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Cliff Highway
Service Information

Gunnery Sergeant

Service Number


  • Formerly
  • 32nd Marine Infantry regiment
  • 3rd Army Division
  • 301st Marine Regiment
  • Currently
  • 117th Special Operations Regiment
Biographical Information
Date of Birth




Hair Color


Combat Information

Human-Covenant War

  • Colonial Cross
  • Purple Heart (4)
  • Silver Star
  • Red Legion of honor
  • Marine Expeditionary Medal
"My name is Gunnery Sergeant Highway and I've drunk more beer and pissed more blood, banged more quiff and busted more ass, than all you numbnuts put together!"
―Gunnery Sergenant Highway

"Gunny, they are just fucking kids. And Gunny, I most certainly have pissed more blood than you."
―Second Lieutenant Raina

Gunnery Sergeant Cliff Highway is a highly decorated Marine Gunnery Sergeant who has served in the Human-Covenant War, Remnant war and the Necros War

Early Life

Cliff Highway was born two years before first contact with the Covenant at Harvest to a comfortable middle class family. As soon as he came of age, he signed up for the UNSC Marines and was quickly shipped out to Paris Island for training. He passed training as a corperal and was immediately dispatched to the front line.

UNSC Service

Highway was immediately thrown into Combat against the Covenant threat in 2541, and within two years he went into the meatgrinder battle at Hill 255 on the world of Acronos, also known as 'Colonial Hill' for the 4 Colonial Crosses awarded at that battle. Highway himself got one for clearing a Covenant dugout singlehandedly. Though he was a highly succesful soldier, he was often insubordinate to his officers, resulting in him eventually being moved from the Marines to the Army in late 2551. After the end of the war he continued in the army, serving as a training instructor and occassional senior NCO. When the army was dissolved, Highway finally got moved backed to his beloved Marines. He served with distinction, despite some reports of insubordination and eventually, he was short listed for the 117th Special Operations Regiment. Thanks to his years of experience and a attitude admired by Bravo Company commander, SPARTAN-013, he was admitted to Bravo Company, as the XO of Purple Platoon. There he trained and command under Second Lieutenant Pandora Raina, both of which had a mutual respect for each other for their professionalism and general hate for their enemies. He also found a mutual respect with 1st Battalion commander, who had actually served at Colonial Hill and admired his attitude to combat.

Personal Life

Highway has had a difficult life in the Marines, between insubordination to officers, problems with alcohol, a estranged relationship with his wife and a general 'bad ass' attitude to combat and training. He also has a close working relationship with Gunnery Sergeant Harry Choi.

Personal Preferences

Highway uses MJOLNIR VII/I standard and for his firearm uses MA6A Individual Combat Weapon System with attached M024 Grenade Launcher, with a M6L Personal Defence Weapon System as his side arm.


"I'm here to tell you all that life as you know it, has ended." First said upon meeting the IVs


  • Cliff Highway is based upon Clint Eastwood's character Thomas Highway in the film Heartbreak Ridge.
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