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"The Universe seems unfair, and it is. Not everyone gets to live a happy life, [but], those that survive without [it] become stronger. You're stronger than you realize and all you need is a little help finding it [strength]. I've talked with many of your fellow recruits, they're dealing with the very same thing."
Doctor Reyna Zhou-Romero advising a young Andra-D054.


Undesirables, commonly recognized by the acronym, UD, is an expanded universe created by Halo Fanon user, Distant Tide. Inspired by the dark genres of Tech Noir and Cyberpunk, Undesirables explores the underappreciated and underdeveloped portions of the Halo mythos, in particular the world of twenty-sixth century UEG citizens and the seedy underworld born of the Outer Colonies and from the post-Covenant War conflicts.

The main narrative of Undesirables is expected to run from 2553 to 2558, exploring the inter-War period before the Created Crisis flipped the galaxy upside down. The main characters of Undesirables are Merlin-D032 and Andra-D054, along with their Spartan fireteam, Team Boson, however, they are not the main focus and their story is only one of many among Undesirables. Undesirables interlinks with many other stories created by Halo Fanon that exist in the same world and reflect similar themes. This expansion is actively recruiting, however, recruitment requirements are much more stringent than other expanded universes.



(1) Abide by Halo Fanon regulations and maintain Halo canon. No lore-breaking behavior, please. Abide by the EU regulations as well.

(2) All elements of Undesirables should be created by users with exception to the vanilla Halo experience. There shouldn't be any canon characters running around unless they have a very, very good reason to be involved in this Expanded Universe. If canon characters are directly involved, it will be at the behest of the EU Admins.

(3) Contributors are NOT required to add all their fiction to Undesirables, and in addition, recommended to only submit work directly relevant to the themes and narrative of the Expanded Universe. Due to a higher regulation of content, each piece introduced to the expansion should be examined by an admin first. Upon joining, add the Undesirables Era Icon, UD, to the pages being included in this EU.

(4) Your actions on Undesirables will be closely monitored. Should the administrator(s) of Undesirables receive complaints about you, you may be discharged from this expanded universe. Warnings will be provided in response to the first offense, afterward, all actions are considered fair game.

(5) Coordination in Undesirables is key and quality is of the utmost importance. Communication with other users is a requirement in this expanded universe. If there is an idea a user wants to try, make sure to run it in full by other members before proceeding.


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Distant Tide Founder, Administrator
slowfuture External Collaborator
Sev40 General Integration
Minuteman 2492 General Integration



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