afar leaked the story to the media. While many drastic measures that could be chalked up as atrocities took place on Billides, the March Massacre stood out and drastically hurt support for the conflict among the public. Cody was notably scarred by the incident according to Jamison’s debriefing, however in a psychological evaluation following the deployment, B042 did not express those feelings and instead put on a facade of indifference.

B042 saw the SPARTAN-IVs as something a slap to the face, devaluing the sacrfices of his fallen comrades.

After Hotel was reunited, they conducted several more raids before being relieved by a contingent of the new SPARTAN-IV’s. Almost instantly Cody came to dislike the new Spartans, not due to some arrogant behavior on their part or inefficiency in combat, but because they represented the further erasure of the sacrifices of his brothers and sisters.

The SPARTAN-II’s were lauded as the saviors of humanity, the SPARTAN-IV’s were touted as those meant to take up the torch, the III’s were all but forgotten, a simple footnote in any piece on the Spartans usually described as ‘reinforcements’, if they were ever mentioned at all. The complete classification of every one of their sacrifices was only made worse by these new Spartans becoming media darlings in Cody’s eyes.

After being relieved, Jamison informed Cody of The Missing Wall’s existence, and the two promised that at some point they would make the voyage there and pay their respects to their fallen. However, any such expedition was put on the back burner as MAGICIAN instantly whisked Hotel-II away for another operation, while the conflict on Billides would rage on until early 2556.

Operation: RISING TIDE

"No damn it! You’re not doing this, we are not like them! We are going to win in the end every time not just because we can fight better, but because we are better."
―Jamison stays Cody’s hand

Shortly after their involvement in the Billides Conflict, Hotel-II was assigned to Operation: RISING TIDE. Brought in to Task Force Tsunami, a group formed in response to increased raiding activity from various Jiralhanae raiders in what remained of the outer colonies, Hotel-II was tasked with the elimination of a band of pirates under the leadership of a brute known as Iranatox. His pirates had only recently begun their raiding, but had wrought serious damage in that short time, having plundered and enslaved the occupants of four developed settlements in the span of a few months, and stolen a UNSC Paris-class frigate the First Star to the Right.

Iranatox, the young leader of a band of ruthless raiders.

Thankfully, some of those they’d taken to sell into forced labor had managed to escape briefly and had gotten out a distress signal which revealed the location of the raider’s holdfast. Hotel-II was dispatched ahead of Task Force Tsunami’s main strike force aboard the Winter-class prowler UNSC Howling Moon tasked with disrupting the defenses of the outlaws.

Covertly deployed onto the habitable moon that Iranatox had made his base of operations, Hotel-II set to work against their first purely alien adversary. Their first target was the communications array which conveniently managed not only their connection to the frigate and sloop that hung in orbit, but all of their communication groundside. The two struck in the dead of night, killing anything living remotely close to the facility and neutralizing it.

Not wasting time the Headhunters took out the facility’s primary power generator before disappearing into the darkness. Iranatox though an effective leader was young, and a stranger to being dealt such a harsh blow and reacted rashly. The bulk of his forces followed him out into the wastes to hunt their attackers leaving their facility largely unprotected. Cody and Jamison of course took advantage of this and snuck into the raider’s hold.

In the dank and didapilated halls they bore witness to many grotesque “trophies” mounted on the walls and found clear evidence of humans being used as food. While both were disgusted and enraged, Cody’s mind shifted from completing the mission to revenge. Meanwhile Task Force Tsunami arrived in orbit, smashing the raider’s meager fleet and deploying their forces onto the moon to annihilate Iranatox’s hunting party as they prowled the wastes.

Inside the facility which quickly began to seem more charnel house than base of operations for a seemingly organized force of raiders, B042 tore into every Jiralhanae he could find, throwing caution to the wind as he ensured each and every one wielding a weapon died screaming. Had it not been for G144, he would have killed far more than those who fought. The pair came upon a section of the facility where after killing a pair of adolescent brute’s attempting to stop them, they found the cubs of the pack.

Still too young to fight, and some too small to even comprehend what was happening, the children of the aliens cowered before the demons they had been raised to hate and fear. Cody was unflinching and meant to simply roll a pair of grenades into the young, but Jamison fiercely protested and was able to just barely convince Cody to spare them. The younger Spartan’s idealism haunted Cody, eerily reminding him of the naive notions of Spartanhood that their training had instilled the both of them with.

The cruelty of the wastes on the moon was only surpassed by that of Iranatox's raiders.

Begrudgingly the two took the young captive and soon liberated the slaves held in the base, with B042 again having to be coaxed into liberating the non-human captives. Soon a company of marines arrived to claim the base as well as extract the liberated slaves, child prisoners, and Spartans alike.

Iranatox had been cut down ingloriously after the operator of a Warthog’s Gauss Cannon removed his head with a single shot, and the remainder of his pack had fallen into chaos and were easily slaughtered by the human forces. The marines seemed confused on what to do with the young detainees, but several suggested executing them after viewing the interior of the facility, including the commanding officer. Again Jamison intervened, and the conflict almost came to blows as transports arrived to the Spartan’s and the non-combatants away.

Aboard the flagship of the small fleet that comprised Tsunami, the UNSC Krakatoa, the Spartans were debriefed and received praise from the commander of the unit which both of them were unfamiliar with. Colonel Yilli Agnessa did not regard the Spartans as tools as the handlers they were familiar with often did, and was complimentary in a way neither were used to. Chief among her praise was that for their taking of prisoners, which she was rightly speculated Section II would have a field day with.

As the two Spartans retired to their newly assigned quarters to await their next mission, the story Spartans destroying a band of ruthless marauders, liberating slaves, and sparing the innocent where the enemy never had was already being constructed. It would provide a needed distraction from the brutality of the Billides Conflict which continued to dominate the news cycle, and quickly did just that. Of course, Hotel-II were made out to be SPARTAN-IV’s, much to Cody’s irritation as his fear of the erasure of his comrades continued to grow.


After a period of a few months, another target would come into Task Force Tsunami’s sights; the Pious Crusaders of the Righteous Path. A Covenant remnant group led by the brothers Kal and Fel Doram active in the frontier. While the group was poised to join Jul ‘Mdama’s Storm Covenant, and half of its forces already had, an opportunity had arisen to prevent the remainder of their forces from joining the conglomerate.

The Doram brothers, having recently visited their family keep on Shinogoro to receive the blessing of their family’s Kadion. However, their Kadion denied them and urged his nephews to not waste the era of peace they had been fortunate enough to live to see. The rejection left the two not only bitter with their uncle, but also with one another. Eventually, Kal would take his half of their forces and leave to join ‘Mdama while Fel swore to show his Kadion how false the supposed peace was.

Fel planned to expose an ONI operation he had learned of where the water of Sangheili settlements on the world known to the humans as ‘New Harmony’ was being poisoned so that humans alone could claim the world. The young warrior hoped that by exposing the dishonorable way their own kind were being killed would sway his Kadion who expressed doubt at the idea. Determined to prove that their cause was just, Fel took his force towards the glassed colony.

Of the two brothers, Fel Doram was undeniably more charismatic, and dangerously more pious.

Undermanned, and on the cusp of exposing a highly illegal operation, ONI was quick to inform Tsunami of the opportunity to eradicate Fel. Hotel-II of course was immediately prepped and slated to spearhead the operation. In conjunction with the UNSC Timberwolf, a prowler that had been covertly trailing the Crusader’s small fleet, Tsunami prepared to spring a trap on the group.

Eventually, the Timberwolf relayed that the fleet had stopped to refuel and resupply at a Jackal pirate holdout in an asteroid field, keen to strike while their guard was down Tsunami quickly mobilized. Cody and Jamison were tasked with boarding the heavy destroyer Holy Invocation that served as Fel’s flagship and assassinating the Elite before he could make some kind of escape. In order to ensure their successful boarding the two were deployed via Long Range Stealth Orbital Insertion Pods ahead of the task force.

Prior to their deployment, the two Spartans opened up about their respective traumas. Cody, spurred by the concept of being deployed in the same fashion he had been in TORPEDO finally told his partner of the fateful operation. Jamison had of course studied it intensely, but hearing it in such visceral detail, in addition to more in depth detail of Cody’s experiences with FEDUAL and Khaki had a profound impact on the younger Spartan. In the same manner, Jamison recounted how exactly his team had fallen on Earth, going into particular detail about the death of Margreet-G321 with whom it became clear Jamison had been extremely close with.

This marked an even more considerable change in their dynamic, as the two came to further rely on one another for support from that point onward, and saw B042’s overall grim demeanor partially recede.

In Jamison, Cody found what he assumed it would've been like had he known his own brother.

Shortly thereafter the two would be deployed, leaving them isolated to their pods for several hours in transit. Upon exiting slipspace, the two Spartans maneuvered their insertion vehicles onto an asteroid close by to their quarry, then proceeded to move to the Invocation via EVA to avoid detection.

Landing on the surface of the destroyer’s hull, they found it was not currently docked, leaving them with a much smaller window of time to accomplish their mission as it could cut and run at any second. Moving quickly, the two silently eliminated a team Yan’me conducting external maintenance and their Sangheili guards before entering the vessel. Utilizing improved active camouflage, the two Spartans remained undetected and eventually located a long abandoned storage room in order to map out their plan of action.

They were faced with a difficult choice, they could either make their move on Fel immediately and risk the destroyer jumping before they could kill him thus stranding them far from any reinforcements. Or, alternatively they could first move to sabotage the slipspace engine at the opposite end of the vessel, and risk Fel escaping to another vessel before they could reach him and fleeing.

Jamison floated the idea that they split up in order to do both, but Cody quickly shut this down. He argued that in such tight quarters the risk of detection even with their skill and equipment was incredibly high, and that with such a large concentration of enemies they’d almost certainly be killed without the other there to watch their backs. Jamison would make a passing remark about dying to complete the mission was what they were trained to do, which prompted an emotional response from B042, urging his young partner not to devalue himself for the sake of those he had lost.

Reluctantly Jamison gave way to his mentor’s urging and the two ultimately decided to move on the slipspace drive first, reasoning that even if Fel were to escape, he would be capable of far less damage without his flagship. The two would slip past any and all aliens they happened upon and successfully infiltrated the area housing the slipspace drive, rigging it an EMP device in order to disable it without atomizing themselves.

Fel Doram planned to exact bloody revenge on the colonists.

With the drive taken care of, the two began to work their way back up the destroyer just as Tsunami entered the area and attacked. Amidst the chaos, they triggered the EMP and disabled the destroyer’s ability to run. Having patched in to the Covenant’s communications, the two discovered that Fel was rushing to a Lich and ordering some of his forces to stand and fight while ordering the rest to follow him and continue their holy mission.

The two Spartans ceased their efforts at being covert and engaged, cutting a bloody swathe through the halls of the destroyer. Jamison, having taken well to the close quarters training Cody had been providing, soon proved himself to be near as deadly as his mentor, wiping out one Covenant squad singlehandedly in the span of a few seconds. The two easily made their way into the hangar just as Fel boarded his Lich, and responded by taking two Banshees out after him.

Rushing to catch up with the leader of the Covenant sect, Cody and Jamison evaded fire not only from the Covenant, but from Tsunami as well who could not identify them in the chaos. In spite of that, they successfully made it aboard and engaged the crew in a pitched battle.

In the fighting, Fel managed to severely wound Jamison with a blow from his energy sword, prompting B042 to inject himself with a cocktail of combat stimulants he’d kept on hand since Earth. Flying into a rage, both Cody and Jamison, who’s additional augmentations had kicked in as a response to the injury, were to distracted with disemboweling Fel that they failed to stop one of the dying members of the Elite’s crew trigger the slipspace jump.

With Jamison injured, the navigation system too damaged to halt their transit, and both of them in a drug induced stupor, there was little either could do but savagely beat the one responsible for triggering the jump to death. As they came down, the two were exhausted, and having been unprepared for anything longer than a day long deployment, short on smoothers. Cody did his best to stabilize Jamison’s wounds as they were stranded for several days in slipspace, but the two of them were growing weak.

Once again, B042 found himself under the enigmatic MAGICIAN.

As a last resort, the two opted to eat one of the fallen Sangheili in a desperate attempt to regain their strength. Thankfully, the need to partake in such barbarity again was prevented when the ship exited slipspace over New Harmony where they found not Tsunami, but a small flotilla of ONI vessels lying in wait.

The two were subsequently rescued and given treatment for any and all injuries, as well as dosed with smoothers almost immediately. The two would spend several weeks between the both of them recovering before they were finally given an explanation for why ONI had been waiting for them rather than the task force.

Met by none other than Codename: MAGICIAN, Cody’s former handler, the two were introduced to Marcus-226 and Jason-243, Class II Spartan-II’s and informed that they had been folded into the newly christened Fireteam Anubis. This team had been specially formed at MAGICIAN’s request in order to combat a singular threat in the form of Lancaster-205, thus beginning Operation: EPHIALTES.

Kholo Glasslands Skirmish

Though the two were perplexed at their selection for what appeared to be an in-house extermination mission for a program they weren’t aware existed, Cody and Jamison would take to their new assignment well enough. Well aware of the threat Lancaster posed, as the SPARTAN-II had killed the crew of an entire prowler including a SPARTAN-IV fireteam single handedly, the two Headhunters focused themselves on preparing for their eventual encounter with the rogue Spartan.

Their new teammates proved to be of little help being particularly unsociable, and outright refusing to share what Cody would grow to suspect as a greater knowledge of Lancaster with the two SPARTAN-III’s. In spite of his suspicion, B042 said nothing of it to MAGICIAN and instead intensified his efforts on training Jamison.

Seasoned Section 0 operatives, SPARTAN-226 and 243 showed a level of indifference towards killing that made even Cody balk.

The Gamma Company Spartan was unlike Cody in that he had never particularly struggled in training and had often excelled, making it easy for the younger supersoldier to absorb the lessons from his mentor. While he would not surpass B042 in the time prior to their first encounter with Lancaster, Jamison rapidly began to close the gap between his own abilities and Cody’s. His partner’s skill, and mindfulness gave Cody a great deal of confidence in their ability to complete the mission at hand, and became a source of something resembling pride in the elder Spartan.

The lull period would come to an end when Lancaster was finally located on his homeworld of Kholo. A series of outposts manned by a UEG-sponsored corporation tasked to recover resources and other things of value from glassed planets had long been feuding with a large population of independent, potentially insurrectionist-aligned, resettlement group largely comprised of surviving Kholo natives. The dispute was born out of the resettlement group’s view that the corporation was stealing what was rightly theirs and the corporations heavy handed, often violent, treatment of the group when protests had begun.

The situation had been rapidly deteriorating for quite some time, with the corporation hiring Baal Defense Solutions to provide security, and a steady stream of suspected New Colonial Alliance operatives entering the resettlement group. Three days prior to Anubis’ being briefed, BDS operatives had opened fire on a group of protesters after one seemingly produced a firearm, amidst the carnage Lancaster emerged and completely eradicated all inside the corporate outpost civilian and mercenary alike.

The I Am Your Father jumped to Kholo the instant it received the news, and the members of Fireteam Anubis were briefed in transit. What intelligence they had on the particular group Lancaster intervened on behalf of placed them in a large tent city built around a glassing shelter. Anubis was tasked with entering the makeshift settlement and securing any information on where Lancaster might’ve gone, and the eradication of any insurrectionists who attempted to stop them. It was a simple enough operation, however SPARTAN-226 insisted that the SPARTAN-IIIs be tasked with exfil prevention rather than participating directly in the raid. In essence, Marcus-226 wanted them removed them from the picture for some reason.

Cody raised his concerns with the choice, and the two supersoldiers quickly began to butt heads with MAGICIAN being forced to intervene and defer to 226 much to Cody’s chagrin, claiming that that 226 had a better understanding of 205. When asked by Cody what he meant by that, and how that justified sidelining the two of them MAGICIAN simply ordered him to comply.

With the relations between the newly formed Fireteam Anubis already strained, the team was deployed onto Kholo’s battered surface armed to the teeth to hunt to rogue Spartan. Jamison and Cody were dropped several kilometers away from the settlement and utilizing MQ-96 Drones to locate the settlement’s vehicle depot and singular launch pad where the settlements lone spacecraft, a Darter lay dormant.

Advancing quickly, Hotel-II wiped out several patrols of armed guards en route to their targets, finding the forces far better equipped than a supposedly impoverished settlement should have, adding more creedence to reports of NCA involvement. As they neared the launch pad, NCA involvement was all but confirmed when a team of commandos clad in top of the line battle armor bearing insurrectionist markings were spotted by the duo, before they could engage however, things inside the settlement kicked off.

With gunfire and explosions emanating from within the tent city, the former Headhunter team knew they’d need to act fast before their target was able to make a run for it. Making their way to the Darter as quickly as they could after the commandos rushed to address the conflict inside the city, the two rigged the craft with explosives. Rather than blow it then and there however, they opted to leave them undetonated as to serve as one final trap should their teammates fail, at Jamison’s suggestion.

Moving next to the vehicle depot, the two were forced into open conflict as a squad-sized element of the well equipped commandos and several other individuals clad in gear not dissimilar to UNSC tankers arrived amidst their planting of charges. The tankers were no doubt planning to utilize the pair of Mastodon’s the pair had found hidden inside two storage containers nearby the depot, coated in a substance that had prevented their MQ-96’s from viewing their contents originally.

Unbeknownst to the Spartans at the time, the commandos they faced off against were members of the NCA's fledgling Special Warfare division.

Engaging in a fierce firefight, the Spartans whittled down the enemy’s numbers to nothing following a maneuver by Jamison which drew the bulk of the hostiles in close to B042’s position, allowing his elder to ruthlessly dispatch them in close quarters while he picked off the rest. Vacating the depot the two made their way into the settlement to assist the other half of Fireteam Anubis, they detonated the depot.

Fighting through several groups of defenders, they received a nearly incoherent transmission from Marcus that Lancaster was escaping, mere seconds before Spartan-243’s lifesigns flatlined. Moving back towards the launch pad, Cody and Jamison readied to finish the job as they watched Lancaster be ushered onboard the Darter, however, before they could detonate their charges Marcus emerged from the settlement and began firing EMP rounds from a dismounted M460 Grenade Launcher. Likely intending to stop the craft from taking off, 226 instead merely did light damage to the dropship and disabled the transmitters on the explosives allowing remote detonation, thus allowing 205 to escape.

Utterly enraged, Marcus demanded to know why the ship had not been destroyed, and when informed of the trap he had unintentionally dismantled, became violent. The Spartan-II attacked Jamison, prompting a fierce response from Cody, who following several minutes of grappling moved to finish the fight lethally, only for MAGICIAN to arrive in time to initiate the armor lockdown on all three of the commandos while expressing his shame.

They had failed, resulting in a valuable asset being killed thanks to their poor coordination, and to the surprise of Jamison and Cody, Marcus and Jason’s failed attempt to bring Lancaster in alive. When Cody demanded to know why they’d do such a thing, the enigmatic ONI officer informed them that it likely had to do with the fact Lancaster-205 had been their teammate during their training years, and that the two must’ve foolishly believed they could reason with the mad Spartan.

In reality, while certainly unhinged, Lancaster’s killing of Jason-243 was not prompted by insanity, but instead because of 243’s casual slaughter of several non-combatants without any provocation. The act served as a trigger to Lancaster’s instabilities, leading him to fly into an altered state and kill his former comrade without hesitation. Though of course this version of events was stricken from the record, with Jamison and Cody being left to believe Lancaster had simply snapped for the rest of their lives.

Waiting Game

For nearly a month, Fireteam Anubis was left to lick its wounds whilst there was a drought of information on their target. Despite constant chatternet probing, and untold numbers of agents embedded in the New Colonial Alliance reporting constantly, no word came on the rogue Spartan.

Tensions between both Cody and Jamison towards Marcus only grew as their forced time together in briefings and War Games grew, with 226 taking a particular interest in dressing down B042’s remaining inkling of morality. Though the number of physical altercations between the two was kept to a single other incident, MAGICIAN was deeply concerned on Anubis’ ability to operate as a unit.

However, in spite of his concerns he refused to seek aid, as it would paint him in a light that would be unfavorable for furthering his career and ability to conduct further operations. Just as the ONI officer debated caving, a report came in. A team of Asymmetrical Actions Unit operators, Indigo 4-9, had been butchered to the last man during a raid on a stolen Stalwart-class frigate.

The small fleet vessels from which Operation: EPHIALTES was based.

Supposedly the team had been wiped out by ‘rebel Spartans’, and the helmet camera footage corroborated this claim. The fact that the footage and accompanying report mentioned multiple potentially augmented rebels meant nothing to MAGICIAN, who was confident this was the lead they’d been looking for.

Despite Indigo being wiped out, they were able to discreetly place a tracker on the frigate, allowing the I Am Your Father and it’s escorts to track it to the remote JYN-211 colony, a small mining outpost on the fourth moon of a gas giant and the only habitable location in its local solar system.

Founded in 2526 by a corporation at the time unaware of the Covenant and subsequently abandoned following the hegemony’s onslaught becoming common knowledge, JYN-211 was a backwater in every sense of the word. A hub for human trafficking prior to a sting conducted by Colonial Ranger Bureau, only to become a hotbed for insurrectionists and rumoredly even rogue scientists, it was the perfect place to host Lancaster and potentially spawn the insurrections answer to Spartans.

All that in mind, MAGICIAN saw this clearly for what it was; a trap. Knowing this MAGICIAN was more than confident in his ability to outplay the NCA, and with good reason, he’d done it nearly a dozen times since the group had risen to prominence. The small flotilla set a course for a nearby system and the pieces were put into place. The Spartans of Anubis were placed aboard the UNSC Shivering Sea, the Winter-class prowler under to the I Am Your Father’s command, and made the jump into the target system.

Assuredly undetected thanks to the prowler’s stealth systems, the vessel set down on the colony. En route to JYN Cody had encountered the prowler’s helmsman, a now Lieutenant James Fitzpatrick, the same man who’d flown FEUDAL to Paris IV’s surface and saved their lives in the process. At Jamison’s urging the two caught up, and Cody was able to find some small measure of closure in befriending the man.

Once on the surface Anubis easily was able to locate the insurrectionist stronghold, as they’d made no effort to conceal the stolen frigate in dry dock, or the sprawling facility they’d erected in the area around it. Reconnaissance conducted by the Spartans themselves and by the Shivering Sea’s compliment of drones reveal the facility to be extremely densely populated with insurrectionist personnel. The massive amount of troops present more or less ruled out the prospect of the facility being rigged to blow upon their insertion, as the NCA wasn’t prone to making sacrificial plays given their low numbers.

Confident a nuclear warhead wouldn’t be detonated should they be detected, an assumption further backed up as scans revealed no nukes at the site at all, Anubis planned their infiltration. Staggeringly outnumbered, something each of the Spartan’s was well used to, they based their strategy around crippling the internal communications of the facility and eliminating portions of the bases’ defenders in the confusion. They’d whittle away until there wasn’t a single soul left, and Lancaster, if he was in fact there, lay dead.

Waiting for darkness to fall, the three Spartans pushed a single entry point, a stretch of defensive wall that was lightly guarded, poorly monitored by surveillance, and easily passed if one jumped over from above. For those not in MJOLNIR or the like such a fall would’ve been fatal, for Anubis it was no more dangerous than falling back to earth from a simple hop. What guards that were present were quickly and silently killed by the team and their bodies concealed as the Spartans ventured into the base. Marcus opted to venture out on his own, not wanting either of the S-III’s to hinder his work, both of whom were all too glad to comply and be rid of him.

B042 and G144 made their way through the facility carrying out several quick attacks, in the process discovering several anti-Spartan countermeasures, from enhanced sensors to antigravity plates. Thankfully, both had been trained by Kurt Ambrose, who’s experience during the raid on Camp New Hope had been passed on to his students, and left the duo prepared to detect, avoid, and disable these snares. Marcus however did not have the same knowledge.

As it became clear to the two that they were indeed in a trap, a multitude of alarms sounded and chaos erupted. Both knew that their teammate was undoubtedly compromised and after brief debate Jamison was able to sway Cody to assist their fellow Spartan. Going loud the the two cut a swathe through the rebel outpost. While Spartan-226 had been discovered, they’re having not been gave them the element of surprise as they butchered numerous enemy squads moving to ensnare their erstwhile comrade.

The so called 'rebel Spartans' found themselves drastically outmatched by their legitimate counterparts.

Decimating numerous heavy weapons teams and two separate units of the commandos they’d encountered on Kholo, the Spartans opted to take a path through a seemingly unremarkable logistics building. Instead of simply breezing through, they were instead ambushed by three hostiles wearing powered armor in close quarters.

The three were undoubtedly part of the element of rebel supersoldiers whose presence had drawn them to the moon in the first place. However the lethality they displayed against the Indigo 4-9 was no match for full Spartans. The crucial mistake made by the rebel commandos seemed to be their insistence on engaging the duo in excessively close combat instead of a proper ambush. Their powered armor did allow them to compete with the pair in terms of strength, but did nothing to make them fast enough to compete in hand to hand.

Their lack of energy shielding allowed one to be cut down by Jamison before they could even properly engage the Spartans. The other two commandos were swiftly put down in their attempts to avenge their comrade in an exchange that was more execution than a brawl. Each of the SPARTAN-III’s dismantled their respective opponents and killed them in short order before continuing on their way to assist Marcus.

Meanwhile in orbit, a duo of stolen Halberd-class destroyers, missing since 2554, would emerge from the far side of one of the neighboring moons, and begin moving towards JYN-211. Each destroyer was housing a quick response force of their own intended to overwhelm the Spartans groundside whilst the two warships denied them escape.

This plan however relied on the idea that the Spartans had been inserted covertly, and were lacking the sort of backup Anbuis had in the form of the I Am Your Father and its escorts. As the first elements of the rebel reinforcements left the destroyers, the flotilla of ONI moved in to strike.

The destroyer’s crews, unprepared for such a turn of events found their vessels torn to shreds, ensnared in MAGICIAN’s trap as they had attempted to spring their own.

Groundside, B042 and G144 managed to locate and rescue SPARTAN-226, who had been left largely immobilized due to an armor restraining bolt. Though the device had malfunctioned and allowed Marcus to somewhat move his body above the waist, which he used to drag himself to cover and return fire, which undoubtedly save his life, he was nonetheless repeatedly injured.

As the few dropships that had managed to launch from the destroyers witnessed their destruction, the pair of Condors equipped with slipspace drives opted to flee, while those remaining, a trio of Pelicans, were shot down by a pair of Broadswords launched from one of the I Am Your Father’s escort frigates, the Eye of Agamotto.

Not long after, the Shivering Sea returned for the Spartans, along with a compliment of ODSTs who would make short work of any remaining insurgent fighters. Though they had failed to find Lancaster, Fireteam Anubis did encounter the first of the NCA’s own ‘supersoldiers’, the idea of which would grow into something of an obsession for MAGICIAN. Additionally, after a thorough sweep of the husks of the rebel destroyers, some intelligence was recovered confirming Lancaster was indeed with the rebels, though there was nothing to suggest where he might be, or what their plans were for the rogue Spartan.

Unfortunately for the UNSC at large, said plans would soon be revealed.

Raised Stakes

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Image Name Description
Headhunters - Jonah profile.png Semi-Powered Infiltration armor Utilized by Cody for the near total entirety of the Human-Covenant War, the mass produced armor provided to the mainline equally mass produced SPARTAN-IIIs was extensively modified by Cody throughout its service. Cody’s first set was issued to him days before deployment in Operation: CARTWHEEL, the armor served its purpose until TORPEDO, whereupon the completion of the mission the armor was battered beyond repair. Soon administered a second set, Cody would field the armor in every operation he was dispatched on until Operation: DYNAMO where environmental circumstances dictated that he utilize an armor capable of operating in a vacuum. This second set would undergo numerous upgrades as Cody attempted to keep pace with FEUDAL team’s MJOLNIR Mark V armor, his alterations included upgrades to the electronics suite and HUD courtesy of Tomas-B400, multiple instances of additional plating removed from some areas and being re-installed in other areas to increase protection as well as optimize movement, the addition of vacuum seals and several other components to allow for EVA, as well as the installation of Covenant point-defense gauntlets. In addition to all the practical additions, following the Fall of Reach Cody added several cosmetic features, including painting some sections crimson, as well is introducing a shark-tooth style aesthetic to his visor reminiscent of aircraft nose-art.
B042GEN2 (2).png MJOLNIR GEN2 Powered Assault Armor Issued to Cody in early 2554, the set of MJOLNIR incorporated a combination of mainline armor sets including SCOUT and VENATOR. Unlike previous armors put to use by B042, the MJOLNIR was not tailored towards the needs of an independent operator, instead favoring someone who worked with a partner, in Cody's case that was Jamison-G144. The suit was put together with close quarters in mind, with the sharp curvature of the VENATOR components allowed for devastating blows to be launched by B042, while the design of the SCOUT helmet gave plenty of protection to the head while still having a multitude of systems integrated to assist in forward reconnaissance. Cody also had an internal command network and 4th generation update modules installed once he took on the role of leader for Fireteam Stallion.


With a skill set focused on close quarters combat and prolonged brawls, Cody has a notable preference towards weaponry with high reliability and close range stopping power. Throughout the Human-Covenant War, Cody would carry a small armory's worth of firearms, blades, explosives, and other tools, constantly relying on the extra firepower to compensate for his lack of MJOLNIR which in turn lead to his increasingly more aggressive combat style.

Cody's typical loadout during the war

Notably Cody made use of a MA5K carbine which he preferred for his familiarity with the weapon and its combination of reliability and versatility. Another trademark of the Spartan's was a modified M45 shotgun nicknamed "Wrath" which in addition to the installation of an ammo counter, B042 also made modifications to the inner workings of the weapon to allow for faster firing. Aside from the two firearms, the other mainstays of his arsenal are a combat knife formerly owned by Abdul-B213 which he has shown a level of attachment to, and a combat machete specially requested by Cody in order to help him in combating foes like Brutes. In addition, Cody also would carry several explosives and sidearms in addition to his usual gear.


"B042, always thinking with his gun and not his head."
―Franklin Mendez on B042

Early in life B042 was a meek, nervous, and fearful, while also being exceedingly kind albeit sharp tongued to those around him. These traits made him a friend to many as well as a target for bullies, as seen with Abraham-B138 in training. That said, as time went on within Beta Company's training that the boy nursed a grudge like none other, against the Covenant as well as his tormentors, the latter of which began to suffer the consequences of this far sooner than the former. Early examples were his brutal assault of B263, and the fact he stole a magazine of armor piercing rounds prior to TORPEDO with the intent of killing B138 during the operation. On top of that, Cody often went out of his way to kill as many and inflict as much pain as possible on Covenant forces, Sangheili in particular, going as far as to intentionally fail to stop a Sapient Sunrise nerve gas attack as well as the massacre of Doram keep.

His anger could also be seen as manifesting in his manner of speaking. SPARTAN-B042, compared to most of his comrades, was exceedingly vulgar, and it is rare a sentence is not punctuated with some form of profanity. The language no doubt was picked up from instructors on Onyx, though his continued heavy use of profanity in spite of reprimand seemingly was born purely of his near constant state of aggression, only meditating when he was in the presence of the likes of Fireteam Bravo, FEUDAL Team, Jamison-G144, or Fireteam Stallion.

This deep anger defined B042, and calloused over most of his other emotions and his morality for most of his life, as well as imparting him with a violently xenophobic attitude towards all Covenant species for the whole of his life. Later events would impart a hatred of the insurrection, and for the Office of Naval Intelligence, but none to the same extent he bore the many alien species that once belonged to the Covenant.

This deep hatred enabled B042 to commit numerous acts of violence against scores of non-combatant Covenant species, primarily during his tenure with the Special Activities Division's Hangman unit. Additionally, his anger seemed to sufficiently dull his sense of morality enough for him frequently employ torture as means of gathering information even against human insurrectionists, and a seeming disregard for collateral damage. When this anger eventually faded, Cody was left feeling empty and showed signs of extreme depression as overwhelming feelings of insignificance, and more importantly, guilt would take its place.

This guilt, born of having survived TORPEDO, Reach, Earth, and EPHIALTES while those around and under him did not had a profound effect on the Spartan. While most sentient beings would be wounded by such loss, B042's habit of opening himself to others and bonding with them, only for said parties to be killed shortly thereafter left the Spartan borderline unwilling to bond with his own brother for years. Eventually, one Bailey Keller, a civilian B042 encountered during the Created Crisis would be able to open the soldier up a final time, thus beginning his journey to relative stability.


Fireteam Bravo

"No matter what we come up against, we’ll follow your lead, and we’ll be just fine. WE trust you ‘Deet."
―Cody to Deiter shortly before Operation: TORPEDO.

Bravo gathered together.

Fireteam Bravo was the first of many units Cody would come to see as his ‘family’. In the early days Cody lived in fear that his impulsivity, anxiety, and overall mediocrity would turn his teammates on him. Instead, they provided constructive criticism and helped B042 transform from a potential washout into a capable soldier all his own. However, the relationship was mutually beneficial, the four orphans supported and protected each other as if they were flesh and blood almost from the start. Where Abdul helped Cody become a more competent marksman, Cody helped him with his fear of abandonment and refused to let him ever face a punishment alone. Marcella, despite feeding the rage that would grow to define Cody ensured that he was always protected from his usual entourage of bullies, while Cody became the only person Marcella felt comfortable putting aside the ferocious facade she wore and opened up about the guilt she felt for surviving when her family did not. Finally, Deiter refused to allow B042’s self-loathing to consume him never allowed the young Spartan to give up, and Cody became B214’s greatest supporter when he doubted his own leadership. Each member helped the other in a dozen other ways, creating an incredibly strong bond between the Spartans. When they were picked apart in front of Cody during TORPEDO, the pain of his loss and guilt for surviving nearly drove him to suicide multiple times as late as 2551.

Feudal Team

"Alright Feudal, go make the spooks their money's worth."
―Daniel-A010 during Operation: DYNAMO

Cody was assigned to FEUDAL at a crucial point in his life, following the trauma of TORPEDO and LONG WAY GONE, it became clear that if Cody was going to continue to be of use it would be best to have him in a team environment. It just so happened that Section III was in need of an operator to keep tabs on how SPECWARCOM was handling its Spartans, and Cody fit the bill.


Cody-B042: "You’re being naive, just follow your orders."
Jamison-G144: "Have some faith Cody, I haven’t let you down yet and I don’t plan to start."
Cody-B042: "I-just. Don’t, don’t be stupid J I’m on my way I’ll be there in four mikes."
Jamison-G144: "C’mon I learned from the best, take your time."
— Cody and Jamison moments before the latter confronted Lancaster-205

Jamison was in Cody’s eyes, his last hope. The deaths of all he’d grown close to and his perceived failure in a leadership role made his reaction to being put in a BINARY Headhunter team with a younger Spartan a particularly negative one. At first the elder Spartan remained closed off to the Gamma Company graduate, and remained so until one night on Gilgamesh, G144 opened up about the death of his own Fireteam, one he’d lead. The guilt was crushing the boy, a guilt that had all but swallowed B042 at that point. In that moment the big-brother instincts that had long been dormant in Cody seemingly kicked in, and the elder Spartan took his new partner under his wing. Jamison became more or less Cody’s protege, adopting his fighting style in tandem with his own tactical expertise and unbridled optimism. The latter always was a point of debate between the two, but never one with any hostility involved. B042 allowed himself to lower his guard, and Jamison took the place of the younger brother Cody had been informed was long dead. When Jamison was seemingly killed at the hands of his own brother, Cody snapped, descending into the darkest mental state of his life primed to commit untold atrocities.

Fireteam Stallion

"Run them down."
―Cody reciting the team’s motto before an engagement on Requiem.

Bailey Keller

Cody-B042: "Just need to keep you safe."
Bailey Keller: "Then stay here."
―The two following one of Cody’s attempts to go on a late night patrol around their property.



Arsonist's Lullabye

Cody's Theme

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