The distinguished users list marks members of Halo Fanon whose actions have been noted by the Administration as worthy of merit, be it through quality work, community assistance or frequent editing over a period of several years. The marker of a medal on one's userpage is put there as a sort of 'thank you' for all the hard work put into this site.

Usually these are only given out once a year after agreement between Administrators to deserving users, so please do not request medals; work hard and you'll be sure to earn a couple yourself!

The medals, and how to earn them

Colonial cross2

The Colonial Cross is a medal awarded to users who have been producing a high standard of work on the wiki for a fairly long period. This means quality articles that would stand a good chance to win either Fanon of the Month or Good Article awards, produced by users who definitely know what they're doing and have clearly put a lot of effort into their writing.

Eagle medal

The Eagle Superior Service Medal is granted to users for their long-term service on the site, denoting them as veteran editors. It should be noted that this only applies when a user has remained active for at least three years or more, consistently editing during that period. Users with large gaps between their editing time (at least a year or more) would not be applicable for this award.

Red legion

The Red Legion of Honour is an award given to community-minded users who have made a real effort to improve not only their work, but the work of others on our site. This is for people who have spent time helping with article problems, making genuine improvements to the site, and generally being a pleasant, helpful user.

Yearly Awards

As a companion of sorts to our Annual Awards ceremony, medals will be given out by the Administration to users at the end of each year starting with 2016. A record of winners from this point will be kept below.

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2018 Recipients

2019 Recipients

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