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Ceo 'Theainee
Biographical Information



  • "The Councilor"
  • "Theania's Greatest Son"




February 8th 2472



Physical Information








178 Kilograms



Political/Military Information


  • Close Quarters Combat
  • Ranged Combat
  • Strategist



Noyo 'Radam



  • Being one of the last Councilors to escape the initial purge
  • Recognised as an outspoken supporter for the Swords of Sanghelios and his progressive idealistic views
  • Being idolised by the Swords of Sanghelios
  • Reaching the title of Kaidon at a young age
"Instinct nourishes the faithful, faith offers strength in accordance."
―Ceo 'Theainee

Ceo 'Theainee or simply known as Ceo or by his ostentatious ego as the Councilor and colloquially referred to in the State of Theainia as Theania's Greatest Son (Oracle Code: S2-T2312-15) is a Sangheili male High Councilor apart of the Swords of Sanghelios's High Council following the Great Schism and subsequent collapse and ultimate dissolution of the Covenant Empire during the final months of the Human-Covenant War. Before the Great Schism broke out, Ceo's history within the Covenant Empire was largely inhibited as Ceo was devout to serving the Covenant like most of his brethren. During the Human-Covenant War, Ceo was apart of the Covenant's infamous Special Warfare Group which carried out the most secretive and classified military operations through the duration of the Galactic scale conflict, Ceo originally held the title of Special Operations Officer, mostly leading daring and suicidal convert missions against the UNSC, however there were some expectations to this rule as his Special Operations guild sometimes fought in large scale engagements with the UNSC, Ceo also became akin to seeing many of his comrades fall and being replaced, this saddened him as he is a staunch believer that every life has the potential to be innovative and valued highly, these ethics he has mainly describes him as passionate, caring, respectful before fighting his opponents.

Ceo was considered by many to be a valiant warrior which was rarely delayed from his objectives and his goals, Ceo also had considerable leadership skills which helped him and the many Units he commanded function effectively and professionally the majority of the time when Ceo was in charge aside from a few Battles where Ceo suffered his worse losses. The majority of Ceo's feats came from his bold heroic personality in which he used to strike fear and to brutalise the enemy far beyond normality, this gave him quite the reputation amongst the Human intelligence agency called the Office of Naval Intelligence which aimed to assassinate or capture Ceo countless and numerous times, primarily when he became a High Councilor within the Covenant, when Ceo became a High Councilor, almost immediately after he was promoted to the position, the Great Schism occured in which Ceo took the opportunity of to fight once more as he was dedicated towards violence after fighting for thirty years in the Human-Covenant War. Managing to survive the Councilor Purge on High Charity, Ceo set out with several other surviving Sangheili High Councilors to relay with the rest of the Sangheili which were betrayed and to reorganise themselves to figh tthe Covenant in a more organised manner, Ceo got into contact with Rtas 'Vadum and the Fleet of Particular Justice in which he led against the Prophets. Despite being advised not to fight directly on ground operations during the Great Schism, Ceo continued doing so regularly commanding or taking command of ground forces to consistently use a variaety of strategies and tactics to pull off impressive feats against the Covenant forces, with this, Ceo and the rest of the Separatists sided with the Human forces in which it took some time for Ceo to adapt to accordingly, however the Councilor realised the reality of the conflict and took the Human aid into earnest consideration.

After the end of the Human-Covenant War, Ceo returned to a Civilian lifestyle in which Ceo remained Kaidon of his Keep, having grown quite the reputation to surrounding Keeps and the newly established Swords of Sanghelios, Ceo was also a major political figure in the Council of Kaidons, the political legislature of the Swords of Sanghelios which decided and mediated the development and future of the Sangheili homeworld and it's respective Colonies which housed large native Sangheili populations. During the Post-War period, Ceo occasionally went onto missions directed by himself against Covenant splinter factions in which he closely cooperated with Human forces numerous times which rekindled his relationship with Humanity as a whole, he was also one of the many important diplomats between both the UEG and the SOS.

During the Blooding Years and the Sangheili-Jiralhanae War. Ceo played pivotal roles as being a frontline commander to boost morale and the organisation of his forces, believing that commanding his forces on a close and personal level was key to success, the same phislophy which the Arbiter, Thel 'Vadam utalised when attacking the enemies of the Swords of Sanghelios during the two conflicts. Ceo fought against the Jiralhanae forces in several key engagements in which he successfully defended several settlements on Sangheili colonial worlds which were under assaults and raids from the brutes as they aimed for vengeance against the Sangheili following the Great Schism and the end of the Human-Covenant War. Ceo lead several Units against the Brutes on their homeworld of Doisac where he and the forces he was in command of massacred thousands of Brute Warriors, Ceo's effort during the conflict was highly important and his skillset and profession made the Arbiter recognise his potential as a reliable leader ever since the Great Schism.

With the end of the Blooding Years and the threat of the Jiralhanae invasions being ultimately repelled being subdued effectively, Ceo and the Swords of Sanghelios began to recognise the threat of The Banished, a renegade and ruthless mercenary faction which was growing in strength, size and power and being a nuisance to both the Swords of Sanghelios and the UNSC. Ceo volunteered to carry out operations towards quelling and ultimately extinguishing the threat that is the Banished and it's wicked influence without the Council's permission, being a major attribute to Ceo's ambitions he usually carried out his own operations and missions without the Council of Kaidons knowing the significance of such. The Banished recognised Ceo as a grave threat to their power structure and dominance over expanding after the collapse and chaos of the post-Covenant period.

Early Life

Ceo 'Theainee was born in the State Of Theaina to his family where he spent most of his childhood and teenage years training to be a skilled Sangheili warrior for the Covenant, his Uncle Mrera 'Theaine trained him with experience and knowledge from the Theaina linage what was passed throughout cycles and from his Uncle's past experiences, he also taught Ceo how to hunt, brotherhood, strength, loyalty, and religious studying. When Ceo was a teenager he was attracted to a girl from the other keep and kept trying to seduce her into befriending him. This girl was called Noyo 'Radam. At first Noyo was annoyed from Ceo's actions but eventually, after she nearly fell off a cliff. Ceo saved her which made Noyo's relation with Ceo now grew fond of him after that particular incident. When Ceo was around the age of 17, he proposed to Noyo to be soul mates and Noyo whole heatedly obliged to Ceo's proposition, but there was some opposition within the Theaina clan between allowing a marriage between the Radam and Theaina keeps, but ultimately their love was inseparable and Ceo and Noyo became accustom to both keeps due to this minor relationship, despite only being 17 Ceo also was a great and valiant fighter, during practice duels with other novice Sangheili warriors, he outperformed them gradually in close quarters combat, being on the brink of killing them most times, but Ceo's did resent to killing his own brethren during actual duels, as a result to him being incapable of killing his fellow clansmen, he was highly found ashamed of, but one day this all changed as he took enough criticism from one of the nobles within the keep, swiftly killing them of in front of other Sangheili nobles, as a result of this short fight, Ceo was no longer criticised or hated upon, as he revealed his inner strength and relentless anger for killing an elder Sangheili of the clan. Now that Ceo 'Theainee obtained most political power over his respective clansmen, he honoured that the Elders must retain control and Ceo placed his Uncle Mrera 'Theaine in control of the entire State of Theania, executing total political control and ensuring that his family was given an honourable title. Many Sangheili did not believe that this was possible, but Ceo's mindset was revolutionary in nature and thought more strategically and tactically than the majority of his brethren when it came to the Politics of the Clan and being an excellent swordsmen.

Human-Covenant War

Soldier the Covenant and Hat Yai

"One flash of light from the Gods above, the world shattered and trembled beneath it's core, and millions incinerated in one flash, an instant."
―Ceo 'Theainee regarding his experience on Hat Yai

Nuclear weapons were used by the UNSC forces after evacuating their ground units from Hat Yai to deny the Covenant advance.

However Ceo's life of fortune and fame did not last long, as several assassination attempts were plotted against him which were surprisingly stopped directly by himself. As his time for the Covenant Military came, he reluctantly joined the Covenant's Military and others heard exceptional skills and traits Ceo had, quickly putting him in the occupation of a relentless Special Operations Officer, he soon was evaluated and met his trusted Brothers and fellow Soldiers for the first time. His first actions on being a Special Operations Officer was eliminating Heretic strongholds and cells throughout Covenant-controlled space, throughout his journeys he managed to lead his guild of forces successfully through many battles and raids against the Heretic forces, eventually placing his position to be credited by the rest of the Special Operations group he was with and much of the Operational integrity relied on Ceo's strategic planning and combat skills which he managed to silence several key Heretic leaders and commanders personally as he saw it through to his own means.

When contact came with the Humans in 2525, the planet of Harvest signalled the beginning of the Human-Covenant War as Covenant forces attacked the Humans with a large armada, following the first battle of Harvest many key battles took place which resulted primarily in Covenant victory, Ceo did not see much action during the 2520s as most engagements were above orbit in space. As Ceo was deployed to Hat Yai with the Guild he commanded, he was indecisive on what to do but decided that following the orders instructed to him by his superiors, although his objectives were not quite clear as anticipated and Ceo was deployed to frontline combat against UNSC forces on the ground defending the planet, he along with many other units of the Special Warfare Group were embezzled in their deployment for ground combat, this misdirection and poor planning from the high command led to the demise of many Special Operations units during the confrontation with the Human forces, especially that of Spartan IIs.

During the early stages of the battle Ceo and his subordinates received stiff resistance from the UNSC defences and Ceo was subsequently dumbstruck from the sudden surprise as he had no experience fighting against these new species, although as Ceo and his Guild began to progress through the front and continued to assault the UNSC forces on the ground, he was injured several times from small arms fire from ODSTs and Marines although Ceo hastily eliminated the obstacles within his way and proceeded towards the objective of the supposed covert operation, he and his Guild was tasked to destroy a UNSC storage compound which cumulated a large stockpile of UNSC weapons of all sorts, the destruction of the compound was vital for Covenant forces to proceed forth with assaulting a Human settlement, as Ceo and his forces travelled to the designated facility he and his forces cloaked and drew their weapons and infiltrated the Human installation manoeuvring through the defences by utilising their active camouflage and advanced HUDs to help with navigation and to find viable points to set explosives and traps around so that the Humans could not escape nor could they properly discover or expect them to assault as they were unbeknownst to the Covenant's superior technology, such as being able to cloak themselves from plain sight. As Ceo and his Guild eliminated the majority of Human resistance they successfully escaped from the compound and destroyed all of it's storage in the process so that the UNSC was unable to use their localised supplies against the Covenant offensive, as Ceo and his Guild successfully eliminated a stronghold, they were now tasked with tracking down a Spartan team, this being a personal debut for Ceo with confronting the Spartan super soldiers which he learnt to fear and not to undermine with the continuation of the Human-Covenant War and onwards.

Afterwards Ceo and his unit was deployed to trace the Spartan squad through a heavily forested region of the planet, Ceo received aid from Skirmisher trackers which aided his Guild trace the Spartans and obtain a lead with remnants left behind prior to their arrival as the Spartans were apparent to have made short work of eliminating a Covenant convoy along a highway, seemingly they were ambushed by the Spartans, this enthralled Ceo to continue his investigation with unravelling the location of the Spartans, although before contemplating on a proper decision to take, Ceo and his forces were ambushed by Colonial Milita forces of Hat Yai accompanied by UNSC Marines and Army Troopers which also were provided with artillery and vehicular support against them, Ceo being enraged beforehand with the discovery of his deceased brothers, he focused his anger towards brutally taking out the UNSC forces and the Colonial Militia, he focused on the Colonial Militia forces first and made short work of them and quickly hijacked a Warthog by leaping onto the side and throwing it's driver from the vehicle causing the Warthog to crash into an entrenched position within the surrounding hinterland the Human forces ambushed Ceo from, Ceo tanked in many hits from small arms fire as his personal shielding protected him from the Human firearms until an emplaced turret was fired at him and popped his shields, Ceo took cover behind several rocks until his shields recharged and were operational, he then charged ahead with his Plasma Rifle and eliminated the emplacement and it's adjacent allies by lobbing Plasma Grenades to lure the Humans from cover where Ceo then took them out without assistance. Following the ambush, his heavily angered state clouded his mind to implement a more tactical approach to fight the Spartans he was searching for, as time passed Ceo eventually spotted the location of the Spartan squad once he got in proximity, he discovered the targets but did not engage or charge ahead against them, instead, Ceo went with the chance to pick off the Spartans with a Beam Rifle he obtained from a Kig Yar Sniper by demanding they lend their weapon to his custody, after adjusting to his surroundings and phoning on the ground to get a precise shot on one of the Spartans, he fired the Beam Rifle which struck one of the Spartan's helmets but to Ceo's surprise the improbability of the helmet saving the life of it's bearer came into fruition, the Spartan Ceo shot with his Beam Rifle quickly scurried to cover and his position along with his comrades were revealed to the Spartans, then Ceo attempted to engage the Spartans in direct combat in which he managed to cause the Spartan squad to retreat into the forest after fierce fighting, although Ceo's Guild was fundamentally mutilated from their attack against the Spartans with Ceo failing to eliminate his targets. Reflecting on that encounter against the Spartans for the first time, Ceo realised that he was incredibly lucky not to have been slayed like the rest of his Guild was and the majority of Covenant soldiers were during the conflict. Afterwards, Ceo attempted to pursue the fleeing Spartans but they were evacuated by a Pelican and they flew away towards a nearby Frigate.

As Ceo witnessed the flight of the Spartans he assumed that the Spartans were cowering from his fighting capability until he noticed a large flash of light and heard an Earth shattering bang, causing him to looked over towards the horizon and he took notice that a large mushroom shaped cloud formed in the distance, it was an explosion from a thermonuclear weapon against the Covenant Outpost Ceo received his intel from in regards of the elimination of the Spartan team, as Ceo evaluated the explosion from afar he realised quickly that it did indeed pose a threat to his livelihood, as Ceo observed his surroundings hesitant for cover he noticed that there was an antique bunker which he quickly fled into to escape the blast from the nuclear weapon, as Ceo entered the bunker in a rushed and precipitated manner he noticed that the bunker was connected to a series of underground passages in which Ceo entered and ducked into cover behind some debris sheltering him from the initial explosion and the fallout afterwards. In this time Ceo fought against ODST survivors underground and exited after dealing with his unwanted guests, he soon realised that the entire Covenant force was obliterated from these weapons Ceo believed where reminiscent to glassing, although that thought was quickly put to rest once he realised that the surface was not molten but rather thrashed and destroyed in vegetation. Ceo then speculated that the Humans deployed a type of super weapon which helped them evacuate as seen beforehand with the evacuation from the Spartans. As Ceo continued to find any Covenant survivors from the blast he discovered several pockets of Human resistance lingering in which he took out and eventually he relinked with a group of Covenant survivors which got into contact with the stationary fleet above which sent Dropships to recover any remaining Covenant personnel and assets on the planet, Ceo and a handful of survivors where then evacuated and were transferred back to one of the ships within the Fleet above the planet. Ceo's participation at Hat Yai was discerned by members of the Special Warfare Group's High Command and Covenant High Council which perceived Ceo's survival and feats on Hat Yai to be spectacular, however Ceo was also disregarded for having such potential as hindrance over the failure to eliminate the Spartan squad was also noted by various members of the Special Warfare Group but nevertheless Ceo's endurance was highly respected by many soldiers of the Covenant. Leading to his growth as a leading figure.

Harvest Campaign

N'tharo 'Tacamai: "We cannot defeat these Incanons, we must fall back and reorganise, Brother."
Ceo 'Theainee: "No we shall continue the fight as long as we can hold, even if we die, we die for the Great Journey to prevail!"
―A demoralised N'tharo 'Tacamai arguing with Ceo 'Theainee before N'tharo was struck by a 14.5x114mm from a SRS99C-S2 AM

Although the Covenant forces had the upper hand, the Humans eventually won the Battle of Harvest after suffering heavy casualties and the majority of the planet being glassed.

Following the extraction from Hat Yai after the catastrophic end to the brutal battle, Ceo was now stationed aboard a CCS and was dispatched to the planet of Harvest to join the 5 year long prolonged ground battle, when the Elite arrived onto the world, he was supported and provided with a new guild of freshly trained Special Operations Sangheili which he met and debriefed aboard the CCS. Now fighting on the Battle of Harvest, this battle changed Ceo's perspective more on the war as he saw what conventional ground war truly was especially with the assets of total war where everything and anything was utilised by both sides to defeat each other one way or another, during the Battle on Harvest Ceo sustained many injuries in the battle after engaging with large swaths of UNSC Marines, Army Troopers and ODSTs alike on the battle, this made him quite battle hardened with his experiences until the Covenant forces were becoming more and more weak as more Human reinforcements were pulled from more surrounding sectors to confront the Covenant invasion force which Ceo was obviously apart of, in certain periods of the Harvest Campaign, Ceo was ordered to partake and lead several daring raids against the UNSC force's defensive installations to infiltrate to obtain important battle information and to sabotage the Human defences and infrastructure to slow down and weaken the Humans both logistically and militarily to issue out any assaults against the Covenant, these Special Operations missions were mostly successful except for a few, when Ceo was infiltrating a UNSC Anti-Air emplacement during the Battle of Utgard, most of his guild was wiped out by Spartan IIs deployed onto the planet, this was troublesome for Ceo, but luckily for the Sangheili he swiftly made his way through the UNSC forces and killed two Spartans in a costly and deadly hand to hand combat against them, but with this he was severely injured and suffered life threatening injures from several raptures to his body and stab wounds received by the Spartan IIs Combat Knives, Ceo was soon found by a group of Covenant forces and was evacuated from the area as the rest of the Covenant forces eventually pushed through and secured the Anti-Air emplacements and annihilating the area of UNSC ground and air forces alike. Thus ended Ceo's campaign on Harvest, where too he lost the initial Special Operations guild he led with all members being killed or mortally wounded, Ceo was taken back to a different CCS-class Battlecruiser than last time, but refused to be treated by Covenant medics or Huragoks, taking time away from combat to naturally heal his wounds, this took several tiresome months to fulfil, but the war was still ongoing which Ceo was itching to partake in once again.

Recovery & the Battle of Mesra

Ceo and his forces fought through similar environment as pictured during the Battle of Mesra

Ceo 'Theainee: "The burden we carry here is like one thousand boulders we must hastily carry."
Ize 'Vusovai: "I cannot proceed, my journey will end here..."
―Ceo 'Theainee to Spec Ops Ize 'Vusovai along the Karpos Mountain Pass before succumbing to the environment

After Ceo recovered from his wounds sustained during the Harvest Campaign, the CCS-class Battlecruiser Ceo was aboard of desperately needed a commander to lead the Special Warfare Group aboard the ship, this role was given to Ceo for his dedication, strategy and knowledge of the Special Warfare Group, being more well versed than the rest of the Special Operations aboard the vessel, now than rather commanding a guild of forces, Ceo now led an entire detachment of forces numbering around 2,500 total, this put Ceo in a position of commanding a vast array of soldiers at his disposal, knowing this Ceo realised that they also relied on him for guidance and protection if they wanted to live to fight another day, this worried and stressed Ceo on a large scale as he felt responsible for the losses of his brothers, but nonetheless, Ceo digressed and helped encouraged his men to sharpen and fixate their combat skills day by day to help verse them when fighting on the ground and to infiltrate hostile positions, this continued for about a fortnight until the Battlecruiser Ceo was stationed aboard with his Special Operations group decided to join and partake in the strategically important and crucial Battle of Mesra to decide the fate of the early stages of the conflict, being apart of reinforcements, Ceo and his forces were dispatched to the surface below to capture resource deposits the Covenant desperately needed such as Xenotime, Ytterbium and Erbium which helped manufacture fusion and lasers alike. Due to the rich resources the planet was spared orbital bombardment, this surprised many Covenant forces having to fight without their orbital support, including Ceo. After deploying onto the surface of the Human world, Ceo and the majority of the Special Operations group was sent into the Karpos Mountain Range to flank and outmanoeuvre and circumvent the UNSC and Militia forces to not go directly through the Nasim Bridge which was a considerable death trap for his Special Operations group, managing to outplay the Humans, the Covenant forces stopped at the opposite side of the bridge and began to use a total of fifty Wraiths to rain plasma artillery on the Human forces, obliterating much of their defences with the supportive efforts of swarms of Drones to attack and harass the Humans. On the Human side of the bridge a young John-117 was present with Blue Team, although Ceo never confronted them directly, by the time Ceo and his force dealt with the Human stragglers around the hilltops, Ceo hastily pursued Blue Team's retreat back to their exfiltration point, however Ceo eventually lost their trail but managed to succeed in their operation to secure the strategically important mines on Mesra without resorting to glassing the planet's surface for once. A great success to Ceo's reputation and ability to lead and command units, Ceo was soon documented and was recognised for his valour and bravery during the heat of battle, being a tactical thinker when it came to engagements with the Human forces and their Spartan adversaries.

Although victorious and staunch after taking the Human world and managing to capture the majority of it's mining infrastructure and depots intact, many Covenant casualties were inflicted, around a total of 837 Special Operations forces were killed despite being trained, the Spec Ops were no match for the Spartan IIs and strong hostile resistance by the local population and UNSC forces, some died by traversing through the Jungle by struggling and attempting to cope with diseases and exhaustion from marching long distances to UNSC positions, severely demoralising them at some points along the journey. But at the end of the battle Ceo managed to carry out a feat which he coordinated and led his forces to victory against the UNSC and their Militia allies along the mountain ranges in the dense jungle on the planet. Ceo and the Special Warfare Group also successfully prevented the destruction of most mining and resource extraction hubs within the region they fought on, managing to secure the key mining infrastructure to supplement the Covenant Empire's vast arms manufacturing industry for the continuation of the war. After the battle for Mesra ended, Ceo continued to participate in the war, soon adjoining the Fall of Madrigal a few months later.

The Fall of Madrigal

During the Battle of Madrigal, Ceo confronted staunch Human resistance which foiled his initial plans, most prominently the ODSTs.

When the Battle of Mesra concluded in Covenant victory, Ceo was graduated and cherished highly for his efforts in the previous battle, being able to command and lead his forces successfully against the UNSC forces and had managed to fulfil the majority of the battle plan he was appointed to and was recognised as being capable to lead by the Covenant High Command, although his time to lead has not came yet due to his young age. Soon after celebrations concluded, Ceo was dispatched once again to another Human planet, but his overconfidence was his downfall during the Fall of Madrigal, Ceo's forces were deployed on the surface of Madrigal during the early stages of the battle, Ceo's forces managed to ambush the UNSC forces and swiftly took out their logistical and raided their supply depots so that the Humans had a large starvation of resources to provide for their armoured and aerial units such as fuel and gasoline being destroyed and fragmented by Ceo's guild. After disrupting the supply lines, Ceo continued to launch infiltration assaults against prominent figures of the UNSC Army High Command stationed at the planet, Ceo targeted the commanding officers and NCOs leading Battalions and Regiments during the battle, managing to take out several with swift hit and run assaults, now the UNSC Army was left with no competent Officers and had to comprehend with a disorganised military structure, but all things turned bad for Ceo and the Special Warfare Group as mid way through the Fall of Madrigal, staunch Human resistance managed to fold many offensive plans for the Covenant and for Ceo's plans, this enraged him and in a certain battle Ceo relentlessly attacked the Human forces with a thrust which nearly in turn got him killed and the majority of his forces being decimated and killed off by the UNSC, saddened and apprehended for his failure and overconfidence, Ceo continued to fight the battle by himself, occasionally supporting the mainstream Covenant forces which were making good progress against the Human forces, in fact the tide of battle was going well for the Covenant forces once more, Ceo continued to attack and flank Human forces and swiftly taking them out with a reinforced group of stragglers Ceo picked up to fill his unit's ranks to replace heavy losses which he suffered previously with the idiotic act of valour. After the battle ended in victory, Ceo was filled with self guilt for his foolish acts which could have ruined his reputation and growth, however Ceo's hysteria only grew after the battle for what punishment awaited him, trying to atone for his self-inflicted sins which eventually he managed to cope with and look past his incidents, but Ceo never forgot what he did and how he led his fellow soldiers to death which gravely depressed the Elite, even many years after the battle ended.

Battle of Arcadia

Ceo 'Theainee: "You are certain that this is our goal?"
Eko 'Lalcam: "It is the Prophet's will we must fulfil their wishes!"
―Ceo 'Theainee questioning Eko 'Lalcam's orders during the Battle of Arcadia

UNSC forces advancing during the Battle of Arcadia, desperate to evacuate Civilians from the world.

At the end of the Battle of Madrigal, Ceo and the Fleet he was stationed in was now sent to the Human colony of Arcadia, Ceo was dispatched with a Special Operations Guild as usual, immediately when Ceo was sent down to Arcadia, his Phantom was hit from UNSC Anti-Air fire and the Phantom as a result, subsequently crashed within Arcadia City during the heat of the battle for the vital planetary Capital. Ceo and the passengers and pilot of the Phantom exited and began to hold off UNSC forces from swarming onto their position, successfully delaying them and forcing them to retreat for reinforcements, Ceo quickly met with a Sangheili General named Eko 'Lalcam who currently was in the same situation was Ceo was beforehand, he assured Ceo that the Covenant were here for a Forerunner Structure buried beneath the surface as the Arbiter Ripa 'Moramee was overseeing the invasion and unearthing of the installation. Ceo was still demoralised, but Eko encouraged him by pressing him for betraying the Prophets, Ceo then followed the General's orders and Ceo launched an assault against the UNSC forces with the Eko and his own forces against a UNSC stronghold remaining and resisting firmly against the Covenant forces ruthlessly and relentlessly attacking Arcadia City.

Ceo and his forces eventually annihlated the UNSC ground forces holding the stronghold, but to cover their failure, the UNSC forces ordered an artillery bombardment and air strike against the former UNSC position, this inflicted large casualties against Ceo and Eko's forces alike, however luckily for Ceo and several other survivors of the commotion, Eko 'Lalcam didn't make it, he wasn't killed by the direct explosions which wiped out the majority of the Covenant troops, but rather the debris and shrapnel did, Eko died and bled out without aid as nobody was able to hear his calls for assistance buried within the trapped corridor of the now destroyed apartment complex which collapsed entirely on the position, Ceo found his corpse and realised that his throat was slit from a shard of glass as he laid on the floor, holding his throat. Ceo was both saddened and enraged from this, he swore revenge against the Human forces present within the City to avenge the Lalcam bloodline, Eko received a proper burial by the other troops because of his status, as they could not transfer the body back to a Covenant vessel due to the space battle raging above at the same time. So instead he was buried on the Human world. Afterwards, Ceo gathered and reorganised all survivors or disorganised Covenant stragglers within the nearby streets and plazas and then launched a decisive victorious thrust towards the UNSC forces within the proximity of Pirth City, harsh urban street to street, building to building warfare occurred, but ultimately the Covenant forces came up on top within that sector of the City, for the other forces however, were suffering heavy costly losses towards the Human-led forces under John Forge.

But luck ran out for the UNSC forces as even more reinforcements poured through into the UNSC held planet forcing them to evacuate all civilians possible, leading to the UNSC Spirit of Fire to leave the planet and as so, victory was achieved with the remaining UNSC stragglers and Human resistance being cleansed. as the Spirit of Fire intercepted a Covenant ship back towards the Shield World.

Showdown at Vodin

"I am grateful for persisting throughout that battle, in both Air and Land it was the reincarnation of Hell."
―Ceo 'Theainee

Ceo fought in both Aerospace and on the Ground during the decisive battle over the planet.

After the Battle of Arcadia ended in with Covenant victory, Ceo was sent out to fight in the next battle, the Battle of Vodin. Ceo and his forces were present upon a Covenant stealth ship which visited the Human world and observed it from orbit, taking note of the planet's climate, surface and other important information about UNSC defensive positions and installations on the colony world, afterwards the information gathered by Ceo in his scout ship was relayed back to the Covenant Fleet stationed nearby the planet, afterwards the Covenant Fleet arrived at Vodin through slipspace, but this time with the information relayed to the Covenant Fleet, they came prepared to fight the UNSC Fleet protecting the planet's boundaries, Ceo not wanting to fall back took the fight to the air, Ceo took a Banshee and flew into the planet's atmosphere being undetected, although he was picked up by UNSC radar the UNSC forces were more worried about the attack commenced by the main Covenant Fleet, the Battle mainly resulted in Space and Atmospheric combat, where Ceo managed to down 12 S-14 Baselards while engaging in fierce dogfights with the UNSC Air Force and Navy within his Type-27 Banshee.

Eventually however Ceo's Banshee was hit by another Baselard trailing him despite his best attempts to shake them off from his tail, he was ultimately outmanoeuvred by the Baselard and crashed into the side of a Space Elevator above one of the world's Cities. Afterwards Ceo slowly and carefully made his way down from the crumbling Space Elevator, in many instances with Ceo's journey down to the surface, the Space Elevator kept rumbling and debris fell from above, nearly impacting Ceo several times. Ceo considers that event one of the luckiest moments in his lifetime. Despite Ceo attempting to get to the surface it was too far to reach, however Ceo saw a Phantom fly below him and steadied himself on one of the rings for support until he took a leap of faith, surprisingly to Ceo he landed on the top of the Phantom, causing a large thump to be heard by the passengers inside. With this oddity occurring the Phantom crew checked the top of the Phantom after landing on a rooftop of a Human building, Ceo was clinging onto the top and to the shock of the passengers they decided to aid Ceo and so he continued his voyage with that particular group.

Afterwards Ceo was then transported towards one of the world's skyhooks, ironically he conquered his fear of heights after attempting to climb down from a Space Elevator. Mentally Ceo refused to participate in this after he just scaled several flights and stories of a Space Elevator, but his service and dedication towards upholding the Covenant and the mystical Great Journey was too great as he was indoctrinated like the majority of Sangheili were and other members of the Covenant Empire. During the battle on the Skyhook, Ceo managed to confront UNSC forces specifically the Air Assault Spartans which proved difficult for him with their jetpacks, but with Ceo fighting furiously as his nature was he managed to cause them to retreat from the right side of Skyhook, where Ceo continued fighting through different levels against UNSC security, luckily enough for Ceo he managed to kill the majority of UNSC forces on the Skyhook until he confronted a Spartan II named Randall-037 who was a Veteran just like Ceo during the time of the battle. Ceo and Randall fought head on until Ceo activated a Plasma Grenade and lobbed it over to Randall's position, the Plasma Grenade exploded afterwards which pushed Randall out of the Skyhook and he plummeted towards the surface of Vodin, luckily enough for Randall the ocean saved his life and was recovered by refugees. After the confrontation with Randall, Ceo continued the fight through the Skyhook where he and a demolition force managed to set a Covenant bomb within the main supply room of the Skyhook, afterwards Ceo and the demolition team escaped the Skyhook where the UNSC forces were too late to deny. After Ceo escaped the demolition team detonated the Covenant bomb and explosives planted within the Skyhook which caused it to collapse into the planet's surface afterwards, a successful mission for Ceo and the Covenant.

But the battle was not yet over. Ceo and the Phantom he was travelling in was downed by a rocket from a SPNKr Rocket Launcher from an apartment complex, the Phantom them crashed into the streets below it was travelling above and collided into another high rise building, striking and being embodied within the building, Ceo and a handful of other survivors which were passengers, the pilot and others were killed by the impact from the crash, as a result Ceo and his survivors fought and attempted to avoid Human forces under the cover of night, fighting through street to street combat similar to that of New Mombasa. However Ceo and the survivors from the Phantom crash managed to reach an evacuation waypoint set by Covenant forces to evacuate the planet, they made it just in time to evacuate as the last Spirit left the planet and afterwards the Vodin was glassed by the Covenant.

The Heretic Hunt

"I felt inviolable. Now I lament and wail as the brothers I lost were dear to me. That mission changed my perspective, on other sins."
―Ceo 'Theainee quoting his regretful incompetence during the hunt of a Heretic Commander

The Crashed Phantom bought down by Ceo's Ghost in which the Heretic Commander Tykan 'Gatamai was tortured in by Ceo.

With the conclusion of the aforementioned Battle of Vodin being victorious for both Ceo and the Covenant forces he fought along with, Ceo and several other Special Operation Guilds were given direct orders from the Special Operations Commander of the Covenant directly to assassinate a Heretic Commander which was planning to overthrow local Covenant control on the Sangheili colonial world of Rahnelo, this stirred up much controversy and trouble amongst the local population of Rahnelo which mostly consisted of Sangheili with the exceptions of other minor races of the wider Covenant Empire, a Sangheili under the name of Tykan 'Gatamai which was the former Kaidon of his respective keep and lineage sought out self-proclaimed independence and revenge against the Hierarchs and the Covenant Empire for "Leaving them out of relativity." Which managed to gain and gather some prominent popular support and uproar with the local population situated on Rahnelo. Thus Ceo and his Special Operations Guild with new and fresh warriors and replacements began their journey into Rahnelo, Ceo was debriefed about the operation at stake and realised what was at stake, the entire influence of the Covenant Empire over the Sangheili species. If Ceo and the others failed, the Covenant would have crumbled further as the cracks of instability would have been bought to light. Acknowledging these factors the Hierarchs needed to desperately get rid off to continue support for the booming war machine.

Ceo and his Special Operations Guild landed on the rightmost side of the Heretic facility, the Heretic facility Ceo and his forces were meant to sabotage was heavily guarded and secured from the interior and external whole, the fortress Ceo's Guild also had to deal with was situated above a rocky hill which proved difficult to traverse of focus was lost. On this operation however, Ceo was incompetent and believed a swift and decisive blow towards the exterior defences was key to successfully winning and capturing the Heretic Commander Tykan 'Gatamai despite knowing the alarming size of the defensive capabilities and flexibility the fortress had and for it's strategic positioning, nonetheless, Ceo ordered his forces under his guise to activate their cloaking devices which caused them to become invisible to the naked eye, a total of 15 soldiers were present with Ceo, all members being Sangheili operatives. Initial successes were made with the infiltration attempts from the right wing which Ceo commanded and was in charge of. As three separate Special Operations Guilds were deployed, the 2 others in the centre and left wings were also making their own progress at rapid pace, however mid way through the infiltration, the left wing became static and nothing was heard from them when Ceo ordered a roll call of the left wing to check in on standby once they reached the mid section of the fortress.

As Ceo's forces were preparing to move on, their camouflage began to deteriorate and decay over time slowly revealing themselves whole once more in physical shape. Unfortunately one of the members under Ceo's control was spotted by another Sangheili in which the Spec Ops was subsequently impaled by the Heretic Major. This caused Ceo to loose his temper and he began to furiously slice up the Major's limbs and body, causing the battle to soon erupt after the gruesome and macabre struggle. Ceo and his forces managed to punctually annihilate the Heretic resistance within the middle section of the large fortress, as the centre wing provided covering fire and assistance with dealing with the Heretic forces by gaining the high ground against the foe, using Beam Rifles and Carbines to pick them of whilst Ceo and his detachment began to attack and overwhelm the Heretics at close proximity, unfortunately for Ceo and the rest of the Covenant Spec Ops present, the Heretics were already alarmed of their presence hence why the left wing did not reply previously to Ceo's command. The Heretic Commander Tykan 'Gatamai was evacuating on his own personal Phantom, this caused Ceo to abruptly chase them through the building at a rapid pace, bolting through and barraging elastic enemy defences with his forces which in turn resulted in many of the Special Forces being killed or wounded within the fighting to Ceo's overlooked and careless attitude towards the operation due to him focusing on capturing the Heretic Commander.

Ceo observed this and he ordered aerial support to bring down the Phantom as quickly as possible as he began to intercept after hijacking a Heretic Ghost, this lead to Ceo chasing them rapidly down the slopes of the rocky hills until finally the Heretic Phantom was bought down by Ceo as he forced the Ghost to accelerate it's boosters and jumped into the carriage which he slipped from and fell onto the surface, suffering back injuries. But Ceo optimistically recovered after the fall and the Phantom carrying the Heretic Commander soon crash landed nearby due to the sudden impact of the Ghost, Ceo then rushed over towards the wreckage wasting no time and unearthed the wreckage, finding that Tykan was prematurely injured from the crash, Ceo continued to deal with the survivors barely clinging onto life with the blade of his energy sword, silencing them. However he let the Commander suffer for some time before ending his life, in which he did by ripping a burning piece of metal and burning his injuries sustained by the crash, cauterising Tykan but for the wrong reasons, afterwards he stabbed the metallic rod into the Commander's neck, killing him instantly. After this he relayed his victory over silencing the Heretic Commander back to the Special Operations Commander of the Covenant directly in which Ceo was congratulated upon, Ceo and his men then regrouped at the captured Fortress once more and discovered what happened with the left wing group, they were all mutilated and tortured to death upon their capture, Ceo was horrified at the sight and his hatred drove only further towards Heretics being said at the time of the event.

He had to close some of his brother's eyelids due to Lagophthalmos after death which only depressed him and drove him towards hatred, Ceo's men saw Ceo's mental state and reassured them that their brothers that sacrificed themselves are now along the path of the Great Journey, one step ahead. Being reassured and settling after the operation, Ceo and his forces were sent back to their CAS until trouble struck at Charybdis IX in which Ceo's Guild was called for deployment. Following the end of the operation, Ceo regretted to kill Tykan, as he was undoubtedly right about the Covenant years later during the Great Schism.

Surprising Charybdis IX

"So gullible, the incanon heretics who claim themselves to he "Insurrectionists" attempted to be our Allies, little did they know. We found their little save haven. Let them squander and squirm, the Humans shall kill each other whilst we observe in luxury."
―Ceo 'Theainee remarking on the UNSC and Insurrectionists fighting each other, prior to the Covenant invasion of the planet.

Ceo slaying a Marine aboard the Frigate Kreanga's Fist.

With the silencing of the Heretic leader Tykan 'Gatamai at the hands of Ceo, and the victory over his breakaway Heretic faction, Ceo and his Special Operations Guild were needed once more by the Covenant, this time the discovery of the Human colony world of Charybdis IX peaked the interest of the Covenant High Council, was beforehand the Covenant ordered disguised Jackals as renegade pirates strike a deal with the Insurrectionist of the planet, convincing them to take their supplement of Covenant weaponry to fight against the UNSC forces on the world in insurance that the Covenant would support their struggle against the UEGs oppressive and unjust rule over the planet, however the gullible and foolish Insurrectionists were subsequently backstabbed, as several weeks later, the Covenant Navy dispatched a Fleet to invade and destroy the Human world, as the Covenant's goal was clear, every Human must be slaughtered without question, without mercy. As the Prophet's ordered. Carrying out the epitomised message dearly, Ceo and his Special Operations Guild prepared for certain battle against the Humans, whilst preparing in space, the Covenant and UNSC Navy battled it out over the world's surrounding aerospace, despite the UNSCs best attempts to hold back the Covenant invasion their ultimately lost and the entire Charybdis IX fleet was annihilated by the Covenant Fleet, however a few straggling ships remained such as the UNSC Do You Feel Lucky? which initiated a series of boarding operations organised by the Fleetmaster of the Fleet, Ceo was shortly issued orders to a disabled UNSC Destroyer called the UNSC Kreanga's Fist.

Ceo with his Special Operations Guild assisted with 3 other boarding parties quickly stormed the Destroyer and began to fight through the close quarters confines and corridors until they reached the bridge, Ceo with unrelenting rage massacred all the helpless Humans aboard the vessel despite their futile efforts to resist and to defeat the Covenant boarding party, this lead to a gruesome scene aboard the ship, was blood was scattered across the walls and floors of the close confines of the ship, a terrifying experience recounted by one of the survivors of the Kreanga's Fist. Afterwards, Ceo attempted to contact Thel 'Vadam which was leading the boarding operation on the UNSC Do You Feel Lucky? to no avail as the comms were temporarily disabled and shut down and had to undergo repairs, afterwards, Ceo and his Guild successfully searched the ship's database thoroughly for any information regarding the Human homeworld of Earth, but the information was wiped as standard protocol during Covenant boarding, this only agitated and discombobulated Ceo in which he decided to join the ground operation, the invasion of Charybdis IX with his Special Operations Guild, granted by the Fleetmaster beforehand, if the information was not uncovered. Ceo and his forces primed the Kreanga's Fist to subsequently initiate self-destruct as Ceo did not want the Humans to recover their ship, knowing well that they would repair and use it again for future combat use, after priming explosives in the engine room as well by assistance of a Huragok on board to aid with the detonation, Ceo and his Guild with the Engineer then exited the vessel and left towards the surface of the Human world, preparing to assault a UNSC installation vital to planetary defence.

After entering the orbit of Charybdis IX, Ceo and his Guild were attacked by elements of the UNSC Air Force by a squadron of F-41 Broadswords, the Spirit Ceo entered which was planned to land on the surface was attacked and caused the Spirit to be shot down, however luckily for Ceo, his objective which was rather convenient for Ceo's mission, but there was no survivors, or originally thought to be by Ceo, an Elite survived the impact in the other carriage, his name was Bato 'Vracam, a young Sangheili Spec Ops who was severely injured after the crash. Ceo and Bato made their way towards the UNSC fortification, where along the way, they encountered a large amount of UNSC ground forces, including ODSTs and Marines which defended large open spacious areas on the route towards the main Air Base, being essential and important for it's strategic location, it posed a threat to the Covenant efforts as a whole which challenged Ceo and his Covenant compatriots on the ground, after fighting through several contingents of UNSC Army Troopers, Marines and ODSTs, Ceo and Bato managed to secure and capture a disabled Scorpion, previously disabled by an EMP from a charged up plasma pistol shot. Leaving the crew to abandon the Scorpion as the Covenant forces closed onto it, leaving it to good condition to Ceo, although having little knowledge and skill on Human technology, Bato said it was heresy for him to use the Human vehicle against them to breakthrough the UNSC defensive fortifications, however Ceo reassured Bato that the Fleet was at stake, and the Covenant needed them do to their part to serve the Empire. Shortly afterwards Ceo battled through UNSC mechanised columns, annihilating them with use of the captured Scorpion's tank gun which dealt a large amount of destruction, this also made the UNSC units on the ground become demoralised and they retreated knowing that they needed anti-tank weapons to deal with Ceo's rampage. Shortly afterwards, the Scorpion Ceo and Bato were manning was ambushed by a squad of UNSC Marines, which used an anti-tank grenade, damaging the right half of the Scorpion, immobilising it, Ceo then abandoned the tank and fought against the Marines with Bato, dispatching the squad swiftly shortly afterwards. In which by this point, they have made it to the surrounding exterior of the air base. And Ceo was followed by friendly Covenant ground troops, rapidly deployed to the ground to stage their assault against the Human forces.

Ceo being reinforced with Covenant forces, led the charge against the UNSC forces defending the air base, the initial assault was successful, with Ceo and the Covenant units breaking through the hostile and vile defensive positions, but this led to Ceo being struck several times by Human rounds with his shields popped and temporarily disabled, hastily finding cover behind a slumped and decayed supply container, regaining the strength to fight on as he bled from his injuries, although sustaining several hits, Ceo's shields eventually recuperated and were recharged one more, Ceo then stood up and continued the fight against the UNSC forces which were struggling to keep the Covenant forces at bay due to overwhelming numerical superiority the Covenant had over their adversaries. Ceo then toppled over a damaged fence which caused him to be struck in the helmet which caused a convulsion to his skull, knocking him unconscious from the round, after the battle ended, Ceo was uncovered by a fellow Sangheili, that being Bato from earlier. Bato dragged Ceo's unconscious body back to a Phantom, in which Ceo was then put to rest, and recovered within the confines of the main CAS of the fleet over Charybdis IX. With the battle for the planet ending in the glassing of the world.

Battle of New Harmondy

Ceo 'Theainee: "Slaughter these vermin, give no quarter!"
Unidentified Special Operations Minor: "I refuse, they are unarmed, defenceless to resist. I advise we spare these ones,"
Ceo 'Theainee: "That may be so. The Prophets wish for all of these incanons to be eradicated, they are little more than filth. We must do what we must to ensure the path of the Great Journey!"
— Ceo 'Theainee reassuring a tentative Minor to genocide helpless civilians.

Ceo 'Theainee landing in Monastir during the Battle, the first time he was orbitally deployed.

The type of Aircraft Carrier in which Ceo 'Theainee successfully scotched.

Following the Battle of Charybdis IX and with Ceo and his forces being rescued successfully from the world, the Fleet in which Ceo was currently apart of with his Special Operations Guild was sent to New Harmondy, a newly discovered Human world by the Covenant, as per usual the Covenant forces began to glass the planet, however these ambitions were inhibited as the UNSC Navy began to beat back against the Covenant Fleet, using unseen and complex strategies and countermeasures against the Covenant Fleet, studying the Covenant's weaknesses before and their order of battle, the Covenant forces were met with unrelenting forces from the UNSC Navy alike, although Ceo insisted to participate in the space battle above the planet, Ceo's request was denied and ultimately believed and concluded that his fellow brothers of his Guild needed him the most, the Covenant then shortly afterwards launched their invasion of the world, with Ceo and his Guild being orbitally dropped for the first time rather than being ferried to the surface via the use of Spirits or Phantoms, Ceo landed directly behind enemy lines within the urban confines of Monastir, the birthplace of Kat-B320. Ceo and his Special Operations Guild linked up at a nearby overpass near Ceo's position and created a plan to manoeuvre himself and his forces through the streets facing minimal difficulty or disruptions along their path, however when entering an empty and desolated plaza lingered with abandoned vehicles and collided vehicles scattered around with debris from the concurrent battle, Ceo and his Guild came across a dead platoon of fellow Covenant ground forces with two heavily damaged Wraiths and several destroyed Covenant checkpoints which were seemingly broken through despite the Covenant forces attempting to deny the UNSC forces from relieving themselves in the sector.

A Kig-Yar sniper was all that remained which joined Ceo and his forces to continue the fight against the UNSC forces from the rear, following the appearance of the Kig-Yar survivor, Ceo's forces began to cautiously make their way through numerous sectors to the UNSC frontline and to reach their new objective which was aimed to destroying a communication's relay base situated on the outskirts of the city, eventually Ceo was met by hostile contact as UNSC forces ambushed Ceo and his forces and fought each other in close quarters combat, several Marines tried to rush the Guild but were repelled unsuccessfully in their desperate attack, Ceo slaughtered the majority of the Marines until capturing a Sergeant of the squad, Ceo quickly accumulated himself to his surroundings more precisely and interrogated the captured Human Sergeant, through various physical torturing methods, the Sergeant finally evinced and succumbed to Ceo's psychological indignity, the Sergeant told that they were safeguarding a group of civilians situated in a nearby warehouse close to the city docks, the Sergeant however did not tell Ceo and his forces about the UNSC Navy protecting the warehouses to evacuate the civilians and then in theory take them to the major spaceport of the city as transportation was limited and restricted to that particular part of the city. Eventually Ceo and his forces arrived to the location of the warehouse and was immediately faced and attacked by the defending garrison. Ceo and his fellow warriors managed to secure the warehouse and soon broke through the main security defences where the civilians attempted to hastily escape from the facility, Ceo ordered his forces to attack and assault the civilians relentlessly, this lead to some of his soldiers questioning Ceo's orders and his authority, but as much Ceo disagreed with the killings of unarmed individuals, Ceo had to obey by the Prophet's wishes if it meant fo the concept of the Great Journey to be fulfilled, this was the first time Ceo ordered the summary execution of innocent civilians, and thus being his first war crime he committed.

Site note: Years later after the Human-Covenant War, Ceo gave an official apology on behalf to the descendants of the families after the massacre and to the survivors of New Harmony as a whole, in which he surrendered his Energy Sword as a symbolic gesture to the UNSC. He also surrendered his Energy Sword as a whole for Humanity to forgive Ceo's action, however his Energy Sword was handed back to Ceo to symbolise that his apology was duly noted.

Following the uninterrupted cleansing of the Civilians and UNSC stragglers within the Warehouse which acted as a temporary safe gathering zone, Ceo took the fight to the UNSC Maritime Navy which had their ships docked in a desperate effort to help transport civilians and military equipment, vehicles and personnel to the other side safely, Ceo's force regrouped and began to attack a docked UNSC Aircraft Carrier which was seemingly desolated, Ceo soon continued to infiltrate the Aircraft Carrier via leaping through a large gap to the Aircraft Carrier adjacent to the dock. Ceo continued his convert operation alone whilst his allies provided overwatch and to draw the UNSCs distraction if necessary when the operation goes wrong, Ceo successfully managed to silence several Military Police and Sailors aboard the Aircraft Carrier until finally reaching the Aircraft Carrier's bridge in which he slayed the Captain of the vessel and disabled the ship's communications relay so it was unable to tell the surrounding fleet about the conflict abroad. Ceo improvised and after perusing the information about the location of the ship's engines and other factors, he set out to the engine room where he faced some resistance along the way which was quickly dispatched and the threat ultimately being eliminated whilst Ceo continued to communicate with his fellow brothers on the dock awaiting further instructions from Ceo, following Ceo's fight through the bows of the Ship, Ceo planted some Human explosive devices onto the engine and lingered the room full of explosive devices which were both of Covenant and Human origin. Ceo continued to rush out as the timer was set to approximately 10 minutes, the Carrier was long, but Ceo eventually leaped out from the Carrier and landed into the ocean below, subsequently afterwards the Aircraft Carrier detonated in a large fulmination, Ceo shortly after the explosion of the Aircraft Carrier was recovered by his soldiers at the shore next to the port, with the port also being largely effected by the aftermath of the Carrier's detonation along with the surrounding stationed vessels of the Maritime Fleet. Ceo was notified by one of his soldiers that the Navy was preparing to glass the city and advised all ground forces to quickly evacuate as quickly as possible, without hesitating and with previous experiences, Ceo quickly attempted to find a safe route to the Covenant evacuation zone in which after fighting various amounts of panicking and demoralised UNSC squads including facing off against a Scorpion Tank. Ceo made his way to the evacuation zone facing constricted time, he narrowly was evacuated by the last Spirit retrieving Covenant forces, Ceo and what remained of his Guild was then transported back to the Fleet's main ship, a CAS-class Assault Carrier.

Nebulous actions at New Constantinople

"I with the rest of my forces will commence the attack against these vermin hiding within the Spaceport. Consider it done."
―Ceo conversing with a General assuring them that he would prevent the UNSC from evacuating civilians from the city's spaceport.

Ceo commandeered a Wraith during the closing stages of the battle, successfully leading an assault against a Spaceport to prevent evacuation of Human civilian and military forces.

At some time around late 2536, Ceo 'Theainee and the CAS-class Assault Carrier he was apart of participated during the vitally important and pivotal battle of New Constantinople against UNSC defenders on the surface, the second time Ceo was deployed through the use of orbital insertion, Ceo linked up with the remainder of his Guild's forces as he travelled down to the surface of New Constantinople, Ceo witnessed the CAS he was formerly aboard explode as the UNSC defence fleet under the command of Vice Admiral Danforth Whitcomb valiantly retaliated to the Covenant threat and incursion upon the planet, as Ceo observed the CAS-class Assault Cruiser come crashing down into the surface of the world in grief and shock, Ceo did not hesitate to continue the fight against UNSC ground forces. Ceo was discovered by a patrol of UNSC Marines in which Ceo abruptly cleansed with ease but the information was relayed back to the forward command base which was defending the sector Ceo was apart of, after obtaining information that half of his Guild was destroyed in space as they were planned to land, Ceo and the stragglers of his Guild began to swiftly manoeuvre through various UNSC defensive positions and eliminated their occupiers ease, being contented to continue the fight and boosting morale to his fellow soldier through a speech, Ceo's objective was to link up with a nearby Covenant unit which was pinned down by UNSC armour, after Ceo rapidly fought his way through the urban debris of the capital city of New Constantinople, transcribed as Constantinople.

As Ceo began to fight courageously against the Marines and Army Troopers which stood in his wake, Ceo received several hits from Battle Rifles and Assault Rifles, as a result Ceo activated his active camouflage and deactivated his energy sword as he crept towards the UNSC forces believing that Ceo was hiding behind the cover of a heavily damaged civilian truck. Thereupon Ceo began to dissever the Humans soldiers as he snuck up and activated his blade behind them without them being aware of his strategy at play, following Ceo's unembellished actions against the Human soldiers, Ceo then quickly made haste towards the Scorpion tank which pinned down the Covenant forces in question and in dire need for being reinforced, Ceo primed a plasma grenade and thrust it into the rear vent of the armoured vehicle, subsequently jumping off from the back of the tank and shortly afterwards the tank promptly exploded and was engulfed in flames, afterwards Ceo was finally able to link with the Covenant forces which showed admiration and appreciation towards Ceo's heroic efforts to liberate them from their folly, Ceo was not dissipated and soon began to pick at a detachment of UNSC forces from a collapsed complex, sniping them with a Carbine as his Guild was ordered to help defend and aid the Covenant stragglers Ceo linked with prior, as they began to obstruct the Human reinforcements sent to the sector to recapture lost ground to the foe, Ceo soon ordered his forces and the survivors to commence a counterattack against the Humans which forced them to panic and flee.

Ceo joined his comrades on the ground once more and began to fire at helpless Marines which begged for mercy only to be subdued by the Covenant forces and Ceo himself as they proceeded towards the next sector to infiltrate and destroy the UNSC base. As Ceo and his companions began to fight undaunted by the UNSC defenders, they soon discovered the location of the UNSC command centre and Ceo with his Guild's survivors assisted by fellow Covenant soldiers pressed forward through into the front of the base and began to annihilate all the frontal defences thrown at their direction, as this quick paced fighting kept ongoing Ceo entered the base's command centre and assassinated the operative leader and killed the remainder security and non-combative personnel and secured the area for the Covenant to set up their own ground communicative relay centre of operations which spearheaded the further invasion of the planetary capital, after Ceo secured the base, he and a plethora of Covenant ground forces mounted a combined arms offensive with help from assets of the Covenant Navy. Upon receiving Covenant reinforcements, Ceo commandeered a Wraith and led the assault against the remaining UNSC forces towards the coastal other side of the city in which a space elevator and spaceport was present to receive external reinforcements for the UNSC and to evacuate the Civilians and injured from the world safely behind the course of the space battle, Ceo was well versed as he has seen the same strategy be utilised in various Human processions Ceo fought in prior, as he and the Covenant Armies made their way progressively throughout the ruins of Constantinople, Ceo eventually reached the spaceport after removing several defensive objectives and quelling Human resistance and finally ordered a plasma bombardment of the spaceport which decimated the Civilian and military transport vessels and assets which were aiding the evacuation, as Ceo witnessed and observed the bombardment, he felt guilt and was atoned to his enactments which gave him a flashback to the Battle of New Harmondy in which he also slaughtered countless innocence, as Ceo was saddened by his dedication towards the extermination of the Human race, he was reassured by a fellow Sangheili Zealot named Maripo 'Tranomee in which he told Ceo to look forth to the Great Journey and it's coming rewards, shortly after securing the bombarded and destroyed spaceport, Ceo and the Covenant ground assets were evacuated after successfully slaughtering more Human forces as the planet was glassed shortly afterwards following his evacuation, being accustomed to such repetitive strategies.

Following his return to yet another Covenant warship, Ceo was suggested to become a member of the Aesetic Order and a Zealot in which he respectfully declined, this further built up his reputation as he fixated himself on serving the Covenant until his ultimate demise, around his recuperation period, Ceo was also offered the position to become a member of the High Council but he too declined the offer respectfully. As he staunchly believed that the Special Warfare Group needed him to remain apart of the Spec Ops, truthfully they did as Ceo speculated correctly, as Ceo grew quite the reputation and was renown throughout the Covenant military for his feats and heroic actions. Ceo became an honourable associate with the conclusion of the battle.

Battle of Kholo

Ceo 'Theainee: "Killing them was the only option I chose, they left us to die. The consequences of their actions led to their deaths, I had to kill them for what they have done."
Rteha 'Hadom: "Did you? You killed our own brothers, you are fanatical with your beliefs and you are intolerant of your position, Officer."
Ceo 'Theainee: "I do not wish to atone for my actions, but it appears you are highly mistaken for labelling me as a Heretic, let me guide you."
— Ceo arguing with a fellow warrior of his Special Operations Guild.

A ground battle during the Battle of Kholo, a battle in which Ceo was betrayed by his bretheren.

three years after the Battle of New Constantinople, the Covenant discovered a new Human world named Kholo by a Shipmaster after successfully raiding and obtaining information on the location of the Human planet, after his discoveries were relayed to the High Council, his Fleet was sent too Kholo to begin the cleansing of Human life within the planet along with annihilating the Humans who reside on the world directly, Ceo was apart of the Fleet sent to Kholo and was in charge of the Special Operations within the Fleet, as he received orders to land behind enemy lines and to disrupt UNSC communication relays and other fortifications, Ceo's Special Operations Guild along with many others within the Fleet were merged together with the Fleet's Commandos in which both the Spec Ops and the Commando units were not fond of one another, despite this Ceo attempted to reconsolidate relations between both the Commando and the Spec Ops service branches to avoid internal conflict as Ceo rallied them to be unified to assault the Human planet and put an end to their unworthy existence, as Ceo managed to convince both of the branches to put aside their quarrelling, they were soon deployed to the world via Spirit to attack a UNSC base on the planet's surface.

After deploying Ceo and his Guild assaulted the fortifications with a frontal attack whilst the Commandos he was attached with flanked from two directions and quickly quelled the Human resistance which Ceo was faced and pinned down against behind the cover of a few boulders, after pushing up towards the front entry of the base, tho Covenant forces came under heavy fire yet again and the alarm was sounded, the Commandos relied on Ceo and his Guild to relief them from being suppressed, to aid the Commandos and to show his gratitude towards them for saving his force, the Special Operations Guild Ceo commanded were ordered to precisely take out UNSC managed machine guns and employ counter sniper tactics against Marine forces utilising marksmanship, as Ceo himself and his unit took out the Humans suppressing the Commandos, they suffered some casualties whilst Ceo attempted to relief them which led to the Commandos having a mixed view on the Special Operations who were meant to safe them from the fire only for some of their best warriors to be cut down by heavy small arms fire, seeing this Ceo noted that he couldn't rebuild their relationship with this specific batch of Commandos and accepted the guilt and blame put onto his shoulders, although having no time to dwell on the situation, Ceo and his forces were under fire yet again from Human defenders in which Ceo in his rage of vengeance began to assault the Humans and he swiftly slashed and diced the UNSC forces, massacring them without remorse of his actions.

Many Marines and Army Troopers then surrounded Ceo's position and fired upon his position from afar which caught Ceo off guard and surprised without having enough time to react or accumulate to his surroundings, Ceo quickly found cover behind piled debris and rubble and returned fire at the Army Troopers and Marines which were advancing upon his location, he yelped for support but the Commandos left him behind to die and suffer from his actions, seeing that Ceo was unworthy and unjust to save as he did not react in time to save the Commando unit prior to the situation Ceo was now in, his Guild attempted to reach out and assist their squad leader but were resentfully told by Ceo to remain behind cover, seeing that he was betrayed by his comrades, Ceo became more infuriated with the situation and armed two plasma grenades, throwing them over towards the advancing UNSC forces in which the plasma grenades managed to stuck two Marines and caused them to explode which also effected their surrounding allies, managing to disrupt the advancing soldiers, Ceo then rolled out of cover and ran across the open field in which he fired his Plasma Rifle at several Troopers and Marines making them severely wounded from Ceo's Plasma Rifle fire, afterwards he took out his Carbine he had holstered on his back and took pot shots at several scattered and disoriented Human forces which caused them to retreat from Ceo's courageous actions, some Humans were traumatised by what they saw, specifically four of them were left behind in their frazzled state, as the Special Operations Officer noticed the Humans were in shock from what they witnessed, Ceo decided to hastily take them out by bashing and walloping them brutally in front of his squadmates which dreaded the sight of the brutalised Human bodies, it disgusted the many members of his Guild, but Ceo reassured them they were going to eventually be silenced and they were merely vermin with no value to the wider Great Journey, Ceo was as fanatical in regards of the Great Journey as the Prophets were, something they dearly wanted for the Sangheili to keep believing in with their gullible warrior traditions as they viewed them as.

On the topic of discussion, Ceo set out towards finding the Commandos which left him to die, it did not take long to find them as they were on the northeastern side of the UNSC installation Ceo and the Commandos were set to raid and dismantle, as Ceo noticed them communicating with Fleet's main ship, he awaited for the Commandos to exit and end the holographic communication between both the Fleet and their operation, as Ceo crept behind them more closer, a Commando gazed behind them and noticed Ceo's attempt to sneak upon them, they reacted confused and uncertain. Before properly asking Ceo to notify them of his doings, Ceo pounced towards the Commando and activated his sword in the process, skewing them through the stomach with his energy sword and ripping it out as the Commando's blood sprayed onto Ceo's armour, he abruptly turned over to the other Commandos which tried to fire upon Ceo, but Ceo evaded the plasma fire and decapitated one of the Commandos and disarmed another by severing both their arms and then kicking them onto the floor to bleed out, as Ceo kept his eyes fixated on the dying Commando he heard large abrasive footsteps rushing towards him, Ceo looked up to notice the Commando's Squad Leader hearling himself to Ceo with his sword activated, as Ceo saw this aggressive attempt to silence him, he lept to the side and cut through the Squad Leader's hips, causing them to fall onto the ground as they lost balance and were wounded, as he attempted to get back up, Ceo kicked them back down and grabbed the collar of their armour, roaring into his helmet in anguish and victory over his foe, the one which looked into Ceo's eyes and left him to supposedly die to the advancing Humans. As Ceo clearly remembered the abandonment, he stabbed the Commando through the heart, piercing through his armour with his energy sword and lobbing them aside after he was finished executing them.

Vys Gorumaiee was the Commando Squad Leader which abandoned Ceo under heavy fire as Ceo did not save his squad from heavy fire prior, Ceo hunted him down afterwards and killed him and his Commandos.

After the killing of the Commandos, Ceo kept reprisal killings as a secret, with his Guild he served with on Kholo only knowing the truth, it is unknown that the information in regards of the execution of the Commandos were spread to other members of the Covenant as Ceo threatened to kill his own Guild if they tried to expose the classified information to anyone else to ruin his reputation within the Covenant Military, as so he justified that his killings of the Commandos were morally right and what they did was wrong as they used Ceo's failures as a basis to plot their defection from the Covenant Military.

As Ceo finalised his explanation on why he silenced the Commandos rightfully, they had minimal time to work on as the Covenant were preparing to glass the surface of Kholo to deliver a belated blown to the Human resistance on the world, after receiving information to pull out and evacuate from the planet, Ceo and his Guild rushed forward towards the evacuation point of the Covenant ground forces as Ceo frantically fought against Human forces attempting to prevent the Covenant from evacuating, as Ceo was rushing through he entered a street scattered with debris from damaged and destroyed buildings in which he stood against a large detachment of UNSC Army Troopers assisted with vehicular support from Warthogs, as Ceo fought against the outnumbering odds stacked against him and his guild, two Spirits glided along the sky towards the evacuation point and began firing at the Warthogs, destroying them, this gave Ceo the choice to seize the opportunity to eliminate the UNSC forces as they were bewildered from the sudden surprise attack from the sky, Ceo noticed that a Trooper was armed with a rocket launcher and was attempting to hastily lock onto one of the Spirits to down it after passing by above, Ceo spin kicked the Trooper in the back of the head with such impetus it caused them to be killed on contact with a concrete barrier. After the Rocket Trooper was dispatched of, he took up the rocket launcher dropped by the Trooper and adjusted his aim, uncertain how to use the powerful Human weapon at first, until he pressed the trigger which propelled the rocket and caused the Army Troopers to be fully obliterated from the explosion following the launch of the singular rocket, Ceo was galvanised by the Human weapon's great power and kept it primed as he made his way towards the evacuation point, after finally reaching the evacuation zone, Ceo bought the rocket launcher back with him as he and what remained of his Guild were transported back to the Fleet above which was now glassing the surface of the world, as Ceo came back aboard the Fleet's CAS victoriously with his trophied reliec, he was dictated to get rid of the weapon, instead, Ceo disobeyed orders and kept the rocket launcher concealed within his secret compartment aboard the ship.

At Alluvion

"Just like countless times preparatory to ferocious expeditions we took haste towards, this world shall become yet another result of the Covenant's victory!"
―Ceo chanting to encourage Covenant forces before attacking the main Spaceport on Alluvion.

The Covenant Fleet amassing to attack Alluvion.

After the Battle of Kholo was a controversial success for Ceo and his Guild. Ceo 'Theainee found themselves stationed within the Fleet of Particular Justice, the infamous Covenant Fleet which glassed many Human worlds and was led by it's notable Surpreme Commander, Thel 'Vadamee which would later become the future leader of his people and held the honourable position of Arbiter. When Ceo was assigned to the Fleet of Particular Justice in 2540 with the conclusion of the Battle of Kholo, he and the majority of the Fleet's Special Warfare force was not called into action for one singular year as the majority of the Fleet's operations were blockading strategic Human worlds and subsequently glassing them with little to no military confrontation of aerial or ground forces on the surface of the Human planets, however when the Fleet was sent to Alluvion it struggled to defeat the Human forces located on the world, as it was determined and consisted heavily of hardened veterans of the Human-Covenant War, most notably Marines which managed to hold of Covenant forces for weeks without delay against Covenant ground forces mostly via the use of guerrilla tactics against the Covenant forces and having an abundance of defensive structures to help stop the Covenant ground attack on the Human planet, despite this the Humans were still suffering heavy losses to the Covenant forces mostly through aerial strafing runs and bombing on their location which helped reduce the UNSC forces with their fighting morale and not being able to successfully organise proper defences as they frequently done prior, although the battle was mainly fought through attritional means of warfare to stall the Covenant advance on the ground, Ceo and his Special Operations Guild were covertly deployed under the cover of night and proceeded forth to eliminate the UNSC ground forces and to infiltrate their base of operations to destroy and communications and their source of reinforcements and supplies to prevent the Humans from being able to continue the fight against the Covenant's vast amount of units being deployed by the hour against them, the UNSC did realise that their fight against the Covenant was a futile one and that would end in their demise similar to that of Reach's last ditch efforts to eliminate the Covenant invasion, as Ceo was deployed in a hot region of the planet along with his fellow Special Operations soldiers, they launched a pre-emptive infiltration attack against the UNSC signals relay centre by using active camouflage to their advantage against the UNSC defenders, eventually being successful in overwhelming the enemy and wiping them out from the area, destroying the relay. With the information of the centre being destroyed by Ceo and the rest of the Special Operations units under his command being sent out to the Fleet, Surpreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee was impressed with Ceo's feats and ordered him onto a Phantom where they were to mount a decisive attack against MAC Anti-Air platforms located on the outskirts of the planetary capital of Alluvion.

As Ceo and his forces were sent out towards destroying the MAC Anti-Air platforms within a clustered region of the capital, his Phantom was struck by a MAC round which made the Phantom unstable to fly furthermore which resulted in it plummeting and impacting the surface nearby the MAC guns, the impact left many of his Guild's forces killed from the initial impact of severely wounded, Ceo was lucky to only receive minimal injuries from the crash along with a handful of other Special Operations Sangheili, as their supportive units such as Kig Yar and Unggoy were killed from the crash, in a timid position and with UNSC forces closing into their position, Ceo and his brothers were being overwhelmed by battle hardened Marines and Troopers until a swarm of Drones managed to help assist Ceo and his comrades in recuperating and launching a counter attack against the Humans which aided in Ceo and his remnants eliminating the first MAC tower, they continued to fight on valiantly and eventually, managed to destroy and dispose the MAC towers from being operational, with the silencing of the MAC guns this helped the Covenant forces and the Fleet of Particular Justice land further reinforcements and began to attack the city as a result of Ceo's efforts in destroying the MAC installations. Following this, Ceo and what remained of the survivors from the crash were reinforced with more Covenant forces including mobile units and Hunters, in which they began their assault towards the outskirts of the planetary capital, enough so to weaken the frontal UNSC defences and eventually broke through their defensive lines leading to the Covenant forces managing to secure parts of the urban centre in spite of being scattered and disoriented from the close quarters combat, with this, Ceo was supported with extra Special Operations forces which merged into one strike force against the Human defenders to bring upon an effective victory against the UNSC forces, which were now attempting to evacuate civilians from the world, as they have frequently done with previous battles within the Great War.

With Ceo's feats yet again being duly noted by the Supreme Commander, the Officer took it upon himself for the responsibility for the Covenant forces to begin the assault towards the evacuation sites the UNSC were ordering surviving civilians and personnel to evacuate off world before the Covenant began their annual glassing of the planet to cleanse the Human residing on it. This also led to Ceo and the rest of the Covenant Army as a whole to have limited time to prevent the Human forces from evacuating, however Ceo decided to go against a primary ground attack against the Human spaceports, and this time Ceo ordered Phantoms, Spirits and other Covenant spacecraft to begin an aerial attack against the Spaceports to overall prevent the evacuation of the Human forces and their assets, Ceo also stated that with the use of Covenant artillery bombarding the spaceport with ultimately hinder the effectiveness of the UNSC defences to be used against their attack, with his superiors bilaterally agreeing to Ceo's plans, the order was granted to begin the attack and Ceo entered a Banshee in which he led the attack against the a specific spaceport in which it was considered the largest and primary spaceport for the planet of Alluvion.

Ceo then began his attack as he promised to the Fleet's hierarchy and surprised the Human forces as a result, and they were heavily hindered by the bombardment and received substantial losses which proved to favour the Covenant forces with achieving a swift victory over the Humans. Ceo managed to attack several civilian transports and destroyed two which was ferrying Humans from the planet only to be destroyed as their engines were specifically targeted by Ceo as he flew the Banshee and used it's armament as an advantage to target the iodinate sized engines the civilians transports bared, following the triumph with preventing the Human the evacuation plans from being a success assisted with the Covenant's aerial attack, Ceo crashed his Banshee as it spiralled out of control after Ceo managed to avoid a rocket which he merely avoided with aerial manoeuvres, after crash landing Ceo and the rest of the Covenant forces were attacking the Human positions and to deal away with the remaining Human resistance within the city, during his subsequent fighting on the ground against the UNSCs forces and their support, he confronted Insurrectionists which were gracefully aiding the UNSC with defending their homeworld from the Covenant attack. This led many of the Covenant forces being repelled by this sudden arrival of the Insurrectionist support, however this only managed to enrage Ceo and he began to flank the Human forces and hijacked a Scorpion in which he utilised to his advantage and fired the main tank's cannon at the Humans and the Insurrectionist transport vessels which made them panic as a result of Ceo's vehement anger after witnessing his brothers being killed by the Insurrectionist support.

The type of tank Ceo comandeered during the Battle of Alluvion, managing to make proficient use of before he was forced to destroy it once Human forces began to swarm his position.

Ceo kept attacking the Humans but the captured Scorpion was overwhelmed by the Humans in which Ceo ardently made the Scorpion explode by planting a plasma grenade within the tank's driving seat before leaping of the tank and falling into a ditch, afterwards Ceo quickly recovered from his leap and equipped himself with a shotgun and took out his Plasma Rifle, assaulting the remaining Human stragglers located around the perimeter of the destroyed Scorpion, then, Ceo relocated with nearby Covenant forces in which he was aided in slaying the last remaining Humans as the remaining Human survivors fought a last stand against the tempestuous amount of Covenant forces assaulting their position, with the exerting effort by the remaining Human forces being futile and that their survival was forsaken. Ceo equipped his energy sword and attacked the determined Marines and Troopers managing to hold out against the Covenant forces, however Ceo was almost extirpated by the fighting and received critical damaged and sustained injuries which would be considered laborious to recover from with the traditional cultural customs the Sangheili imposed and obtruded with healing from injuries. Although Covenant vessels were ample with healing facilities aboard said vessels, certain Sangheili, such as Ceo were against healing through artificial means and preferred to naturally recover from injuries over a duration of time.

With the end of the Battle of Alluvion being a Covenant victory in gratitude of Ceo's valiant efforts and with the rest of the Covenant's ground forces, the Fleet of Particular Justice then glassed the planet which meant that all remaining Human forces were killed from the glassing or survived and resided in the post-apocalyptic world Alluvion became due to the extent of the planet's glassing. Ceo was evacuated from the planet by his brothers within the Guild he commanded, he was then transported on board the Seeker of Truth, where he recovered from his wounds following the battle's end.

Recovery & Unravelling Traitors

Ceo 'Theainee: "There is a traitor aboard this ship, we must reveal this heretic before us so that he would be forever marked by the shame he imposed towards his own kin and creed."
Feta 'Tesumee: "And you believe that we are able to do such in a short manner?"
Ceo 'Theainee: "It is either that we do or we risk letting the our flagship becoming exposed and left defenceless so that our opponents may exploit such weaknesses. We cannot allow such."
— Ceo discussing with many high ranking Sangheili aboard the ship in regards of the situation.

The Seeker of Truth with support vessels surrounding it.

As Ceo was stationed aboard the CAS-Assault Carrier known as the Seeker of Truth. He rested to recover from his injuries sustained during the prior battle on the surface of the Human planet Alluvion, as Ceo began to steadily recover from his injuries he insisted that he was able to help around aboard the ship as an extra hand to support any efforts needed to be done and to fill in duties, in spite of being declined numerous times as he attempted to do so, he disobeyed orders consistently until he was finally allocated to help aboard the ship as a temporary technician, despite having little knowledge about Covenant technology and computers, overtime and with encouragement from his brethren, Ceo studied and worked on repairing many Covenant machinery aboard the CAS which pleased them and eventually his expertise towards programming and maintenance grew substantially before taking the opportunity to assist aboard the Seeker of Truth. Many Covenant personnel aboard the CAS, mostly the Sangheili heard of Ceo's feats which sounded to them as unrealistic and mythical in the likes of the old tales the Sangheili were told during their youthful years, however, when confronting Ceo in person, many of the Sangheili and Covenant soldiers were soon disgruntled and shocked to see that the Special Operations Officer was in fact not a myth but a true Sangheili like they were, with the stories told aboard the vessel being clarified, the personnel aboard were pleased to see that Ceo was helping out and with them, relieving many of them from their fears, however as Ceo began to work around the vessel and his injuries began to heal and recuperate from their previous hindered state, Ceo and many other Sangheili noticed that some of the Elites were acting strange and peculiar around the vessel, such as rapidly checking corners and were seemingly distressed on a daily basis.

In one instance, Ceo wanted to check on one of the Sangheili who was apparently working on signals, the Officer grew more suspicious of their intentions once learning that one of their Majors had a shift in their personality from being outspoken to dull and unsocial, as Ceo requested that the Major's unit would be inspected for any fugitives linking towards the case, the Major attempted to find loopholes and excuses to deny Ceo and several other Sangheili to carry on with the investigation, but eventually the Major was firmly ordered by Ceo to allow them to carry on with their speculations, in hindsight to the previous sudden outburst from the Major, he was bespoken by Ceo and being a possible lead to the situation. Then afterwards, the crew aboard the vessel realised that one of the communications relays were hastily damaged on accident, although Ceo attempted to link the problems together he found no point in doing so himself, so as apart of the current affairs aboard the vessel, Ceo met with other important Sangheili figures within a room to discuss about the possibilities of there being a traitor amongst the crew, although all parties were at first ejective to the idea that one of their brothers would be a traitor and a heretic towards the Covenant, Ceo nonetheless persuade the idea that there was in fact a traitor amongst their ranks.

After ceo concluded the discussion on the topic, all members of the discussion came up with a plan that in secrecy from the rest of the crew, inspect the denoted unit where the traitors linger in question, afterwards Ceo wished to speak with the same Major who was previously weary of allowing them to inspect their unit, the Major Retusa 'Lakeomee was startled by Ceo's words and was dumbfounded in being suspected as being a traitor towards the Covenant Empire and the Prophets, but as Ceo noticed the change in his personality, he became frazzled and confused himself about the situation, but then, he chalked up the possibility of the infiltrator using some sort of holographic technology to conceal their identity along with hiding amongst the ranks of the crew themselves, but as Ceo continued the investigation aboard the Carrier he noticed some apparent tradecraft technology being implemented on one of the consoles within the main control room of the Carrier, after uncovering the device he noticed it had some sort of listening speaker and a tracker attached onto it, being a hybrid device. Ceo quickly bough the device to the attention of the rest of the Sangheili aboard the ship, loudly proclaiming that he uncovered one of the mysteries in regards of the inauspicious atmosphere Ceo and many of the Covenant crew found themselves in the past couple of days. Eventually after Ceo's revelation, it was no longer a secret that there was a traitor amongst the crew of the ship and this troubled the majority of the ship's personnel that there was a heretic somewhere within the crowd, Ceo clarified that if they noticed any strange behaviour that they should report it immediately in an effort to encourage the crew to do so, he used the Prophet's as an excuse to substantiate his claims and findings, which managed to make the rest of the crew on full alert that there was indeed a heretic on board.

After recovering the device, Ceo and some Sangheili which accompanied him in his objective to find the traitor, as Ceo realised that there was a pattern in these activities, he went towards the most vulnerable parts of the enormous carrier such as the engines, communications, etc. Once Ceo remained in active camouflage alone in the engine bay, he saw a Kig Yar enter the room and was revealed to be a façade, as the true identity of the individual was a Male Sangheili spy working for a heretic cell, as the heretic divulged the information to their superiors through a small communications device, Ceo waited for the scoundrel to end their call, once the communication ended, Ceo revealed himself in front of the Sangheili in which he grabbed their throat before they were able to raise their Plasma Rifle and tossed them towards a munitions crate, knocking them out instantaneously from the impact inflicted from Ceo's brute strength in his enthralled state, but then he realised that after exiting the premises, his former comrades drew their weapons at Ceo, they too were agents for the Heretic cell and began to open fire upon Ceo, shortly afterwards, Ceo scrambled quickly to cover and began to return fire upon the traitors, however one of the agents lobbed a plasma grenade over towards Ceo and it rebounded behind a crate, noticing the grenade Ceo re-entered the engine bay and took cover, this gave time for the traitors to disperse and flee from the area, but as they were attempting to do so, other Covenant forces which heard the battling from afar rushed into the engine bay and caught the heretic spies as they tried to escape, they were severely punished due to their actions and Ceo found leisure in torturing the traitors.

Afterwards Ceo gathered the body of the leading group's commander, the runt which Ceo knocked unconscious and carried them back to the prison portion of the Seeker of Truth whereas Ceo awaited for the spy to awaken to begin the interrogation process to find the reasoning for the infiltration, at the same time Ceo was starting the interrogation of the agent, a patrol of Covenant Fleet Security forces discovered corpses of several Sangheili, Unggoy and Kig Yar stored within a disclosed part of the mess hall, after thoroughly investigating the area it was rather perceptible towards Ceo that they were introvertedly killed by the Sangheili infiltrator in an effort to use their bodies as a template to disguise themselves as they began to do various espionage aboard the ship, being envisaged by the unjust silencing of his fellow comrades, Ceo grew enraged and attempted to kill the captured spy not before being assuaged by a fellow Sangheili Ultra that it was no use in killing the prisoner before they had the chance to expose any information they managed to obtain throughout the duration of their stay aboard the vessel, Ceo managing to be soothed emotionally remained seated and continued to pressure the prisoner to force them to speak up, although the traitorous Elite was originally staunch and unwavering to Ceo, after being psychologically and physically tormented by Ceo and the surrounding interrogators, the infiltrator eventually gave into Ceo's demands and exposed the truth to them that the intel gathered was being relayed back to a Heretic cell which was cooperating with a branch of the UNSC known as the Office of Naval Intelligence.

After the information being told to Ceo and the other interrogators within the cell, the Sangheili spy suddenly and silently acquiesced to a poisonous substance Ceo and the rest of the interrogation party was unaware was, after being surprised from such, Ceo ordered that the body was to be scrutinised on the ship's medical ward, where an Huragok known as Adequately Buoyant thoroughly inspected the corpse of the infiltrator and concluded that it was self-imposed poisoning, a suicide as a result of spurning defeat at the hands of the custody of the Covenant forces, failing to properly extract intel back to the Heretic cell, although the intentions of the infiltrator was unclear, Ceo and many others believed that they attempted to destroy the defensive capabilities of the Carrier, following the incident, Ceo took the body of the Sangheili traitor and began to superficially toy around with the body until he disposed the corpse and unceremoniously threw it out of the airlock. Continuing on, Ceo shortly recovered from his injuries and his reputation within the Covenant began to grow further and was offered the position yet again of being apart of the Ascetic and Zealot orders in which he declined, but continued being an honourably member of both societies.

Carnage on Coniston Shipyard

Special Operations Sangheili: "It is outrageous for such attempt, only a fool would try his!"
Ceo 'Theainee: "So be it."
―Ceo 'Theainee launching moments before launching from a Phantom in deep space during the Raid on Coniston Shipyard.

The Coniston Shipyard as seen from an external viewpoint.

Thereupon Ceo's investigation and eventual capture of several clandestine traitors aboard the Seeker of Truth he recuperated from his injuries after spending his leisure time resting to recover his wounds. Ceo and his Guild was informed by their Fleetmaster that they were given the green light to commence a raid upon a UNSC Shipyard which aided in maintenance of Human vessels along with constructing fresh vessels for the UNSC Navy to fight against the Covenant, it was a vital part of the UEGs war machine and Ceo's Guild were informed upon their arrival within the hanger of the Seeker of Truth that they were meant to infiltrate the Coniston Shipyard in a stealthily manner, in which the Special Warfare Group was highly proficient in. The Coniston Shipyard was located within a well fortified system which was situated near a Human planet with little value or importance towards the Covenant at the concurrent time the Seeker of Truth was present within. Despite this, the Fleet in which Ceo was attached to also sought to begin scouting and recon operations to determine and evaluate the defensive capacity the UNSC had within the system, after surveying the system with stealth ships in which Ceo partook in respectively, they managed to slip by UNSC defensive systems undetected by using cloaking technology, determining the defences of the Coniston Shipyard and the surrounding UNSC Fleet. The Fleet's defensive capabilities appeared to by enervated and unable to properly react to an unprecedented assault with an organised manner. Seizing the opportunity available to the Fleet, Ceo and the Special Operations operatives attached to the Fleet stealthily manoeuvred through UNSC space within special-mission Phantoms which were utilised for infiltration and convert operations. As Ceo and his replenished Guild travelled towards the Coniston Shipyard, a supporting Phantom was detected by the UNSC defence system and it was alarmed by their presence leading to the infiltration operation to transition into an open raid upon the facility.

With Ceo's Phantom closing in towards the Coniston Shipyard, they were intercepted by UNSC aircraft, specifically consisting of armed Pelicans and Hornets in spite of not being optimised to contend with deep space conditions, taking notice that the Hornets were vulnerable within the climate they were in, Ceo ordered the Phantom's gunner to unleash fire upon the intercepting Hornets and Pelicans in which initially were successful in eliminating as they made progress towards the Coniston Shipyard, although the Phantom reached a complication in traversing furthermore towards the space station, they were confronted with the station's point defence systems in which they discharged their projectiles towards the Phantom as it's pilot attempted to employ equivocal actions to avoid being struck by any of the rounds which would tear the Phantom apart. The Phantom attempted to cloak itself, hiding it from the naked eye of UNSC forces to suddenly disappear and land in the hanger, but Ceo rejected this as he strongly believed that it would lead to them being destroyed prior to reaching the hanger bay, as for this particular mission Ceo was outfitted with his Special Operations Harness which was retrofitted with experimental Covenant technologies such as oxygen storages to aid the user with travelling to locations difficult for Sangheili to breathe in, such as space or underwater locations. Previously enlightened by the Harness's robust capabilities, he chose to adorn it during this specific engagement as to field test the armour along with fighting in a space climate, accompanying this he was equipped with a jetpack.

Ceo hijacked a AV-14 Attack VTOL during the raid on the station and used the aircraft to foolhardy crash into the station's hanger bay.

Following an argument between his compatriots and himself, Ceo was intransigent towards the opposition of his fellow operatives and irreconcilably decided to deploy from the Phantom itself as the side carriage doors opened in which Ceo leaped out into space and exerted the use of his jetpack towards ostensibly reaching the Coniston Shipyard, in the progress of doing so, Ceo beheld the large space battle which ensued around him as he made his way towards the shipyard, as he closed in towards the hull of the station he was noticed by a Hornet which began to assault Ceo. Valiantly, Ceo confronted the Hornet and he began to fire upon it with his small arms which ended to no avail, although it did manage to impact the Hornet's pilot, hastily forcing them to become disquietude as Ceo superficially lunched forth at the Hornet and skyjacked it's driver, thereafter, Ceo used the machine guns attached onto the hornet to vitiate it's former pilot and shortly afterwards Ceo flew the captured Hornet into the hanger bay of the space station in which he forced the aircraft to plummet into the hanger, ramming the frontal portion of the hanger bay and destroying other vehicles which were stationary awaiting deployment. Continuing on Ceo began to assess the situation he found himself in after crashing the Hornet into the hanger, he took note that the hanger portion of the shipyard was impulsively ablaze by flames, after quickly making his way from the hanger it subsequently exploded as he managed to subsist through the portion of the shipyard he was situated in, venturing further within the interior confines of the vessel Ceo began his decimation of the crew and fleet security within the space station, moving through the corridors of the station and using his energy sword to stealthily eliminate his enemies in a rapid but crude manner, after eliminating several UNSC forces he found two M7 Caseless Submachine Guns in which he temporarily confiscated and began to use the two weapons by duel welding them to assist in his carnage.

Continuing to ferociously fight against the defending UNSC personnel across the shipyard's interior and abroad, he reached the control centre of the space station which was heavily fortified and defended by UNSC forces awaiting Ceo's arrival positioned on the other side of the doorway, as Ceo faced heavy small arms fire once the doors opened Ceo took cover to the side of the doorway in which he opened up the door once more by his motion and lobbed four M9 Fragmentation Grenades into the control centre as the door was locked as he punctured the controls, facetiously waving his right hand to illustrate he was departing, saying goodbye. Following this the grenades exploded which caused a large explosion to erupt following suit of the explosions from the handheld munitions Ceo used. This led to the Coniston Shipyard to be engulfed further in flames as it was also bombarded by Covenant battleships from space as the space engagement quickly deteriorated in favour for the UNSC in which the Covenant Fleet scored several victories over the UNSC vessels which were inferior towards the Covenant's raw firepower capabilities. As the shipyard began to gush with flames and explosions, the station began to explode in which Ceo without hesitation searched for an exit point from the crumbling station, after discovering a point to escape from he raced towards the exit, scrambling and fighting stragglers along the way until he came across several Rangers which were pinned, seeing that they required his assistance Ceo fought against the remaining UNSC forces aboard the shipyard until he rescued all the remaining Rangers and after escaping from the station with their jetpacks, the space station exploded but as Ceo incorrectly speculated the grenades he used caused the destruction of the station, there were several other factors which contributed towards the destruction of the shipyard, unbeknownst to Ceo, the Ranger team he assisted delivered a bomb into one of the docking ports and were successful in activating it along with the consistent bombardment of the station from the Covenant Fleet, the fragmentation grenades Ceo used caused the station to ultimately power down and enter a self-destruction phase as all controls were fundamentally immobilised and disabled to be used, as the Rangers and Ceo escaped, the payload also exploded as the UNSC were unable to prevent the bomb from detonating.

Following the operation to destroy the virtually strategic Coniston Shipyard they were relayed towards the nearest Covenant vessel in which a Phantom was deployed to hoist Ceo and the surrounding Rangers towards the Seeker of Truth in which the returning personnel were greeted as heroes and commemorated for their bravery and efforts with destroying the shipyard, but overtime Ceo grew reciprocated from the constant commemorations given towards him, although nevertheless Ceo was still thankful for his honour being preserved and furthermore intact for his keep and to uphold the efforts and ambitions pursued by the Prophets and the Covenant Empire in which Ceo proudly fought for courageously as he put his service first in front of his protection and preservation of his own existence, the destruction of the Coniston Shipyard further intensified Ceo's reputation within the Covenant military and his amplified prideful attitude towards the victories of the Covenant with his associated partners of his Guild.

Battle of Miridem

"We do not have much time, the information in regards of the wrenched Human homeworld must be retrieved, no matter the toll."
―Ceo 'Theainee debriefing his Guild before deployment

Several months following the destruction of the vitally important Coniston Shipyard at the fate of Ceo 'Theainee and the Covenant Fleet which assaulted the station, Ceo and the Fleet he was assigned apart of was given orders to begin an attack on yet another newly unravelled Human colony, the planet Miridem, which was densely populated and served as a major hub to Human society and expansion across the Milky Way Galaxy, nevertheless the thriving Human world was no match to the Covenant onslaught which foreshadowed the planet's impending demise to yet another Covenant invasion and yet Humanity would suffer another loss of a vitally important planet despite hastily defending it. Ceo 'Theainee and his Guild were now under the Third Fleet of Glorious Consequence, led by Supreme Leader Luro 'Taralumee, at first the preparations were made for the deployment of Special Operations units against fighting and infiltrating the Human defences which fortified the planet, although, the Battle of Miridem wouldn't go as anticipated by the Covenant High Command, the engagement lasted over two weeks which was unusual for engagements of that length during the Human-Covenant War entirely, however Miridem was highly important to the UNSC maintaining their integral control over Human space.

The major city which was attacked by Covenant forces during the Battle of Miridem in which Ceo and his Special Operations Guid participated in.

Once the Covenant Fleet effectively blockaded the sprawling Human world from above, denying all entry or exit from the world, the Covenant Fleet commenced the invasion phase of capturing the important cyberinfrastrucutre the world held, which would be crucial to obtain to know the location of the Human homeworld, Earth, and other important Human settlements alike Miridem for the Covenant to continue its war of extermination against the infidel Human species. To obtain the intel in regards of further chartering Human space to allocate the possibility of further Covenant attacks on Human planets, Ceo 'Theainee and his Special Operations Guild was deployed to the planet's surface aboard a specialised Spirit which was retrofitted with an active camouflage cloaking device to manoeuvre through the Human defences as the Spirit was unable to be detected by UNSC forces, once Ceo and his forces were deployed onto the surface, they were located within the suburban area of a major city on the planet, Ceo's mission was to discover any information in regards of Earth's location, making haste, Ceo and his Guild began to sweep through the suburbia and managed to eliminate several detachments of UNSC Army and Marine Corps defenders and overcame their entrenched and heavily fortified positions, despite these early victories, Ceo and his unit eventually were halted in their efforts to continue pushing through towards reaching a technological park located within the city's proximity, Ceo witnessed a large section of his Guild being obliterated mercilessly from rockets and heavy small arms fire in which he was unable flank as the entrenched UNSC positions were elastic and vertically emplaced, being fortified with many bunkers and weapon positions which made it difficult for them to proceed, several armoured vehicles such as Scorpions and Grizzlys prevented the Covenant forces to advance as they were lacerated by the Human weapons and equipment deployed to prevent their advance. Ceo eventually drafted a plan with the Covenant forces which remained pinned down behind cover across the street, Ceo believed that cutting through the adjacent buildings was an eloquent decision, in spite of Ceo's experience he has never witnessed the Human defences were firmly unwavering to the Covenant assaults, Covenant air support was abuzz but delayed due to the deployment of assets from the UNSC Air Force which were responsible for the pivotal defence and eventual evacuation of civilians from the planet, however in the space battle above the planet, the Covenant Fleet already gained superiority over the planet and the UNSC Home Fleet defending Miridem was destroyed or heavily damaged, with many surviving UNSC Navy vessels either retreating to the surface to be hastily repaired or fled from the battle to prevent their destruction to the nearest Human planet.

Overtime as the battle continued, Ceo and his forces managed to make stagnant gains against the tightly and well defended UNSC positions which was heavily entrenched and fortified for their attack, however, Ceo and his compatriots persisted and quashed the pitiful defence the Human forces demonstrated eventually leading to their decisive defeat at the hands of Ceo and his forces. Thus, Ceo and his Guild along with other detachments of the Covenant military managed to breach the Human defensive positions and continued to engage in brutal close quarters combat in which Ceo overpowered the Human defenders mostly due to their size comparison and overall experience in that particular fighting style in which he, being a Sangheili swordsman was proficient with. After eliminating the Human defenders, Ceo and his forces continued to push through, swiftly eliminating the armoured support the Humans provided with their defence, with the Grizzlys and Scorpions being destroyed by Ceo and the Covenant units present with his efforts, continuing onwards and gaining the momentum against the UNSC forces, Ceo began to pave his offensive through the main highway leading towards the major city, reinforcements arrived to assist the Covenant ground efforts against besieging the city and for it to fall for the Covenant's eventual capture, several Wraiths assisted with Ghosts, Banshees, Phantoms, Revenants and other Covenant vehicles began to advanced in a large column towards the city centre and to breakthrough the UNSC defences positioned there.

The Miridem Technological Park in which Ceo attacked to obtain information about Earth's location, the Human homeworld.

Acknowledging the importance of his mission, Ceo was redeployed closer towards the Technological Park compound in which he was supposed to infiltrate, after encountering stubborn anti-air capabilities deployed against his Phantom and other Phantoms in formation to seize control over the compound, Ceo and his Guild landed under intense fire yet again being fixated to destroy and overrun the enemy fortifications. As Ceo cut through several shortcuts and began to liquidate the defensive obstacles in his wake and retrieved various weapons to destroy and clear a path for the Covenant forces to advance being assisted with his Guild and used their plasma grenades to explode the Human defenders, annihilating their ranks and causing their defences to fall and become heavily demoralised as the relentless Covenant advanced pushed further into the enclosed confines of the Technological Park's main compound. As Ceo began to stealthily make his way through the facility, it was dimly lit with little to no visibility causing Ceo to follow damaged lighting systems to his objective whilst not revealing himself, although through several encounters within the facility, he was ambushed in numerous occasions in which one instance he was nearly killed by a direct headshot by a sniper rifle but however due to quick-witted acts of alertness and feeling unease, Ceo immediately rushed to cover which managed to avoid his close death encounter.

After managing to fight through the security of the facility and exterminating all survivors discretely with his energy sword and plasma rifle, Ceo continued towards the information portion of the facility where he interacted with a Human AI named Voronina, a Feminine Human AI which impersonated a Slavic woman kept denying access to Ceo and the AI liquidated all information in regards to the location of Earth and the other Human planets which greatly enraged Ceo, causing him to dismantle the AI through smashing the chip with his foot in an exasperated manner. Ceo and the Covenant forces then razed the facility to the ground and began to be deployed to the frontlines to eliminate Human stragglers and to prevent evacuation efforts from taking place at the City's Spaceport, in which Ceo was transported to and joined the effort towards destroying the Human evacuation craft and preventing further Humans from fleeing from the world, both military personnel and civilians alike, as Ceo arrived at the siege the Covenant was bombarding the Spaceport from the air and from the use of Wraiths as artillery bombardment rained upon the Spaceport, the only ships what managed to escape were eventually intercepted and destroyed by Covenant fighters or targeted by Covenant vessels above the city. Thus causing the Human forces to be trapped as their ships were unable to breach the blockade successfully, many UNSC defenders surrendered to the Covenant attackers except for the Spartan II which were all eventually killed or evacuated from the site to avoid their inevitable deaths, losing hope in the fight and the courage to continue resisting against overwhelming, superior extra-terrestrial forces. the UNSC survivors surrendered to the Covenant and were captured as POWs in which they were interrogated and tortured for Earth's whereabouts within the Human space, with many of them boldly declining the true location of the planet or telling slanders to deceive the Covenant.

After the battle for the planet came to an end and yet again the Covenant was left empty-handed with their discoveries towards obtaining the location of Earth, an important Human scientist named Catherine Halsey was captured at the latter stage of the battle for the planet within the same compound Ceo and his forces managed to raid, with the founder of the SPARTAN program being captured and held captive by the Covenant, this led to the UNSC strictly analysing their mistakes at Miridem in which they planned for an retrieval operation to secure Dr. Catherine Halsey from the hands of the Covenant, reminiscent to the capture of Human scientist Ellen Anders during the initial stages of the Human-Covenant War. Following the end of the battle, Ceo and his Special Operations Guild switched Fleets which obviated his participation during Operation: WARM BLANKET.

Struggle at Actium

"My fellow brothers, let us not be decieved by these Human defenders, they believe that their determined mindset will lead them to salvation, however they have been already condemned by the holy Prophets for their blasphemy, and their treachery shall be quashed by the might of the Covenant Empire!"
―Ceo 'Theainee delivering a speech to arouse his fellow Covenant warriors before confronting the Human forces in direct combat.

Covenant Banshees engaging Human forces during the Battle of Actium, the Covenant quickly obtained aerial supremacy, with the image showing Ceo leading a squadron of Banshees.

A year following the decisive pivotal engagement at Miridem, Ceo 'Theainee and the Special Operations Guild he commanded was on station, having heard about the UNSC success during Operation: WARM BLANKET, Ceo sought revenge for the countless brothers he lost during the operation. His vengeance came to fruition once the Covenant Navy discovered yet another Human colony named Actium by May of 2545, Ceo, attached to the fleet present which uncovered the location of Actium, was ordered to be deployed immediately for action on the surface of the world, following orders, Ceo attempted to regroup his Guild and rally them to battle within the hanger of the Covenant vessel, however as Ceo entered the hanger bay the ship was attacked from UNSC Air Force fighters which bombed the hanger, blasting him back from the bombardment which fatally struck the open hanger, being enraged from the attack and seeing his Guild annihilated from the detonation from the munitions. Ceo searched the decimated hanger for an intact aircraft to pilot in which he unravelled a remarkably pristine and intact Banshee, which Ceo abruptly piloted and travelled towards the surface of Actium. Once flying within the orbit of the planet, Ceo was intercepted by various Human aircraft in which he engaged with in air to air combat and ultimately obtained the advantage against his adversaries and dispatching them effectively through a series of aerodynamic manoeuvres he utilised to gain the advantage, afterwards Ceo continued to travel towards the surface of the planet, although he was uncertain on what objective he was required to follow, he inclined himself to aiding in clearing a series of landing zones across the region and abroad, joining a Covenant air wing, Ceo continued to fight against other UNSC fighters and providing close air support to clear enemy forces from above, assisting Covenant ground forces in securing landing zones and establishing forward operating bases to observe further assistance in the form of increasing deployment of Covenant ground units into the battlefield. Throughout Actium's skies and orbit, aerial and space supremacy was quickly obtained by the Covenant forces, which then followed with strategic bombardment of important enemy installations and infrastructure throughout the planet, Ceo participated in strafing runs and airstrikes against the Human defenders in which Ceo was highly successful with.

Ultimately however, Ceo's Banshee was disabled from an EMP detonation from a modified missile which tracked his Banshee and trailed him, Ceo attempted to dodge and outmanoeuvre the missile but his efforts were in vain as the missile was manually detonated by the missile's operator which in turn caused Ceo's Banshee to plummet towards the surface and crash landed close to Human positions. Shortly after the crash, Ceo mustered enough strength to physically and mentally recover from the crash in which he armed himself with his weapons and prepared to confront Human forces which were seeking the crash close by. Originally planning to stealthily make his way to friendly positions, Ceo decided to use his active camouflage to his advantage and sneaked pass the unanticipating Humans, as he did so he isolated several Human forces and swiftly eliminated his foes one by one until he managed to kill off all members of the patrol sent to investigate the crash site, continuing, Ceo noticed a Human fortification in which he decided to sneak into from the rear entrance and did so without disruptions preventing him. After entering the fortification Ceo hacked and slashed the Human occupants within the facility's backrooms, venturing forth Ceo evaluated his surroundings and realised that the Human building he entered was in fact a fuel refuelling depot for the 53rd Armoured Division, noticing several refuelling stations, Ceo continued to ravage the UNSC forces within the building, which were mostly off-duty and were resting from fighting at the front, seizing advantage of surprise against his enemies. Ceo fought his way through the facility and continued towards the exterior, in which he single handily began to destroy the refuelling stations and destroying various Human armoured vehicles in the process, confronted with erupting explosions he caused, Ceo quickly thought about his escape plan, in which he discovered a Warthog and used to escape the area facility, as he did so, Ceo was contacted by a Covenant reconnaissance unit's "Eye" Drone which was linked directly to the Fleet's High Command. After being directed on where to go, Ceo followed his orders and linked up with Covenant forces.

UNSC Marines apart of the 53rd Armoured Division engaging a Hunter Major during the battle.

Once Ceo returned to his Covenant compatriots after destroying a vitally important Human refuelling depot, the Covenant forces already managed to secure several Human settlements across the planet by the time of Ceo's return to friendly jurisdiction, and Ceo and other Covenant forces were debriefed on their situation to join a large massed offensive to capture a Human city rather than glassing it outright. However, having no soldiers to command and losing his Guild at the start of the battle, Ceo was put second in command along with a Sangheili General in which he collaborated with to scheme the attack against the Human city, it was decided by Ceo and the General, along with other high ranking officials of the Covenant military present during the meeting that they would launch a shock attack against the Human defenders from several directions at a rapid pace without delay for casualties or losses as to quickly gain victory over the Human defenders. After scheming their plans for attack, preparations were made directed by Ceo under the guise and assistance from the General, Ceo also assigned several proficient Sangheili warriors to his personal command and Ceo also decided to storm the city with the rest of the Covenant forces, although the General was reluctant of allowing Ceo to continue his fight, he was disavowed of holding any responsibility for Ceo's fate on the battlefield, in which Ceo himself gradually accepted with no hesitation and was well versed in the consequences to come if he was in fact fatally wounded or killed in combat, continuing to amass a large force to attack the city, Ceo prepared the initial phase of the assault to begin which saw the use of Covenant artillery and Scarabs to puncture their way through the Human fortifications and defences on the exterior of the city, the leading Scarabs of the attack, consisting of 3 total with an assorted group of Covenant armoured vehicles and supportive units alike continued to attack into the city. Ceo and his personally appointed forces launched a surprise attack against the Humans in an unprotected portion of the city, or at least that is what Ceo initially interpreted, after the Spirit landed he and his forces, they found themselves ambushed by UNSC Army and Marine forces which took concealment in the destroyed and heavily damaged buildings which surrounded the streets on all sides, after sustaining significant losses, Ceo's forces and the remainder of Covenant forces which deployed within the same area of the city hastily took cover and returned suppressive fire upon the Humans which cleared a way for launching their own attack against the Human defenders, spearheading the attack. Ceo and the Covenant troops began to attack through the building and eliminate all Human defenders within a close proximity and continued to push forward through the apartment complexes within the commercial housing district wing, following the encounter and eliminating all Human forces, they managed to capture and secure several Human prisoners which surrendered to Ceo and his respective brothers, he used the Humans for information and interrogated them, although some were at first resilient to the pressure from their Covenant interrogators, after Ceo decapitated several prisoners they decided to reveal important intel about the whereabouts of the Human forces which were spread across the city, deceiving the Human captives to think they were saved, Ceo then meteorically killed the Human prisoners without any visible compunction with his deeds, surprising the other Covenant soldiers present, however wasting not time. Ceo decided to move against the UNSC forces from their exposed flanks.

Continuing onwards, Ceo with his assisting Covenant forces continued to storm through various streets, overrunning heavily refined Human positions until he and his forces continued to fight through close confines with gaining further reinforcements from other Covenant units, joining the main attack with the assisting Scarabs within the city, Ceo and his forces scored countless successive gains against their Human adversaries until their efforts were ceased and delayed with the deployment to of SPARTAN-II supersoldiers, being forced to retreat and were repelled from the city from an overwhelming UNSC counterattack, Ceo found himself concealing with other Covenant forces which survived the initial encounter with the SPARTANS and launched ambushes against the Human forces which believed they secured the area once the bulk of Covenant forces were eliminated by the Humans. Leading the surprise attack within the open fields outside the city, Ceo made short work of the UNSC column as he himself lead the Covenant forces under his command to engage the Humans in close quarters combat which caused the Human forces to be helpless to fend back against the Covenant onslaught and were overpowered by the sheer brutality from the Covenant, during this battle, Ceo was assisted with Jiralhanae warriors during the final stages of the engagement, surprised, yet thankful for the arrival of the Jiralhanae reinforcements, Ceo was lectured by the Chieftain of the Brute forces in regards of the Sangheili being an incapable race to serve within the Covenant Military, comparing Ceo's mind and strategic approach to that of an Unggoy's. This argument spiralled quickly into a brawl with Ceo using his energy sword to restrain the Chieftain with forces before he was able to retaliate with his gravity hammer, after a tense moment, the conflict was defused by one of the Jiralhanae which separated Ceo and the Chieftain's forces respectively.

A Scorpion attached with the 53rd Armoured Division heavily damaged and immobilised as a result of the armoured clashes between the Covenant and Human forces during the later stages of the battle.

After the scuffle, Ceo continued to provide assistance to the Covenant forces against the Humans. In which he mounted an attack against assets of the 53rd Armoured Division within Wraiths, using the capability of the Wraith effectively being a self-propelled gun to take out the UNSC armoured units from afar, the Humans were unable to successfully return fire and forced them to retreat and sustain heavy losses to their forces, with the majority of the armoured unit being destroyed or heavily damaged from the fighting, with only 12,000 forces left after the confrontation, a Human Colonel named Akono Menteith who commandeered the 53rd Armoured Division delivered a rousing speech to his subordinates which heavily bolstered their morale and ability to continue the fight against the Covenant forces, knowing that they were going to be inevitably defeated by the Covenant's overwhelming power within the ground and the air. The Colonel gathered his remaining forces to launch one final effort which is regarded as the 53rd's legendary last stand which would inspire Millions of Humans to continue the fight against the Covenant Empire. Colonel Akono Menteith then launched his remnant forces which were mostly comprised of tankers in Scorpions to begin their assault deep into occupied Covenant territory on the planet, managing to repel several Covenant units in the process, including Ceo's which was forced to regroup and eliminate the Colonel's forces on a minor scale which did not delay the 53rd to continue piercing into Covenant territory, they also captured and used several nuclear weapons against the Covenant forces which provided an advantage against the Covenant forces. However his effort was in vain as the Covenant finished of the 53rd. Ceo survived the battle and remarked yet again about the use of the nuclear weapons, which terrified him.

Dispirited Campaign on Sargasso

"Fear not, as there is one thing for certain. We may have sustained heavy losses and our brothers have sacrificed themselves to maintain our existence, and as such we shall return the favour to the incanons. There will be bloodshed."
―Ceo 'Theainee remarking about the intense carnage and bloodshed which he and his Guild took apart in.

The space battle over Sargasso was intense, ultimately the UNSC Navy was victorious against the Covenant Fleet, however the outcome for the main ground campaign on Sargasso was inconclusive.

As the war against Humanity intensified further on, Ceo recovered from the previous battle at Actium in which he was traumatised by severely especially when nuclear weapons were deployed and used against the Covenant forces yet again like during his first initial experiences of the conflict fighting on Hat Yai. With a year passed, Ceo and the fleet he was attached with was preparing to launch a new operation against yet another Human colony, a tedious task in which Ceo had to continuously participate in to find and recover Forerunner relics along with the true location and whereabouts of the Human homeworld, Earth. However, Ceo or the Covenant forces were not prepared to face the hardened Human defences which were established, estimating that Sargasso was next with the fall of Actium and other Human worlds. Eventually a large Covenant battle group was massed and was sent to Sargasso to begin the invasion of the Human world, with the Covenant forces arriving to the world, they were immediately attacked by a large Human defence fleet which was protecting Sargasso in an effort to prevent the world from being invaded, as such the Human fleet comprised of battle-hardened and staunch, determined Human fighters who sought to gain revenge against their Covenant adversaries, this led to the Covenant fleet coming under attack from various vessels from several directions at a time which caused large confusion and disruption amongst the battle group, the Sargasso home fleet was also assisted when reinforcements was requested from nearby Human sectors which arrived and outflanked the Covenant forces present, causing many Covenant vessels to be destroyed and heavily damaged from the surprise attack launched by the UNSC Navy which come to the aid of the home fleet. Quickly analysing the situation and realising the space battle was unfavourable for the Covenant, Ceo and his Guild began to leave the CCS-class battlecruiser they were assigned to, as they made their escape, the vessel was coming under intense attack from UNSC Air Force strike fighters and bombers alike and was becoming overwhelmed and overpowered by volley firing Human vessels which focused fire on the ship, this prompted Ceo and many other ground based forces which were stationed in the battlecruiser to begin evacuating from the vessel, Ceo refused to leave the battlecruiser and attempted to take a Banshee to the surrounding space to deal with the UNSC forces himself but he realised that all the fighters were either destroyed or deployed to deal with the Human forces, as a result Ceo made his way to a remaining Phantom in which he and his Guild made their way to the surface of Sargasso under heavy anti-air fire along with being intercepted by Human exoatmospheric fighters.

The Phantom Ceo was travelling in eventually reached the surface of Sargasso albeit severely damaged and unable to continue on being in operational integrity, this led to Ceo and the Phantom being hastily deployed to the surface without having a clear objective in consideration or a battle plan, this led to Ceo speculating on what to do with his Guild and he believed that regrouping with other Covenant forces was the first step of their plan to establish communications with nearby units and to devise a battle plan against the Human forces, however Ceo and his forces were unable to do that as a large amount of Human forces assaulted their position once they landed, their Phantom was also struck by several rockets causing it to plummet and crash nearby, although fortunately the Phantom was carrying the newly introduced Wuzum-pattern patroller also known more commonly as the Spectre, it was an anti-infantry support transport repulsorcraft which was able to carry two passengers, a driver and a gunner. The Spectre was meant to be deployed and utilised tactically against enemy forces, but due to Ceo's Guild consisting of a large amount of forces under his command, he decided that he himself and his Sangheili subordinates were to provide covering fire and assistance for his Guild to recuperate and manoeuvre to more safe and adequate positions alongside with scavenging and attempting to rescue the remaining crew which were within the crashed Phantom, Ceo manned the main turret of the Spectre and begin to unleash volleys of rapid plasma fire upon the Human attackers which forced them to subsequently disperse and retreat from the area under the heavy fire, Ceo's efforts were also reinforced as the aforementioned Hunter pair provided ordinance against the Human forces and were highly influential in their attempts to crush the enemy. Afterwards, the Spectre which Ceo was commandeering drove towards the crashed Phantom to assist in the efforts to evacuate the remaining crew which were trapped inside the crashed craft, Ceo exited the Spectre and rushed to assist his fellow soldiers of his Guild to release and liberate the Phantom's occupants but it was too late, the flames within the interior of the vessel caused the pilots and assistant crew to be burnt alive, traumatised and enraged by this Ceo lashed out in anger and fury and was determined to avenge the death of his brothers. Taking to the Spectre, Ceo ordered the driver to intercept the retreating Human forces in which they returned to counterattack with Warthogs, competing with the Human vehicles Ceo began to fire relentlessly at the Warthogs which caused them to be destroyed and dispersed as a result, furthermore Ceo continued to fire at the UNSC Marines, Colonial Militia and Army Troopers which were assigned to the Warthogs, they established a defensive permitter by using their transport Warthogs as a barrier to prevent the Spectre from breaking through their lines, however Ceo quickly dealt with the UNSC personnel and continued on his journey to regroup with nearby Covenant ground forces, during this, his Guild also joined his efforts and pursued behind to clear any remaining Human stragglers.

Continuing on, Ceo and his Guild began to attack Human outposts and positions which were lingering across the vast highway Ceo followed along on his Spectre, Ceo also ordered his troops to pilot Human vehicles such as Warthogs and Mongooses to continue their journey more quicker, as Ceo continued onwards he witnessed the space battle above was impacting the planet severely, debris from Covenant and UNSC vessels were plummeting towards the surface of the planet and causing catastrophic damages to certain areas affected by the impact, alongside the waging space battle above the Covenant was also unable to obtain aerial superiority as they usually did in most engagements against the inferior UNSC forces, aircraft from both sides were also commonly crashing and being destroyed above the ground engagements which caused mass disorganisation of troops for both the Covenant and the UNSC alike. Eventually Ceo and his Guild was able to contact local Covenant ground units in regards of their operation and objectives to be accomplished, they were ordered by a Sangheili General to join an attack on a Human town called Belisk which was being held firmly by UNSC forces, obliging obediently, Ceo and the forces under his command made haste towards Belisk and joined the main attack against the town, the urban centre was being held mostly by ODST and Marine hardliners which were unwavering in their defence to prevent the town from being captured. Unbeknownst to the Covenant, the defence of such a useless industrial town seemed to be strategically irrelevant, but nevertheless, Ceo and the Covenant forces present besieging the town continued with their efforts to destroy the settlement, assisting their efforts were several Covenant armour, specifically Wraiths along with minimal aerial support from overpassing Banshees which provided strikes against the Human defenders, overall the Covenant High Command ordered their forces to assault the town for its military manufacturing capabilities and its industrial abilities which were important for the Human war machine to keep reinforcing local units to continue the fight, especially with ammunition and logistical supplies the Human forces relied upon to continue their stubborn defence of the township. The desperate defence of the Human fighters was in reality a diversion for the ODST team known as Alpha-Nine to extract important data belonging to ONI which was present within the settlement, the Covenant being distracted by this focused their attention upon the mainstream Human defenders which were apart of Gamma-Six, yet another UNSC unit which was present during the battle, they being the main unit which defended the town from capture.

Ceo was believed to be dead during the fighting in Belisk, he was later recovered by another Covenant squad which recovered his body once his pulse was detected.

Meanwhile, Ceo and his Guild was distracted by the main fierce fighting displayed by their respective adversaries but Ceo decided to flank the UNSC defenders through the destroyed factories and industrial buildings which they subsequently cut through and eliminated various sub-units of UNSC Marines and ODSTs alike as they proceeded onwards towards the centre of the town, however they were delayed numerous times, with Ceo also being shot at by and overwhelmed by the Human forces, Ceo's shields were disabled as he was overwhelmed and was blown away by a grenade, the explosion caused Ceo to be knocked unconscious and portions of the grenade's discharged shrapnel stabbed into his flesh and pierced his armour which caused him to become severely wounded and to bleed from his injuries. Ceo was left in the destroyed industrial facility as he was presumed to be dead along with the majority of his Guild, after sometime has passed, Ceo was discovered by another Covenant unit which passed through the same facility, they inspected the corpses, such as feeling for their pulses and heartbeats to indicate if they were still alive, all inspected bodies were seemingly killed from the fighting, except for Ceo, in which his heartbeat was dangerously slow paced. Due to Sangheili customs, Ceo was not granted any medicine or healthcare treatments towards his injuries but he was recovered from the ruined factory and was bought back to a Covenant forward operating base which was established outside of Belisk, sadly Ceo was the only member apart of is Guild to have been known to survive following the aftermath of the confrontation they had within Belisk industrial zone. Following his extraction he was treated by an Engineer which used its healing techniques to heal Ceo slowly, but it wasn't quite effective as the Engineer was scared and terrified from the close by fighting and was largely disgruntled to be forced to work for the Covenant as most Huragoks were an enslaved species serving the Covenant. The battle was being turned against the Covenant largely with the UNSC being able to recover the important ONI data which was located within the town and all Covenant forces fighting in the contested settlement were dispatched of and repelled from launching further assaults as the Covenant were being beaten back by the staunch resistance displayed by the Humans on Sargasso, the Covenant Fleet was also heavily damaged and mostly wiped by the UNSC Navy which was prevalent above the planet, during the ending stages of the battle, Ceo was helpless to do anything as a result of his injuries and kept fading in and out of his conscious state and felt consistent pain when moving his limbs and body.

To avoid being captured the Covenant forces which were still present and on the world had to keep a low profile and to remain undetected by the main UNSC forces, they were alone and without any reinforcements to come relief them from out of the system, Ceo and other injured Covenant warriors were argued to be left behind and to be discarded for the Humans to discover in which they'd mostly succumb to their wounds, this proposition was advised by the Jiralhanae which were ruthless and saw nothing to keep tending and maintaining the livelihoods of their fellow Covenant comrades, Ceo overheard this as he kept coming into and out of his conscious state which gravely shocked and disgusted him, although powerless to do anything as he was being prepared to be left behind by his Covenant allies, feeling betrayed, Ceo grabbed the arm of the leading Chieftain of the remnant group which sought to escape the planet by himself with his pack, the Chieftain then shook Ceo's hand of from him and left him behind with the others, he then faded out of his consciousness once again. Ceo and other Sangheili survivors were evacuated from the FOB which was abandoned by the Covenant forces as they split up and fled from the base to prevent being captured as POWs or to die disgracefully. Ceo along with other incapacitated wounded Covenant personnel were bought to a safe zone which was headed by the Sangheili General Ceo initially contacted and agreed to follow orders to as to attack the settlement of Belisk, this General, named Teg 'Nrasumee which took great interest with Ceo's capability to lead his forces into battle along with being a tempestuous and bold Sangheili warrior he adored, Teg knew about Ceo's feats and efforts to gain his recognition within the Covenant Special Warfare Group and respected the battle-hardened Sangheili as such, being one of the main fundamental reasons why Ceo was recovered after he became silent, after awakening, Ceo discussed with General 'Nrasumee in regards of escaping the planet in which both leading figureheads jointly excogitated and devised to plot their escape from the Human world as they believed all ambitions and efforts by the Covenant was abandoned to continue to fight on, and retreat was the only option they could take, but Ceo was infuriated and against the idea of surrendering but came to the reality that his fellow brethren wanted to get out of the world intact. Unknowingly to Ceo however, Teg 'Nrasumee knew about the Covenant victories which were scored in Ceo's slumber during the campaign and the General wanted to escape the planet for his own self-gain in which he lied to Ceo and the others, this caused them to ultimately believe him. Teg managed to contact a nearby Covenant air wing to extract them from their position as they sent a Phantom to be transferred to a Covenant vessel awaiting out of the system. As such, Ceo and the remaining survivors were bought aboard a Covenant medical vessel in which the injured survivors, including Ceo were treated for their injures and rehabilitated before serving in combat operations once more, the members which were extracted from Sargasso later became members of Ceo's reformed Guild.

Assaulting Camber

"We are unstoppable, the Covenant is uncontested in our power and we shall redeem our rightful path to truth and reconciliation, the path to the great journey is lit for us alone, and you shall be lost, left behind to suffer the consequences of your sins."
―Ceo indignantly elucidating the Covenant's goals to a SPARTAN-II he faced during the later stages of the battle.

With Ceo and Covenant forces managing to escape Sargasso, Ceo was evacuated along with other survivors which he was attached with under the Sangheili General, Teg 'Nrasumee. During this period of time prior to Ceo's participation in the Battle of Camber, Ceo was treated by Huragoks and Covenant medical technology despite his unfavourable view on Covenant medical technology, Ceo was reluctantly aided and supported by Huragok doctors which helped with tending to Ceo's wounds and injuries during the Battle of Sargasso, the same occurred with the Covenant survivors Ceo was attached to during the later stages of the battle, following a couple of months, Ceo was refreshed and was able to return to military operations fighting against the Human forces on the Covenant's great crusade against the Human heresy standing in the way of the fanatical great journey, as such, Ceo previously lost the majority of his members attached to his Special Operations Guild and the survivors he met on Sargasso were attached under Ceo's command as suggested by Teg 'Nrasumee. A close friendship between Ceo and Teg was formulated following the Battle of Sargasso with Ceo's subsequent recovery from the conflict, thereafter Ceo's reputation began to expand further beyond his personal limitations and became a respected and well received Special Operations Officer by his peers and by fellow Sangheili which were of a higher rank and title of Ceo was at the time, afterwards, Ceo met with the survivors of the previous battle and they were subsequently attached to Ceo's new guild along with co-existing with veteran members of his Special Operations Guild, as such Ceo was now apart of the Fleet of Particular Justice which was under control of Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee which was a largely feared and infamous figurehead of the Covenant Navy in which the UNSC feared his tactility and capabilities at his disposal as he glassed and successfully defeated large amounts of UNSC Fleets in battle. Thel 'Vadamee would later become the last Arbiter of the Covenant and the first leader of the Swords of Sanghelios, including having a mutual friendship with Ceo. As such, Ceo's feats were noted by the Supreme Commander in which Thel saw great interests in his abilities, thus establishing a bond between the two Sangheili individuals, Ceo was ordered directly by Thel 'Vadamee to infiltrate Human defensive systems and perform reconnaissance on a Human world known as Camber. Camber was apparently surveyed by Covenant forces several years prior to the arrival of the Fleet of Particular Justice and now Ceo was given the order to yet again scout ahead of the main fleet with his Guild accompanied by other joint Special Operations groups including the Commandos and Brute Stalkers.

Ceo and his forces undertook an operation in which they swiftly infiltrated an orbital defence platform over Camber and planted explosives which were detonated, signalling the Covenant's second invasion attempt.

After Ceo was debriefed by Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee about the details of their operation, Ceo was now ordered to venture towards the Human world of Camber assisted by Commandos and Stalkers, a group of five modified Phantoms were sent to the system to initially survey the atmospheric and orbital defensive systems and capabilities the UNSC had on Camber, it was reasonably sizable with several MAC stations and a sizable home guard fleet remaining in orbit over the planet in order to protect it from another Covenant incursion was what happened in the years prior to the return of the Covenant to Camber. Ceo and his Guild supported by other Special Operations formations spotted an orbital defence platform which was stationed above the planet and was the closest towards the Covenant fleet, a plan was fabricated between Ceo and the other Special Operations Officers leading their respective groups in which Ceo was designated to infiltrate the closest orbital station directed at the Fleet of Particular Justice whilst the other groups of Covenant Special Forces were sent to deal with other orbital defence platforms which lingered above Camber's orbit, after unilaterally agreeing to the plan, Ceo was sent to the designated orbital defence platform with his Guild, prepared and organised to face the danger ahead of them, Ceo's cloaked Phantom eventually reached the top of the orbital defence platform in which Ceo and his Guild was issued specialised armoured harnesses to adorn their efforts as they were infiltrating the station by slicing their way through the mainframe's roof which would then in turn cut the central portion of the station from sustaining life support systems and to eliminate the control room's personnel via suction and suffocation by the vacuum of space, as such Ceo and his Guild did as tasked and sliced through the roof of the control room, entering through the hole with attached thrusters and eliminating the UNSC forces within the control/command deck swiftly, afterwards, Ceo ordered his subordinates to establish explosives to be detonated into the station's control room which would destroy the station whole, after being successful with this task which was largely unnoticed by the remaining crew members aboard the orbital defence platform, Ceo and his Guild was then extracted from the station on their Phantom and the station was promptly detonated by remote once Ceo and his Guild was ferried away to a safe proximity away from the station. Afterwards, the teams which assisted Ceo also completed their own operations against the other orbital defence platforms without any problems preventing their efforts from being flawed, this caught the Human colony by surprise and ultimately this signalled for the invasion to begin as the Fleet of Particular Justice now engaged a distracted and frazzled UNSC Navy fleet which was outflanked and fought against superior numbers of Covenant warships, this led to the Fleet of Particular Justice scoring a quick and decisive victory against the home guard fleet over Camber which in turn disrupted their communications and forced them to become isolated from the majority of UNSC assets externally abroad as the Covenant forces began to quickly enter the orbit of the planet and began a campaign of bombarding key important UNSC installations and facilities before landing ground forces to deal with the remaining UNSC ground forces stationed on the planet.

With the defeats of the UNSC in orbit around the planet, Ceo and his Special Operations Guild was redeployed to the surface of Camber to begin launching their attacks against the remaining UNSC forces which sought to defend the planet from the Covenant invaders, unfortunately however they were quickly suppressed as tactical bombardment and aerial supremacy ensured that the Humans efforts were futile in maintaining their defence especially with the Fleet of Particular Justice having a reputation of engaging and destroying important planetary defensive systems and infrastructure which served to be critical and crucial for the defence of outer Human colonies, the same strategy was employed and used against the Human defenders on Camber, however what was unique about this particular battle was that Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee personally led an attack against an unprepared garrison of UNSC reservist forces stationed within the planetary capital which were caught off guard and surprised with the second Covenant invasion attempt. Joining the attack against the main planetary urban centre of Camber, Ceo and his Special Operations Guild were transported to assault a UNSC air base which was located on the outskirts of the main city, the city was now under siege by the Covenant from both aerospace and land assets and was becoming heavily bombarded by both Covenant ground and aerial forces which eliminated the main defences and quashed the Human morale and organisation to mount a successful breakout attempt against the Covenant invasion force, to further ensure the Covenant success in the capture and pillaging of the city, Ceo and his Guild was assigned to infiltrate and attack a UNSC air base situated outside the city, as such Ceo joined a large assault against the air base in which both UNSC and Covenant armies clashed in a large battle, Ceo personally commandeered and led a Wraith into the battle in which he used to puncture the outer defences of the air base which were weakened from the initial aerial and land bombardments upon the air base, as such Ceo quickly dismounted from his Wraith after dispatching Human armoured forces protecting the entrance of the air base, Covenant air assets also fought against scrambled UNSC air assets above the air base in which many varieties of Human vehicles such as Falcons, Hornets, Pelicans and other vehicles were being decimated by the overwhelming Covenant forces maintaining superiority in numerical and firepower advantages, Ceo and his Guild supported the main Covenant breakthrough into the UNSC holdout situated at the air base, in which Ceo captured a Falcon and began to fly above the air base and attack fleeing UNSC evacuation and extraction aircraft, Ceo was credited in managing to attack and down 5 Pelicans which proved to be fruitful for the Covenant's attempts to capture survivors and prevent the remaining civilian and ultimately the military population of the city to flee out of the system which would expose the location of the recent attacks to the UNSC high command, thus reflecting on the probability of the Fleet of Particular Justice having its combat patterns and organisation being exposed.

The UNSC forces during the final stages of the invasion began to fight in valiant efforts, such as last stand battles against the Covenant invaders in order to ensure the evacuation of civilians and other UNSC personnel off world.

Shortly after Ceo managed to secure the air base assisted with a large Covenant force, Ceo joined yet another push towards a Human stronghold situated within the hinterland regions of Camber which was well prepared, equipped and organised to deal with the Covenant invasion force heading their direction, prior to Ceo and the main Covenant forces being redirected to deal with the fierce Human holdout, an ultimatum was sent to the Humans via telecommunications in order to force them to surrender peacefully to the Covenant, although the Humans realising that being captured would be a worse fate than a quick death, they rejected the demands and continued to display their fierce resistance against the Covenant attackers, thus a response from the Covenant Special Operations was deployed to the region to deal with the Human stronghold, Ceo and his Guild was specifically tasked to begin their own counterinsurgency efforts within the hinterland regions of the planet, although Ceo and his forces were caught by surprised and weren't accumulated to the surrounding terrain as they were just redeployed immediately following a perpetual and brutal battle with Human forces over an air base, after crossing into the deep thickets of a forest to locate the UNSC stronghold, Ceo and his forces were ambushed by UNSC forces which comprised of ODSTs, ONI Security, Marines, Army Troopers and Colonial Defence Militia personnel which merged their forces for a proper irregular defence against the attacking Covenant onslaught, Ceo found themselves lost within an unfamiliarised place but quickly adapted to the situation and learnt to overcome the scenario he found himself pitched in as he returned fire towards the general direction of the UNSC ambushers, this led to Ceo's forces managing to tactically withdrawal from the area to a more stabilised and ideal defensive perimeter but were still becoming beared down upon by the Human resistance, suffering heavy casualties as a result from the retaliative attacks from the Human forces. Seeing an opportunity to breakout against the Human ambush, Ceo gathered the remains of his forces and communicated to nearby Covenant forces to reinforce their position, serendipitously, Ceo and his forces were quickly reinforced by local Covenant units remarkably with a Scarab punching through towards the main UNSC stronghold, Ceo then aroused his comrades and other Covenant personnel to begin attacking through the UNSC defenders towards the facility where they still met stiff and stubborn resistance despite the UNSC now having lost a large portion of their forces, a large swarm of Yanme'e, more commonly known as Drones launched their attack against the now weakened Human stragglers, Ceo now had the chance to enter the facility in which he did with assets of Covenant forces, mostly Sangheili with their own Guilds managed to swiftly eliminate the Human defenders within the indoors portion of the stronghold, this effort was elongated as many tight corridors which were heavily fortified against the Covenant attack delayed Ceo despite his best abilities to take out all the remaining UNSC personnel situated within the base, some were evacuated and fled from the planet whilst others sacrificed themselves, more so, Ceo fought against a SPARTAN-II named Yriah-032 in which Yriah ultimately sacrificed himself by detonating a grenade after a long duel with Ceo in order to ensure the retreat of the remaining UNSC personnel. Benevolently in a providential turn of events, Ceo survived the explosion from the grenade with his combat harness and personal shielding taking the blunt of the explosions and shrapnel from the explosion, Ceo's body was hardly injured from the occurrence and shortly after pulling through debris, Ceo continued his journey to eradicate the Human remnant forces albeit with a noticeable limb, unbeknownst to Ceo, he was slowly bleeding out from the various cuts and injuries he sustained from the explosion and the building falling upon him.

Ceo preparing to face SPARTAN-II supersoldier Yriah-032 during the later stages of the Battle of Camber, Ceo adorned this specific combat harness during the battle, as he was initially deployed to destroy a orbital defence platform which was successful.

Following the instrumental Covenant victory against the Human stronghold and managing to force the Human survivors to flee from the planet, the battle was ultimately won for the Covenant and the Human forces were beginning to lose ground on the world, Ceo noticed the injuries he sustained from the explosion and dressed his injuries to prevent him from bleeding out and falling out of consciousness, although other Covenant soldiers did notice how Ceo appeared to be rather injured with his own blood splattered upon his armour along with being war torn by the battle, Ceo continued to viciously fight on against the Human forces and joined yet another venture against the Human forces fighting fiercely on the planet, many Humans have either evacuated from the planet or have made their valiant land stand against the Covenant onslaught, Ceo was independent from his Guild as he ordered his Guild by his command to evacuate from the planet and travel back to the Fleet of Particular Justice where they remained until Ceo's return, as they awaited for Ceo to return. Ceo joined a major final push which was situated upon a last Human settlement which served as a stronghold against the Covenant bastion, unfortunately unlike the previous location, the area was located in a flat region of the planet and was encircled and enveloped by Covenant ground forces before Ceo arrived to observe the situation, surprisingly, Ceo was given executive command and control over a large portion of Covenant forces stationed outside the city ready to launch their attack to deal the final blow against Human resistance on Camber, as such Ceo gave the order to commence the assault against the final remaining Human settlement on the world which only lasted for two hours before the city was cleansed, Ceo participated directly against Human forces in fierce and rabid close quarters combat, furthermore Ceo sustained more injuries to his body despite having maintained his personal shielding systems to maximum capacity and his armour was somewhat intact following the detonation of the grenade from the encounter with the SPARTAN-II. Ceo continued to fight against the Human forces valiantly with his energy sword and plasma rifle, slashing and dicing through various UNSC personnel of all sorts in a single handed motion, Ceo was assisted on a limited scale in some portions of fighting through the streets until he met with the main force linking through various buildings and rubble of the city in which he took advantage of and ambushed several Human units by utilising his active camouflage, annihilating the Human forces as he continued to fight veraciously through tight corridors of buildings and streets, emblazoned by the fierce fighting displayed by both sides. Ultimately however, the Covenant was victorious and Ceo was extracted from the city following the cessation of hostilities and with the last remaining Human forces being completely wiped out and exterminated by the Covenant forces, the city was then pillaged for any Forerunner technology it may have contained and was glassed by the Covenant fleet which orbited the city from above. After the end of the battle, Ceo was commemorated for his commanding capabilities and skills and was thus further recommended to become a member of the Covenant High Council, his reputation soon grew in large portions and he soon grew a base of popularity for being valiant and unwavering to the Prophet's will, ironically, Ceo was nicknamed as the "Antiquated Arbiter who never was." after the Battle of Camber.

Steamrolling New Llanelli

"We shall reclaim the rights and virtues of the Gods and deliver their damnation upon these inferior whelps, delusional towards upholding their pathetic lives which will be soon taken away from them, all who stand in the way of the Covenant will be crushed, Human or otherwise, for the Great Journey!"
―Ceo delivering his fiery boastful speech towards members of his Special Operations Guild and other Covenant soldiers he commanded in order to annihilate the Human defenders on New Llanelli.

With the conclusion of fierce fighting on the Human colony of Camber, Ceo's reputation grew exponentially amongst members of the Covenant Special Warfare Group, in which, superiors of the Special Warfare Group had taken peaked interests into Ceo's considerably growing and expanding military career in regards of eradicating the filth that was the Human race. Following his efforts on Camber, Ceo was transferred to a different Covenant Fleet in which the particular Fleet Ceo was assigned to was in desperate need of professional Special Operation warriors to be attached to their Fleet, Ceo reluctantly agreed to the transition, but in order to continue the Covenant war effort against the pitiful Humans, Ceo agreed to the consideration and was assigned to a new fleet in which Ceo was placed in command of a new unit. The Covenant fleet Ceo was apart of eventually circumnavigated Human space in order to uncover and explore external worlds to discover Forerunner technologies which may remain on those worlds in question, however, New Llanelli lacked Forerunner technology, but nevertheless embroiled with the Covenant's conflict against the UNSC, a Covenant fleet was ordered to attack the planet, New Llanelli lacked any importance towards the Covenant, with the planet being a notable rural and agricultural world controlled by the United Earth Government serving little purpose with larger external affairs as New Llanelli was considerably a newly established Human planet in comparison to other Human worlds abroad in different systems, New Llanelli was also in an isolated position and lacked any orbital and aerospace defences in order to defy the Covenant, as such following a intelligence survey to evaluate the strength of the Human forces on the planet, their military force was dwindled in comparison to most other planets which were reinforced in order to stall the Covenant's reckless advance through Human outer colonies, after the system and the world was surveyed by Covenant forces, an attack was soon launched against New Llanelli, with the UNSC Navy being quickly subdued and decimated by the Covenant attackers, during this period, Ceo and the forces under his command were subsequently ordered to participate in the main attack against Human forces on the surface of the world, without any hesitation, the Covenant unleashed its armada upon the sparsely populated planet without facing much resistance from any anti-air defensive systems in the likes, as such, the Covenant ground forces quickly gathered territorial concessions on the world as furthermore reinforcement was deployed to the surface of the world with the establishment of vast amounts of forward operating bases constructed and erected by the Covenant invasion forces.

Pictured is a Scarab and a Hunter under the command of Ceo 'Theainee during the Battle of New Llanelli, Ceo and his forces initially fought through dense jungles and forests on the planet before reaching major settlements.

Ceo found themselves under the command of a mainstream force in order to defend off against Human colonial militia units which were attempting to dismantle their efforts and eliminate their holding, however their attempts failed miserably, with Ceo launching a counterattack against the militia forces and quickly managing to disperse their forces as they were subsequently cut down by the Covenant forces in isolated pockets, amused with these enactments and with Ceo's resilience and fast planning in the face of combat with the adversary, Ceo was assigned to lead frontal operations against the Human defenders on the planet, although, Ceo's usage was limited due to the extensive orbital bombardment and glassing delivered by the Covenant fleet above the planet and within its orbit, with the lack of any major urban centres within the sector Ceo was deployed to, Ceo mustered a Guild in order to launch a surprise attack against disorganised UNSC forces positioned 30 km from their forward operating base, as such, Ceo gracefully accepted the offer and was desiring to fight more Human forces, as Ceo continued towards the designated position where the UNSC forces were supposedly located, Ceo was confronted by various different UNSC units including militia and insurrectionists which agreed to a temporary ceasefire with the UNSC forces on the planet in order to jointly cooperate in deterring the invasion launched by the Covenant, despite their determination to prevent the Covenant forces from further capturing territory and eliminating their populated areas, Ceo made short work of the resistance facing his ambitions on the path towards the UNSC facility, only maintaining a strong base of infantry units assigned to his command, Ceo split his forces and followed the examples of divide and conquer strategy in which he proficiently exercised upon his aforementioned Human adversaries. As Ceo and his forces continued to push back the Human attempts to breakout and defend against their relentless attack, Ceo eventually reached the designated facility he was ordered to travel to, combatting various armoured vehicles supporting the Human forces, Ceo spearheaded an attack towards the main entrance but failed as the Covenant unit was annihilated from the entrenched outlining defences protecting the facility in question, the facility was an ONI operation centre which was safeguarding secrets within, Ceo then cogitated on his prior encounter against assaulting a ONI facility, being familiarised on how the defences of the particular facilities were well prepared, Ceo led his forces to outflank the Human defences by piercing through rear vanguard barriers outside of the main entrance, managing to breakthrough the sidelines of the facility and quickly poring through, Ceo disposed of various Human infantry forces in the exterior of the facility and rapidly began to rush through towards the interior of the facility, however during these efforts and rushing through, Ceo was injured numerous times and sought cover in order to recharge his personal shielding systems, Ceo's forces quickly followed after their leading figurehead and began to engage with the fiery staunch Human defenders which were quickly losing the engagement, taking advantage of the distraction of the Human forces, Ceo dashed towards the main commander of the base and quickly slashed them with his energy sword, with the Human subordinates being unable to react in time, Ceo turned his attention to the stragglers and eliminated them swiftly, following this, Ceo ordered a firm and thorough search to uncover any secrets within the facility to discover any information on Forerunner activity the planet may hold, after receiving no evidence to state that any Forerunner technology was within the planet, Ceo and the Covenant liquidated the facility and the surrounding area which was glassed.

After the takeover and liquidation of the ONI facility and the surrounding area, Ceo and his forces were contacted by the larger Covenant forces by the fleet's high command, Ceo was given the task to participate in a commanding role in which he was never truly able to maintain a strong base of, although Ceo did command various units prior to his assignment during New Llanelli, Ceo was given the chance to take full command of a whole Covenant army group in which Ceo agreed in doing so, as the previous General was killed by a sniper round which severely injured them and caused the Sangheili to die from the wounds sustained from the sniper round, as Ceo took on the role, he was informed by various aides and other Covenant commanders that he was assigned to besiege a fortified settlement which was being firmly held by the UNSC forces wholeheartedly, this led to Ceo changing and devising the implementation of a new strategy to be used against the Human defenders, Ceo ordered Covenant armoured units and ordering a singular Scarab to aid in the besieging and destruction of the settlement entirely, as Ceo rallied the forces to a position outside of the Human-controlled settlement, Ceo delivered a rousing speech and declared that he shall perish in battle against the Humans along with his fellow soldiers under his guidance, as such, Ceo then rushed to battle against the Human forces frontally, although this was a great mistake, as Ceo was quickly injured by various ordinances as the UNSC forces comprised of Marines, Army Troopers, Militia, ODSTs and supposedly a detachment of SPARTAN-II Supersoldiers which were present in the defence of the settlement, the settlement was important for logistical and communication purposes in order to ensure that UNSC reinforcements will come to the aid of the defenders on the planet, despite taking in several hits and losing a large portion of his forces, this only enraged Ceo further and in his fury, began a frontal attack by quickly leaping and avoiding hostile fire and slaughtering various UNSC personnel within the settlement adjoined by the remainder of the attacking Covenant forces, the Scarab also began to penetrate through the UNSC defences with considerable ease, as UNSC Scorpion and other armoured vehicles were bombarded by Wraiths and Banshees along with the aforementioned Scarab supporting the majority of Covenant ground based operations during the fierce fighting. Amidst the carnage, Ceo was shot several times and began to bleed out quickly due to the mistreatment of his injuries, becoming woozy and unable to properly fight, Ceo did not resolve to giving up the fight and continued to fend off against various UNSC detachments scattered throughout the settlement until the Special Operations Officer was unable to fight furthermore and fainted due to the severity of the injuries sustained to his body. As such, Ceo's body was evacuated from the area, along with the remainder of other injured Covenant soldiers during the fight, although Ceo quickly sprung up and returned to the fight by tending to self-treatment methods in order to prevent the bleeding, Ceo scavenged clothing from deceased Human individuals and used them as improvised bandages to prevent bleeding which was considered to be unorthodox to both Sangheili and Covenant medical traditions. During the fighting, Ceo then continued to provide assistance and commanded his forces to begin to round up the surviving remnants of the UNSC forces in order to imprison them for later usage and questioning, Ceo also mounted a chain-gun and began to fire upon UNSC reinforcements which began to pour through the north of the settlement, but were quickly repelled and quashed by the superior Covenant forces.

The UNSC Navy was annihilated over New Llanelli in a desperate attempt to lift the blockage to prevent the Covenant Navy to further glass the planet, the UNSC being unsuccessful.

As the battle continued for the planet, New Llanelli continued to suffer immense glassing and bombardment upon the world, with the planet beginning to fall within less than six hours, Ceo and the majority of Covenant ground forces were recalled in order to leave the planet safely so that the Covenant fleet in orbit can continue glassing and destroying life on the world, despite this however, remarkably the Human forces continued to resist the attacks from the superior Covenant forces in spite of them losing various settlements and having a significant portion of their military being completely annihilated, as such the Humans attempted to evacuate all remaining survivors to leave the system, fortunately enough for the Covenant, the planet was blockaded by the Covenant Navy and the majority of evacuating civilian and military spacecraft were destroyed by the orbiting Covenant Fleet and many were also intercepted by Covenant fighter interceptors, Ceo evacuated from the surface of New Llanelli in which he was further evaluated and inspected for the injuries he sustained during the battle on the world against Human forces, reluctant to be inspected for his wounds, Ceo was greeted and pressured to partake in the medical examination by a female Sangheili which was serving as a doctor, although Ceo continued to rebuttal against medical practices which was against Sangheili traditional customs, he was eventually calmed and accepted the evaluation, shortly afterwards, Ceo was healed and treated by Covenant medical professionals on his injuries, eventually some point later in the battle, UNSC reinforcements arrived in the system to confront the Covenant Fleet's blockade over the orbit of the planet in order to relief Human survivors from the world, by the time of the arrival of the UNSC reinforcements, Ceo quickly deployed to battle by commandeering a Space Banshee and flew into combat against UNSC fighters over the planet in spite of not being able to be combat ready by the point according to medical terms, Ceo nevertheless persisted in engaging UNSC space assets over the planet with the Covenant Navy forces, the Covenant forces eventually were victorious against the UNSC reinforcement fleet, as the UNSC Fleet quickly came under attack by a vast array of Covenant fighters and destroyers which quickly dealt with the reinforcement fleet, furthermore, nearby Covenant forces relieved the efforts of the Covenant Navy present over New Llanelli. Following the end of the battle against the UNSC Navy, Ceo returned to the ship he was on prior beforehand and partook in evacuation efforts to discover the location of Covenant survivors and stragglers scattered across the planet, as Ceo was morally against leaving his fellow Sangheili brethren behind to suffer dire circumstances, following the round up and evacuation of survivors from the planet, Ceo enjoyed a short amount of leisure time aboard the ship he was present within and began to reconsolidate his relationship with his Guild and other Special Operations Sangheili, he was also further commemorated for his bold heroic actions to uphold the strength and virtues of the Covenant Empire and was further amended towards being a member of the High Council, Ceo also grew a sense of respect, honour and dignity within the Special Warfare Group, in which Ceo's namesake was commonly linked with unwavering support towards the Covenant and being fiercely dedicated towards defeating all adversaries who oppose the Covenant, thus, Ceo was used as a propaganda instrument as he feats were commonly publicised amongst the Special Warfare Group following the Battle of New Llanelli.

Skopje Campaign

"During the campaign on Skopje, the Humans displayed a valiant defence of the planet, they did not want to lose a quarter of the world, as every inch was spilt by their blood and our very own, the Humans on Skopje died with honour and dignity. Unfortunately we were too gullible and blinded to bare witness to their egalitarian beliefs during the carnage that followed, just like our customs."
―Ceo 'Theainee in regards of the valiant defence displayed by the Human defenders during the Battle of Skopje, although futile they continued to fight on until the end.

A UNSC armoured cavalry detachment attacking a Covenant Scarab during the Skopje Campaign, the Battle of Skopje was notable for its brutality and carnage in comparison to other engagements.

A year following the events of the Battle of New Llanelli. Ceo was deployed to another Human world which was situated within the Inner Colonies region of Human space. By this point in time, the Inner Colonies were being besieged by the large and formidable Covenant Navy, many Humans worlds were glassed and destroyed in order to uncover the supposed locations of hidden Forerunner artefacts, despite having little intelligence and the lack of Forerunner artefacts being unearthed across various Human worlds, the Covenant continued to revamp its war effort and focus heavily on besieging the Inner Colonies, in some aspects attacking useless worlds in order to also eradicate the Human population and fulfil the instructions directed by the Prophets. By 2547, the planet of Skopje was uncovered by the Covenant forces and was subsequently attacked, however the battle would prove to be difficult for the Covenant ground forces, as the resilience and the staunch defence the Humans displayed were worthy of that to be of celebratory remarks as described by Ceo, the defence displayed by the UNSC and UEG forces were relatable to that of later campaigns such as the Battle of Reach and the Battle for the Human homeworld of Earth. By this point however, Ceo and the Fleet he was assigned to were given orders to join the attack on Skopje and obliged without hesitation, Ceo amassed a large force of Special Operations, Commandos and Stealth Sangheili operatives. However, during his rally of these particular forces in the hanger of the ship Ceo was aboard, Ceo noticed that there were a batch of warriors which appeared to be rather ominous and inauspicious to Ceo's liking. The warriors were cladded in irregular armour and were observing Ceo delivering his speech towards his fellow brothers prior to their deployment to the surface of the Human colony, those Sangheili in question were members of the elite and well renown Silent Shadow unit, after Ceo finished delivering his speech towards his fellow brothers. The Silent Shadow group approached Ceo, at first the arrival of the group caused Ceo to feel unease and closely inspected their agenda for what they required from him, Ceo regarded the Silent Shadow as a group of highly skilled assassins in which they were presumably more well trained and robust than what Ceo was. The First Blade Officer of the group then greeted Ceo and both Ceo and the Blade Officer shook hands, realising that they meant no harm, Ceo was relieved from his vigilant attentiveness. Ceo was offered a position to join the highly elite Silent Shadow unit, although seemingly a promising position to enrol to, Ceo declined the offer respectfully, stating that his purpose was to achieve becoming a member of the High Council and to seek out Covenant politics, many other Sangheili viewed him as delusional, due to the majority of Sangheili High Councillors being elders, and Ceo was far too young to fit that role seemingly by the age gap High Councillors usually had in comparison to other Sangheili warriors, nevertheless, Ceo continued his determination to become apart of the Covenant High Council in order to represent both the Sangheili and acting on the behalf of representing his clan in which Ceo was the leading figurehead of, a Kaidon. Following the interaction with members of the Silent Shadow, Ceo was lured to a disclosed area on board the vessel and was given one of the Silent Shadow harnesses which were available, Ceo tested the Silent Shadow harnessed and realised the durability, protection, agility and strength the harness offered, he was indulged with the harness so much so that he decided to adorn in during this particular campaign against the Human forces. As such, Ceo returned to the hanger and addressed his Covenant compatriots in regards of the mission plan, after Ceo discussed the plan to the amassed group of soldiers before him, Ceo boarded a Phantom with the rest of his gathered forces following suit, they were then transported to the surface of the planet, the Human aerospace defences were already crippled and this paved the way for the Covenant ground forces to successfully land without facing any contesting enemy aerial superiority which may caused disruptions otherwise. Supported from orbital and air support, the Phantoms managed to touch down in an area outside of an industrial park which was being held chiefly by ODST and Marine remnant forces which were being pinned down by large amounts of the numerically superior Covenant military forces

Ceo's Special Operations Guild participating during the Skopje Campaign, Ceo (front) is seen leading a small detachment of his Guild to utilise Beam Rifles to take out Human forces from a distance under the cover of night and concealment within the surrounding foliage during a reconnaissance operation.

Following the arrival of his Special Operations unit including himself, Ceo made efforts to conceal their advance by lingering within the flora within the local area, their advance towards the flanks of the Human held positions went undetected and as such, Ceo organised and instructed a pincer movement with his Special Operations unit whilst also taking control of his personal Guild unit, the Covenant Special Operation units were then split apart into sub-groups which were ideal for this particular occasion against the Human forces being held under intense fire from supporting Covenant ground assets which included armoured fighting vehicles such as Wraiths and some Phantoms to bombard the industrial complex in which the Human forces were being held up within, in dire need the Humans required assistance to relief their besieged state, however as they were attempting to tactically withdrawal from the facility due to the overwhelming firepower the Covenant forces maintained directed towards them. A SPARTAN supersoldier arrived in order to provide all-round defence of the industrial facility under siege, this proved troublesome for the Covenant military forces to frontally breakthrough into the industrial park, nevertheless the Covenant continued to launch waves of attacks against the holdout despite being repulsed over numerous times as the Humans, now under the help and guidance of a SPARTAN-II was able to strike back against the Covenant forces in an attempt to relief the UNSC Marines and ODSTs, there were also a handful of civilian workers and contractors within the facility which the Human forces were harbouring to protect. However, before the UNSC forces were able to successfully break up and leave the facility, Ceo and his strike team unit which was prepared and organised to infiltrate the industrial park from the rear was able to launch their infiltration assault against the UNSC holdouts at their exposed rear flanks, this caught much of the defenders off guard, including the SPARTAN-II who confronted Ceo directly, Ceo sought to take the Demon's helmet as a trophy once he had slew them, as such, Ceo directly confronted the SPARTAN-II in hand-to-hand combat, Ceo utilised his energy sword and his professional swordsmanship skills against the Human supersoldier, after managing to parry the attacks the SPARTAN did with proficiency, this caused the SPARTAN to draw up their sidearm and fire at Ceo, however by this point, Ceo cloaked and concealed himself in the darkness, after a brief moment of silence, Ceo activated a plasma grenade and stuck the SPARTAN with the grenade, he then spin-kicked the SPARTAN-II, causing them to subsequently explode, however, the SPARTAN was not yet dead from the explosion to Ceo's surprise and attempted to fight yet again in spite of their severe injuries, Ceo remarked on the foolishness of the SPARTAN to continue fighting and subsequently throat lifted the SPARTAN and crushed their neck, throwing their limbless corpse onto the ground below and retrieving their helmet in which he gave to another Special Operations Sangheili to safeguard and keep whilst the battle continued to be waged within the premise. Unfortunately during the same time however, more UNSC reinforcements arrived including Pelicans, Hornets and Falcons which attempted to evacuate all civilian and military personnel in the area, at the same time however, Ceo was amidst a carnage of slaughtering various Marines and ODSTs which remained behind in order to defend the facility from falling into enemies, their haphazard last-ditch defence of the area proved to be fruitful however, as it managed to delay the advance of Covenant forces to attempt to stop and dislodge the evacuation efforts from the UNSC Air Force assets, this short lived success would be ephemeral, and the Covenant air assets and anti-air units stationed on the ground was able to intercept and harass the evacuation air teams, destroying a large portion of the UNSC rescue teams which were unable to reach emergency bunker facilities scattered across the planet's plentiful archipelagos.

After a successful operation with launching an infiltration assault against a UNSC stronghold, Ceo was then given orders with the remainder of his Special Operation force that they were required to attack several UNSC military facilities scattered across a wide array of archipelagos, despite the illogical placement for Ceo's forces in this operation, Ceo was reassured to continue following directives from Fleet command that his forces would be largely mobilised and utilised by being assisted by the Covenant water-based naval assets and air assets of the Covenant Fleet, as such Ceo agreed to follow the directives given to him and partook in the planning and execution of a new military operation now focusing on isolated pockets of UNSC forces protecting and holding out against the immensely superior Covenant onslaught, Ceo and his unit was then transported towards one of the first islands within the archipelago, Ceo decided to take the journey through flying a Banshee he retrieved from earlier, Ceo then observed various UNSC facilities and decided to strafe and bombard an installation on the central island of the archipelago, Ceo's Banshee then began to attack UNSC convoys on the ground across bridges on the island chain, Ceo also provided air support for landing forces which began to quickly land and floor through the beachheads, despite their overwhelming presence, several Phantoms and Spirits were shot down by the fortified positions of the UNSC, the facility in question was a castle constructed by a wealthy CEO of a business which was on a luxury resort island, this however became heavily fortified and efficient for the defence of the UNSC forces situated on the island. As the battle on the ground continued to rage on, Ceo began to fight above in the skies and intercepted various aircraft mostly Falcons and Hornets in which Ceo managed to largely dispose of and used his quintessential skills in piloting to strenuously eliminate the enemy air presence above the island. Eventually Ceo landed his Banshee onto the ceiling of the castle, crashing into a tower, but managing to clamber upwards and securing his position. This resorted to Ceo fighting attacking the Human forces which were present on the roof of the castle, after fighting his way through the rooftops of the castle, Ceo eventually activated his active camouflage and infiltrated the lower levels of the castle, this prompted Ceo to take strike action against the UNSC forces which were presented within the area, Ceo attacked a group of SPARTAN-IIIs and was able to swiftly incapacitate the SPARTAN-IIIs and finish them off by torturing them. As Ceo was able to kill the SPARTANs, ODSTs, Marines and Army Troopers within the base began to fire and overwhelm Ceo causing his energy shielding to burst under the heavy fire, Ceo was then shot numerous times in the back before taking cover and returning fire to his Human opponents, after managing to clear out the facility after exchanging fire and carefully manoeuvring against the Human forces. Ceo managed to outgun and secure the interior of the castle's lower levels, shortly after clearing the building, Ceo was joined with other Covenant forces. Nearby civilians were being evacuated from the region however as they were drawn away, as such, Covenant High Command ordered the glassing of the islands within the archipelagos with no regards of any Covenant assets which were stationed within the same region designated to be attacked, as such the Covenant Fleet reluctantly agreed to glass the area near Ceo and his unit's position, this prompted Ceo and his unit to be evacuated from the area, only to be sent to yet again another front on the planet, this front however would be one of the most pivotal and important engagements of the campaign.

The Special Operations unit which Ceo commanded was recuperated and linked up with other Covenant Special Warfare units which were present on the Human planet, Ceo regrouped fragments in order to replace the mounting loses and casualties the Covenant forces have sustained by fighting against toughened and determined Human defenders, in which Ceo remarked about their boldness in regards of the conflict, Ceo arrived to the front of the campaign against what was arguably the final stronghold which was being defended by Human forces on the world in order to evacuate them from the planet, although evacuation efforts were extremely dangerous considering the blockade the Covenant Navy imposed on the planet, the Human forces were defending a key city and were seemingly positioning Human forces in underground vaults in order to protect the civilian population from the possibility of being glassed which was highly possible in these regards, Ceo took a commanding roll as he did in various battles beforehand but in this instance, Ceo decided to command upfront. Ceo gathered a large portion of Covenant forces and stormed through the Human defences in several regions, committing to a pincer movement and a spearhead thrust through their main defences and fortifications by using Hunters and armoured vehicles to breach through their lines, Ceo also commanded and lead an attack against UNSC forces positioned within the centre of the city, as the settlement was being speedily overrun and taken over by Covenant forces, the Humans began to hind within the bunkers of the city, but Ceo strike at the facilities and began to order artillery and air strikes upon the bunkers in order to soften the Human defenders and to breach through with their capabilities of fighting back against the Covenant being futile, as such Ceo began to pierce through the Human forces and began to use his sword in close quarters combat through the darkened interior of the bunker system supported by his loyal and battle-hardened soldiers, they continued to kill Human fighters relentlessly without any remorse or mercy being displayed as Ceo believed that the beliefs and philosophy of the Prophets were not to be questioned by soldiers, as soldiers must follow orders. This prompted Ceo to confirm the massacre of various Human civilians which were forced from the bunkers and summarily executed by being shot or decapitated by the Sangheili present, Ceo did feel sympathy for the helpless and unarmed civilians however as he felt crestfallen in ordering their execution, Sangheili morals conveyed that the killing of unarmed individuals were unlawful and a sign of cowardice. Ceo felt disappointed in himself with the mass genocide of the Human civilians, but refused to realise that severity of the situation and was too devitalised emotionally and morally to acknowledge his surroundings, this led to Ceo being struck several times by a DMR which pierced through is armour and impacted his body, although the rounds were unsuccessful for penetrating the entirety of his hardened natural skin and muscle. Ceo's ambushers were then subdued by the surrounding Covenant personnel and Ceo was extracted from the field back to the Fleet, subsequently following this, the planet was glassed by Covenant forces and no Forerunner relics were ever uncovered.

Personality & traits

High Councillor Ceo 'Theainee during the Great Schism.

Like most Sangheili males like himself, Ceo 'Theainee was a devout warrior to upholding the Covenant's rule for his species abiding by the guidelines established with the Writ of Union, he also was quite flexible with the use of weapons, vehicles and equipment and evaluated the scenarios he found himself in with vigilant assessment. At a young age Ceo was strategic towards his approaches on the battlefield, although mostly being regarded as skilful, calm, precise and relentless in his efforts in defeating his foes, Ceo at times was also incompetent and was heavily reliant on his own physical strength to overcome his adversaries most of the time, as Ceo fixated himself to always win the battles he fought, this also let several of his fellow comrades under his guise become wounded or subsequently killed which would haunt Ceo for his failures in preserving the livelihoods of the soldiers he led into battle, as Ceo always put himself first with certain danger even if the specifics of that danger was difficult to overcome, in his youth he was more ambitious rather than well versed of his surroundings which of course mentioned before, his recklessness let some of his brothers being killed in combat against the enemy.

Although originally being less careful of his surroundings and being heavily indoctrinated by the Covenant's propaganda against Humanity, Ceo continuously kept fighting in the conflict which led to him growing positive and negative traits of his personality such as being more resentful when dealing with tough situations and being more cautious of his actions rather than bluntly attacking the enemy forces without and prior knowledge or preparations from such, this led to Ceo becoming more prepared but more dehumanised in nature, yet Ceo did care for the soldiers he fought alongside with and did frequently mourn his brothers deaths after they were killed in battle, which contributed towards the development of Ceo's personality disorders, due to Ceo having fought throughout the vast majority of the Human-Covenant War and latter conflicts, he suffered tremendous psychological trauma such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), hyper vigilance, Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED), chronic stress and sleep deprivation caused by Ceo's endless fighting throughout his life, overtime however he naturally learnt how to avoid sudden outbursts and learnt to control his mental state to improve his well-being.

When the Human-Covenant War progressed, Ceo became more admirable towards the Humans and their resilience towards defeating the Covenant despite having already lost several Human populated worlds, this made Ceo grow a sense of respect for the Humans for their fighting spirit, appeasing Sangheili morals and principles as seen by Ceo, he was also renown for his respectful approach towards his enemies prior to engaging in duels with them most notably other Sangheili, Ceo usually attempted to convince them to stand down from the fight but at most attempts his pleads were useless in trying to convince his adversaries, in spite of being such, Ceo in some instances was merciful which grew into a more sentimental leniency after defeating his enemies, aiming to revaluate their allegiance which at times was a success. Ceo also showcased his gratitude and respect in an honourable fashion by maintaining his ee suffix onto his lineage name, Ceo empathises that keeping the ee suffix is to commemorate and remember his fallen brethren during the Human-Covenant War prior to the beginning of the Great Schism, although many Sangheili have objected and condemned Ceo maintaining the ee suffix, being a relative memorabilia for the traditional values of the Covenant, Ceo rebuts by stating it is a sentimental notion which denotes his fallen comrades, along with also being a staple that Ceo continues to actively fight and get involved into military affairs despite being a Council member of the Swords of Sanghelios, thus continuing to designate him as a combatant despite the safety repercussions that holds.

When the war progressed, Ceo eventually became a High Councilor of the Covenant High Council located on High Charity, during this period Ceo became more luxuriated for living the life of a member of the High Council's elite. From the political squabbling Ceo felt relished from his participation with the sessions he attended, becoming more outspoken towards differing opinions from the High Council but Ceo did not questions the will of the Prophets as they were the de jure leaders of the Council when they made the finalised decisions within the sessions. Despite becoming a member of the High Council, Ceo believed firmly that fighting alongside the Covenant forces was important not only for efficient commanding and orders but because Ceo was inspissated with his valiant fighting spirit which was considered to be honourable for Sangheili culture and customs alike. Following the Great Schism and the civil conflict that ensured as a result of the betrayal of the Sangheili, Ceo kept his title as a High Councilor this time for the Covenant Separatists, although there was no official legislative body for the Separatists forces as it was more so a coalition military government. Ceo held his title as it certainly help boost morale for the warriors he fought alongside with and his insightful mindset as a Councilor helped grow his reputation within the Separatists, being regarded as one of the important figureheads for the Separatists and the Swords of Sanghelios when it was established, during that time. Ceo was throned as a the Kaidon Speaker for the Council of Kaidons and was resourceful to help establish a legislature for the Swords of Sanghelios to decide on the future for this species under a unified government, as due to Ceo's efforts, the title of High Councilor remained within the Swords of Sanghelios, but the government primarily focused on the matters of Kaidon leaders rather than the former, as the Councilors made up the representative factor, Ceo was more appealed towards aiding the Councilors rather than the Kaidons, but he was eager to balance power within the Council to prevent any internal conflict from arising.

Ceo also highly regarded himself to be an adventurer, he craved fighting elsewhere and serving directly upfront during the post-war conflicts in spite of being a high ranking member of the Swords of Sangheilios's Council of Kaidon, his wanderlust attributes could not be curbed and this led to Ceo continuing to fight throughout the post-war period, becoming an important asset for the Swords of Sangheilios and the UNSCs efforts to cooperate, most notably controlling and administrating Joint Occupation Zones which mostly comprised of both allied factions cooperating together to maintain security upon an occupied planet for stabilisation, whilst administrating the JO zones, Ceo was notified for his excellence in commanding units and was offered the position of becoming an acting commander of the Swords of Sanghelios's ground forces, but Ceo respectfully refused the position despite his diligent and industrious personality in finalising his orders and accomplishing his missions and goals on an extensive level of studious acknowledgement, this made Ceo a heavily idolised figure amongst the Swords of Sanghelios as the soldiers apart of the aforementioned faction saw Ceo as an inspiration towards accomplishment and fulfilling objectives and missions, being a patriotic symbol for the Swords of Sanghelios's military forces, this positive outlook was encouraged once Ceo fought with fellow warriors of the Swords of Sanghelios compared to other high ranking commanders of the Sangheili dominated military.

Weapons & equipment

Ceo's Energy Sword

Plasma Rifle


Although Ceo appeared with his signature Energy Sword, Plasma Rifle and Carbine, Ceo 'Theainee adorned various different weapons throughout his combat experiences, being an elite member of the Covenant Special Warfare Group and along with eventually becoming a daring High Councilor, Ceo utilised many weapons on the field of combat, usually Ceo obtained any weapon which was scattered around his journeys, in some instances Ceo was able to use Human weapons and perfected their use against his enemies. Although rarely he used non-Covenant firearms, Ceo also used various Covenant weapons such as Fuel Rods, Beam Rifles, Needlers and among other Covenant small arms in various situations he found himself in. Distinctly he also preferred heavy weapons and at times was adaptive and creative with his weapons, at times he duel wielded weapons like the Plasma Rifle although he focused upon accuracy with his shots against his targets, Ceo usually fought with two weapons at a time during close-quarters engagements with his adversaries. Ceo also had a variety of equipment he employed when fighting his enemies, his most notorious equipment and integral part of his armour throughout his service history was using active camouflage, despite this Ceo was one who was opposed to frequently using his active camouflage technology to cloak him from sight and mostly engaged his foes head on directly which was against the rules of covert engagement, but nevertheless Ceo did use active camouflage where seen fit and more reasonable for such as with instances avoiding detection from heavily armoured units or fortified positions to navigate safely or to follow firm instructions to do so. Ceo like most warriors, carried plasma grenades throughout this journeys which were handy for disposing refined enemy units or clearing large swaths of enemies. Typically in relation towards the situation, Ceo also relied on various technologies and equipment to help aid his missions to accomplish certain goals such as setting up traps for his enemies to be lured towards, as Ceo demonstrates his capabilities to use any weapons and equipment to specifically overcome obstacles, being astute with any weapons or equipment he discovers.

For the majority of his military service especially throughout the Human-Covenant War prior to the outbreak of the Great Schism, Ceo wore a modified variation of the standardised Sangheili Combat Harness which was issued to Special Operations operatives within the Covenant's Special Warfare Group, distinctly Ceo had special markings to indicate his ranking which indicated that he was an Officer to his subordinates he led into battle. In some circumstances where Ceo fought within different environments against the Human and Heretic forces, he also had specialised armour which shared a resemblance to the harness the Silent Shadow operatives wore, Ceo also had another set of armour although he rarely was seen wearing it, the armour was the specific masked variation of the Combat Harness known as the Infiltration Harness, though Ceo shared high antipathies towards wearing the masked variants of the Special Operations Combat Harness, including the aforementioned Silent Shadow Infiltration Harness. Erstwhile Ceo also used the Assault Harness, though infrequently as Ceo was described to have only worn the Assault Harness in few operations. Following his inauguration into the Covenant High Council, Ceo became a High Councilor and was issued his new distinguished High Councillor Harness which was heavily armoured and retrofitted for combat duties but the overall purpose of the Harness was to protect to protect it's user from the majority of small arms and explosives, although Ceo used the Harness in combat situations, he also took it upon himself to reorientate his sacramental Harness to be repurposed for fighting against enemies, tweaking the helmet to display an internal HUD and was more flexible in combat situations rather than it previously was only serving for a ceremonial role. Inclusively, his modified High Councillor Harness substituted all his prior Harnesses Ceo wore during his history within the Covenant Military.


"Instinct nourishes the faithful, faith offers strength in accordance."
―Ceo's most notorious mantra.
"One flash of light from the Gods above, the world shattered and trembled beneath it's core, and millions incinerated in one flash, an instant."
―Ceo 'Theainee remarking upon the destructive power of nuclear weapons.
"You were all foolish to change your allegiance, turn your back against the holy hierarchs and our great journey, you shall meet your fate by the end of my swift blade, wretched dogs!"
―Ceo exclaiming displeased aspersion towards Heretic forces before engaging them.
"They are most pleased with my efforts, against the false believers and their false idols."
―Ceo in regards of the Prophets showing much pleasure with his feats against Humanity.
"Let me go first and persevere, whilst you cover the rear!"
―Ceo ordering his subordinates of his Guild to provide supportive cover in a playful manner.
"You believe I am short tempered, that I have no limits to my methods? Well you are truly mistaken as it is simply my fighting style."
―Ceo exonerating his point on view in regards of how he fights as he was condemned in being unorthodox on his fighting style.
"If I hereby proclaim myself of being a cold-blooded killer rather than a warrior, what difference does it make?"
―Ceo argufying his opinion on being a warrior and a ruthless killer.
"Do not engage whilst they are unprepared, give them their time to organise, we have already breached their defences and their demise is at hand."
―Ceo directing his subordinates to not immediately lay waste upon the unprepared Human defenders during a battle of the Human-Covenant War as a show of honour.
"I hereby atone for my misdoings and the unruly prosecution against Humanity, I do not seek forgiveness for my actions, but rather I wish to renew relations between you and me."
―Ceo publicly delivering a speech to a crowd of Human onlookers and UNSC personnel at the end of the Human-Covenant War.