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Universe 091 is the official designation of the category that houses a collective parcel of events, people, places, and things that sprang from the mind of 091, AJ, and AR. These concepts may interlock or cross paths with other user-created elements, but still maintain their own identity, and can stand alone without them. Eventually, this small gathering of objects may expand into a full-blown universe, but as of now they remain separate and mostly incoherent. The core of Universe 091 is mostly based around the experiences of the 10th ODST Battalion, and their adopted Spartan. Other users may contribute to or use these characters and events only with the author's explicit permission, which he is mostly willing to grant.



  • March 3: A monument is erected in the Kenyan Savannah to officially mark the end of the Human-Covenant War, and in remembrance of those who gave their lives in the war including SPARTAN-117 who is labeled MIA. Thel 'Vadam and his surviving brethren departed Earth for their homeworld, Sanghelios.
  • May 1: Contact is reestablished with several surviving Human colony worlds
  • July 8: The remnants of the Unified Earth Government cedes control of its territory to the United Nations Space Command and its sub-bureaus, the recently-revived Colonial Administration Authority and the UNSC Military.
  • November 24: The newly-established UNSC Council of Worlds meets for the first time, and passes legislature to "provide for the reconstruction and revival of Humanity as both as species and a galactic power." The Sangheili are recognized as "Humanity's valued allies," and formal peace and non-aggression treaties are signed by representatives of both species.


  • May 21: SPARTAN-091 returned to active duty after an extended leave.
  • May 23: Insurrectionist sympathizers still on Earth that blame the UNSC for the resulting destruction of the Great War threaten to destroy New Mombasa, currently under reconstruction.
  • June 7: Assisted by ONI intelligence and ODST field teams, Jared-091 takes down a major Insurrectionist cell (25 members) in Kenya.
  • June 20: Another Insurrectionist cell is located and destroyed. ONI believes that the plot to destroy New Mombasa has been foiled.
  • August 3: A terraforming plant outside New Mombasa is destroyed by a miniature nuclear device, setting progress back months.
  • August 5: The UNSC High Command, after an emergency council meeting, agrees to the Insurrectionists' terms in order to preserve the stability of the rebuilding effort and awards all remaining sympathizers one new colony world on the outskirts of UNSC-controlled space. The planet is named "Independence" by its new owners, and August 5 is celebrated as Secession Day. Several small contingents of Insurrectionists trickle into the new planet as time passes.
  • November 7: Juliet's lifespan is deemed to have passed too long for operational parameters, and Jared-091 is sent to Sydney to have her removed and decommissioned.
  • November 10: Juliet refuses to be disconnected and grafts herself onto SPARTAN-091's neural lace. ONI is forced to accept this actuality since the neural surgery necessary to fully remove her would be potentially life threatening. Since SPARTAN-091 is one of the UNSC's last super soldiers, the risk is presumed too great.
  • November 15: UNSC Long and Dark December, one of the first frigates to finish construction from the Mars manufacturing hub, orbits Earth in preparation for its upcoming assignment to Project: REJUVENATION, the UNSC's effort to reestablish and revitalize its devastated colonies and extend its reach.
  • November 28: SPARTAN-091 is assigned to the December, along with a unit of Acumen Science personnel, to investigate a possible Forerunner colony world and to scout the fringes of charted space for viable planets.

Miscellaneous Information

Unified Earth Government Nations

  • European Union
    • Unified German Republic (Deutschland)
    • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    • Former Western European Bloc
  • East Asian Coalition
    • United Korea (Hanguk)
    • Republic of China
    • Former ASEAN members (Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.)
    • Former SAARC members (India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.)
  • United Republic of North America
    • Former United States
    • Mexico
    • Canada
  • Confederated Oceania
    • Commonwealth of Australia
    • New Zealand
    • New Guinea
  • Commonwealth of Independent States
    • Russia
    • Former USSR Satellite Nations
    • Former Eastern European Bloc
  • African Union
    • Former African States
  • Union of South American Nations
    • Former South American States
  • Middle Eastern League
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Former Iran
    • Former Iraq
    • Former Arab League Members

Average Lifespans (presumed)

  • Human:
    • Male: 112
    • Female: 116
  • Elite:
    • Male: 137
    • Female: 136
  • Brute:
    • Male: 71
    • Female: 68
  • Jackal:
    • Male: 46
    • Female: 54
  • Drone:
    • Male: 29
    • Female: 40
  • Grunt:
    • Male: 36
    • Female: 35
  • Prophet:
    • Male: 156
    • Female: 143
  • Hunter:
    • Gestalt: 90
    • Individual: 33

GEN 2 Armor Redundancies

Aerospace (Piloting, Space, Air, Atmosphere)

  • Air Assault - A variant utilized primarily by ONI security personnel on Earth's and Luna's space elevators and skyhooks
  • Aviator - A variant designed for aircraft piloting. Required for use by Spartan F-41 Broadsword pilots
  • Breaker - A variant with tactical supremacy and increased endurance
  • EVA - A variant designed for extra-vehicular activity, upgraded from GEN1
  • Foehammer - A variant designed for better pilot synchronization
  • Helljumper - A variant that is a significant redesign and improvement of the ODST armor
  • Hermes - A variant used for orbital raids
  • Icarus - A variant for Spartan aerospace pilots
  • Intruder - A variant based on Kat-B320's Mark V Air Assault armor, developed as part of a research initiative into specialized Mjolnir suits
  • Jumpmaster - A variant designed for free-fall combat drops
  • Orbital - A variant designed for EVA combat
  • Pilot - A variant designed for Spartan pilots, upgraded from GEN1
  • Security - A variant designed for shipboard and station defense, upgraded from GEN1
  • Stinger - A variant designed for flight and ground combat
  • Valkyrie - A variant designed for aerospace flight control
  • Vector- A variant designed as a pilot/infantry hybrid for reconnaissance teams

Combat (Assault, Infantry, General Purpose)

  • Centurion - A variant for operational planning and situational awareness, upgraded from GEN1
  • Commando - A variant for special operations, upgraded from GEN1
  • CQB - A variant for close-quarters combat, upgraded from GEN1
  • Decimator - A variant that incorporates technological advances from previous iterations of GEN1, specifically breakthroughs from the Mark VII
  • Defender - A variant designed for general area denial and tactical defensive abilities
  • Dynast - A variant designed for close-range combats
  • GUNGNIR - A variant based on the alternate system platform from MJOLNIR. Upgrade of GEN1 model developed by Project GUNGNIR
  • Marauder - a variant designed for general-purpose use
  • Mark IV - Upgraded to function with the Mjolnir [GEN2] suite
  • Mark V - Upgraded to function with the Mjolnir [GEN2] suite
  • Mark V Alpha - A variant based on the GEN1 Mark V, designed specifically for the [GEN2] suite
  • Mark V Delta
  • Mark VI - Upgraded to function with the Mjolnir [GEN2] suite
  • Mark VI GEN2 - A variant based on the GEN1 Mark VI, designed specifically for the [GEN2] suite.
  • NOBLE - A variant based upon the Mark V Commando armor, with improved battle network management features
  • ODST - A variant of the ODST armor, upgraded to function with the Mjolnir [GEN2] suite
  • Protector - A variant designed for VIP security
  • Recruit - Issued to all Spartan-IV recruits prior to qualification for specialized models[30]
  • Soldier - A variant with extra storage space designed for battlefield support
  • Vanguard - A variant designed for face-to-face enemy assaults
  • Venator - A variant optimized for single-enemy combat, upgraded from GEN1
  • Warrior - A variant designed for speed and mobility. MJOLNIR's mainline armor kit
  • War Master - A variant designed with multi-functional configuration for almost any combat scenario. Lethbridge Industrial's most popular and most exotic armor

Football Pads (War Games Specific)

  • Athlon - A variant used in combat training exercises
  • Challenger - A variant for high performance in War Games
  • Interceptor - A variant that features highly configurable settings and a programmable neural interface
  • Ricochet - A variant designed for use in Ricochet combat training exercises[23]

Jokes (No One Would Seriously Use This)

  • FOTUS - A variant based on Forerunner stealth technology[32]
  • Olive - A variant that helps hide hair
  • Timmy - An enigmatic War Games only variant
  • Barvo - A variant used in high-altitude insertion ops and elite threat-detection

MP (No, Seriously, Spartans are MPs)

  • MP - A variant for Military Police, upgraded from GEN 1.
  • Raider - A variant designed with Samurai-like aesthetics for intimidation of hostiles

Prototypes (Way, Way Advanced and Weird Dead Ends)

  • Achilles - A variant that features an aggressive AI
  • Fenrir - A variant with an embedded battle management AI
  • Freebooter - A variant with seamless nanofabricated armor panels
  • Helioskrill - A variant designed by a Sangheili prodigy
  • Hellcat - A variant based on ancient human armor
  • Prefect - A variant based on Forerunner personal armor[23]
  • Reaper - A variant based on Forerunner combat skins

Privatized Designs (Corporate)

  • Buccaneer - A variant that uses off-the-shelf components
  • Cypher - A variant that features a pilot program
  • Legionnaire - A variant produced by RKD to be licenced to smaller companies
  • Raijin - A variant that maximizes short-term combat performance
  • Teishin - A variant designed for augmented soldiers serving in paramilitary and clandestine agencies
  • Void Dancer - A variant designed for exoatmospheric operations and threat assessment

Recon (Intel Collection, EWAR/Sensors, Scouting/Sniping)

  • Argus - A variant with an increase in situational and threat awareness
  • Anubis - A variant with enhanced sensor suite
  • CIO - A variant for Counter-Intelligence Operators
  • Cyclops - A variant with a more powerful fusion pack
  • Deadeye - A variant designed for snipers
  • Goblin - A variant with sensor-warping technology
  • Recon - A variant designed for stealth reconnaissance operations, upgraded from GEN1
  • Scanner - A variant designed to aid search-and-rescue teams
  • Scout - A variant designed for scouting operations, upgraded from GEN1
  • Seeker - A variant equipped with a full suite of signature masking mechanisms for reconnaissance
  • Stalker - A variant designed to aid in covert shadowing of a target, derived from Jiralhanae Stalker stealth harnesses[31]
  • Tracer - A variant used for intelligence gathering, featuring a Tier-III datacore
  • Tracker - A variant designed to aid in long-range pursuit of targets[31]
  • Vigilant - A variant based on Jun-A266's customized Mark V suit, designed for scouting and sniper operations

Rugged Environment (HAZMAT, Harsh Climate, and Exploration)

  • Atlas - A variant that features modular armor and weapons
  • Cinder - A variant used for securing biologically and chemically contaminated areas
  • HAZOP - A variant for environments considered too hazardous for standard equipment, upgraded from GEN1
  • LOCUS - A variant designed for tactical and strategic infiltration. Known for its incredible resiliency
  • Mako - A variant designed for multi-environment adaptation
  • Nightfall - A variant used on inhospitable worlds, featuring best-in-class life support systems
  • Nomad - A variant designed for remote expeditions in uncharted space
  • Oceanic - A variant designed for combat in waterfront areas
  • Pathfinder - A variant designed for missions in intel-poor environments[30]
  • Pioneer - A variant designed for missions in unfamiliar, hostile environments[31]
  • Ranger - A variant designed for remote operatives engaging in hostile environmental conditions
  • Strider - A variant for jaunt-combat excursions in isolated theaters
  • Venture - A variant designed for survey missions in extreme environments

Spooky (Stealth, Assassination, ONI-specific)

  • Argonaut - A variant with move-by-wire reflex enhancers
  • Copperhead - A variant for covert ops
  • Enforcer - A variant designed for remote security base detail
  • Hunter - A variant for advanced tracking and targeting acquisitions
  • Infiltrator - A variant designed for stealthy infiltration of enemy territory
  • Recluse - A variant for classified operations
  • Rogue - A variant designed for extended solo operations, upgraded from GEN1[31]
  • Shinobi - A variant with no known manufacturer
  • Wetwork - A variant designed for assassination operations[31]
  • Wrath - A variant based on Emile-A239's custom Mark V armor, designed for use by Headhunters

Technical (Engineering, EOD, Etc.)

  • Engineer - A variant designed for repairing and reconfiguring technology in combat[31]
  • EOD - A variant designed to facilitate explosive ordnance disposal, upgraded from GEN1[30]
  • Indomitable - A variant for engineering and explosive ordnance disposal; based on the customized armor set worn by Jorge-052
  • Operator - A variant designed to optimize vehicle operation, upgraded from GEN1[31]
  • Technician - A variant for combat engineers

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