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From time before time, on seas stellar or otherwise, humanity has sailed...

But, this is a different time: a time when exploration has been stymied and battered down by the constant and unending onslaught of war. The sails of humanity are burning as the ship sinks with all aboard. But still, Humanity fights for it's survival—there are those who seek to turn the tide. By seizing the answers to the questions they had yet to know was asked, there remains hope that they still have time to bail-out the vessel.

The Centroid Continuum focuses on the constant Human desires to learn about Covenant and Forerunner technology during the Human-Covenant War. The technological gap that Humanity found itself to have with the Covenant, and the mysteries the Covenant revealed to Humanity by contact, accelerated this desire to learn more about the galaxy at large and Humanity's place among it. With everything Humanity ever was, or could be on the line; as long as Humanity finds itself at a disadvantage to an alien foe: there will be those who desire to engineer or learn from advanced technology. The procurement of such just might be the way the war could be won, and Humanity's place again more clear in the galaxy.

The expanded universe, written by Kobold Lich, will focus around the characters, and core relationships, that find themselves at the cutting edge of Forerunner discoveries, and the secrets of The Centroid and it's mysterious Notetaker. As long as there are discoveries yet to be made, there will be seekers out there hoping to discover them first.


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