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The Onyx Chronicles is an Era project dedicated to the members of Gamma Company and their training on Onyx between 2544 and 2552. It includes many expansions of canon characters and locations, in addition to a large number of original characters and stories. It serves as a developmental period for the Gammas, establishing relationships between teams and teammates as they undergo their adolescence and train to become fully-fledged Spartans.

Unlike most other wiki projects, The Onyx Chronicles is not a standalone expanded or alternate universe, and as such is compatible with a number of larger projects, including Against All Odds, Demons of Hope, Legacy, Necros, Sigmaverse, and Zenith of the Dismantled. Its purpose is to create an agreed-upon expansion of Gamma Company, including a roster of its members, between the majority of users on the site and allow their characters to link to and acknowledge one another without needing to create entire alternate universe biographies to be compatible. A character who takes part in Onyx Chronicles can then go on to take part in any of these or other expanded universes.





  • February 14th: Beta-5 Division operatives are dispatched across human space to abduct the candidates for Gamma Company. Due to the Battle of Miridem, and several candidates’ subsequent relocation to other colonies, this process takes somewhat longer than the expected month. The candidates conscripted first are held aboard ONI-commandeered vessels, some in cryo sleep, while the remainder are collected.
  • July 7th: Candidates arrive on Onyx, and are given a speech by Lieutenant Commander Kurt Ambrose before being loaded back into Pelican dropships and ordered to make a nighttime parachute drop with Falcon Wing packs. Those unable to make the jump are redacted from the program and taken off of Onyx with a memory wipe.


  • April: Trainees reach acceptable shape for physical exercise to be eased and begin training in skills such as hand-to-hand combat, first aid, and gun safety. Candidates are not allowed to use live rounds, instead practicing maintenance and general knowledge of the UNSC arsenal, using tactical training rounds when they start learning to shoot.
  • July 3rd: Almost all of Beta Company are wiped out in Operation: TORPEDO. In the following month, Kurt successfully petitions Vice Admiral Parangosky to secure survivors Tom-B292 and Lucy-B091 to help train Gamma Company.


  • Trainees start team-based exercises in groups of five, which change daily. Teams are at first trained in tactical maneuvering, then put through obstacle courses and environmental challenges, then finally begin scrimmage matches against other teams.


  • June: After rigorous conditioning of the trainees and cross-testing to find the most efficient combinations, permanent teams of five trainees each are drawn up. Kurt, however, makes several modifications to the roster proposed by Deep Winter and SCPO Franklin Mendez as experiments. Team Machete are the first assigned.


  • September 4th: Advancement of the SPARTAN-III’s timetable puts the candidates under extreme pressure, and during a company-wide exercise, it finally comes to a head as members of Team Machete orchestrate a massive breakout. While some teams such as Saber and Gladius stay behind, the majority of the company flee into the surrounding jungle, forcing their instructors to pursue them. Over the next week, the trainees are slowly rounded up, first by drill instructors on foot, then by pitting the teams who stayed behind or were already captured against them. Eventually, all are rounded up, and the pace relaxed. The incident would later come to be known wryly as Operation: JAILBREAK.


  • After a string of embarrassing defeats, Ash-G099 pushes Team Saber to take the top slot on the company’s scoreboard, where they remain for the rest of training. [1]


  • May 4th: Before preparations leading up to augmentation begin, Lieutenant Commander Ambrose briefs the members of Gamma Company on Project: CRYSANTHEMUM, the procedures lying ahead. Included are records of the SPARTAN-IIs’ augmentation, and the potentially lethal side-effects. Offering them the choice to drop out of the program, the trainees are given a night to think the choice over.
  • May 5th: Not one of the 330 candidates opts out, and Gamma Company is introduced to a modified diet and the first of many regular injections designed to artificially induce puberty and allow them to reach maturity in time. This leads many tensions between trainees as they adjust to the rapid changes of their minds and bodies.[2]


  • January: Final assessments begin, testing the SPARTAN-IIIs both as teams and individuals in obstacle courses, academic tests, and competitive scrimmages against each other. Despite the tests being designed to target individual weaknesses, every one of the trainees overcome their challenges and pass. The number of trainees to advance to this final stage still surpasses the initial projection of 300 candidates, and Kurt petitions Colonel Ackerson for 30 additional spots in augmentation. His request is swiftly granted.
  • February 19th: Gamma Company is taken aboard the UNSC Hopeful for augmentation. A large number of Alpha and Beta Company washout instructors are brought aboard as well, and augmented alongside them. [3]
  • February 20th: Gamma’s augmentation procedures finish without a single casualty, leading into a long period of recovery for the graduated Spartans.[4]


  • August: With more than a year spent retraining and adapting to their new strength and speed, the teams of Gamma Company take part in a tournament to determine the final rankings, with the top three teams earning the chance to compete for top honors. Teams Saber, Katana, and Gladius win out, and even the lowest-ranking team, Jian, far outscores its expectations.
  • October 25th: The Spartans of Gamma Company receive deployment orders and board a number of ONI vessels to leave Onyx, except for the top honors competitors and a select few to have been deployed earlier. The majority are sent to Earth in anticipation of the Covenant’s arrival after Reach’s fall, while others are sent on counter-insurgent or other offensive operations. None of those who leave will ever see Onyx again.[5]

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