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Lieutenant-Commander Christina 'Chrissie' Cooper, is a Spartan-III Commando of the United Nations Space Command's Naval Special Warfare Command. Pulled from Beta Company as a Category-II Commando, she would serve as the leader of Team Victor, before becoming the leader of the cross-company Jericho Team in 2547. Following the Battle of Reach, she would become the second in command of the remnants of Special Warfare Group 3.

A talented pilot, Chrissie often serves as a leader in operations focused on the use of vehicular warfare.


Early Life

Christina Cooper was born on the rural human outer colony of Vision on October 10th, 2531 to Kristie and Flynn Cooper, being their only child. Chrissie as she preferred to be called, was considered to be an energetic child by her parents, gaining an interest in aircraft from an early age due to her mother's collection of aircraft magazines.

This interest in aircraft served as the catalyst for Chrissie's love of flight and her ambition to become a pilot when she grew up. A passion which often led to her being found by her parents watching UNSC Fighters undergoing flight test from the nearby Misriah Armouries Production facility.

Capture and Rescue

In March of 2537, Vision would be attacked by the Covenant, starting the three week Battle of Vision. Chrissie and her family were near the initial landing zone and, arguably should have been killed within the first day of the battle. However, the presence of a local forerunner artefact would see her and her family 'temporarily'. This was due to the local prophet being aware of the need of humans in the recovery of the holy relic. And so ordering Chrissie, her family, and the other local residents to be captured and held as prisoners until the holy relic had been acquired.

For the next two weeks, Chrissie and her parents were held in prison cells under the Covenant command building, being fed only scraps of food to sustain them. Many of her fellow prisoners succumbed to starvation, their corpses being left to rot in the cells, Chrissie's parents gave their daughter portions of their own meagre ration, believing that they would be rescued by the UNSC.

Unknown to them, ONI had identified the site and had deployed three teams from the Spartan-III Programs, Commando Group Alpha, elite Spartan III operators who had been pulled from the rest of Alpha Company for special operations. After performing a detailed reconnaissance of the site, and not knowing of the presence of Chrissie and the other prisoners, the commando's elected for a blitz style frontal assault. Upon the assault, the Covenant commander, assuming that the humans were attempting to rescue the prisoners, ordered for their immediate execution by the grunt guards. Chrissie's parents, realizing what was about to happen, and, hearing the gunfire from the Spartan's, chose to sacrifice themselves to save the daughter, using their bodies to shield Chrissie from the murderous hail of plasma. Before any of the grunts to check for survivors, Jake-A384 and Rosenda-A344 breached the prison cells, cutting down the grunts before they could return fire.

Upon meeting her saviours, Chrissie reacted fearfully to the Spartan-III's by screaming in fear, as due to the poor lighting and active camouflage of their SPI armour, she did not recognize them as being human. However, Jake, understanding Chrissie's fear, deactivated his armours camouflage system and depolarized his visor, so as to put her to ease by confirming he was indeed human. Immediately after Jake had removed Chrissie from the cell block, the Spartans were counter-attacked by the Covenant dig team, who were in possession of a Type-47A Scarab, a vehicle that the Spartans had no weapon to counter with. Jake, knowing that keeping Chrissie near to them was a terrible idea, handed her off to Beth-A173, under orders to get her to the waiting Owl dropship that had been sent to retrieve the strike team.

Due to the effective clearance of hostiles from the base, Beth and Chrissie were able to make it to the Owl unmolested. Shortly after being joined by the other commando's, who had collapsed the opening to the excavation tunnel using their small number of M41 Rocket Launchers, trapping the Scarab inside, along with a HAVOK tactical nuke, which obliterated the site shortly after take-off.



Spartan service


 Battle Honours

  • Operation CARTWHEEL (2545)
  • Battle of Sargasso (2546)
  • Battle of Reach (2552)



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